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    | Please Note: The egotistical "Prime Time" Greg Protomanni is back.  |   
    | After a short and brief stint on the Nintendo "Disabled List", the  |
    | work of "Prime Time" has come back. Sit back and enjoy the 10th FAQ  |
    | for GameFAQs.com.                                                   |
    F I N A L    F A N T A S Y
    Nintendo Entertainment System
    Mini FAQ
    -Final Edition-
    (I) Table of Contents (I)
    I – Table of Contents
    II – Introduction To Final Fantasy
    III – About The Author
    IV – Review – Credited To Myself
    V – 25 Areas
    VI – Monster Information
    VII – Magic Information
    VIII – Weapons Information
    IX – Armor Information
    X – Codes, Hints & Secrets
    XI – End of FAQ
                    (II) Introduction To Final Fantasy (II)
      The Final Fantasy Series is one that's very interesting. Final 
    Fantasy's 1, 2 and 3 were all released in North America, as oppose to 
    FF4, FF5 and FF6 which are all only available in Japan (minus imports, 
    and Anthologies). Then, the release of FF7 in North America was quite 
    interesting. FF1, FF2 and FF3 had all previously been a part of 
    Nintendo, but FF7 become part of Playstation. Final Fantasy 8, which in 
    my mind, is the best Final Fantasy was released in September of 1999 (I 
    believe), and was a huge success. Final Fantasy's IX, X and XI are all 
    set to be released shortly, depending one when you read this.
      Now what serious is complete without some shabby rip-offs? Final 
    Fantasy Tactics I own, it's alright, not as good as Final Fantasy 7 or 
    8, but alright. Also on the "rip off" list, you have Anthologies which 
    is Final Fantasy's that should be on SNES, because of it's graphics 
    belong to the Final Fantasy Series. This of course, pale in comparison 
    to the king of FF rip-offs, Mystic Quest. Don't even get me started on 
    that. It's very boring and DEFINITELY for rookies. Ok, enough about the 
    history and onto the game.
                        (III) About The Author (III)
    The work of myself, "Prime Time" Greg Protomanni are as followed.
    SaGa Frontier Character FAQ
    Pokémon Stadium Mini-Game FAQ
    WWF WrestleMania 2000 Brian Christopher
    WWF WrestleMania 2000 Scott Taylor
    WWF WrestleMania 2000 Cactus Jack
    WWF WrestleMania 2000 Dude Love
    WWF WrestleMania 2000 Mideon
    WWF WrestleMania 2000 Meat
    WWF WrestleMania 2000 Michael Hayes
    In the works, I have about 7 or so FAQs that I'm still working on. I 
    really hope to get some of them done, especially this one which I 
    really want to finish.
                         (IV) Review – By Greg P. (IV)
    Title: The Stepping Stone into an Amazing Serious of RPGs
    Most people would probably wonder why I'd right this for a game that 
    has very low recognition for a very low recognized system. BUT, this is 
    by far my favorite and the most entertaining game for Nintendo. I 
    admit, it's not a very graphiced enhanced game. It doesn't have a huge 
    list of JOBs or characters any other RPG does. It doesn't have a wide 
    variety of attacks like any other RPG does, BUT it has many dungeons, 
    many monsters, many veichles for travelling, etc. It has it's ups, just 
    like any good RPG, and it has it's lows. So in this Review, I will go 
    through what it is about this game that makes you so addicted. 
    GRAPHICS - 3(/10) 
    Think about it. Nintendo 64 has 64 bits of graphic capability. Nintendo 
    Entertainment System has 8. So, for it's time, I'm sure the graphics 
    were great, but for now, especially in comparison with what there is 
    around the market, they suck. A big 3 for this game in the graphics 
    GAME PLAY - 10(/10) 
    It's very hard to think of an RPG that doesn't have an amazing 
    storyline to it. This game does. I really liked the ''aginig'' part of 
    the game (Don't understand? Play the game and you'll see) since it 
    makes you go from a childish wizard, to a lethal grown adult who is now 
    a sorcerer. Game Play gets a big 10 because the Game Play is AMAZING!! 
