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    FAQ/Walkthrough by gunbladelad

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/16/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               SPEC OPS : COVERT ASSAULT
                      FAQ/Walkthrough(V1.1) by Gunbladelad (c) 2002
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is for display on the GameFAQs Website.  If anyone else
    would like to display this guide on a web page or magazine, please get
    permission by emailing to "bfshuggie@hotmail.co.uk" using the subject "Spec
    ops Walkthrough".
    The main changes in this update were some spelling corrections and a few
    minor changes.  I've also added a "Nitpicking" section, to confront a few of
    the game's flaws.
    Finally, thanks for the positive feedback I've been getting for the Spec Ops
    guides (no thanks to the plagarisers).  Some have gone to my private Email.  
    Please use the Hotmail address for this (and use use the subject line!), as I 
    probably won't reply otherwise.  
    This is due to the fact that they stole the older version WITHOUT permission
    then tried to claim they had taken the "Wrong" walkthrough.  Sorry CheatCC, but
    looks like you got the wrong game too, as my guide still appears to be the only
    one available on GameFAQs.  While you're at it CheatCC, delete your plagarised
    copy off your site.  You're NOT even welcome to even LOOK at my guides.
    = Contents                    =
    = Section 1  Introduction     =
    = Section 2  Weapon guide     =
    = section 3  Soldier guide    =
    = Section 4  Walkthrough      =
    = Section 5  Cheats and hints =
    = Section 6  Nitpicking bit   =
    = Section 7  Hall of shame    =
                                  = Introduction =
    I will take you through the full missions as I have completed them, as it is
    possible in some levels to finish in a different order.  The selection of
    troops I picked for almost every level was the Sniper and the Machine Gunner.
    I rarely mention enemy troops unless they are mentioned in the objectives, or
    can be fairly troublesome.  So do take care as you move.
    I will also occasionally make references to "clock directions".  This, if you
    are not familiar with it, is a technique the UK military (and probably most
    others) use to point out "targets".  The technique is basically this. Imagine
    you are standing in the centre of an analogue clock face, 12 o'clock is
    directly in front of you, 3 o'clock's at your right hand side, 10 o'clock is
    in front to the left, etc.  It's one of the most reliable ways of pointing
    out the correct directions that I have found.
    Finally, if any extra help is needed, post to the message board, and I will
    give extra help there.  If people require more help on specific problems,
    then I may post an update, giving a little more clarification on those
    topics.  Do have patience as I'm not online much.  If you don't get a reply
    in 2 weeks from either me or someone else on the boards, email me with the
    heading, "Spec Ops Help".  Please note, I WILL check the boards first, and 
    prefer to answer there.  This way more people can get help if they're stuck
    on the same part.
                                  = WEAPON  GUIDE =
    This is just a run-down on each gun, magazine capacity, maximum magazines
    available on loadout screen (complete with total max bullets), and what sort
    of range it's best in.  I haven't worked out the damage ratings yet, so that
    will be in a future update if requested.  For now I'll say if it's an instant
    kill but leave the space blank if it's not.  Information on grenades, ememy
    pickups, and other items is below the table.
    Key to table
    = Code  = Meaning                                          =
    = (s)   = Scope available for weapon (4X or 6X)            =
    = (gl)  = Grenade Launcher attached to weapon              =
    = (sd)  = Silencer attached to weapon                      =
    = M/B/T = Magazines / Bullets per Magazine / Total Bullets =
    Weapon List
    = Name         =  Type            = M/B/T       = Range            = Damage =
    = ITHACA37     = Shotgun          = 12/008/0096 = Close            = Kill   =
    = M249         = Machine Gun      = 05/200/1000 = Middle           =        =
    = M203         = Assault (gl)     = 08/030/0240 = Middle           =        =
    = SSG          = Sniper rifle (s) = 10/005/0050 = Long             = Kill   =
    = M60          = Machine Gun      = 08/090/0720 = Middle           =        =
    = M16          = Assault (s)      = 12/030/0360 = Middle-Long      =        =
    = AK74         = Assault          = 10/030/0300 = Middle           =        =
    = RPK          = Machine Gun      = 10/045/0450 = Close-Middle     =        =
    = M4           = Assault          = 10/030/0300 = Middle           =        =
    = BARRETM82A1  = Sniper Rifle (s) = 08/010/0080 = Long             = Kill   =
    = H&K MP5(sd)  = Assault          = 12/030/0360 = Middle           =        =
    = H&K G11      = Assault (s)      = 10/045/0450 = Middle-Long      =        =
    = M203 GRENADE = rifle grenade    = Max=20      = Close, 1m blast  = Kill   =
    Grenades & other Items
    Frag Grenade   - Standard grenades.  3 metre kill radius on personnel
    HE Grenade     - Powerful grenades, use these instead as they have a 7 metre
                     kill radius on all enemies
    Smoke Grenades - Obscures enemy's view of your location.  Rarely useful in
                     the game itself, as it also blocks your view of the enemy.
