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    Weapons Guide by Vegita

    Version: 3.141 | Updated: 09/29/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy I
     Game by Squaresoft
     For the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
    Weaponry Guide
     Written by Reverend Eric "Vegita" Johnson (VegitaBOD@aol.com)
     Version 3.141
    I    - Introduction
    II   - Weapon Notes
    III  - Weapon Chart
    IV   - Normal Swords
    V    - Magical Swords
    VI   - Knifes
    VII  - Staves
    VIII - Hammers
    IX   - Axes
    X    - Nunchaku
    XI   - Various
         A   - Revision History
         B   - Thanks
         C   - No Thanks
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
         --------------------------I:  Introduction---------------------------
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
    Welcome!  I am Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny, and I see you want help for the
    Nintendo game "Final Fantasy".  Rock on!  This is my 3rd guide for the game,
    and you're probably wondering why I even bother anymore.  I mean, it IS an
    older game, and this is a guide so specialized that it probably won't matter.
    Wellsir, lemme tell ya, I've found myself looking for a FAQ such as this, and
    since I didn't find one - just like when I didn't find an Armor guide - I've
    decided to make my own.  There, now you know why I'm typing this.
    First off, let's get one thing straight: Even though I am Vegita, I will try to
    write from an un-biased point of view (although I still think I'm the best at
    everything).  Second of all, if I catch anyone copying all or part of this FAQ,
    ANY part of this FAQ (not counting little, inconsequential sentences like
    "First off, let's get one thing straight"), I will destroy you.  I will rip you
    limb from limb like the excessively weak individual you are, and then I will
    sue you for copyright infringement.  Well, ok, maybe I'll just sue you, but if
    I got the chance I'd certainly go for the ripping of limbs from other limbs.
    Third of all, I do not own the rights to this game, the names of the characters
    in this game or FAQ, or have any ownership whatsoever of this game (except for
    the cartridge sitting in my room, that is).  Those are the property of their
    respective owners.  If I find a website with this FAQ on it, and it has been
    changed in any way, does not give me proper credit, or is selling it without my
    knowledge and consent, then I WILL have my lawyers contact that site.  Are we
    clear (this means YOU, Vertsk8!)?
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
         --------------------------II:  Weapon Notes--------------------------
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
    All right, let's get down to business.  I've broken up the weapon list into
    sections, each Section containing a certain type of weapon.  These are then
    sorted alphabetically by the name of the weapons (in that category), followed
    by the individual statistics of the weapon.  Here is a preview of the system:
    -----[Weapon Name]-----
    Damage:              [Number]
    Hit %:               [Number]
    Cost:                [Price]
    Purchase Locations:  [City Name(s)]       --- If you need more information
                                                  about where a city is, consult
    Find Locations:      [Item Location(s)]       another FAQ or the map at
    Who Can Equip It:    [Character Classes]      GameFAQs.com
    Special Properties:  [Properties]
    If I feel the need to (which I can pretty much guarantee I will), I'll include
    some various thoughts about each item, its' applications in the game, and maybe
    even a little history.  You never know, you might even learn something!
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
         --------------------------III: Weapon Chart--------------------------
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
    For simplification purposes, here's a chart with each weapon's basic stats and
    who can use 'em.  You might not get as much information about the weapon, but
    90% of the time you'll probably just be looking for a quick bit of reference on
    an item.  Thus, the chart has its use.
    Reading the chart is simple as pie (Mmm, pie).  Along the left are the various
    Weapons, grouped in categories: Swords, Magic Swords, Knives, Staves, Hammers,
    Axes, and Nunchaku ("Chucks").  The top portion of the chart lists the
    character classes (abbreviated), and form columns that cross each of the
    weapons' rows.  If a character class can equip that particular weapon, then
    there will be an X in the space where the two meet; if not, then there will be
    a period.  At the far right of the chart is that particular piece of weapon's
    Damage Rating and Hit Percentage.
    The weapons are not sorted alphabetically; instead, they are listed in
    ascending order by their damage rate (per category), then by Hit Percentage,
    THEN alphabetically.   Thus, "Rapier" may come after "Bane Sword" in the
    dictionary, but you will see the Bane Sword (Damage = 19) come before the
    Rapier (Damage 9) in my chart.  I makes da chart, so I makes da rules, ya dig?
    Fighter    = Fi    Knight       = Kn
    Black Belt = BB    Master       = Ma
    Thief      = Th    Ninja        = Ni
    Red Mage   = RM    Red Wizard   = RW
    White Mage = WM    White Wizard = WW
    Black Mage = BM    Black Wizard = BW
    |       Class |Fi |BB |Th |RM |WM |BM |Kn |Ma |Ni |RW |WW |BW | Damage| Hit % |
    |             |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |
    | -=Swords=-  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |
    |Rapier       | X | . | X | X | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |   9   |   5   |
    |Scimitar     | X | . | X | X | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  10   |  10   |
    |Sabre        | X | . | X | X | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  13   |   5   |
    |Falchion     | X | . | X | X | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  15   |  10   |
    |Short Sword  | X | . | . | X | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  15   |  10   |
    |Long Sword   | X | . | . | X | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  20   |  10   |
    |Silver Sword | X | . | . | X | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  23   |  15   |
    |Vorpal Blade | . | . | . | . | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  24   |  25   |
    |             |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |
    |             |Fi |BB |Th |RM |WM |BM |Kn |Ma |Ni |RW |WW |BW | Damage| Hit % |
    |-=M. Swords=-|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |
    |Were Sword   | X | . | . | X | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  18   |  15   |
    |Rune Sword   | X | . | X | X | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  18   |  15   |
    |Dragon Sword | X | . | X | X | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  19   |  15   |
    |Coral Sword  | X | . | X | X | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  19   |  15   |
    |Giant Sword  | X | . | . | X | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  21   |  20   |
    |Bane Sword   | . | . | . | . | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  22   |  20   |
    |Flame Sword  | X | . | . | X | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  26   |  20   |
    |Ice Sword    | X | . | . | X | . | . | X | . | . | . | . | . |  29   |  25   |
    |Defense      | . | . | . | . | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  30   |  35   |
    |Sun Sword    | X | . | . | X | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | . |  32   |  30   |
    |Xcalibur     | . | . | . | . | . | . | X | . | . | . | . | . |  45   |  35   |
    |Masamune     | X | X | X | X | X | X | X | X | X | X | X | X |  56   |  50   |
    |             |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |
    |             |Fi |BB |Th |RM |WM |BM |Kn |Ma |Ni |RW |WW |BW | Damage| Hit % |
    | -=Knives=-  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |
    |Small Dagger | X | . | X | X | . | X | X | . | X | X | . | X |  5    |  10   |
    |Large Dagger | X | . | X | X | . | X | X | . | X | X | . | X |  7    |  10   |
    |Silver Knife | X | . | X | X | . | X | X | . | X | X | . | X |  10   |  15   |
    |Catclaw      | . | . | . | . | . | . | X | . | X | X | . | X |  22   |  35   |
    |Katana       | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | X | . | . | . |  33   |  35   |
    |             |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |
    |             |Fi |BB |Th |RM |WM |BM |Kn |Ma |Ni |RW |WW |BW | Damage| Hit % |
    | -=Staves=-  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |
    |Heal Staff   | . | . | . | . | X | . | . | . | X | . | X | . |  6    |  0    |
    |Wooden Staff | X | X | . | X | X | X | X | X | X | X | X | X |  6    |  0    |
    |Power Staff  | X | X | . | X | X | X | X | X | X | X | X | X |  12   |  0    |
    |Mage Staff   | . | . | . | . | . | X | . | . | X | . | . | X |  12   |  0    |
    |Iron Staff   | X | X | . | . | . | . | X | X | X | . | . | . |  14   |  0    |
    |Wizard Staff | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | X |  15   |  15   |
    |             |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |
    |             |Fi |BB |Th |RM |WM |BM |Kn |Ma |Ni |RW |WW |BW | Damage| Hit % |
    | -=Hammers=- |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |
    |Iron Hammer  | X | . | . | . | X | . | X | . | X | . | X | . |  9    |  0    |
    |Silver Hammer| X | . | . | . | X | . | X | . | X | . | X | . |  12   |  5    |
    |Thor's Hammer| . | . | . | . | . | . | X | . | X | . | X | . |  18   |  15   |
    |             |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |
    |             |Fi |BB |Th |RM |WM |BM |Kn |Ma |Ni |RW |WW |BW | Damage| Hit % |
    |  -=Axes=-   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |
    |Hand Axe     | X | . | . | . | . | . | X | . | X | . | . | . |  16   |  5    |
    |Great Axe    | X | . | . | . | . | . | X | . | X | . | . | . |  22   |  5    |
    |Silver Axe   | X | . | . | . | . | . | X | . | X | . | . | . |  25   |  10   |
    |Light Axe    | X | . | . | . | . | . | X | . | X | . | . | . |  28   |  15   |
    |             |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |
    |             |Fi |BB |Th |RM |WM |BM |Kn |Ma |Ni |RW |WW |BW | Damage| Hit % |
    |-=Nunchaku=- |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |       |
    |Wooden Chucks| . | X | . | . | . | . | . | X | X | . | . | . |  12   |  0    |
    |Iron Chucks  | . | X | . | . | . | . | . | X | X | . | . | . |  16   |  0    |
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
         --------------------------IV: Normal Swords--------------------------
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
    Usually constructed of metal and ranging anywhere from 1-8 (!) feet in length,
    swords have aided armies all throughout history as being the primary arms for
    soldiers and guards alike.  This basic weapon stemmed from the concept of
    taking a club (oft made of wood) and constructing a similar shape out of metal,
    thus making it heavier and harder.  It was then improved on, giving the weapon
    an edge so as to cut with.  From here, the sword progressed through a variety
    of fashions all around the world, taking on different styles and shapes.  Some
    were thinner and used for piercing opponents (Rapiers), some were meant for
    slashing or drawing (Scimitar, Sabre), and some were made simply to be big and
    heavy, so as to crush their target as well as slice it (Long Sword).