    ENJOYMENT - 8(/10) 
    I go on and on about how it's a great game and you wonder why I give it 
    an 8 for enjoyment? Simple. If you have another system such as 
    Playstation, Nintendo 64, DreamCast or Playstation2 depending on when 
    you read this, or it may already be out when you read this. You'll soon 
    feel that 8-Bits cannot satisfy your gaming pleasures anymore unlike a 
    64 bit Zelda, or sports game can. What I'm trying to desperately say 
    here is this, Yes you will get bored eventually from playing this. 
    Unless you're a hardcore NES fan. 
    This game is a must for any NES set. Buy it, play it, and most 
    importantly, enjoy it. 
    SCORE: 7/10 
    (Please Note: This was brought down deeply by the graphics because it's 
                                (V) 25 Areas (V)
    1)	Castle & Town of Coneria
    2)	Temple of Fiends
    3)	North Bridge
    4)	Matoya's Cave
    5)	Pravoka
    6)	Elfland & The Castle of Elf
    7)	Dwarf Cave
    8)	Marsh Cave
    9)	Northwest Castle
    10)	Melmond
    11)	Titan's Tunnel
    12)	Earth Cave
    13)	Sarda's Cave
    14)	Crescent Lake
    15)	Guru Volcano
    16)	Ice Cave
    17)	Ryukahn Desert
    18)	Cardia Islands
    19)	Castle of Ordeal
    20)	Onrac
    21)	Gaia
    22)	Lefein
    23)	Sea Shrine
    24)	Waterfall
    25)	Mirage Tower
    26)	????
    27)	????
                          (VI) Monster Information (VI)
    Name          HP      Average     Weak      Don't Use        It Uses    
    Agama        296       31-62      ICE         FIRE             FIRE
    Air          358       53-106            QUAKE, BANE, etc.   
    Ankylo       352       98-196
    Arachnid     64        5-10
    Asp          56        6-12
    Astos        168       26-52                                 RUB
    Badman       260       44-88
    BigEye       304       92-184     LIT     QUAKE, FIRE        STUN, DARK
    Blue Dragon  454       92-184     FIRE    QUAKE, FIRE        LIT
    Bone         10        10-20      FIRE    ICE, RUB, etc.     
    Bull         164       22-44      
    Carbie       92        22-44      LIT     QUAKE, FIRE
    Catman       160       30-60      
    Cerebus      192       30-60      ICE     FIRE               FIRE
    Chimera      300       30-60      ICE     QUAKE, FIRE        FIRE
    Cobra        60        22-44
    Coctrice     50         1-2                                  STUN
    Crawl        84         1-2
    Creep        56        17-34      FIRE
    Earth        288       66-132     FIRE    ICE, LIT, QUAKE, etc.
    Evilman      190       55-110             RUB, BANE, etc.    XXXX, NUKE
    Eye          162       30-60              QUAKE              XXXX, RUB
    Fighter      200       40-80                                 RUB, HEAL
    Fire         276       50-100     FIRE    RUB, FIRE, QUAKE
    Frost Dragon 200       53-106     FIRE    FIRE, ICE, LIT
    Frost Gator  142       56-112     LIT     QUAKE, FIRE
    Frost Giant  336       60-120     FIRE    LIT
    Frost Wolf   93        25-50      FIRE    ICE                ICE
    Gargoyle     80        12-24              QUAKE
    Garland      106       15-30
    Gas Dragon   352       72-144     ICE     QUAKE              POISON GAS
    Gator        184       42-84      LIT     QUAKE, FIRE        
    Geist        59         8-16      FIRE    QUAKE, RUB, etc.   
    Ghost        180       93-186     FIRE    QUAKE, RUB        
    Ghoul        48         8-16      FIRE    QUAKE, RUB, etc.  
    Giant        N/A        N/A       N/A       N/A               N/A
    Great Pede   320       73-146   ICE, FIRE
    Green Medusa 68        20-40      FIRE     ICE               STONE
    Green Ogre   132       23-46      
    Grey Imp     16         8-16
    Grey Naga    420        7-14                                 LIT, STONE
    Grey Shark   344       50-100     LIT      QUAKE, FIRE
    Grey Wolf     74       14-28      
    Grey Worm    280       50-100     ICE      QUAKE, FIRE       QUAKE
    Guard        200       25-50               RUB, BANE
    Hydra        212       30-60      
    Hyena        120       22-44
    Iguana        92       18-36
    Image         86       22-44      FIRE     RUB, BANE, etc.
