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    One White Mage Guide by Edman

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                  FINAL FANTASY 1
                  ONE WHITE MAGE GUIDE
                  version 0.75
                  Written by: EDMAN
                  3rd January, 2003
    This guide (faq, walkthrough, call it whatever you want...) will get you
    through the game with just one White Mage. It includes a step-by-step
    walkthrough on how to do it. I still want you to have finished FF1
    before doing this, as this game can get quite annoying for a 
    Please note that I already have a FF1 One Fighter Guide. It can always be
    found at www.gamefaqs.com I will probably have another solo ??? character
    guide for FF1 (Black Mage is what I am looking forward to...). This guide
    will follow the same layout as the last one, so it is easier for everyone
    to navigate through this guide.
                 COPYRIGHT NOTICE
    This guide is copyright (c) by Edmunds Steins. You may not reproduce
    this guide or any part of it. Anyone who will claim this guide as their
    own, sell this guide or use it for any other promotional purposes 
    (even if it doesn't involve getting money) will be prosecuted to the 
    full extent of the law. If you wish to put this guide up on your site, 
    you are encouraged to do so, but you MUST get (e-mail for it) permission
    from me to do so, otherwise you are breaking copyright. Please do not 
    rip off other people's work. Imagine when you will feel like a master of
    a computer/video game, and will write a great guide (I'm not suggesting 
    this guide is great:), and someone rips it off. You will feel like ripping
    the guy's lungs out. And that's exactly what I am going to do if you
    break my copyright! Suing other people in the modern world isn't that 
    difficult (especially if your parents are lawyers, hehehe).
    ================================ Contents ==============================
      Part 1 : Guide Intro & Game Suggestions
      Part 2 : Detailed Final Fantasy 1 Solo White Mage Walkthrough
        2.01 HEY! What happened to the other three???
        2.02 What? Pirates?
        2.03 The Sleeping Prince (HUH? Shouldn't it be princess???)
        2.04 Let's just blow it up! What? Where's my TNT?
        2.05 The Rotting of the Land
        The walkthrough stops here. I will update the guide with the full
        walkthrough. For now, there are only boss strategies:
        > Eye
        > Kary
        > Kraken
        > Tiamat
        > Temple of Fiends Revisited:
            > Lich
            > Kary
            > Kraken
            > Tiamat
            > Chaos
      Part 3 : Some Add-ons
        3.01 Frequently Asked Questions
        3.02 Sources of more FF1 information
        3.03 About/Contacting me
        3.04 Thanks
        3.05 Version History
    =================== PART 1 : Guide Intro & Game Suggestions ==================
    This is a solo white mage guide, and it does exactly what it says - it gets
    you through the game with just one white mage. 
    In my solo fighter guide I gave reasoning why I chose a fighter (I even said
    that you cannot do a solo white mage game, so that's a lesson for me - never
    say never!). Well, in this case, there is no reasoning. This is just a plain
    and simple challenge - the white mage has the lowest attack in the game (at
    this point somebody should be pointing at the Thief...who is weaker..., and
    Black Mage, but it all depends on luck and how you gain their levels...). 
    A game with just one white mage is going to be very very difficult, which is
    why I ask for you to have already finished Final Fantasy 1 before a couple
    of times.
    These are just some things that you should remember when playing the game and
    I won't remind you about them anywhere in the future.
    --> ALWAYS HAVE 99 HEAL POTIONS! From the very beginning of the game, once you
    can come up with the cash (which seems to be around the time you get to
    Elfland), keep in your items screen 99 heal potions. There is nothing worse
    than to be going around a dungeon with low HP and you just forgot to buy those
    potions. Always have them with you. Also, remeber it doesn't end with heal 
    potions. You should always have 20 or more Pure potions with you. DON'T bother
    with Soft potions. If you do get stoned, it's GAME OVER!
    --> ALWAYS SAVE! There's nothing worse than to go around leveling up for a 
    couple of hours and then get killed by a monster. Why? Because you would have
    to level up again!!! And this time it will be frustrating. Therefore, just
    save whenever you can! BTW, healing at INNs is not the only way of saving - if
    you have walked a long distance, use a TENT and save.
    dungeon, if you can't beat it, simply go to some of the level up places I have
    mentioned in the walkthrough, gain levels and then return. Don't try to level
    up inside a dungeon. Instead, RUN from all the battles to conserve HP, so you
    have enough Heal Potions to heal yourself back to full health before fighting
    the boss of that dungeon.