    WP Grenade     - White Phosphorous grenade.  Not quite as powerful as the HE
                     grenades (in my experience), but occasionally looked nice in
                     Stealth Patrol when thrown at night.  The manual suggests
                     that these are the most powerful grenades, so do try to keep
                     your distance.
    Satchel Charge - Explosive pack - Set timer using L1/R1 & run.
    Claymore Mine  - Remote Controlled Mine.  Set, move away and use Clacker to
                     detonate.  These have a large blast radius against enemy
                     soldiers, but I have yet to find a good use for them.
                     (Note: Clacker has a limited range)
    Med Kit        - Health Boost.  Can only be used once.  Use only if you are
                     about to die, as many have been needlessly wasted for minor
                     wounds.  Enemies sometimes drop them.
    Flak Vest      - Only dropped by enemies.  Acts like an instant med kit.  The
                     character will not pick it up if his health is full.
    Ammo Box       - Only dropped by enemies.  Increases the Ammo that you're
                     carrying.  Sometimes includes extra explosives like
    Mines          - Small circular booby traps.  Usually hard to see.
                     Grenades can destroy them safely from a distance.
                                  = SOLDIER GUIDE =
    Although the game manual suggests that each Ranger has different skills, the
    differences seem to be very minor, mainly in gun accuracy, & carrying
    ability.  It's all down to personal preference which rangers you choose.
    Here's the in-game info on each ranger, followed by my own observations from
    just playing the game.
    Machine Gunner
    Expert in use of machine guns (M249 and M6063).
    This just means that he's used to firing LOADS of bullets from one of a
    couple of fast & powerful guns, which, unfortunately have no scopes.  His
    accuracy is not too good from scopes.  He really comes into his own as a
    CPU buddy because he'll normally kill any enemies who get close enough to
    shoot at him (or you), when given the "Fire 'em up" command.
    Close Quarter
    Expert with the shotgun (Ithaca 37) in Close Quarter Battle (CQB) situations.
    This guy, I never use, because there's not really in CQB areas, except the
    Kraplakistan areas,  and the sniper's a better choice in those!  He's
    apparantly best up close, so he's probably inaccurate using scopes.
    Expert with rifles (SSG & M82A1), and silenced weapons (H&K MP5, and H&K G11)
    A really good all-rounder.  High carrying capability, highly accurate with
    not only rifles, but also grenades (I find he's actually better at throwing
    them than the grenadier).  Definately the man of choice for missions with
    lots of space to wander, but good for just about any mission.
    Expert with the M203 Grenade launcher and is deadly accurate when throwing
    grenades by hand.
    I find he's nothing special with grenades and his M203 grenades are a joke.
    You're best using him in missions with lots of explosive work, by using an
    M16 & equipping satchel charges to take up the space previously wasted by
    M203 grenades.  As I already mentioned, the sniper is actually more accurate
    for grenade throwing.
    Expert in use of assault rifles (M16A2, M4, & H&K G11)
    Another good all-rounder.  His carrying ability is less than the sniper's,
    and he's also slightly less accurate over long distance, as he needs to be
    10-20 steps closer than the sniper for a definite hit with the same weapon as
    the sniper (H&K G11 tested).  Good with most weapons, and doesn't seem to
    suffer too much with short range guns (i.e. no scopes)
                                   = WALKTHROUGH =
    Mission 1.1 - The Crash Site
    Objective 1.  Locate & search Crash Site
    Objective 2.  Locate any injured personnel
    Objective 3.  Proceed to waypoint 3
    At the start, turn right and head up the hill, keeping as low as possible.
    Once you get to the top, you'll see the helicopter nearby  Approach it to
    complete objective 1.  Now, from in front of the cockpit, turn to 10 o'clock
    (from the direction the helicopter is facing), and head down the hill to 
    complete objective two (look for the body nearby if you have trouble).  Lastly, 
    go back to the start, and follow the road, going over the bridge.  Make your 
    way through the village, wiping out all the troops you find.  I find it best to
    use the CPU buddy to scout ahead and kill enemy troops here.  The phase ends 
    when you reach the opposite end of the village.  Look for the Jeep there. 
