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Reviewed: 09/02/08

A fine RPG

Ok, my first review on Gamefaqs! Hope it will help you concerning this game that did not came in an american's version!

First off all, Tokyo Mew Mew is a manga that came out in in 2000 and it later was adapted into a serie. The main plot is about 5 girls, who possess magical animal power and who have to defend earth from chimera animas and their owners, the aliens.

Characters - This game feature a lot of main characters from the serie: Ichigo, Mint, Lettuce, Pudding, Zakuro, Ryou, Keiichiro, The blue knight and Quiche. Each of these character have the same voice they have in the serie...which is pretty fun! Also, the game has three more characters that include Ringo, a new mew mew Ichigo meets during the game, her brother and Gateau du roi, an alien.

Story - The game take place in about halfway where they are in the serie. It starts place in an airport where Ichigo and the others will relax in a chalet....while helping Ryou and Keiichiro collecting data about the island and more specifically, about the animals living there. However, like in the serie, they didn't expect to be followed by Quiche that plans on eradicating the girls.

Warning *spoilers* Shortly after Ichigo and the others are in the chalet, Ichigo get attacked by three chimera animas. After getting rid of them, they decide to stay on their guards to avoid unnecessary fighting but when the night falls, they notice that Pudding is actually missing. So Ichigo and another mew mew (of your choice) go out to search for her. But when walking in the wood, they find a chimera anima everywhere and some of a special type : RED Anima Data abbreviated R.D.A . But worse of that, Ichigo get separated from her partner and get lost in the woods until she finds a penguin in the woods with a girl named Ringo.

After that Ichigo returns in the chalet where Ryou is quite ready to give, another big assignment to the girls that consist of protecting the island at all cost. *End of spoiler*

There is munch more about the story, this is about only the beginning. Like you could notice it yourself, the game, unlike a lot of other based on movies, truly take the essence of the show.

Graphics - Okay, the characters are drawn in what we could almost call a chibi style ( small, big head, hands and feet). When oppening up your options, there is pink everywhere, ribbons, stars well something really cute and the special hing about that is that it changes from option to option! For example, background from the team formation and stats are really's quite special. Aside of that, the graphics are a bit simple...more bad than good to mix the way the characters looks like. And finally, there is an album in the game where you get pictures of the girls...and they look like images from the show that doesn't come from there!

Gameplay - This game is an Rpg with quite a special system. First, the exp are hearts (yeah, it's a bit cheesy). In a battle, you can get up to 9 hearts depending on how strong you are. The stronger you are, the less heart you will get. You usually have to gain exp close to 20 to get a level. And, I forgot to mention it, there is a lot and a lot of dialogues where you have to make choices, these choice doesn't really influence the game but, it gives experience to the girls. About 7 levels can be obtained that way so it's quite bargain!

Battles - Unlike other Rpg, enemies can have "random variable strengh". That mean that you can encounter a rat with 12 oh hp at the starts and in the end, you might find a rat with 200 hp! There is no changes of colors in that game so when you meet an enemy, you won't have to worry on what nasty trick they might use on you.

Usually, the enemies, like yourself, can do a normal attack, a strong attack or a special attack. Also, enemies, like yourself once again, have weak points except aliens.

Example: Zakuro is weak Vs. Birds
Lettuce is strong Vs Fishes
Ringo is strong Vs. Reptiles

The battles are quite simple but some of them need strategies to be won!

Difficulty - This game is about average, it's pretty easy at the start (seriously) but in the end, some battle are impossible! This game can be beat in about 10 hours if you know what do do. Plus, exp is pretty easy to get.

Worth it? With Rpg games on the ps2 and other consoles like these, I would say no. But if you ove Rpg and Tokyo Mew Mew, this is a must for you...if you have Japanese system^^

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Tokyo Mew Mew (JP, 12/05/02)

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