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"Outraged by the lack of love for a classic"

I've always come here to this site to read reviews for games that I have both wanted to and had the honor of playing. I stumbled upon Command & Conquer in my closet and wondered what my fellow gamers thought of this classic game. I was shocked and disgusted by the one review and thought it was my gaming duty to acknowledge the pioneer of things to come. This is my story!

The graphics were quite plain at a glance but that quickly changes when you start to make significant progress in the game. You are limited to lackluster boards that seem quite plain. Just a grassy look and a snow field. Although simple, each type of terrain has there own look to them. The barren trees in the fields as well as the healthy trees on the grassy stages.

It brings a smile to my face thinking about the ''Brotherhood of Nod'' and the ''GDI''. The GDI are the good guys therefore the Brotherhood are bad. In this game though, it feels good to be bad. With two discs you get quite a different angle right from the start.

In the beginning I loved the honorable war. Chasing down the bad guys. Ending the terror. I saw we could overpower them with our heavy tanks. I wanted to buy a tan outfit to show my support. GDI ruled! Or so I thought. That was before I popped in the Nod disc. Right from the jump I was in awe of the speed of the Recon bikes (motorcycles with machine guns) and the rapid production capability of the Nod buggies and light tanks. As the missions went on I found myself relishing the pividible moments where the battles turned in my favor as my troops begin to outnumber and out produce the enemy. By the last missions I was yelling Kane!!

The sounds of war have sounded better in other games but were at least decent here. I enjoyed the little things like the machine gun firing. If you time your troops, you can have them firing synomously (which also makes them stronger, or at least I think so). The yelling when a soldier is burned.

The gameplay is quite deep with 20+ missions on each disc. You will have more then just a weekend to play this game, as the missions difficulty increase at a fair rate. Not to mention the nicely weaved in FMV's that really get the point across of what side you have allied with. A classic of classics. A great game in my opinion. A mouse: 29.99, copy of Command & Conquer: 19.99, playing the grandfather of real time strategy games:Priceless

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/16/02, Updated 07/16/02

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