    Your regular, run-of-the-mill swords can be crafted by any Blacksmith with some
    proficiency in smithing.  Although they lack the magical abilities of other
    swords, they easily make up for it with their lower cost (for the most part)
    and the fact that quite a few people (including your thief) can use 'em with
    some proficiency.  If you need a weapon and you're not a mage (in which case,
    you SHOULDN'T need a weapon), then a sword is for you!  Heck, there are more
    swords than every other weapon combined in the game, so they'd BETTER be
    Here are the Normal Swords, listed in the order in which they appear:
                  A)  Falchion            E)  Scimitar
                  B)  Long Sword          F)  Short Sword
                  C)  Rapier              G)  Silver Sword
                  D)  Sabre               H)  Vorpal Blade
                                    A   - Falchion
    The falchion is one of the oldest styles of swords known to man, dating back
    2,000 years to the ancient Egyptians.  Development of their weaponry eventually
    lead to the Khopesh, a scythe-like weapon that had been straightened and
    sharpened on both edges to give a slashing ability, as well as the occasional
    poking (due to the pointed tip).  The Greeks straightened the blade and
    shortened the handle further, renaming it the "Kopis" and claiming it as their
    own.  Eventually, the Falchion found its way into India (thanks to Alexander
    the Great's expansive empire) where it was renamed again - this time called the
    "Khukri".  This blade was more of a long, curved knife, used in ceremonies
    rather than as a basic armament for soldiers.
    The blade's evolution came through a desire to improve the damage-capacity of a
    slashing weapon, culminating in the equivalent of a modern-day machete.  The
    Falchion has a broad, curved edge, with the spine thickened and extra weight
    put toward the tip of the blade.  By doing so, this caused the Falchion's
    center of gravity to be further away from the handle, giving added momentum to
    the slash and increasing its damage.  Thanks to its added force, the Falchion
    was a preferred weapon against armored opponents than a straighter blade (such
    as a longsword).
    In Final Fantasy, the Falchion is a sword with the same damage capacity as a
    short sword; however, due to its lessened weight (thanks to the shift in weight
    distribution within the weapon), even a Thief can use it.
    Damage:              15
    Hit %:               10
    Cost:                450 Gil (Sell Price:  225 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Melmond
    Find Locations:      Northwest Castle (Astos' Castle, locked room)
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter, Thief, Red Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  N/A
                                   B   - Long Sword
    Truth be told, there actually was no such thing as a "long sword"; at least,
    there was no weaponry that was designated as such, as well as Short Swords or
    Broad Swords.  Swords were not created to fall underneath certain length or
    width amounts; if a sword was deemed to be longer than normal, you would call
    it a longsword (and likewise for short- or broad-swords).  Thus, a "Longsword"
    could vary in length, anywhere from 3 feet (for a shorter soldier) to 8 feet
    (although one would argue that THAT would be more of a Claymore, an actual
    designation of such weaponry).
    In Final Fantasy, the Long Sword is a weapon that - due to its size and length
    - deals more damage than most regular swords, but is unfortunately less
    accurate.  It is useable only be a select few, namely those with the proper
    strength to wield such an unwieldy weapon.  Unfortunately, by the time you can
    purchase or find one of these weapons, you've probably already purchased the
    Silver Sword, and any better weaponry for other classes (i.e., Thieves) will
    have been found already.  It's a decent weapon, it's just overshadowed before
    you ever have a chance to effectively use it.
    Damage:              20
    Hit %:               10
    Cost:                1,500 Gil (Sell Price:  750 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Melmond
    Find Locations:      N/A
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter,        Red Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  N/A
                                     C   - Rapier
    The Rapier was known as the duelist's weapon.  Sporting a long, slender blade
    with sharp edges, coming to a fine point (sic) at the tip, the Rapier was a
    lightweight weapon commonly used for fencing duels (aside from Epees, which
    were the practice weaponry).  These swords were the real deal when it came to
    finesse, since they lacked the weight or stability of make to inflict heavy
    damage upon another, and could do practically nothing against heavily armored
    opponents save scratch their metallic hides...but when it came to piercing an
    opponent, 1 good shot (which would be very quick with a rapier) could puncture
    something vital and end the match thusly.  The point of the Rapier could find
    its way through the links of chain armor, making it useless versus the slender
    weapon...however, it wasn't a good weapon for one to take upon the battlefield,
    since it could easily be broken in half from a heavier weapon's smash.
    In FFI, the Rapier is a basic weapon that does little damage but is light
    enough to be used by even the Thief.  Therefore, it's an ideal starting weapon
    for any class that can use it...although you'll want to upgrade as soon as
    Damage:              9
    Hit %:               5
    Cost:                10 Gil (Sell Price:  5 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Coneria
    Find Locations:      N/A
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter, Thief, Red Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  N/A
                                      D   - Sabre
    Heavier than a rapier yet still light enough to fence with, the Sabre was the
    commonly-used weapon of the army general when in close quarters.  Its added
    weight gave more power to its slashing, while the fine point could be used for
    piercing as well.  Its lengthy edge usually demanded a full scabbard instead of
    a beltloop for holding, else the wearer find themselves with holey pants and
    nicks upon their legs.
    In Final Fantasy, the Sabre is a decent-weapon for the price you'll pay, and
    can be equipped by the thief as well as other classes. It carries the same hit
    capacity as the rapier, but deals more damage per strike from hits greater
    girth.  See, being a lighter weapon is a good thing!
    Damage:              13
    Hit %:               5
    Cost:                450 Gil (Sell Price:  10 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Elfland, Melmond
    Find Locations:      Castle Coneria (Locked Room)
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter, Thief, Red Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  N/A
                                    E   - Scimitar
    The scimitar originated in Arabic lands during the Medieval ages.  Seeking a
    weapon to counter the Crusaders' longsword, the Scimitar was created - a weapon
    who was well known for its curvature of blade, as well as its deadliness in the
    hands of the right wielder.  The blade was not as long as the English
    opponents' armaments; however, it was grew wider as the blade lengthened,
    giving it more weight behind each blow despite its thinner size.  The curve of
    the blade aided in getting around an opponents' armor or shielding, often
    making defense against the weapon a troublesome encounter.
    In Final Fantasy I, the Scimitar is a versatile weapon that can be equipped by
    any of the fighting classes (save the Black Belt, of course).  It does slightly
    more damage than a rapier, but is much more likely to hit thanks to its curve
    and weight.  It's also very cheap, meaning you should equip your Thief with it
    as soon as possible.  Until you start finding magical weaponry or happen upon a
    Falchion, it'll be the best sword he can get.  Heck, since you can get a
    Falchion at the same time you can pick up the best sword a Thief can use (the
    Coral or Dragon Sword), why even bother with that?
    ...but until then, the Scimitar is the way to go, definitely.
    Damage:              10
    Hit %:               10
    Cost:                200 Gil (Sell Price:  100 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Pravoka
    Find Locations:      N/A
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter, Thief, Red Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  N/A
                                  F   - Short Sword
    As I spoke of with the Long Sword, there truly was no definitive "short sword";
    a shortsword was a smithed sword that lacked the length of its weaponry
    bretheren.  These were wider blades than rapiers and heavier than scimitars,
    although the lacked the length of either.  Thus, they could be used by the
    majority of fighters, although their short range often cost them victories when
    faced with more lengthy weapons (such as longswords or a mounted knights'
    lance).  They did have a decent amount of weight to them, giving more force
    behind each blow without the encumberance of a larger weapons' size.  The
    shortsword was the staple of a mans' army, being effective enough for the cost.
    In Final Fantasy, the Short Sword is a decent-damage weapon that can be picked
    up in the port town of Provoka.  It hits harder than any other weapon you've
    had the option of buying thus far, save the Hand Axe (which, coincedentally,
    can also be purchased at Provoka).  I suggest your fighter pick up this sword
    instead of the axe, since the axe only does 1 point of damage more, but loses 5
    hit%.  Wouldn't you rather hit more often instead of inflict 1 measly point
    Damage:              15
    Hit %:               10
    Cost:                550 Gil (Sell Price:  275 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Pravoka
    Find Locations:      Marsh Cave (Floor 2A)
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter,        Red Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  N/A
                                  G   - Silver Sword
    Silver is a rare and expensive metal, although not nearly to the extent of
    gold.  Excavation in certain portions of Asia, as well as on certain islands
    located within the Aegean Sea, have found indications that man knew how to
    separate traces of Silver from Lead dating back as far as 3000 B.C.  In its
    purest form, Silver has a white sheen to it, although it is usually seen in
    less-than-pure forms (hence the tendancy to visualize Silver as a grey or blue
    metal).  Pure Silver is actually the most conducive of all the metals on the
    Perodical Table of Elements, yet it still has little more tensility than Gold.