    --> MAXING OUT STRENGTH! If you have enough patience, you can make this solo
    challenge a lot easier for yourself. Simply, at certain levels the White Mage
    will always gain more Strength. However, at most levels, he only has 50% chance
    of gaining strength. So, save before each level up, and make sure that you gain
    strength. If you don't, then restart. That way your White Mage can have a 
    strength stat of 54.
    --> ANYTHING ELSE??? If you think something should be added here, either 
    e-mail it to me to edman@hackermail.com
    =================== PART 2 : FF1 SOLO FIGHTER WALKTHROUGH =====================
    Your crew (one hopes it includes a white mage...) will appear in front of
    Coneria. This should be your 3rd time of starting Final Fantasy 1, so I
    won't get into too much detail.
    Get into the town. What you want to buy is a CURE spell, a cloth and an iron
    hammer. Give it to the white mage you want to play the rest of this game with.
    You could buy Wooden staves for the other three mages, so they can die quicker.
    If you are the gambler type, you could take RUSE instead of CURE, as it will
    allow you to take down Garland at LV1 (he can't attack you at all if you have
    casted RUSE twice). But I don't suggest that. It is best to get to LV3, when
    you can already start kicking around the IMPs without being afraid of dieing.
    Don't forget to equip your equipment after you are done shopping. Do not buy
    Heals just yet, save the money for INNs. Press 'select' and put the white
    mage you want to play with in the last row. That way he has a smaller chance
    to get hit.
    So get out of town, fight some IMPs, make the other party members just use
    the wooden staff as item, so they wast a turn. Fight the IMPs with your
    one white mage ONLY (he isn't all that weak after all), and leave only one,
    which would then kill your useless party members. Finish the battle. If you
    are hurt, use CURE, if you are still not OK, go and use an INN. If you want 
    to gamble a little bit, get into another fight with some IMPs. This time it
    will be your one White Mage only so he will get beaten up pretty bad, but
    you should win the fight (remeber to use CURE!)
    If you managed to win two fights, then congratualtions! You will probably
    level up (raises your HP to around 50) and get enough money for the INN. If
    you can do that, then you should just keep on doing that until you are LV4.
    Then just buy RUSE, a couple of HEALs and head for the Temple of Fiends.
    HP         : 100
    ATTACKS    : He will use the attack command only.
    STRATEGY   : Cast RUSE twice and he won't be able to hit you at all. Then
                 just attack, even if you do 1 damage, you still win.
    After you are done with him, take the teleporter (talk to the princess) 
    back to Coneria. You have a long walk up ahead.
    2.02 WHAT? PIRATES?
    Don't bother leveling up, just walk to Pravoka, running from all battles.
    Once you get there, heal at the inn. You have a boss fight ahead.
    HP         : 6
    ATTACKS    : They only have an attack command, however, they also have a
                 pretty high chance of getting critical hits.
    STRATEGY   : Cast RUSE twice, then just attack. All of their attacks will
                 miss. If they get a critical, just cast CURE (you should have
                 at least one shot of L1 Magic left).
    Once you are done you should have enough money to buy some gloves from the
    armor shop. Go to the magic shop (I think you can guess which one :), and
    buy the MUTE magic. You really don't need anything else from magic in this
    town. Buy some potions and tents and then rest at the inn.
    It's leveling up time! However, you will have a lot of difficulty defeating
    the monsters around Pravoka area. Use RUSE as much as you can to defeat them.
    Ogres are the best for this purpose, as their Hit% seems to be the lowest.
    However, 2 RUSEs and pretty much nothing can hit you. So if you can survive
    2 rounds, you have won the battle. Use the inn after every battle.
    Before you head for Elfland, make sure you have collected quite some money:
    CUR2: 1500 G
    HRM2: 1500 G
    Copper Bracelet: 1000 G
    Cap: 80 G
    That goes over 4000 G, but remember, for the next quest, you will need 99 
    Heal Potions, 10 Pure potions and around 5 tents. So it is a lot of cash. 
    Then again, you could go leveling up in the Elfland area, just remember 
    that the monsters there are a bit more difficult, but 2 RUSEs still evades 
    First try to get all the above mentioned things. Your levels will be just
    fine if you get all of the above (cus you will need to get cash by fighting
    battles, which will level you up).