    Imp            8        4-8
    Irongol      304       93-186              LIT, ICE, etc.   RUB, XXXX
    Jimera       350       40-80      ICE      QUAKE, FIRE      BANE, etc.
    Kyzoku        50       14-28               QUAKE
    Lobster      148       35-70      LIT      QUAKE
    MadPony       64       10-20      
    Mage         105       26-52                                RUB, FIRE
    Mancat       110       10-20             QUAKE, FIRE, etc.  XXXX, STONE
    Manticor     164       22-44               QUAKE
    Medusa        68       20-40                                STONE
    Muck          76       30-60      LIT      RUB, BRAKE, etc.
    Mudgol       176       64-128            LIT, ICE, FIRE, etc.    FAST
    Mummy         80       30-60      FIRE     RUB, ICE, etc.   
    Naga         356        9-18      LIT      QUAKE, FIRE      DARK, HOLD
    Naocho       344       35-70      
    Nitemare     200       30-60      ICE      RUB, FIRE, etc.   DARKNESS
    Ocho         208       20-40      LIT      QUAKE, FIRE
    Oddeye        10        4-8       LIT      QUAKE, FIRE       STUN
    Ogre         100       18-36      
    Ooze          76       32-64   ICE, FIRE   RUB, LIT, STUN, etc.
    Pede         222       39-78      
    Perlisk       44       20-40      ICE      QUAKE, FIRE       RUB
    Phantom      360      120-240     FIRE     [A lot]           XXXX, RUB
    Pirate         6        8-16      
    Red Ankylo   256       60-120
    Red Bone     144       26-52      FIRE     RUB, ICE, etc.
    Red Caribe   172       37-74      
    Red Dragon   248       75-150     ICE      QUAKE, FIRE       FIRE
    Red Gargoyle  94       10-20              QUAKE, ICE, FIRE   FIRE, HOLD
    Red Giant    300       73-146     ICE      FIRE 
    Red Hydra    182       20-40      LIT      QUAKE, FIRE
    Red Sahag     64       15-30      LIT      QUAKE, FIRE
    Rockgol      200       70-140              LIT, FIRE, ICE    SLOW
    Saber Tooth  200       24-48
    Sahag         28       10-20      LIT      QUAKE, FIRE
    Sand Worm    200       46-92               QUAKE             QUAKE
    Sauria       196       30-60                                 STONE
    Scorpion      84       22-44      
    Scum          24        1-2        N/A       N/A              N/A
    Seasnake     224       35-70      LIT      QUAKE, FIRE
    Seatroll     216       40-80      LIT      QUAKE
    Sentry       400      100-204     LIT      QUAKE, RUB, etc.   
    Shadow        50       10-20      FIRE     QUAKE, RUB, ICE, etc.
    Shark        120       22-44      LIT      QUAKE, FIRE
    Slime        156       49-98      
    Sorceror     112        1-2       N/A      N/A              N/A
    Specter       52       20-40      FIRE     RUB, QUAKE, etc.  N/A
    Sphinx       228       23-46               QUAKE
    Spider        20       10-20      
    Tiger        132       73-146     
    T Rex        800      115-230
    Troll        184       24-48
    Tyro         408       65-130
    Vampire      156       76-152    FIRE      RUB, ICE, etc.    STUN
    Warmech     1000      128-256              QUAKE, ICE, etc.  NUCLEAR
    Water        300       69-138    ICE       QUAKE, BANE, etc. 
    Werewolf      68       14-28     
    Wizard        84       30-60              BANE, ICE, FIRE, etc.
    Wizard Mummy 188       43-86     FIRE      RUB, ICE, etc.
    Wizard Ogre  144       23-46               QUAKE             RUSE, ICE
    Wizard Sahag 204       47-94     LIT       QUAKE, FIRE       
    Wizard Vamp. 300       90-180    FIRE      RUB, ICE, etc.    LIT, ICE
    Wolf          20        8-16     
    Worm         448       65-130              QUAKE
    Wraith       114       40-80     FIRE      [A lot]           
    Wyrm         260       30-60               QUAKE
    Wyvern       212       30-60               QUAKE
    Zombie        20       10-20     FIRE      RUB, QUAKE, etc.  
    Zombull      224       40-80     
    Zombie DRGN  268       56-112    FIRE    RUB, BANE, ICE, etc.
    Lich         400       40-80     FIRE    ICE, RUB, BANE, etc.