    Great...so Silver - if displayed in a pure form - is supposed to be White
    instead of Blue, and is extremely conducive to electricity.  It isn't terribly
    powerful as a metal, despite its density (oh well, at least it's not Gold)...so
    why the devil do these games make Silver weaponry to be so effective?  Granted,
    in certain cultures' mythology, the use of Silver often is taken on for Holy
    purposes (or, more often, used as an means of deterring the unholy)...but does
    that make the metal itself a magical presence?  Bah!
    In Final Fantasy, the Silver Sword is a remarkable (yet horribly inaccurate)
    weapon of mass destruction.  Its hit percentage is high enough to allow your
    Fighter (or Red Mage) to hit twice, and the damage yielded is considerable
    enough indeed.  By equipping this weapon, you are giving your Fighter-Type
    character(s) a weapon that gives them a definite edge (sic) over their
    opponents, and gives your team a physical offense that can easily surmount your
    enemies at that period of time (i.e., when you hit Elfland, where the toughest
    of foes are sharks, ogres, wizards, and Astos).  Its only real downside is the
    VERY high price; you'll be fighting those Ogres (and Kyzoku, if you're lucky)
    for a good long time before you can afford one.
    Damage:              23
    Hit %:               15
    Cost:                4,000 Gil (Sell Price:  2,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Elfland
    Find Locations:      N/A
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter,        Red Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  N/A
                                  H   - Vorpal Blade
    Truth be told, I do not know the origins of the Vorpal Blade.  For most, their
    first exposure to a sword with such a name is in Lewis Carroll's poem
    "Jabberwocky", in which it is the narrator's instrument for disposing of the
    foul creature.  Since then, the sword has gained new meaning through role
    playing games and such, most notably in the realm of 'Dungeons and Dragons'.
    Within its set of rules and artifacts, the Vorpal Blade has been molded to
    become a mystical sword with the ability to lop its opponents' head off simply
    by connecting a blow (and their failing the subsequent saving dice-roll).
    In the Final Fantasy world, the Vorpal Blade is really nothing more than a
    highly-specialized sword.  Only 3 Prestige Classes may use it, and by the time
    you happen upon it you will have most likely found better weaponry to equip;
    heck, the Sun Sword isn't too far away from where you find the Vorpal Sword,
    and it's better than the Vorpal in every way!  Do yourself a favor, and pick up
    this weapon for selling purposes only.  If you need a better sword, you'll very
    quickly find one.
    Damage:              24
    Hit %:               25
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  10,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Mirage Tower (1st Floor)
    Who Can Equip It:    Knight, Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  N/A
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
         --------------------------V: Magical Swords--------------------------
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
    Magical Swords are swords that have been embued with magical ability, created
    by magical creatures or those with the knowhow to make them extra effective, or
    simply are weapons of legend and lore.  These swords are the créme de la créme,
    and although they all require that you find them rather than purchase them,
    they are well worth the effort of locating them.  For some of the base classes
    (Red Mage, Thief), their best weapons (outside of the Masamune) are Magical
    Swords that give them a higher capacity for damage than regular weaponry.  Find
    those swords and equip them (or at least keep the ones that have certain uses,
    like the Bane Sword).
        A)  Bane Sword          E)  Flame Sword        I)  Rune Sword
        B)  Coral Sword         F)  Giant Sword        J)  Sun Sword
        C)  Defense             G)  Ice Sword          K)  XCalibur
        D)  Dragon Sword        H)  Masamune           L)  Were Sword
                                   A   - Bane Sword
    The Bane Sword's use might elude you at first, given when and where you get it.
    Finding a weapon on the first level of the Floating Palace would usually mean
    it's going to be something of worth, yes?  So what's the deal with this hunk of
    orange metal, that can only be used by 3 Prestige classes and is actually
    weaker (in damage) than the Silver Sword?  Wellsir, it's uniqueness lies in is
    magical ability; when used as an item, the Bane Sword casts the spell of BANE
    on all enemies.  As with other weapons that give an infinite use of spells,
    this one's usefulness is instantly increased...and not because of its attack
    power.  It doesn't have much in the way of damage going for it, but it makes up
    for it by allowing its wielder to cast an Insta-Kill spell whenever they want.
    Since you do not have to have the Bane Sword equipped, this means that even a
    simple White Mage (or, shoot, even a Black Belt) can have it in their inventory
    and be able to use it!  Rock!
    Damage:              22
    Hit %:               20
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  30,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Floating Palace, 1st Floor
    Who Can Equip It:    Knight, Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  When used as an item in battle, the Bane Sword casts the
                         spell BANE on all enemies.  This is especially useful for
                         taking out enemies that are suceptable to it without
                         worrying about using magic to get the job done.
                                  B   - Coral Sword
    The Coral Sword isn't that that wonderful a weapon.  The Silver Sword does more
    damage and can be purchased earlier, and the Dragon Sword - which, along with
    the Coral Sword, is the best weapon the Thief can use - is found in an earlier,
    less-dangerous location.  So for non-Wonderswan gamers will not even want to
    bother with this sword, since it just isn't worth the effort.  However, for
    those of you who aren't playing the NES version, it's a good-enough weapon for
    taking down enemies that fall under the "Water" class.  It may be a weaker
    sword, but when it comes to taking down opponents like elementals or Sahaugins
    then this is the weapon of choice.
    Damage:              19
    Hit %:               15
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  4,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Earth Cave
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter, Thief, Red Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  When used against monsters that fall under the "Water"
                         category (such as fish, Water Elements, Sahags, etc), it
                         does increased damage.  However, this only works on the
                         Wonderswan Color version of Final Fantasy, so NES fans
                         won't have the benefit.  It's just a colorful sword,
                         that's all.
                                    C   - Defense
    "Defense" is the name given to this magical weapon, one that serves its user in
    attacking as well as defending.  Its damage and hit% are quite good, allowing
    for more hits, harder hits, and more frequent hits.  That's not all, though -
    this weapon, when used as an item in battle, casts RUSE upon its owner.  Thus,
    Defense adds to its proprietor's evasion while giving them a viable offense.
    Of course, it does have its downside, that being that only 3 Prestige Classes
    can equip it (the usual ones, unfortunately)...but that doesn't mean other
    classes can't benefit from its RUSE-casting ability.  It doesn't have to be
    equipped for this to happen, so give it to your Wizard (if you want to) and
    have 'em use it to beef up their Evasion instead.  'tis a great weapon, lemme
    tell ya...
    Damage:              30
    Hit %:               35
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  25,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Waterfall (Robot Room)
    Who Can Equip It:    Knight, Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  When used as an item, Defense casts the spell RUSE on its
                         owner.  Thanks to infinite uses of such an item as a
                         spell, you can increase your evasion rate very quickly
                         without cost of magic.
                                  D   - Dragon Sword
    Ah yes, the Dragon Sword.  For those of you whom happen to own a Wonderswan
    Color, this weapon will find its way into battles where Dragons will be known
    to appear; obviously enough, the Dragon Sword carries an affinity towards
    destroying its titular opponents.  These creatures aren't entirely common
    (unless you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time), so such a
    weapon might find itself as more of a burden to WSC players who actually gain
    the added damage towards Dragons.  However, it - along with the Coral Sword -
    is the best weapon that the Thief class can equip other than the Masamune
    (before upgrading to Ninja), and is easily found in the Dwarven Cave once
    you've located the Mystic Key, so why bother going out of your way in a
    dangerous locale to find the Coral Sword?  Give it to your thief, use it
    against Dragons (WSC), or sell it...you know, whatever you want to do with it.
    Damage:              19
    Hit %:               15
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  4,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Dwarven Cave
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter, Thief, Red Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  When used against monsters that fall under the "Dragon"
                         category (such as various Dragons or Salamanders), it does
                         increased damage.  However, this only works on the
                         Wonderswan Color version of Final Fantasy, so NES fans
                         won't have the benefit.  It's just a colorful sword,
                         that's all.
                                  E   - Flame Sword
    The Flame Sword is quite the potent weapon, although it is not an easy find by
    ANY stretch of the imagination.  It is located deep inside the Ice Cave,
    forcing you to not only brave the monsters inside but the various pitfalls,
    enemy-squares, and damage floors strewn throughout.  This makes for a
    frustrating trek; however, the sword is definitely worth the effort, especially
    if you have more than 1 fighter-type that can use it.  Your fighter will want
    the sword so that he can add even more damage to each hit, and the improvement
    to hit hit percentage isn't too shabby, either...plus, if you have a Red Mage,
    then you can equip him with a darn good weapon too.  It's a tad difficult to
    get ahold of, but it is worth the effort for NES and WSC players alike.  WSC
    players get the benefit of additional damage against Ice enemies AND the
    Undead, making it a much, much more valuable weapon for them to receive.
    Damage:              26
    Hit %:               20
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  5,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Ice Cavern (Basement 2)
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter,        Red Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  When used against monsters that fall under the "Ice"
                         category (such as Frost Giants, Frost Wolves,
                         Frost...etc.), it does increased damage.  Also, when used
                         against enemies that fall under the "Undead" category
                         (like Zombies and such), it does increased damage.
                         However, these only work on the Wonderswan Color version
                         of Final Fantasy, so NES fans won't have the benefit.
                         Still, it's a good sword, eh?
                                  F   - Giant Sword
    A quandry - what is the purpose of a weapon that gives you an edge against
    monsters that are already excessively weak, or - for the stronger ones - are
    easily surpassed with a couple of levels worth of work?  That's an excellent
    question!  The Giant's Sword -- which is NOT an oversized weapon (despite the
    first images conjured up by my imagination when I initially picked it up) -- is
    a moderately powerful sword embued with the ability to do extra damage versus
    enemies of the "Giant" class.  This is all fine and good...but the most
    powerful Giants that you come across would be Frost Giants and Wizard Ogres,
    neither of which should present too much of a problem to you if you are at a
    reasonable level (by the time you reach their respective areas), of if you use
    the Flame/Rune Swords (respectively) against them.  Worse yet, you have to go
    out of your way to find the Giant Sword, which makes it practically worthless.