    Once you are done, (make sure you have heals, tents and pures!), head for the 
    Marsh cave. Remember to use a TENT to save before you enter. Once inside, run
    from all the battles. To get throught the Marsh Cave:
    Go down, enter the room and go downstairs.
    Go straight down, then right, enter the room, and exit it through the other
    door. Now go downstairs.
    Go down until you get to the second row of rooms (right below you). The second
    room has an iron armor and a house. Now go down to the third row of rooms. The
    second room has the wizards.
    BOSS FIGHT : Wizards x ?
    HP         : 85
    ATTACKS    : They only have an attack command, but this attack is really strong.
                 Criticals do around 95 damage, so use heals.
    STRATEGY   : Cast RUSE twice, then just attack and pray they don't get too many
                 criticals. Use some CUR2 if you have to.
    Get out of the cave. I suggest going to the Northwest castle right away. Save
    outside using a TENT.
    BOSS FIGHT : Astos
    HP         : 156
    ATTACKS    : He has quite a nice set of spells, inculding RUB. As an addition
                 to that, he has a pretty strong attack.
    STRATEGY   : Cast MUTE. Hope it works, if it does, you will never have to worry
                 about his magic. Then cast 2 RUSEs, and simply attack. An easy 
                 battle, but takes ages!
    Once you are done with Astos, head for Matoyas cave, grab the herb, go back to
    Elfland and wake the prince.
    Well, the TNT is in the Coneria castle, so go there and get it! Howerver, now that
    you have the Mystic Key available, you can take some more lewt.
    Go to the Northwest castle, and empty the treasure chests there (use HARM to kill
    the undead). Equip the Power staff you find there. You can also go to the Marsh
    cave, but I didn't because that place is just too much of a pain in the A$$.
    Afterwards, head for the dwarf cave. You will find more sellable stuff there
    (nothing you could equip...). Talk to Nerrick and he will build a canal for you.
    Head for Melmond. There you will find some stuff that you can't escpae buying:
    CUR3 <-- Your best healing spell
    HRM3 <-- Your best attack spell
    Silver Bracelet (just good armor)
    This will rack up a bil of 8000 x 2 + 5000 = 21,000 Gil. That's a lot of cash,
    but you can easily get it all buy selling the equipment you found all over the
    world! Well, you won't quite have enough money... so it's leveling up time!
    I still suggest that you use Ogres to level up. I think that even in a White
    Mage game, they are stil the best/quickest way of leveling up. However, if
    you are feeling brave, you can try taking on some Giants in the hall of
    Giants! You can accomplish this because 3 RUSEs is all you need to make the
    Giants miss. However, they still have critical hits... (that's why I suggest
    you get the Silver Bracelet and CUR3 before anything else!).
    As an addition to that, I suggest you go to Crescent Lake (town east of Melmond)
    and buy the Silver Hammer there. It has a higher Hit% than the Power staff
    and you can sell the staff. Believe it or not, but the Silver Hammer will be your
    best weapon until you get the Masamune at the very end of the game... Now, I
    think that NONE of the L6 spells are any good.
    If I were you, I would spend some more time leveling up in the Crescent Lake
    area. You will fight some Trolls and Giants there (You will also meet enemies
    called "Pede". Run away from those, otherwise you might end up fighting them
    for hours, and then THEY might run away...can be a waste of time). Some people
    might argue that the inn is really expensive (200 G), but it does make things
    easier (to not to have to walk anywhere to rest an the inn...)
    NOTE: I was at Level 25 when I tackled the Earth Cave.
    Once you have gotten everything, you should be at a high enough level to
    tackle the Vampire. So, let's head inside the Earth Cave...
    Once you go inside, head right. Make sure you run away from every single battle
    that you will ever encounter. There will be only 1 that I couldn't run away from,
    and it was a random battle with the Wizards. Ahhh... well, we know how to take
    care of those guys :) Just RUSE and attack! BTW, don't check any of the chests,
    or you will meet Earth Elementials, extremely powerful monsters, likely to kill
    you easily before you can get your RUSEs in there... Just get on with it
    and get to Level 2 of the earth cave!
    In level 2, head down, up, down, down, up right, down, up right, down, 
    down, down, up right, take the stairs to level 3.
