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"A great classic + better graphics + added extras = even better than it was."

Not only is Final Fantasy the first game in the series, but it itself is a great game. Even before I picked up origins a few months ago I was still playing my NES to play Final Fantasy. That’s how good this game is in my opinion.

Storyline - 9/10

A simple “save the world” storyline like any other RPG. When you start off you have an edited cut scene to show you what is going on in the world. Then the game gives you control and you hear the nicely remixed world map music as you enter town. When you enter the town you find your way to the castle and the King gives more details on the situation. He says that the crystals are losing energy and that the world depends on the power of these four crystals. Afterwards, he sets you off to save his daughter and the adventure begins.

For it’s time that story is pretty good and that is all a game needed. For you RPG gamers used to having some kind of drama play, and have characters act out long drawn out sequences then you may not (or maybe you will) like the story. Remember, this game was made when the RPG games stood closely to its name as Role Playing Games. In this game you are playing the role of four light warriors. Not letting the writers of the game write blocks of text for your characters to say.

My score 9/10

Graphics- 10/10

This is a remake of Final Fantasy for the NES. Now, keep in mind of how the NES version looked like. Now, after playing this game I was amazed at how much the graphics are changed. The graphics look better than FF6 in my opinion. They remade the world map, the other maps, the battle backgrounds, character sprites, magic animations… the list continues. They re made EVERYTHING in the game. And they did a very excellent job at it too.

The best part is they even fixed the battles themselves. No more black menus separating your characters from the enemies. No more boxes below the action telling you how much damage you take/give/heal. They really did a nice job on fixing the battles. They even added new magic effects that look really nice.

This is the best they could do without turning the game 3D. And for that, they get a 10/10.

Sound/Music- 8/10

I well remember the sound and music from the NES version. And heck, I even compared them before writing this review. The music kept to the same tune, and beat, while remixed in a way. They upgraded the music from the little beeps and bleeps of the NES. They added new sound effects for the magic as well. I don’t really study music, so I can’t use any terms or anything. But from my knowledge, I can say that they made a big improvement on the music and sounds. For that they get an 8/10.

Game play- 9/10

The game play is excellent. First you get to sit back, name your characters, and give em starting classes. The naming system improved, at first it was only 4 spaces to name someone. I couldn’t use my friend’s names since they were too long, I was lucky that my name could be shortened and still look good. Now, it went up a few spaces. Enough for me to finally think up better names.

There are many classes to pick from as well, no new classes though (pity). They are Warrior (fighter), Thief, Monk (Black Belt), Black Mage, Red Mage, and White mage. Warrior is your typical fighter; Thief is your agile but weaker fighter. The Monk is a weaker fighter, but he can hit more times than the Warrior sometimes even surpassing Warrior in damage. Black Mage uses magic that will damage enemies; White Mage uses magic that will aid your party. And Red Mage has access to Black and White magic, as well as being a decent melee class. Now you may think that 4 Red Mages would be the invincible party, but the classes have weakness that go with their strengths. He may be able to use both magic classes, but when he can’t use the most powerful of each. I would never put more of the same class in my party

Now on to the magic system, again it is different from the newer Final Fantasy’s. You have to go to shops to buy magic. And a character has 3 slots for each magic level. So this adds new strategy in what magic you need to use instead of letting the party become too powerful like in other Final Fantasy’s.

All in all, I say the game play is pretty good especially considering the time the game was originally made. And I give this section a 9/10.

Challenge- 8/10

This section really depends. You get a new feature that enables you to select a difficulty level at the very start of the game. So if you pick easy… you’re going to get an easy game. But if your like me, you would pick the normal setting to start out with (well there was nothing higher than normal when I started for the first time). Now the game is no cakewalk. You may walk into a new area and come across a harmless looking enemy only to realize it does 200 damage when your party is used to taking 50. Of course, if you manage to level up to some crazy level and go through the game 15+ levels higher than what your supposed to be then this game will be easy(like any other RPG). But why do that? This game will be challenging to those who think FFVIII or FFX-2 is hard. And if you think those two are hard then you might want to add 2 points to the score.

Challenge gets an 8/10.

Replayability- 9/10

If you want to master everything then you will have to beat the game more than once. And when you play your second time, you may want to try out the two other classes that you didn’t pick the first time. I’m sure that I will be playing this game a lot when I get more time to do so.


Rent it if your one of the people that grew up in the late 1990’s and got spoiled with FF7. If you like it then buy it. If you don’t like it then… don’t buy it. But you will be missing out. I still consider it a great buy, I mean… it’s 20 bucks.

Overall Score- 8/10

Minus 3 if you’re into with great graphics and 2 hour dialogue.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/21/04

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