    It doesn't sell for much, it Damage is less than that of the Silver Sword
    (although its Hit % is better), it can't be used by Thieves, and it's not easy
    to come by, and the bonus damage only works for WSC players.  Plus, the only
    place you'd really want to have such a weapon handy is for the Giant's Hall
    back in the Earth Cave...and you've already PASSED that area, so it would only
    be good for level-building.  Take my advice: if you want to build levels, go to
    the PNWOP (Peninsula Northwest of Provoka) and use your more powerful Flame
    Sword to damage the enemies there; plus, they're already weak to Fire, so your
    magicians will be able to aid more.
    Here, let me put it this way - Giants aren't a very common opponent.  As such,
    the usefulness of this weapon is already diminished, since you cannot switch
    weapons in mid-battle (and, thus, you are probably not going to walk around
    with this equipped since it would be universally less-useful than other weapons
    at your disposal).  Furthermore, the only Giants that cannot be harmed by other
    Magical Swords - Imps, (Green) Giants, and Pink/Green Ogres - should be easily
    dispatchable by the time you come across the Giants' Sword, so you won't need
    the added "edge" against them.  The more powerful Giant-Types - the
    aforementioned Frost Giants or Wizard Ogres - are weak to Magical Swords that
    are easier to find or simply more useful in general.  The Giant's Sword is a
    waste of time and effort.  Do not bother.
    Damage:              21
    Hit %:               20
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  4,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Gurgu Volcano, Floor 2
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter,       Red Mage
                         Knight, Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  When used against monsters that fall under the "Giant"
                         category (such as Imps, Ogres and Giants), it does
                         increased damage.  However, this only works on the
                         Wonderswan Color version of Final Fantasy, so NES fans
                         won't have the benefit.  It's just a colorful sword,
                         that's all.
                                   G   - Ice Sword
    All right, so we've covered the fact that just about all of the Magic Swords
    lose a lot of their worth to NES Players, since they don't do the damage
    they're supposed to.  That's ok; not all of 'em end up faltering, and the Ice
    Sword is one such weapon.  It's not too terribly difficult to get ahold of
    since there are two in the game, and they are a great step up from the Silver
    Sword AND the Flame Sword.  This means your Fighter and/or Red Mage will be
    able to utilize these better swords (both can have one, if you visit the
    Volcano AND the Castle of Ordeals), allowing for more damaging attacks from
    their offensives.  WSC players gain the additional benefit of additional damage
    versus fire enemies, which is nice (but not as handy as you'd like; there
    aren't THAT many Fire enemies in the game -- in fact, Ice and Water seem to be
    the most prevelant).
    I would highly suggest picking up this sword, regardless of which version of
    the game you're playing.  It's a high-damage weapon that is easily come across
    and will last your fighters for a good long while; plus, there's no irritating
    "fight for hours and hours to earn enough money to buy this" syndrome related
    with this sword (cough SILVER SWORD cough), so it's got somethin' else goin'
    for it. Odd, how the more powerful weapon (Ice Sword vs. Fire Sword) comes
    sooner in the game, yes?
    Damage:              29
    Hit %:               25
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  7,500 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Gurgu Volcano, Basement 4
                         Castle of Ordeals, 3rd Floor
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter,        Red Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  When used against monsters that fall under the "Fire"
                         category (such as Kary, and anything that looks like it's
                         on fire), it does increased damage.  However, this only
                         works on the Wonderswan Color version of Final Fantasy, so
                         NES fans won't have the benefit.  It's still pretty good
                         as a weapon for your Fighter or Red Mage, though (until
                         you gain access to the Mirage Tower, that is).
                                   H   - Masamune
    Many people have tried to inform me of a variety of backstories relating to
    Masamune and its origin; I've heard that it was Shinobi's chosen weapon, it was
    the weapon of a mysterious Ronin, etc.  All of these tales had something to do
    with a mystical sword with mysterious powers, and all of them were 100% wrong.
    Masamune was not a sword, but rather the name of the smith himself.
    Goro Nyudo Masamune was a Swordsmith who lived and worked in the the Kamakura
    and Sagami Provinces of Japan, circa the 13th Century.  His swords were
    reknowned even then as the best the world had ever seen, exhibiting the highest
    standard of craftmanship and design anyone had ever seen.  There is a legend of
    a competition between Masamune and Murasama, a student and sometimes-rival in
    smithing, where they both took a sword and placed it in a river.  A leaf was
    then sent down the river towards each blade; Murasama's blade cleanly sliced it
    in half, while Masamune's sword repelled it entirely.  Masamune's blade carried
    a spiritual energy that allowed it to surpass all other swords (and
    swordsmiths) in the land, and thus Masamune was declared the winner and his
    blades the best.
    In Final Fantasy, the Masamune blade is...slightly different.  Yes, it is the
    best weapon in the game, but it has no strange spiritual powers that are known
    of.  Instead, it has the highest damage and hit percentage of any weapon in the
    game, and - for some odd reason - can be used by any class in the game.
    Anyone, from the all-weapon-using Knight to White Mages and Black Belts can use
    this thing with proficiency.  It's a challenge to find (the next-to-last level
    of the final dungeon), but is WELL worth the effort.  Suggesting that you find
    it seems a little weak...stating that you MUST get this sounds much better.
    Damage:              56
    Hit %:               50
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  30,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Temple in the Past, Tiamat's Floor
    Who Can Equip It:    Everyone.  Seriously.
    Special Properties:  The Masamune can be used by everyone in the game - even
                         base classes (a White Wizard hitting harder than a fighter
                         is always a funny sight) - and is the most powerful sword
                         in the game.  That's pretty darn special, ain't it?
                                  I   - Rune Sword
    The Rune Sword is one of those swords that does extra damage against a certain
    type of enemy.  Now, its usefulness beyond that comes in 3 flavors: how easy it
    is to find the weapon, how common its favored enemies are, and how effective a
    weapon it is beyond its magical properties.  Guess what, folks?  This sword
    only has 1 thing going for it, and that is the fact that it is easily found (in
    the Temple of Fiends).  It's the weakest magical sword (along with the Were
    Sword), and it's not too terribly useful since magical enemies are few and far
    between.  Honestly, the only times you consistently fight enemies of this style
    are far enough in the game that by then, you will have found much better
    weapons.  Granted, your Thief can equip this (unlike the Were Sword)...but that
    doesn't increase its use that much, since you have to have the Mystic Key to
    get this particular weapon (and instead of getting this, you could get the
    Thief's best sword by heading to the Dwarven Cave).  Heck, NES players don't
    even get the benefit of additional damage versus Magicks, so there is REALLY no
    reason to bother picking this up.
    Damage:              18
    Hit %:               15
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  2,500 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Temple of Fiends
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter, Thief, Red Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  When used against monsters that fall under the "Magic"
                         category (such as Eyes or Sorcerers), it does increased
                         damage.  However, this only works on the Wonderswan Color
                         version of Final Fantasy, so NES fans won't have the
                         benefit.  It's just a colorful sword, that's all.
                                   J   - Sun Sword
    Ah yes, the Sun Sword.  The is the last (and best) "Specialty" Sword, those few
    weapons that do increased damage versus certain enemy types.  The beauty of the
    Sun Sword, however, is that it rises above its magical status with a few extra
    abilities.  For starters, it's the best sword that the Red Mage may use
    (barring the all-encompassing Masamune), which is handy enough.  For WSC
    players, they get additional damage versus the Undead, which are actually
    fairly common throughout the game.  It's not too terribly hard to come across,
    since you have to travel through the Mirage Tower anyways (and, with a little
    effort, you can get it shortly after defeating Lich).  If you need money, it
    even sells for a good price.  It has a high hit percentage, giving a guaranteed
    hit (and more hits per attack to boot), and the damage ain't too shabby either
    (it's 4th in the game, behind the Masamune, Xcalibur, and Katana)...so why
    wouldn't you want this sword?  Unless you have a party that lacks a Thief
    (whom becomes a Ninja), a Fighter, or a Red Mage, then you really should get
    this thing.
    Damage:              32
    Hit %:               30
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  10,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Mirage Tower, Floor 2
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter         Red Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  When used against monsters that fall under the "Undead"
                         category (such as Vampires, Mummies, Zombies, and anything
                         that looks like it is dead...and yet still alive), it does
                         increased damage.  However, this only works on the
                         Wonderswan Color version of Final Fantasy, so NES fans
                         won't have the benefit.  It's just a colorful sword,
                         that's all.
                                   K   - Xcalibur
    The mystical sword and weapon extrodinaire from English lore...I give you
    Excalibur!  After having his original weapon, the Sword in the Stone, smashed
    against the powerful armoring of the Black Knight, King Arthur needed a new
    weapon that would both aid him well as a weapon and serve as a show of his
    stature (that of King).  Upon Merlin's disclosure, he travelled until he met
    the Lady of the Lake, a fair maiden who bestowed upon him the Excalibur and
    scabbard.  The sword itself was a mystical weapon with tremendous power behind
    it, but the scabbard was the real tool - with it, Arthur would no longer bleed
    from wounds he suffered, and thus would have less fear from scraps and cuts
    received in battle.  Wonderful, eh?