    Going past this ends the level once you have killed all the village guards.
    Mission 1.2 - The Chateau
    Objective 1.  Proceed to Chateau on hill
    Objective 2.  Recon and clear surrounding area
    Objective 3.  Search and Secure Chateau
    Objective 4.  Intercept Capo
    Objective 5.  Ambush Mafiosi without harming General
    Objective 6.  Proceed to Exctraction point
    Only the second phase & it's a tough one.  Get past this without cheating
    and the rest of the game will seem easy.  Go through the valley at 2 o'clock
    from the start, and make your way up the hill on the other side.  Kill the
    guards as you go, making sure your buddy helps out.  Beware as you come up
    the hill, because two snipers will try to shoot you from on top pf the
    chateau itself.  Kill them before they get a chance (if you can).  Chuck a 
    HE grenade at the front gate to blast it open.  Go through the gate (by far 
    the most deadly part of the level!), and kill the enemy soldiers here.  You 
    can also follow the wall right to find a small blue gate that can be blasted 
    open by a grenade.  There seems to be a 3/4 chance of failing the mission if 
    you go this way even though it's a lot safer.  You may notice guards running 
    up the next hill if you go this way, ignore them for now, because you'll kill 
    them shortly.  Go in and kill any guards left in the grounds.  Leave by the 
    front gate and go down the valley to 2 o'clock and follow the road until you 
    reach the bridge.  This is the extraction point, remember it.  Advance towards 
    the ruins up the hill, in the direction that some guards were shooting at you 
    from.  (virtually above the bridge). You'll see a blue helicopter here, with 
    only a couple of guards, if you're lucky.  If a man in green is here, you may 
    as well restart, because you'll have virtually no chance to kill all the 
    guards you need to.  Now go down the hill a little (10 o'clock from the 
    Helicopter's nose), and you'll see a bunch of guards running up.  kill all of 
    them EXCEPT the man in green.  He's the man you've to rescue.  Once he starts 
    to follow you, head over the bridge to finish the mission.
    Mission 2.1 - Roadblock & Hospital HQ
    Objective 1.  Demolish Roadblock
    Objective 2.  Infiltrate Area - Eliminate snipers
    Objective 3.  Destroy Field gun and Armour
    Objective 4.  Clear stronghold in hospital
    Use your scope to snipe at the guards past the wrecked bus, including a
    sniper up to the left which you'll only see when you're close to the bus.
    Plant a Satchel charge (or a claymore) at the bus to blow it up.  Now make
    your way forward slowly taking out all the guards you can see.  You should
    be able to get most of them through the fence around the hospital.  There's
    a sniper behind you to the right as you approach pass the wreckage of the 
    bus (luckily, he seems to be blind).  Having cleared the fenced compound, 
    drop some explosives at the field gun, and run into the compound.  Be ready 
    for any guards you may have missed.  Phase 1 completed.
    Mission 2.2 - The Embassy
    Objective 1.  Proceed to U.S. Embassy
    Objective 2.  Eliminate Hostiles & destroy any Armour
    Objective 3.  Free Embassy Personnel & escort to evacuation point
    Go along the street around the corner from the back of the attilery gun, and
    clear the area around the last right turn of guards.  Destroy the armoured
    car in front of you before entering the compound.  Kill the 3 guards in here,
    and walk within a few inches of each of the 4 hostages.  They'll stand up when 
    you're close enough.  Go back to the Armoured car, and follow the road to the 
    left of it.  Turn right at the end, and kill the guard in the corner.  Run to 
    the corner to finish Phase 2.
    Mission 2.3 - Bridge & Government Zone
    Objective 1.  Destroy the T-72
    Objective 2.  Disarm Explosives on the bridge
    Objective 3.  Infiltrate government Zone, Raid Guerrilla Positions
    Objective 4.  Eliminate BMP-2 and Gun emplacement
    Go back past the embassy, going straight on, and take out any guards close 
    enough.  Don't worry about the explosions.  The tank on the bridge is just 
    firing at thin air. Disarm the bombs by walking over them, then place a 
    satchel charge beside the tank.  (this part made no sense to me, disarm the 
    bombs, then use one on the tank parked ON the bridge?  Sounds a bit stupid 
    to me!).  You'll see an armoured car along the river to the left, blow this 
    up too, as well as the Attillery Gun inside the compound beside the bridge, 
    to finish phase 3.