    In level 3, you will meet Cocatrices, which could stone you.As an addition to
    that, you will meet Wizards in this room (RUSE, attack). Ouch! Level 3 is a
    circular room, so just walk in a circle anticlockwise, and try to keep to
    the inside as much as you can. The path will end in a room, and there you
    will meet the vampire.
    HP         : 156
    ATTACKS    : Physical attacks that hurt a lot and an attack which can cause
                 stun. Pretty nasty.
    STRATEGY   : Both in theory and practice, 1 HRM3 can take him down, but
                 somehow I have always had to use 2 HRM3s. Well, you get the
                 idea :)
    After you are done, check the treasure chest for a Ruby. Once you have done
    that, get out of the Earth Cave.
    Once you are out, head north and then west to get to the Titan's tunnel. 
    Feed Titan the Ruby, take his treasure if you want (but you don't have to,
    as the only use you have for it is selling, and as you really don't need
    any money anymore, you don't have to) and exit on the other end. Go to
    Sarda's cave, talk to him to get the rod, then head back to Coneria to
    re-stock on Heal Potions, and head back to the Earth Cave.
    Once you are back in the cave, head for Level 3, but this time continue
    going to a center. You will come to a plate - use the rod and stairs to
    level 4 will appear. 
    In level 4 you will notice that enemies have gotten a bit more difficult,
    but try to keep on running. Just head left and then straight up and you 
    will come to the stairs to level 5.
    In level 5 head straight up (but not to the top of the room), and then 
    left, down, left and enter the room in front of you. There you will find
    the fiend of Earth himself.
    HP         : 400
    ATTACKS    : ICE2, Sleep (pretty useless...), FAST (on himself, of 
                 course...), physical attack and lots of others that he won't 
                 ever use on you cause you will kill him.
    STRATEGY   : HRM3 away and he should be dead in 2 turns (hopefully...) This
                 is why I suggested leveling up, because if you are at a low
                 level, you might not have neough shots of HRM3...
    Once you have defeated Lich, step on the altar, and you will have your 
    first ORB lighted (and you will be teleported outside). Head back to your
    ship, and it is time to explore new lands!
    *                                                                         *
    * NOTE: Due to some personal resons, this walkthrough will have to be cut *
    * short here. I will update it later on. Read on for only boss strategies *
    *                                                                         *
    HP         : 162
    ATTACKS    : Pretty much everything that kills instantly.
    STRATEGY   : Pray you get the first attack, if not, then prey her attack misses
                 or is a pathetic physical attack. Then cast Mute. It has a pretty
                 high chance of success, so if it doesn't work, count yourself
                 unlucky. Once she is muted, there's nothing more she can do
                 (except do some physical attacks... RUSE?), so just keep on
    --> I suggest leveling up to LV50 once you have gotten the ProRing and Ribbon.
        Use the Eye for fast level ups.
    HP         : 600
    ATTACKS    : Major physical attacks.
    STRATEGY   : If you did level up with the Eye, then this fight should be really
                 easy for you. Just use RUSE 3 times and keep on attacking.
    HP        : 800
    ATTACKS   : Some physicals that can do a lot of damage, Dark (useless).
    STRATEGY  : He is weak to bane, so using the bane sword will kill him. cast
                RUSE first (of course) so his attacks miss, and then keep on using
                the bane sword until it succeeds. If you are at LV50, this should be
                a joke.
    --> Note that you cantry beating Warmech on Tiamat's bridge, but I wouldn't
        suggest it.
    HP        : 1000
    ATTACKS   : Thunder, Physical, Poison (somehow it doesn't inflict poison 
                effect... maybe it's the ribbon? Still does some damage), and 
                some others like that.
    STRATEGY  : This can be apretty difficult fight, especially if you didn't level
                up. I would suggest casting RUSE a couple of times and then trying
                out my luck with the Bane Sword (again). If that strategy doesn't
                appeal to you, then you can still win this fight, but you will have
                to be at LV50.
    --> Temple of Fiends: Revisited Bosses:
        > Lich:   HRM3 (that's right, the same old strategy still works!
        > Kary:   This guy has now gotten some additional spells, so you will have to
                  try you luck with the MUTE spell until it works.
        > Kraken: RUSE away, but this time he has a better inventory of attacks. Still,
                  if you re at LV50, then your HP should be high enough to survive his
    --> Note: don't forget to pick up the Masamune!