    In Final Fantasy, the Xcalibur (not enough spaces for the full name, hence the
    shortened title) is an uber-powerful weapon that can only be equipped by the
    Knight Class.  However, for the difficulty of getting it, you are rewarded with
    the 2nd most powerful weapon in the game.  Yes, the Knight is the only class
    that can use it...but once he has it, you really don't HAVE to worry about
    picking up the Masamune (although it's nice to upgrade any character to a top-
    class fighter, or even bump your Knight up even further with it).  Heck, it
    even sells nice!  Finally, for you WSC players, you have the added benefit of a
    sword that does additional damage to everything in the game.  That's right, it
    does MORE damage...to EVERYTHING.  I don't really know how you figure that one
    out, but that's just how it works.  Nicities abound.
    ...now if only you could get the Scabbard as well.
    Damage:              45
    Hit %:               35
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  30,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Floating Castle (Adamant)
                         Dwarven Cave (Creation)
    Who Can Equip It:    Knight
    Special Properties:  Xcalibur is a magical sword that does increased damage to
                         EVERYTHING in the game.  It's funny enough that it's
                         terribly powerful as a weapon, but it actually does MORE
                         than it should.  Rock on, Knights!
                                  L   - Were Sword
    If this magical sword has a use, then I don't seem to know of it.  Found in the
    Temple of Fiends through the use of the Mystic Key, it has a fairly low
    offensive capability (less than the Silver Sword), and a Thief cannot use it
    (although the Rune sword CAN be used by them, which is also found in the Temple
    of Fiends).  Since it is actually less of a weapon than the Rune Sword - or any
    OTHER Magical Sword - then there really is no use to picking this thing up,
    aside from selling it.  However, if you're playing the Wonderswan Color version
    of Final Fantasy, then feel free to pick this up and do extra damage against
    any enemies of the "Were" category.  Since this added damage does not work in
    the NES version, you Nintendo Players might as well not get it at all.  In
    fact, WSC players will find that they very, very rarely fight Were-ANYTHING in
    the game, so it serves little purpose for them as well!
    Damage:              18
    Hit %:               15
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  3,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Temple of Fiends
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter,        Red Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard
    Special Properties:  When used against monsters that fall under the "Were"
                         category (such as werewolves), it does increased damage.
                         However, this only works on the Wonderswan Color version
                         of Final Fantasy, so NES fans won't have the benefit.
                         It's just a colorful sword, that's all.
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
         -----------------------------VI:  Knives-----------------------------
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
    Knives often serve as a last-ditch resort for fighters.  They were small and
    easily-concealed, so one could have their "last weapon" hidden in the most
    unlikely of places (such as a boot, a sleeve, or even in one's hair).  For
    people requiring more stealth in their work, knives provided them with a blade
    without the cumbersome size and weight of a sword.  However, Knives just don't
    have the length or girth of other weapons, making it nigh impossible to use
    them in a battle versus someone with armaments of a longer reach.  Unless the
    user was extremely skilled at avoiding strikes and getting in close to his
    enemy, then the knife-wielder would surely lose in the fight.
    In Final Fantasy, knives are low-damage weapons that - for the most part -
    aren't going to do you much in battle.  They are light enough for the Black
    Mage/Wizard to use, as well as the more standard "fighting" characters
    (excepting Black Belts, that is), and one of the Knives is even a powerful
    Japanese Knife of lore - the Katana.  Plus, due to their light weight, knives
    have better-than-average hit percentage.  However, don't expect that to
    increase the damage you do, since they ARE much smaller than more conventional
    means (i.e., swords).
                                   A   - Catclaw
    I had initially believed that the Catclaw was derived from two characters
    located in the "Deities and Demigods" volume from the Dungeons and Dragons
    rulebooks.  How naive of me to believe they were original creations, since the
    entirety of other Gods and Monsters were taken from various religions or
    stories that have existed over time.  Thus, it should come as no surprise that
    Dan (chance_flowen@yahoo.com) would send me the following info:
       "Cat's Claw was the dirk belonging to one of the two principal characters in
       Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar series of books, also referred to as the "Swords"
       books. All of the books have the word "swords" in the title (i.e. The Swords
       of Lankhmar, Swords in the Mist, Knight and Knave of Swords). The owner of
       Cat's Claw is named Gray Mouser, a dirksman and thief nonpareil, who wielded
       Cat's Claw in his left hand and a rapier named Scalpel in his right. His
       partner, a barbarian swordsman named Fafhrd, used a broadsword named
       Graywand and a short sword / long dagger named Heartseeker.
       At any rate, Gary Gygax was greatly taken with the series, and went so far
       as to incorporate not only elements from Lankhmar in the D&D and AD&D games,
       but actually went so far as to include the Lankhmar mythos in the original
       Deities and Demigods sourcebook."
    Ah, so now I know.  Thanks for the backstory, mate!
    In Final Fantasy, the Catclaw is a powerful dagger, arguably the best for the
    Black Mage.  Since you can purchase it instead of having to find a weapon for
    him, this makes it even better for the little guy to work with.  Plus, it has
    an absurdly high hit-percentage (it ties with the Xcalibur and Katana), making
    sure that if your Wizard has to physically attack, he's probably going to land
    a hit.  It's damage is 1 point below that of the Silver Sword, meaning your
    Wizard isn't going to be too shabby when it comes to the damage either.  Of
    course, you're going to be fighting much, much more powerful opponents by then,
    so it's offset a bit...but not that much.
    Damage:              22
    Hit %:               35
    Cost:                65,000 Gil (Sell Price:  32,500 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Gaia
    Find Locations:      N/A
    Who Can Equip It:    Knight, Ninja, Red Wizard, Black Wizard
    Special Properties:  N/A
    Uh...if anyone wants to help me out by reminding me more of this thief, I would
    be much abliged.  Just e-mail me, and make sure you put "Final Fantasy
    Weapons" as the subject of the mail.  Thanks!
                                    B   - Katana
    There is archaeological evidence to suggest that swords have existed in Japan
    since as far back as 2,000 B.C.; however, the first appearance of the more
    traditional Japanese Sword didn't make an appearance until 700 A.D.  According
    to Legend, Amakuni and his son Amakura set themselves to forge the perfect
    blade, and spent an entire month within their forge until they had created the
    first Japanese blade.  This weapon, unlike previous swords, had only 1 edge,
    and curved slightly so as to allow for quicker drawing.  Japanese swords prior
    to this (straight swords, or "chokuto") had grown longer and longer as
    improvements in metallurgy arose.
    The curved blade allowed a much quicker drawing of the weapon, so much so that
    the very art of drawing has been the focus of many sword arts.  Finished swords
    were given to professional sword tester, whom would then use condemned
    criminals (or their corpses) to test the cutting blade of the weapon through
    flesh and bone; if the weapon was efficient enough, you might find written on
    the handle "5 arms severed" or "3 men cut" as a show of how deadly the weapon
    had proven to be.
    The "Katana" was actually a designated length of sword, rather than a specific
    weapon.  If you were to find a Katana, then you knew how long it was going to
    be rather than any other specifics about the weapon.  Such blades tended to be
    anywhere from 18-36 inches in length, with the hilt providing an extra 6-9
    inches for grips.  Thus, you could have a Katana that extended over 4 feet, or
    possibly even one as short as 2 feet.  To reduce the length of the blade
    further would cause a category shift; if it dropped below 18 inches, it would
    be considered a Wakizashi, and below 13 renamed it again to the Tanto.
    In the world of Final Fantasy, the Katana is (logically) a weapon that can only
    be used by the Ninja Class.  As such, it is incredibly powerful, only being
    less-damaging than the Xcalibur.  Thus, the Ninja gets a truly powerful weapon
    to his credit, even if it isn't as wonderous as the Knight's own personal
    weapon.  No worries about it, though - it sells nice even if you don't need it,
    and it's easy enough to come across.
    Finally - and I do feel this is worth mentioning - to lay down the rumors that
    the Katana is some sort of mystical sword and not simply just a class of
    weapon...if it is a unique, one-of-a-kind weapon, then why are there 2 of them?
    Please, don't give me the "one exists in the past" argument, since that would
    be a logical fallacy for you to be able to own both at the same time.  Thus
    there would have to be infinite timelines for you to be able to gain the past
    one and still retain the future one.  Since the world of Final Fantasy clearly
    revolves around a single-timeline (Garland constantly being sent back in time
    to start the whole mess again), this demonstrates the fact that there truly are
    2 Katanas.  Wee!
    Damage:              33
    Hit %:               35
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  30,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Floating Castle, Floor 3
                         Temple in the Past, Kary's Floor
    Who Can Equip It:    Ninja
    Special Properties:  Despite being a dagger, this is the most powerful sword
                         that the Ninja Class can use (not counting the Masamune,
                         of course).  I don't know if it does any additional damage
                         to any enemy classes, I just know that it's a wicked
                         weapon that does great damage.
                                 C   - Large Knife
    Let's face it, knives are small blades that are easier to handle, but can't do
    as much damage due to their lack of weight.  In order to make the dagger a more
    damaging weapon, you would have to swing it with more force, add more weight to
    the blade itself, enchant it, or possibly make the blade even better/sharper.
    In the Large Knife's case, it has simply been increased in size, giving more
    weight to the blade and (thus) marginally increasing the damage done with it.
    It's not too terribly much, but it's a nice, cheap upgrade for the Black Mage
    of the party who wants to do a little more when he goes into his stabbity-fits
    of rage.
