How can I get Metalgreymon digivolution?

  1. Now I have Greymon as my partner, but how I can digivolve it to Metalgreymon? What kind of status that I must have to get Metalgreymon digivolution? No CM? 100% disc and happiness?

    User Info: bldms

    bldms - 7 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Based on IPezzini's Digivolving FAQ, MetalGreymon's digivolving conditions are:
    Care Mistakes: 10 or less
    Body Weight: 65g
    Parameters: Hp 4000, Mp 3000, Offense 500, Defense 500, Speed 300, Brains 300
    Bonus Condition: Battles- 30+

    You just have to complete the first 3 conditions which are: CM, weight, parameters.
    Or you can complete the bonus condition which replaces any of the first 3 that you didn't complete.
    Basically, you just need 2/3 of the first 3 + bonus condition OR 3/3 of the first 3.

    User Info: printingless

    printingless - 7 years ago 2 0

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