    Mission 2.4 - Broadcast Centre
    Objective 1.  Eliminate hostiles without damaging broadcxast facility
    Objective 2.  Eliminate Snipers
    Objective 3.  Destroy BMP-2
    Objective 4.  Release Hostages - Await Extraction
    Leave the compound, going left.  Soon you'll reach a road to the left.
    Destroy the armoured car here, then go through the hole in the fence here,
    keeping left.  Rescue the hostages, and then just go back the way you came,
    back to the bridge.  The mission is now complete.  Simple, eh?
    Mission 3.1 - Perimeter & Barracks
    Objective 1.  Avoid patrols.  Locate breach in perimeter
    Objective 2.  Avoid mines & proceed to barracks undetected
    Objective 3.  Destroy Barracks & APC
    Objective 4.  Proceed to munitions dump
    Objective 5.  Neutralise guards.  Destroy munitions dump
    Go through the hole in the fence straight ahead, and destroy the APC which is 
    just to the right of you (around 1-2 o'clock)as you go through the hole.  Watch 
    out for mines as you go.  A grenade can destroy them, just beware of the 
    explosion if you use one, as it's massive.  Now go to the fenced-off area nearby 
    (about 10 o'clock from the hole in the fence) with 2 buildings inside.  This is 
    the barracks.  Plant a satchel charge between the buildings, and get out.  Now, 
    facing out the barracks gate, the munitions dump is at approximately 5 o'clock.  
    You'll recognize it by the road going below it.  Go here, and place a satchel 
    charge in the underground storage area.  You may have to mop up 1 or 2 survivors 
    if you did not kill all the enemies in the basement.  Phase 1 is over.
    Mission 3.2 - Munitions dump and M9s
    The map's the best help here.  Press "Select" to view it.  This will show
    the locations of the M-9 launchers you need to destroy.  They're all in
    alcoves similar to the one the APC from the last phase was in.  The eastern
    dot on the map actually represents 2 launchers.  Look behind the third
    launcher you see to spot it.  Simply use satchel charges on all of them (2 a
    character if you want to share the load).  Here's a brief list of where they are;
    1. Behind you at the start
    2. In front of you at the start
    3. Approximately 8-9 o'clock from No.2 (facing same direction as M-9)
    4. In an alcove approximately 5 o'clock form No.3.
    Now just head around behind the fourth, and final launcher to finish phase 2.
    Mission 3.3 - F-11s and SAMs
    Objective 1.  Neutralise guards.  Destroy F-11s
    Objective 2.  Destroy any remaining Anti-Aircraft assets
    Objective 3.  Evacuate to extraction point
    You'll need a lot of satchel charges for this mission.  The sniper is highly
    recommended here because of his high carrying capacity.  Remove ALL
    unneccesary equipment, keeping your first aid & full rifle ammo.  Use a buddy
    like the machine gunner to cover your back.  Start at the first alcove beside 
    you, and destroy the F-11 in each alcove.  There's five or six in total.  Go 
    past the building (destroying the vehicle on the way past), and destroy the 
    rest of the F-11s nearby.  Destroy the final AA vehicle, and head for the 
    runway just past it to finish the mission.  
    Mission 4.1 - The bridge & stronghold
    Objective 1.  Clear south bank, Secure bridge
    Objective 2.  Clear fortified position
    Move along the track slowly, clearing guards until you can see the bridge.
    Just before the bridge, there's a small hill.  Shoot from here to clear most
    of the fortified position, and finish off any guards you couldn't see after
    crossing the bridge.  The only tricky bit is just after the bridge when a few
    guards try to storm you at once.
    Mission 4.2 - Ammo Dump & Barracks
    Objective 1.  Locate Ammo dump (waypoint 1)
    Objective 2.  Clear area, destroy ammo dump
    Objective 3.  Locate barracks (waypoint 2)
    Objective 4.  Clear area, destroy barracks
    Advance through the base slowly, guards are in high positions as well as
    hiding behind buildings.  Cross the stream at the back of the base, and turn
    left.  The Ammo dump is the area covered with camoflage nets.  A satchel
    charge between the two nets should do the job, but use two if you want.  Now 
    go back to the place where you crossed the stream.  Go past here, and kill the 
    guards who rush out the last hut.  This is the barracks.  Blow it up to finish 
    phase 2.