    Damage:              7
    Hit %:               10
    Cost:                175 Gil (Sell Price:  87 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Elfland
    Find Locations:      Marsh Cave (Floor 2A)
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter, Thief, Red Mage,   Black Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard, Black Wizard
    Special Properties:  N/A
                                 D   - Silver Knife
    Once again, we are presented with a weapon made of Silver, and told that it is
    a better weapon than more conventional metals.  This is still a fallacy, since
    Silver is a flimsier metal than Iron or Steel (though not as malleable as
    Gold), and isn't too terribly lightweight, either.  Thus, the concept that you
    can use less of it to form a more powerful sword is inherently wrong - you
    would have to use MORE of it to create a weapon of the same tensility and
    strength as Iron...and it's already heavier from the start!  Still, you can't
    really argue with the game...so here's the Silver Knife!  By all rights, it
    should be nothing more than a ceremonial dagger and worthless to the group.
    All logic aside, the Silver Knife is a decent weapon for your Black Mage to
    utilize.  It gives them better a little more damage and better Hit % than
    previous weapons, plus it's fairly easy to find (provided you don't mind a
    little extra searching in the Marsh Cave).  It's not necessary to give you
    Black Mage a better weapon, since he should be equipped with spells...so
    finding it is good, and much more optimal than buying it.
    Damage:              10
    Hit %:               15
    Cost:                800 Gil (Sell Price:  400 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Crescent Lake
    Find Locations:      Marsh Cave (Floor 3)
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter, Thief, Red Mage,   Black Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard, Black Wizard
    Special Properties:  N/A
                                 E   - Small Knife
    The title dictates what it is, folks.  Knives are small, so a "small knive"
    should really clue you in to the fact that it's going to be weak.  That this
    is...it's Hit % is decent enough, but its damage is pathetic.  However, it is
    also an extremely cheap weapon, so there's no harm in picking one up for the
    Black Mage who can't afford an offensive spell.  He's bound to run out, so you
    might as well give him something to stab with.
    Damage:              5
    Hit %:               10
    Cost:                5 Gil (Sell Price:  2 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Coneria
    Find Locations:      N/A
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter, Thief, Red Mage,   Black Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, Red Wizard, Black Wizard
    Special Properties:  N/A
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
         -----------------------------VII: Staves-----------------------------
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
    A Staff is the traveller's best friend.  It serves as a walking stick for the
    weary wanderer, and can quickly double as a means of self-defense should the
    need arise.  Magicians have been known to store magical spells and powers
    within their staff, making it more potent as a weapon or a more effective
    defensive item.  The Staff, while not as effective of a killing weapon as a
    sword or axe, can still provide a valuable tool for classes that cannot equip
    the heavier weaponry but still wish for something to bash with.
                                  A   - Heal Staff
    This staff is the epitome of the traveller's aid; not only is it a staff
    (commonly used for walking), but it can heal the user as well.  When used as an
    item instead of attacked with, the Heal Staff casts the spell of HEAL on
    everyone in the party (regardless of whether or not they are living at the
    time).  Since it doesn't need to be equipped by anyone (although it certainly
    doesn't hurt to have your White Mage using it), that means anyone can turn into
    an impromptu healer.  Make sure you pick this up!
    Damage:              6
    Hit %:               0
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  12,500 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Castle of Ordeals (3rd Floor)
    Who Can Equip It:           White Mage
                         Ninja, White Wizard
    Special Properties:  When used as an item in battle, this casts HEAL on all
                         party members.  An infinite use of the HEAL spell?  Rock!
                         Healing all around!
                                  B   - Iron Staff
    A staff made of iron would initially seem to be the antithesis to what your
    physically-weak wizard or world-weary traveller would want to equip themselves
    with.  The staff should aid in the walking, as well as double into an effective
    weapon should the need arise; thus, a heavier staff would seem logical from an
    attacking standpoint, but would serve less as a tool for hiking.  In this, you
    would be correct - this particular staff's emphasis on weight (due to the being
    forged from iron instead of carved from wood) makes it a tool that can only be
    used by certain fighting classes, as well as the Black Belt/Master classes.  I
    guess that makes sense, giving them a heavy bo-staff made of iron with which to
    pummel their enemies with.
    Damage:              14
    Hit %:               0
    Cost:                200 Gil (Sell Price:  100 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Elfland
    Find Locations:      Castle Coneria
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter,        Black Belt
                         Knight,  Ninja, Master
    Special Properties:  N/A
                                  C   - Mage Staff
    Although not too terribly deceptive in its usefulness, the Mage Staff is a
    weapon that should be picked up by all parties, not just ones whom have a Black
    Mage in their employ.  Granted, it gives nothing to their Hit%, and is only a
    scant 2 Damage points higher than the Silver Knife, but it's real usefulness is
    not in its damage capability; no, you would do better to use this staff as an
    item.  When done so, the staff casts FIR2 on all enemies, giving the weapon a
    new style of attacking.  Heck, you'll probably end up doing more damage via
    FIR2 than you would attacking, so there really isn't any reason for a Black
    Mage to get this staff and even bother equipping it!
    ...not that you have to have the Black Mage using it.  You can give it to the
    Fighter and watch 'em blaze enemies left and right while good ol' BM uses his
    magic to do the same.  Yay!
    Damage:              12
    Hit %:               0
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  12,500 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Sea Shrine (Floor 4)
    Who Can Equip It:           Black Mage
                         Ninja, Black Wizard
    Special Properties:  When used as an item in battle, it casts FIR2 on all
                         enemies.  Since it does not need to be equipped to be used
                         in such a manner, this means anyone can have the flamin'
                         power of FIR2 at their beck and call.  Yay!
                                 D   - Power Staff
    There's something incredibly odd about this weapon...namely the fact that it is
    tied with the Wooden Staff for most useable weapon (aside from the Masamune, of
    course).  EVERYONE in the game (not counting Thieves) can equip this thing,
    which is a little strange.  I mean, shouldn't something like the Dagger be more
    useful?  Bah...whatever the case, this weapon has decent power behind it, if
    lacking any Hit % to aid its cause.  It's not too terribly difficult to come
    across, either, although it does require a secondary venture to Astos' Castle
    once you've picked up the Mystic Key.  Hey, if you're headed that way to
    further equip your troops (i.e., a Falcion for the Thief) and gain levels
    versus mummies, then why not get it?  Heck, it sells for a nice (if odd) amount
    of Gil, too.
    Damage:              12
    Hit %:               0
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  12,345 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Northwest Castle (Astos' Treasury)
    Who Can Equip It:    Everyone except Thieves
    Special Properties:  Uh...can be equipped by almost everyone?  Eh?  Yes?
                                 E   - Wizard Staff
    Some mages liked to have their walking staves be more than just simple aids in
    movement.  Some wizards of yore were noted for using their staves as a foci for
    their spells, storing charges of various debilitating crafts within their
    wooden confines.  The Wizard's Staff is no exception to this rule, as whomever
    created it decided that the spell CONF would suit their needs adequately.
    Then, of course, they decided to leave it in a treasure chest deep within the
    cavern behind a Waterfall...strange place to put something, eh?  Maybe this
    Wizard was hiding the staff, along with the Glowing Cube that grants you access
    to the Floating Castle.  Maybe...or maybe not, I dunno.
    Ok, now here's an item that I'm a little torn on...I mean, you HAVE to go to
    the Waterfall, to the very room in which this item is located.  However, should
    you even bother nabbing it for your collection?  It's not that great a weapon -
    by then, you should have picked up a Catclaw for your Black Wizard, and it
    outclasses the Wizard Staff in Damage AND Hit% - and right there to pick
    up...but for it's special ability, is that really worth it?  I'd say yes, since
    a lot of matches might find you facing off against opponents that you wouldn't
    want to waste any magic on, and BW's attack wouldn't really fare that well
    against 'em either.  So why not have a little fun and confuse your opponents,
    eh?  Heck, even if you don't want to bother with keeping it, it sells for a
    VERY nice price.  Even if you don't want to use it, you might as well pick it
    up for selling purposes.
    Damage:              15
    Hit %:               15
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  25,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Waterfall
    Who Can Equip It:    Black Wizard
    Special Properties:  When use as an item in battle, it casts CONF on all
                         enemies.  Handy if you want to save magic and mess with
                         your opponents, eh?
                                 F   - Wooden Staff
    This, along with the club, are the two most common pieces of weaponry that an
    adventurer can find (although the club, oddly enough, is absent from this
    game).  The reasoning behind this is that either can be fashioned from a tree
    limb, or simply by picking one up off of the ground and turning it into a quick
    weapon -- there is no real work involved towards creating it, so they are
    extremely easy to come across.  The difference between the Club's use and the
    Staff's use is little more than a matter of length - a club could be used as a
    makeshift sword, while the staff would serve a variety of purposes (attacking,
    walking, etc).  Because of its commonality and broad use, the Wooden Staff is
    very cheap and can be used by almost everyone in the game.  Stubborn
    thieves...why don't you use 'em, eh?  Too big?  What?!?
