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"Great game but has major lagging issues"

This is the game that started it all for me. I went to my local game store in hopes of picking up a RPG but instead I had found this bad boy. At first I was a little weird as to what the hell I was supposed to do but then after you've learned the basics of the game it became a much much more enjoyable game. That would actually probably be my biggest problem with the entire series no tutorial on what the hell to do. Basically you have to teach yourself. It's not easy at first either as it is a little confusing.

Anyways besides that little flaw the game is pretty much flawless besides another MASSIVE problem. Not sure if this happens with the PC version but in the PSX version if you have a lot of troops moving on the map the game will slow down considerably often times slowing down so much it'll actually stop altogether and start again in about 10 seconds. This is by far one of the biggest problems with the game and as much as I liked the game I can't just pass it by because it hurt the game bad.

Onto the good stuff shall we? Basically what Command & Conquer is a Real Time Strategy also known as RTS. Basically you build a base and supply it with power while you have a Ore truck out mining and bringing money back to your base to build vehicles and infantry units which are then used to dispose of the enemy. Now your probably thinking "Well gee, the entire game is that?" and the answer is no. Often times you'll be given a mission where you actually have to think and plan before assaulting the enemy or rescuing a certain person from the enemy base. Let it be known the enemy will not just wait for you to attack them as they will often send in an attack unit of there own to attack your base and your Ore Trucks. The AI are stupid but smart at the same time.

You are given two disks and each disks has you playing the different side of the war. For example the GDI are the good guys and the NOD are the bad guys and depending on what disk you put into your Playstation. Let it also be known that each disk contains different missions, vehicles and infantry units then the other so you won't be just playing as a different color it'll be different altogether. In total between both disks I believe there is something like 30 missions altogether. It's not an extremely long game but it's not short either.

The interface like I stated at the beginning is quite complicated at first. Basically you have a side menu on the right which gives you the ability to build units and or building by simply clicking on it while the rest of the screen is dedicated the actual game play. Here, you will control units, send orders and place buildings. It works but I suggest a mouse as it will be easier to do.

A lot of the units you get are all different. Infantry units include medics, engineers who can occupy an enemy building and take control of it, Gunners machine gun wielding units, Rocket Launcher units who shoot rockets and Grenaders who throw grenades at the enemy. Then on the vehicle side you APCs which are basically transport vehicles with a weak machine gun mounted to it along with Mammoth Tanks which are the strongest unit in the game by far. An army filled with Mammoth Tanks is bound for victory. However note the very expensive price of around 1700 dollars if my memory is correct. It's worth the money though. Other vehicles include Air planes that can assault an enemy base and marine vehicles such as Submarines and Destroyer ships. There are a lot more then what I described really too many to go over in a review. Together with all your units you will use them all more then once in the game you'll have to if you wish to be successful.

The graphics for it's time were well done. I would love to of seen the game a little bit closer and would of like to off seen a more distinctive appearance between infantry units but overall the small sprites used for each unit looked decent at best and the animations all worked well. Explosions were nice and the screams of the living quickly turning dead was a beautiful thing. Let it be known that Tanya is by far the most annoying unit in the game and her laugh and little sentences are extremely annoying. Sound and or graphics don't hurt the game but they don't add much to it either.

So the game has bad lags when a lot of units are moving on the map and the link cable wasn't introduced in this version to link with another Playstation but the single player campaign was great and I enjoyed every minute of the GDI missions and the NOD missions. Command & Conquer gets a 7 out of 10 from me and it would of been higher if not for the lagging but oh well still a great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/10/06

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