    Kary         600       40-80             LIT, ICE, FIRE, etc.   FIRE
    Kraken       800       50-100    LIT     QUAKE, FIRE            DARK
    Tiamat      1000       49-98     ???     ???                    ???
    *King Chaos* 2000     100-200    ???     ???                    ???
                         (VII) Magic Information (VII)
    Level 1) Town of Coneria
    Level 2) Pravoka
    Level 3) Elfland
    Level 4) Elfland
    Level 5) Melmond
    Level 6) Crescent Lake
    Level 7) Gaia
    Level 8) Lefein
    X – Indicates first version of character (i.e. Fighter, Thief, Black 
    Belt, Red Mage, Black Mage, White Mage)
    O – Indicates final version of character (i.e. Knight, Ninja, Master, 
    Red Wizard, Black Wizard, White Wizard)
    # - Indicates both versions can learn spell
    Cure     1       O                           #          #
    Harm     1                                              #
    Fog      1       O                           #          #
    Ruse     1       O                           O          #
    Fire     1               O                   #                     #
    Sleep    1               O                   #                     #
    Lock     1               O                   #                     #
    Lit      1               O                   #                     #
    Lamp     2       O                           #          #
    Mute     2       O                           #          #
    Alit     2       O                           #          #
    Invs     2       O                           #          #
    Ice      2               O                   #                     #
    Dark     2               O                   #                     #
    Tmpr     2               O                   #                     #
    Slow     2               O                   #                     #
    Cur2     3       O                           #          #
    Hrm2     3                                              #
    Afir     3       O                           #          #
    Heal     3                                              #
    Fir2     3               O                   #                     #
    Hold     3               O                   #                     #
    Lit2     3               O                   #                     #
    Lok2     3               O                   #                     #
    Pure     4                                   #          #
    Fear     4                                              #
    Aice     4                                   #          #
    Amut     4                                   O          #
    Sleep    4               O                   #                     #
    Fast     4               O                   #                     #
    Conf     4               O                   #                     #
    Ice2     4               O                   #                     #
    Cur3     5                                   #          #
    Life     5                                   O          #
    Hrm3     5                                              #
    Hel2     5                                              #
    Fir3     5                                   #                     #
    Bane     5                                   O                     #
    Warp     5                                   O                     O
    Slo2     5                                   #                     #
    Soft     6                                              #
    Exit     6                                   O          O
    Fog2     6                                   O          #
    Inv2     6                                   O          #
    Lit3     6                                   O                     #
    Rub      6                                                         #
    Qake     6                                                         #
    Stun     6                                                         #
    Cur4     7                                              O
    Hrm4     7                                              O
    Arub     7                                   O          #
    Hel3     7                                              #
    Ice3     7                                   O                     #
    Brak     7                                                         O
    Sabr     7                                                         O
    Blnd     7                                                         #
    Lif2     8                                              O
    Fade     8                                              O
    Wall     8                                              O
    Xfer     8                                              O
    Nuke     8                                                         O
    Stop     8                                                         O
    Zap!     8                                                         O
    XXXX     8                                                         O
                       (VIII) Weapons Information (VIII)
    # – Indicates first version of character (i.e. Fighter, Thief, Black 
    Belt, Red Mage, Black Mage, White Mage)
    O – Indicates final version of character (i.e. Knight, Ninja, Master, 
    Red Wizard, Black Wizard, White Wizard)
    X - Indicates both versions can equip the weapon
    [S] Sword
    [D] Dagger
    [N] Nunchuck
    [St] Staff
    [H] Hammer
    [A] Axe
    [K] Knife
    Weapon          Fighter  Thief  Black Belt  Red Mage  White Mage  Black
    Wooden [N]                 O         X
    Small [D]          X       X                   X                    X
    Wooden [St]        X       O         X         X          X         X
    Rapier             X       X                   X