    Damage:              6
    Hit %:               0
    Cost:                5 Gil (Sell Price:  2 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Coneria
    Find Locations:      Earth Cave (4th Floor)
                         Gurgu Volcano (Basement 4)
    Who Can Equip It:    Everyone except Thieves
    Special Properties:  N/A
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
         ----------------------------VIII: Hammers----------------------------
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
    "Hammers" is a fairly broad term, actually.  It could be applied to flails,
    maces, morning stars, or even just a regular ol' mallet.  A hammer, so to
    speak, is a weapon that sports a large, flat area used to hit opponents with;
    granted, Flails, Maces, and Morning Stars usually have spikes adorning their
    flat (curved) area, but the premise is oddly enough the same.  In the world of
    Final Fantasy, however, no such deliniation is made between weapons - you have
    oversized mallets of varying colors, and that's about it in terms of graphical
                                 A   - Iron Hammer
    A hammer made of iron is a hearty weapon indeed.  Sometimes modified into what
    is known as a "maul", with 1 end of the block forged to a point for driving and
    splitting (much like an axe), the Hammer's style never really changes - have a
    big, heavy, blunt object with which to bludgeon your opponents with.  With
    different materials being brought into the picture, the hammer might change
    radically - wood might not make a heavy weapon, but it could be very
    lightweight and thus be used for less force but quicker attacks.  Heavier
    hammers would have more practical purposes, such as sending wedges through
    blocks of wood or hammering heated metal into a sword.  Still, the Hammer can
    be a potent weapon in the right hands...and for those classes that are
    primarily relegated to them, you might as well give 'em a hammer that hits as
    hard as possible.  That class is almost always of the Clerical sort, and in
    Final Fantasy that particular class is the White Mage.  Go on, give 'em a good
    Damage:              9
    Hit %:               0
    Cost:                10 Gil (Sell Price:  5 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Coneria
    Find Locations:      N/A
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter,        White Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, White Wizard
    Special Properties:  N/A
                                B   - Silver Hammer
    Once AGAIN we are given a weapon that is embued with Silver!  Ok, maybe I've
    just been lookin' at this wrong the entire time...maybe it's just a regular
    ol' Iron Hammer that has been "Silvered", coated in a silver lining that gives
    it some sort of magical properties.  In that case, I could understand why it
    would be considered better than a regular Iron Hammer.  I mean, there's MAGIC
    involved now, right?  There freakin' HAS to be for this to be better than a
    normal Iron Hammer...'cause I don't see what a Silver Hammer could possibly
    lend that would improve its damage capacity.  Silver is heavier and softer than
    Iron, so it would have more weight but less impact.  Since a hammer has a
    large, flat edge for striking, this would mean that ultimately less force would
    be dealt per swing - and thus, the silver would be a detriment (especially when
    it started to flatten and possibly come off).  Joy.
    Ok, so all logical, RATIONAL arguments aside...the Silver Hammer is a fairly
    potent weapon for the White Mage to use, despite its rather steep price.
    Frankly, though, it's a weapon for your healer, whom isn't very good
    offensively to begin with.  You'd best just save your money until you have the
    Mystic Key, when you can get one for free.  No sense in saving up money for a
    weapon that does a little more damage (3) and adds a little to your Hit %.
    Damage:              12
    Hit %:               5
    Cost:                2,500 Gil (Sell Price:  1,250 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Crescent Lake
    Find Locations:      Elf Castle
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter,        White Mage
                         Knight,  Ninja, White Wizard
    Special Properties:  N/A
                                C   - Thor's Hammer
    Despite not having enough room for the weapon's actual name (that's right,
    Thor's Hammer had a name of its own), this weapon has had enough done to it to
    write stories about.  Honestly, though, it usually ends up just being an
    absurdly powerful weapon of mass destruction for Thor, Lord of Thunder.  Thor
    was known as the only God (or Half-God) who could keep the Giants out of the
    land of Asgard.  Despite their magic and lack of brains, they simply couldn't
    handle the sheer might that Thor (and his Hammer) exuded.  However, when Thor's
    Hammer was stolen by Thrym, an evil Giant King, there was much trouble received
    in trying to regain it.  Freyja, Queen of the Valkyries, had been bartered into
    becoming his wife to regain the Hammer, but she was too angry to let this
    happen; thus, they (she and Loki) disguised Thor as the bride-to-be, and when
    Thrym produced the hammer before his "wife", "she" promptly grabbed it and
    struck down all the Giants in the hall.
    I guess that's a lesson for you - if your White Wizard has Thor's Hammer and
    finds herself face-to-face with a burly person in a wedding dress, just hand
    over the hammer and let that be the end of it.  Despite it being the WW's best
    weapon (aside from the Masamune), it also fires off LIT2 as many times as you
    want it to (when used as an item).  Joy!
    Damage:              18
    Hit %:               15
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  20,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Mirage Tower (2nd Floor)
    Who Can Equip It:    Knight, Ninja, White Wizard
    Special Properties:  When used as an item, Thor's Hammer casts LIT2 on all
                         enemies.  Since this does not actually need to be equipped
                         for the user to envoke such powers, that means that anyone
                         can use its abilities an infinite number of times in
                         battle.  Take that, water enemies!
    It's official name is Mjolnir, just in case you're wondering.  Obviously, there
    is no way that is going to fit into 4 characters, so "Thor (Hammer Symbol"
    works fine for me!
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
         ------------------------------IX:  Axes------------------------------
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
    Axes are quite the vicious weapons.  Usually comprised of large pieces of metal
    affixed to a pole or staff and tipped with broad edges for cleaving, these big
    clunkers are meant strictly for damage.  There is no finesse required for these
    things, it is 100% hack-and-slash from an Axe's destructive path.  Although
    commonly used for cutting wood, stronger fighters might decide to take up this
    bulkier weapon with the intent of causing even more brutal damage with every
    swing.  As such, you cannot expect an Axe to have as high a Hit Percentage as,
    say, a sword or dagger (smaller, lighter weapons)...but pound for pound, the
    axe will usually take larger chunks out of enemies than a sword would.
    Unfortunately, the weight of the Axe often makes it an unwieldy weapon, one
    that only certain classes (i.e., the Fighter) can EVER use.  Thus, there are
    few axes in the game, despite their heavy-hitting capacity.
                                  A   - Great Axe
    Hmm...well, there really isn't much info given on this particular axe as to
    what makes it so "great", so I guess we can just assume that it's a really big
    one.  Due to its increased size (and mass), the Great Axe does loads more
    damage per hit than most swords (and the Hand Axe)...unfortunately, by the time
    you get this weapon (in the Titan's Tunnel), you most definitely should have
    something better for your fighter to use (i.e., the Silver Sword), so it
    generally isn't worth it.  Heck, you can buy a Long Sword, which has a little
    less Damage than then Axe, but makes up for it with double the Hit %.  You may
    not hit as hard, but at least you'll hit more often (and possibly for more
    hits, resulting in more damage anyways).  Finally...it doesn't sell for much.
    Man, talk about a waste of time!  Only if you're really, REALLY hard up for
    cash should you go for this weapon; otherwise, don't bother.  You should have
    better already.
    Damage:              22
    Hit %:               5
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  1,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Titan's Tunnel
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter
                         Knight, Ninja
    Special Properties:  N/A
                                   B   - Hand Axe
    A Hand Axe might just be a simple farmer's tool, used for logcutting or
    harvesting (although a Scythe might do better for the latter).  In times of
    trouble, however, this handy little item can easily double as a viable weapon
    to impliment.  Axes of this style usually sport a Wooden Handle, roughly 1 foot
    in length, with a single-bladed head (usually crafted from metal).  Not too
    difficult to wield, one would imagine, although there are better weapons to be
    crafted and used by our heroes.  Still, if you want to upgrade your Fighter to
    a better weapon, it's either this or the Short Sword.  You make the call.
    Damage:              16
    Hit %:               5
    Cost:                550 Gil (Sell Price:  225 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Pravoka
    Find Locations:      N/A
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter
                         Knight, Ninja
    Special Properties:  N/A
                                  C   - Light Axe
    I, personally, am of the opinion that this weapon was incorrectly named.  While
    you could feasibly call it the "Light Axe", a more accurate punctuation of its
    abilities would be "Holy Axe".  See, this particular Axe - for as damaging and
    lightweight as it is - holds an affinity for the destruction of the Undead (or,
    more specifically, the Unholy).  When equipped, it does added damage (WSC only)
    versus the undead.  It's already the most powerful axe in the game, so that's
    nothing to sniff your nose at; however, it goes further.  When someone has it
    in their inventory and uses it as an item in battle (they don't have to have it
    equipped), it casts HRM2 on everyone.  Of course, this is only effective
    against the Undead, but it's always nice to give support characters and/or
    less-than-stellar offensive characters the ability to damage the undead in such
    a way.  Now your Black Belt, Fighter, and Thief (as well as prospective
    Prestige Classes) can become slayers of the undead, too!  Plus, there are TWO
    of these in the game!
    Now c'mon, I ask you...what's the harm (sic) in picking these up?  They're not
    egregiously out of the way, and you don't need to have 4 weapons equipped
    (unlike armor, where open space is often difficult to find)...so why not pick
    it up, eh?   Get 'em both!  Heck, gather the whole collection!
    Damage:              28
    Hit %:               15
    Cost:                N/A (Sell Price:  5,000 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  N/A
    Find Locations:      Sea Shrine (4th Floor)
                         Sea Shrine (Basement 2)
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter
                         Knight, Ninja
    Special Properties:  When used as an item, the Light Axe casts HRM2 on all
                         enemies.  This is good if you're fightin' the undead...but
                         what if you aren't?  Wellsir, it also does extra damage
                         against enemies falling under the "Undead" category, which
                         means that you don't have to worry about hitting 'em.
                         Even if they're not undead, you'll still put the hurt on
                         your opponents...unfortunately, it's a tad strict in who
                         can use it, and WSC players only get the added damage per
                                  D   - Silver Axe
    Look, I really don't know what to say here...it's an Axe made of Silver.  If
    you've read about any of the other Silver items, you already know my feelings
    on the matter.  As an Axe, it's not cheap, and it's not really that much better
    than the Silver Sword - 2 points more damage versus 5 less hit%.  Great.
