Review by KFHEWUI

"Why was this game even made?"

Celebrity Deathmatch is a great show, and it could have made a great video game. The game is plagued with problems and there are quite a few glitches that really hurt this game.

Graphics. The graphics are actually one of good things about this game. The graphics are very good, but the only downside to the graphics is that the character's faces do not look like their real life counterparts.

Music. This game has an extremely short soundtrack. In fact, there is only one song in the entire game, and that song plays at the main menu. You get no music during the fights. All you get is the crowd cheering and Nick Diamond and Johnny Gomez narrating. The only problem is that the narrating can get old after a while, and Nick and Johnny some times repeat each other. Also the one liners that the fighters spew out are repeated a lot. Another problem with this is the fact that some of the stuff they say makes absolutely no sense and most of the time it is not even funny. Also there is a really annoying sound glitch. Randomly the sound will go out so when the fighters punch each other there is no sound except for the crowd cheering.

Controls. The controls are awful. They range from sluggish to unresponsive. There is also a really bad control glitch. For some reason, my fighter would start moving on his own. The only way to fix this was to pause the game then unplug my controller. I encountered this glitch a lot.

Game play. The fighting in this game is awful. Most of the time, the characters look like they are waving to their opponent instead of punching him. To make matters worse is the fact, that every character has the same move, but what is even worse is the fact that you really do not need those moves because all you have to do is mash X repeatedly to win. Also the characters have fatalities. I have only seen one of those fatalities and the one I saw was extremely weak. Johnny and Nick constantly brag about how this game is so gory in their narrating, but this game is not that bloody. In fact, there is very little blood. Johnny actually said one line, which makes no sense. He says, you got to enjoy this mature rated electronic entertainment. The only problems with that line are that the game is rated T for teens and this is not fun or enjoyable. The fighting gets very old after a while. And there are only three characters to unlock and they are not that hard to unlock. Just beat Death By Elimination once to unlock the three bonus characters. So what do you get for beating Death By Elimination? Just a combination how to do a fatality. Also another problem is the lack of rings. There are only four types of rings. But three of those rings look exactly the same. There is a steel cage, large ring, small ring, and cemetery.

Replay value. There only replay is multi player and beating Death By Elimination over with each character.

This game could have been good if some time would have been put into the game. The game is nothing more than a cheap cash in that is not fun or entertaining. The fighting is awful. The controls are unresponsive and sluggish. The graphics are decent. There is only one song on the soundtrack, but at least that song is good. This game is awful.

If you want a good fighting game, then you should look else where. If you are a fan of the show, I suggest you avoid this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 08/14/07

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