    Mission 4.3 - Command tunnels
    Objective 1.  Locate command centre (waypoint 3)
    Objective 2.  Infiltrate complex & eliminate hostiles
    Objective 3.  Locate & destroy Drug stores
    Go past the main camp, and keep to the left as you go along, watching out for
    guards in the towers, as well as in the base.  Follow the path to the left,
    past the small group of huts - a seemingly infinite supply of guards come out 
    of them in groups of about 5 or 6 when you're a set distance away - and keep 
    going left.  You'll now find about 4 entrances to the woods.  Take the path on 
    the far left (you may not see it at first, because the entrance doesn't face 
    you.), and go on through.  It is very easy to get lost in this section, so keep
    going left at every junction, and you'll eventually reach the drug stores. It's 
    basically 2 walls, with a net covering the ground between them.  Place a satchel 
    charge in the middle to finish the mission, and the game. 
    Prepare to watch an end sequence identical to Ranger Elite's in it shortness
    and disappointment.  Hopefully Talonsoft will put in a decent ending for the
    next release, if there is going to be one.
    Invincibility & Level Select
    Enter "BANGBANG" as a name to get access to any level.  Press left or right
    on the mission/phase screens.  Invincibility can be switched on/off in the
    pause menu.  This also seems to give infinite time, although the clock will 
    still count down.  I didn't actually notice this until after my original 
    guide had been posted, which is why I've made note of it here.
    Restore Stamina
    As I mentioned at the start, I used the Sniper & Machine Gunner in most of
    the levels.  To avoid the problem of the stamina running low after any phase,
    start the level you want with 2 soldiers you DON'T want to use, and then
    abort the mission from the pause screen.  Now the pair you want should have
    recharged their stamina back to maximum during their brief rest.
    NOTE: This works on ALL the PSX Spec Ops Games.  It has not been tested on
    other formats, but should hopefully work on them.
                                 = NITPICKING BITS =
    Why on earth is the sniper better at chucking grenades than the grenadier?
    He's supposed to stay hidden, not chuck miniture bombs all over the place!
    Also, why are the M203 Grenades so utterly, weak! They should be more
    powerful.  It's nearly impossible to destroy ANYTHING with them as they are.
    Look at Delta Force on the PC to see how they should be!  Nice & satifyingly
    powerful there.
    Lethal Weapon
    Why can many of the enemy soldiers fire THROUGH cliffs and the side of
    concrete buildings.  Are they all equipped with Armour peircing Ammo.  I
    suppose it could be even banana shaped rifles, like the sort designed in the
    last world war for trench warfare.  In those, the barrel was, as unlikely as
    it sounds, bent at an angle of about 20-30 degrees, and were successfully
    tested.  The sights were similar to Periscopes.  I don't think they ever got
    used in actual combat though.  Mind you, even those rifles can't explain the
    strange combat abilities of the enemy soldiers in this game.
                               = HALL OF FAME & SHAME =
    I've added this section after it came to light that my guides are currently 
    doing the rounds on some websites without my permission.  Basically, all it 
    is, is a list compiled of the websites I've found to be displaying my guides.  
    The hall of fame lists permitted sites, and the hall of shame shows plagarists.  
    Get permission to display my guide before I find you if you want to stay out 
    the hall of shame in my next update.
    Hall Of Fame
    1.  GameFAQs (www.GameFAQs.com) - You all know this one, It's where you got 
        this from!
    2.  [Come on, Spec Ops fans, any of you want to display this?  Email me then!]
    Hall Of Shame
    1.  Cheat Code Central (www.CheatCC.com) - Infamous among GameFAQs contributers, 
        they claim to have the "Worlds biggest collection of cheats".  The cheats 
        they refer to is actually the people who pilfer other people's work from 
        other websites.
    2.  [I'm going to find another one, I just know it!]
                                   = FINAL  NOTE =
    Well, I've finished the guides on Covert Assault and Ranger Elite.  The
    Stealth Patrol guide's been shelved for the meantime I'm afraid.  On the 
    plus side, there are HTML versions available, which are only needing screenshots 
    (I don't have a Video Capture card, but will be trying a few other tricks soon...)  
    I'm also planning doing a guide for for the Playstaion version of Delta Force 
    when it comes out.  The predicted release date is May 2002.  Expect the Delta 
    Force guide shortly after the UK release.  I'll update this guide every so often
    to explain common sticking points and update the hall of shame.

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