    That's Awesome.  See, if it was, like, 10 points more damage, I could see
    myself picking this thing up.  Since it isn't - and by now, you SHOULD have the
    Silver Sword for one of your fighters - then you really shouldn't bother.  If
    you pick it up in the Volcano, just sell it.
    Damage:              25
    Hit %:               10
    Cost:                4,500 Gil (Sell Price: 2,250 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Crescent Lake
    Find Locations:      Gurgu Volcano (2nd Floor)
    Who Can Equip It:    Fighter
                         Knight, Ninja
    Special Properties:  N/A
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
         -----------------------------X: Nunchaku-----------------------------
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
    The Nunchaku is a weapon that traditionally only saw use in the Eastern
    Hemisphere of the world.  Although the components involved might change, the
    basic structure of the Nunchaku was the same - 2 lengths of wood (or iron, or
    whatever) joined together by a piece of cord (or chain, or whatever).  This
    allowed the user to grasp and swing the weapon like a club or sword, but also
    gave a flexible middle that alotted for trapping, disarming, tripping, and the
    like.  Its strange premise often required the user to put in more hours of
    training with the weapon just to become proficient with it; however, for those
    who could master it, they would find themselves the wielder of a powerful
    weapon indeed.
    The Nunchaku has been changed over time to allow for different uses in
    different situations.  The have been created with longer shafts for greater
    reach, or longer chains for a wider swath to swing and more tripping ability
    than before.  For certain users, they found the "tri-chuck" to be useful,
    adding a 3rd bar w/chain to the end and using the whole mess as a complex tool
    of attack.  In some instances, a single Nunchaku has been grafted to the end of
    a Bo Staff, allowing for the traditional use of a Bo coupled with the crushing
    swing and disarming qualities of the 'chucks.  As strange a weapon as it can
    be, the Nunchaku should be feared...when in the right hands.
                                A   - Iron Nunchaku
    Logically, one would assume that a pair of Nunchaku formed out of heavier items
    would be weightier, and thus have more force behind each blow.  This holds true
    with the Iron Nunchaku, sporting a heavier component (iron vs. wood) than is
    previous counterpart.  The Iron Nunchaku, much like the Wooden Nunchaku, can
    only be used by the Black Belt/Master Class (and Ninjas), which means that they
    generally have to be very, very specialized weapons and should benefit the user
    as much as the equivalent weapon for a rival class.  This does not hold true,
    unfortunately, as it offers little additional Damage per hit...and, worse yet,
    is that it tends to remove a Black Belt's multiple hits (every 10 levels, the
    Black Belt does an extra 2 hits per attack).  So while you might be hitting
    harder per hit, you don't hit nearly as often as you could without them...and
    thus, the weapon really does not serve much of a purpose.  I do not suggest
    getting these, since - by the time you arrive at Elfland - your Black Belt(s)
    should be of a high enough level to inflict more damage with their fists than
    with a pair of Nunchaku.
    Damage:              16
    Hit %:               0
    Cost:                200 Gill (Sell Price: 100 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Elfland
    Find Locations:      N/A
    Who Can Equip It:           Black Belt
                         Ninja, Master
    Special Properties:  N/A
                               B   - Wooden Nunchaku
    The Nunchaku is a fairly exotic weapon, eh?  I suppose that's why it falls
    under the "Exotic Weapon" category of weapons in AD&D's 3rd Edition Rules.
    Generally, weapons come in 3 flavors  - Simple, Martial, and Exotic - as Small,
    Medium, and Large categories for each.  The Nunchaku is a medium-sized Exotic
    weapon, since it is far above your simpler weaponry (i.e., clubs and staves)
    and requires special training past those of martial weaponry (swords and axes).
    Size is relative; however, D&D assumes that humans, elves, and dwarves are all
    of the "medium" size, and thus can use any medium weapon that their character
    class allows (larger and smaller races might require specially made weaponry to
    fit their respective size category).
    What does all this mean?  It means that the Nunchaku is a regular ol' weapon
    that only a few people can use, given their background and relation to the
    weapon.  Thus, only classes that essentially "hail" from the East can use these
    weapons - and that singles out the Ninja, Black Belt, and Master classes.
    Unfortunately, it's still not that great a weapon - it provides additional
    damage, but it drops the Black Belt's inherent ability to strike multiple times
    with their fists.  As such, they hit harder, but they hit less...so your
    overall damage actually DROPS by using the Nunchaku.  Because of this, I would
    only suggest buying a pair at the very beginning of the game, since - at that
    time - your Monk's physical capacity won't be quite as damaging...yet.  Equip
    'em with this until they hit level 3 or 4, get rid of the things and don't
    bother with another pair for the rest of the game.
    Sure, some monsters seem to be easier to damage with Nunchaku than with fists,
    but you can't equip/de-equip in battle...so you either walk around without them
    equipped and do well against most of what you fight, or you equip a pair of
    Nunchaku and take your chances.
    Damage:              12
    Hit %:               0
    Cost:                10 Gil (Sell Price: 5 Gil)
    Purchase Locations:  Coneria
    Find Locations:      N/A
    Who Can Equip It:           Black Belt
                         Ninja, Master
    Special Properties:  N/A
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
         -----------------------------XI: Various-----------------------------
    ================================ Final Fantasy ================================
    Here's all that other stuff.  You know, stuff that doesn't matter to the game,
    but matters (a lot) the the guide and the author (you know, me, the guy that
    wrote all this junk you've been reading?).
                               A   - Revision History
    10-23-02:  I started this FAQ today!  Yippee!
    03-19-03:  Format revisions and a few added items.  Man, this think WILL get
               done, I promise!
    04-01-03:  It's done...
               ...April Fools!
    04-06-03:  Oh yeah, I never finished this.  Oh well, NOW it's finished.
               Seriously.  I mean, unless I decide to make more formatting changes
               - which I hope doesn't happen - then this should be the last time I
               have to even THINK about updating this thing.
                                    B   - Thanks
    ~CJayC (CJayC@gamefaqs.com, www.gamefaqs.com) for putting this FAQ up.
    ~Al Amaloo (www.gamewinners.com) for being such a cool guy, and having
     a great site.
    ~Daniel Barnes (dbarnes@wordplay.com) for your help on all SORTS of stuff.
     Man, I love it when I get things wrong...well, thanks for the updates!
    ~Dan (chance_flowen@yahoo.com) for the backstory on the Cat's Claw weapon.
     Thanks, man, for enlightening the stupid (the stupid being me).
    ~Vertsk8pro@hotmail.com for giving me a heart attack with your childish "I
     stole your FAQ and sold it with my name on it" antics.  Because of that, I now
     do dozens of things to make sure people don't steal my work.  If they do, I
     know exactly what to look for to see if they took MY work or not.
    ~Uh...I can't exactly thank God for the role he's taken in my life, because
     that would seem like I'm trying to force my religious opinions on someone else
     (which I'm not).  Therefore, I'd like to thank "Murray" for the role he's
     taken in my life (Murray, you know who you are).
                                  C   - NO THANKS
    If you write me asking for help with the game, I'll send you a link to my FAQ.
    If you ask for specific help, I'll try to aid you.  However, if you ask me
    about something that is already covered in the FAQ, I will simply refer you to
    the FAQ again.  I wrote the FAQ so that your questions would be answered here,
    not so I could repeat that FAQ bit by bit through e-mail for the next few
    years.  If you need clarification about something in the FAQ, ask about it -
    but don't ask me to repeat anything, please.
                                        End FAQ
    The following are sites that can NOT use my work.  If you see these sites using
    ANY of my FAQs, please e-mail me ASAP.  Each of these websites are sites that
    have plagiarised myself or others in the past, or simply taken our work(s)
    without our prior permission.  Since they do not have enough respect for the
    authors (or an ignorance of the law), I am expressly forbidding them from using
    my work.  I will not promote such sites that partake in these actions.
       911 Codes                     http://911codes.com
       9 Lives                       http://www.9lives.ru/eng/
       Bean's PlayStation Dimension  http://www.bean.dk/psx/index.htm
       Cheat Code Central            http://www.cheatcc.com
       Cheat Index                   http://cheatindex.com
       Cheat Matrix                  http://cheatmatrix.com
       Cheat Search                  http://cheatsearch.com
       Cheatstop                     http://www.panstudio.com/cheatstop/
       CNET Gamecenter               http://games.netscape.com/Faqs/
       Console Domain                http://www.consoledomain.co.uk
       Dirty Little Helper           http://dlh.net
       Dark Station                  http://www.darkstation.com/
       Dreamland                     http://kirby.pokep.net
       Games Domain                  http://www.gamesdomain.com
       Game Express                  http://www.gameexpress.com
       Games Over                    http://www.gamesover.com/
       Mega Games                    http://www.megagames.com
       Square Haven                  http://www.square-haven.net
       Ultimate System               http://www.flatbedexpress.com
       VideoGaming.net               http://www.videogaming.net/
       Cheats.de                     http://www.cheats.de
    (Taken from Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin's FAQ Theft Guide, as well as added
    As I stated above, if you want to use one of my guides, I ask that you e-mail
    me to gain my permission first.  I like to keep track of which sites use my
    work, so I know where to send the updates, and it's a little difficult to keep
    you updated if you don't e-mail me.
    This FAQ Copyright Reverend Eric "Vegita" Johnson, 2003

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