Can someone convert NTSC cheat codes into PAL for me?

  1. I really want to be able to fully complete digimon world 1 for psx but unfortunately i am unable to do so and the cheat codes that are available for the UK PAL version of the game which i have are not sufficient for this and so i want someone to convert NTSC codes for the game into PAL so that i can use them on my version, thank you.

    User Info: collectordude2

    collectordude2 - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Here are all of the codes that i wish to be converted from NTSC into UK PAL

    Weight Modifier (00-27)

    301384A3 00??

    Age Modifier (00-27)

    301384AB 00??

    Max Offense

    801557E0 03E7

    Max Defense

    801557E2 03E7

    Max Speed

    801557E4 03E7

    Max Brains

    801557E6 03E7

    Max HP

    801557F0 270F

    Max MP

    801557F2 270F

    Infinite HP

    801557F4 270F

    Infinite MP

    801557F6 270F

    Max Bits

    80134EB8 E0FF
    80134EBA 05F5

    Best Happiness

    8013848A 0064

    Best Discipline

    80138488 0000

    Infinite Lives

    80155824 0003

    Always Have Finish

    8013D65A 0AF1

    Have All Attacks

    30155800 00FF
    30155801 00FF
    30155802 00FF
    30155803 00FF
    30155804 00FF
    30155805 00FF
    30155806 00FF
    30155807 00FF

    Have All Medals


    Press Square To Lay A Pile Of Poop

    D0135450 FF7F
    80138460 FFFF

    Have All Digimon On The Chart/All Evolved

    301BE00D 00FF
    801BE00E FFFF
    801BE010 FFFF
    801BE012 FFFF
    301BE014 00FF

    Year Modifier

    80134F02 00??

    Day Modifier

    80134F04 00??

    Time Of Day Modifier

    80134EBE 00??

    All Digimon In City

    301557C5 0037
    801557C6 0037

    Have Key Items

    301BDFD2 00FF
    301BDFD3 00FF

    Have All Cards

    50002001 0000
    301BDFAC 00FF

    All Digimon Raised

    50000801 0000
    301BE00D 00FF

    No Eating And No Pooping

    80138478 00FF
    8013849E 00FF

    Digimon Modifier

    D0134EE4 0020
    801557A8 00??

    No Virus

    8013847E 0000

    Max Merit Points

    80134FC4 03E7

    Digivolve Modifier

    80134E50 00??
    01 - Botamon
    02 - Koromon
    03 - Agumon
    04 - Betamon
    05 - Greymon
    06 - Devimon
    07 - Airdramon

    User Info: collectordude2

    collectordude2 - 5 years ago

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