    --> NOTE #2: You can heal easily by using the Heal Staff (use the Defense Sword to
                 cast RUSE in the battle, of course, make sure you are fighting enemies
                 that only attack with normal attacks, and then use the Heal Staff to
                 cure yourself to full health). That way you can get to Chaos with enough
                 Heal Potions.
        > Tiamat: RUSE at the start, and then wack away with the Masamune. This whole fight
                  is going to be easier and take a lot less time due to the Masamune.
    HP         : 2000
    ATTACKS    : Kill in one hit attacks like CRACK, weak ones like LIT3 and ICE3,
                 Physical attacks that hurt a lot, CUR4 which cures him back to
                 full health, and a lot more attacks that HURT!
    STRATEGY   : He can cure himself back to full health, so instead of going into
                 battle and just attacking, you should wait, cast 3 RUSES, make full
                 use of your CUR3 to make sure you have full HP the moment he casts
                 CUR4. When he does it, just attack with the Masamune, and pray you
                 hit him hard. If you have high enough HP, you can just keep on
                 wacking him with the Masamune until he dies (although you might have
                 very little HP at the end). Be warned: this might take some re-starts
                 and can get very frustrating, but you can do it (at least it's not as
                 difficult as with the Thief...) 
    Now go and brag about it.
    ============================= PART 3 : SOME ADD-ONs ===========================
    Q: This game's damn hard! Why don't you make a more detailed walkthrough?
    A: At the beginning of this guide, I said that this is an advanced level guide.
       So this walkthrough is even a bit too detailed for all those FF1 l33t 
       experts out there.
    Q: Why do you hate all the classes but the White Mage???
    A: I don't. I have proof - My One Fighter Guide!!!
    Q: I can't get past that-and-that part of the game. Can you help me?
    A: I'll be happy to help you with any part of the game, but I suggest you get
       a beginner's guide - you will get much more info that way...
       YOUR ******* WEBSITE!!!
    A: If the question you send to me is
       --> Written in capitals only
       --> Contains Cursing
       --> Contains Threats
       --> The message contains trojans, viruses, etc
       --> Doesn't have a game name in the subject line
       Then your question will not be responded. 
    Q: Why is this FAQ so short???
    A: I can't make up questions myself. I think it is pretty sad to do so... I
       need Final Fantasy fan support! (email questions to edman@hackermail.com)
    The main source of info is no doubt the GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com). 
    There you will find all the possible FF1 walkthroughs and lists that you have 
    ever wanted! (including this one...hopefully!)
    The sites that contain FF1 info mainly have the same info as the guides in 
    GameFAQs, so, if you really want info, go there!
    I must also publicize my own guides - you can read my FF1 One Fighter Guide 
    in www.gamefaqs.com
    My Nick: Edman
    Real Name: Edmunds Steins
    Nationality: Latvian (that's in Europe, for those who don't know...)
    E-Mail Address: edman@hackermail.com
    Other guides: Final Fantasy 8 No Level Up Guide (DONE!)
                  Final Fantasy 8 Speed Guide (DONE!)
                  Final Fantasy 1 One Fighter Guide (DONE!)
                  Final Fantasy 7 Low Level Guide (DONE!)
    3.04 THANKS
    Well, the one person who I would like to thank to is Maris Kalnins. He introduced
    me to the whole scene of emulation, and it was through emulation that I managed
    to get my hands on Final Fantasy 1 (and 5 more Final Fantasies...).
    Thanks goes to Patbuns17 (patbuns17@cs.com) for reminding me that a solo
    White Mage is possible. Remember - I don't hate the White Mage!!! (check out his
    superb FF1 FAQ on GameFAQs).
    I would also like to thank the people in gamefaqs forums - your suggested
    strategies is what let me get past the first parts of the game.
    3.05 VERSION HISTORY (the stuff you probably won't read...)
    Version 0.7 : This has basically half the walkthrough done and has all the boss
                  tips done. I will finish the walkthrough later.
    Version 0.75: Some spelling mistakes fixed and some more stuff. Did not add
                  anything to the walkhrough.
    Version 1.0 : This is going to be the finished walkthrough and with it I will
                  have to whole guide finished. I don't know when his will happen,
                  I already cut the walkthrough writing process because of lack of
                  time, so I really don't know :(
    ============================== THANK YOU FOR READING ============================
                                      FINAL FANTASY 1
                                    ONE WHITE MAGE GUIDE
                         THE BOSSES I HAVE BEATEN WHILE WRITING IT!!!

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