    Iron [H]           X       O                              X
    Short [S]          X       O                   X
    Hand [A]           X       O
    Scimitar           X       X                   X
    Iron [N]                   O         X
    Large [D]          X       X                   X                    X
    Iron [St]          X       O         X
    Saber              X       X                   X
    Long [S]           X       O                   X
    Great [A]          X       O
    Falchion           X       X                   X
    Silver [K]         X       X                   X                    X
    Silver [S]         X       O                   X
    Silver [H]         X       O                              X
    Silver [A]         X       O
    Flame [S]          X       O                   X
    Ice [S]            X       O                   X
    Dragon [S]         X       X                   X
    Giant [S]          X       O                   X
    Sun [S]            X       O                   X
    Coral [S]          X       X                   X
    Were [S]           X       O                   X
    Rune [S]           X       X                   X
    Power [St]         X       O         X                    X         X
    Light [A]          X       O
    Heal [St]                  O                              X
    Mage [St]                  O                                        X
    Defense            O       O                   O
    Wizard [St]                                                         O
    Vorpal             O       O                   O
    CatClaw            O       O                   O                    O
    Thor's [H]         O       O                              O
    Bane [S]           O       O                   O
    Katana                     O
    XCaliber           O
    Masmune            X       X         X         X          X         X
                          (IX) Armor Information (IX)
    # – Indicates first version of character (i.e. Fighter, Thief, Black 
    Belt, Red Mage, Black Mage, White Mage)
    O – Indicates final version of character (i.e. Knight, Ninja, Master, 
    Red Wizard, Black Wizard, White Wizard)
    X - Indicates both versions can equip the armor
    [A] = Armor
    [B] = Bracelet
    [S] = Shield
    [H] = Helmet
    [G] = Gauntlet
    Armor      Fighter  Thief  Black Belt  Red Mage  White Mage  Black Mage
    Cloth         X       X        X          X          X           X
    Wooden [A]    X       X        X          X
    Chain [A]     X       O                   X
    Iron [A]      X       O
    Steel [A]     X
    Silver [A]    X       O                   X
    Flame [A]     X       O
    Ice [A]       X       O
    Opal [A]      O
    Dragon [A]    O
    Copper [B]    X       X        X          X          X           X
    Silver [B]    X       X        X          X          X           X
    Opal   [B]    X       X        X          X          X           X
    Gold   [B]    X       X        X          X          X           X
    White Shirt                                          O       
    Black Shirt   O                                                  O
    Wooden [S]    X       O
    Iron [S]      X       O
    Silver [S]    X       O
    Flame [S]     X       O
    Ice [S]       X       O
    Opal [S]      O
    Aegis [S]     O
    Buckler       X       X                   X
    Prot. Cape    X       X                   X          X           X
    Cap           X       X                   X          X           X
    Wooden [H]    X       O
    Iron [H]      X       O
    Silver [H]    X       O
    Opal [H]      O
    Heal [H]      O       O
    Ribbon        X       X        X          X          X           X
    Gloves        X       X        X          X          X           X
    Copper [G]    X       O
    Iron [G]      X       O
    Silver [G]    X       O                   #
    Zeus [G]      O       O                   #
    Power [G]     X       O                   #
    Opal [G]      O
    Prot. Ring    X       X        X          X          X           X
                        (X) Codes, Hints and Secrets (X)
    |Please Note: This section was entirely taken straight from           | 
    |GameSages.com. They are an amazing site to get codes from, and I as  |
    |well as many others know this site is amazing. So, check it out.     |
    Advanced Items Early  
    After beating the earth fiend, you can get the canoe from the circle of 
    sages at crecent lake. After getting the canoe go to the ice cave and 
    get the floater, then go to the castle of ordeals and get the rats tail 
    (having fire 2 or 3 helps alot). Go and get all of your guys upgraded 
    and then get 50000 gp's and go to the caravan and buy the bottle, go to 
    Gaia and get the oxyale from the farie, go into the submarine at onrac 
    and work your way up stairs and get all the treasures in the top room. 
    Don't worry, there are no enemies in this room. GET THE SLAB then get 
    out of there. Go to melmond and learn Leifinish, then go to Leifin and 
    get the chime which lets you into the mirage tower. After that go take 
    the canoe up past Onrac and into the waterfall to get the cube from the 
    robot. Go through the mirage tower (collect treasures if you think you 
    can, need some luck here) and go to the sky castle to get the adamant 
    then get out as fast as you can and go to the dwarf. Get excalibur. By 
    now you should have very advanced equipment and you haven't even fought 
    the fire fiend yet. With some luck you can pull this off and the rest 
    of the game should be a lot easier.  
    Beat the Kraken Easily  
    When you fight Kraken, just use Lit3 over and over again and he'll be 
    fried in no time. It helps to use fast on the black wizard so he can 
    cast Lit3 quickly.  
    Bonus Game  
    Get on the ship and press A+B 55 times. You'll be taken to a screen 
    with a game where you can play a sliding puzzle game.  
    Submitted by David Colfack 
    Easy Money with the Ship  
    Get the ship and save at the first town (30gp INN). Save and TURN THE 
    NINTENDO OFF. Don't reset or it won't work. Turn it back on and restart 
    your game. Head south and back to you ship. Keep sailing south and you 
    should get attacked by KYSOKUS, the blue pirates. These will always 
    attack you if you follow this process, allowing you to earn 2000gp in 
    about 4-5 fights. You can then buy the good LV 4 magics and good 
    weapons/armor to make leveling up easier before going after the crown.  
    Submitted by Ravin Lunatic 
    Facts about the Black Belt/Master  
    The Black Belt may seem weak at first, but when you get him to level 
    10...watch his attack strength sky rocket! The Black Belt's DAMAGE 
    rating is always equal to double his level, unless he has a weapon 
    equipped. So basically, don't equip any weapons on him. Same goes for 
    his defence. His ABSORB [the defence level] is always equal to his 
    level unless he has armor equipped. So when you get him to level 50, 
    his ABSORB will be 50, which is pretty good, considering the highest a 
    Knight can get is 74, so the Black Belt/Master is the best character to 
    have. He requires no armor or weapons. You can test this yourself, Get 
    a Master at L50, and a Knight at L50 and the Knight equipped with the 
    Masamune. Cast FAST on them both, or not. The Master will do far more 
    damage than your Knight, I've checked this myself.  
    Find Master Unne  
    To find Master Unne, the professor who studies Lefineish, get the Slab 
    from Kraken's Castle Underwater. To understand the Lefineish, Master 
    Unne MUST decipher the Slab. Take the Slab to the village that the 
    Vampire destroyed the clinic in. (If you are confused, it's the first 
    town you go to after Nerdrick destroys the rock with TNT. ) He is in 
    the Upper-left corner of town, by the graveyard. Once he deciphers the 
    Slab, go to the Lefineish's Village!  
    Quick Experience  
    1. Through the mountains near Pravoka & North you will find a spot 
    where you can only go back. Walk back & forth on the very top row of 2, 
    you will be attacked by Frost Wolves, Giants, Tryos, and other Nthern 
    World Enimies. 
    2. In the Earth cave go straght west on the first floor till you loop 
    around. You will be attacked by Giants & Igaunas each step.  
    Quick Experience, Method 2  
    For quick experience in the beginning of the game go to Astos 
    castle.After you get the Mystic key you can go into the treausure 
    room.There are three chests and in front of each one there is always a 
    fight.It is usually either Mummy's or Images.If you have Harm2 and 
    Fire2 you can beat them without much trouble.Every time you step in 
    front of a chest there is a fight so you can get fast experience.You 
    get roughly 60 ex. for each Image and 75 ex. for each Mummy.They come 
    in packs of 3-6 and give good money too.  
    Secret Magic Shop  
    In the town of Lefein (the last town) go to the northeast corner and 
    find the hole in the wall. go through it and keep going till you reach 
    a building. Inside you will find the White Magic spell LIF2 which 
    brings a warrior back to life with full HP and the black magic spell 
    NUKE, which does roughly 400 points of fire damage to all enemies. They 
    are both level 8 magic and can only be learned by the wizard of a 
    matching color.  
    In the sky castle, there is a long bridge just before you fight Tiamat. 
    On this bridge it is possible to fight an enemy even more powerful than 
    Tiamat herseif called Warmech. Warmech has 1200 HP and can cast some 
    mean spells like nuke. If you encounter it just use Nuke and fight with 
    your Master Knight or Ninja. Heal with the white mage. The warmech is a 
    powerful foe and fighting him is optional. If you can kill him than you 
    truly are a Final Fantasy Master.  
    World Map  
    To bring up the world map press SELECT and B at the same time. A map 
    should appear with towns and levels marked.  
                              (XI) End of FAQ (XI)
    Well folks, that's it. My tenth FAQ for GameFAQs.com is finished, and I 
    hope you enjoyed anything and everything. As always, if there is 
    anything that needs to be corrected, contact "Prime Time" Greg 
    Protomanni at Syxx669@aol.com. Peace.

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