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    Walkthrough by Antichrists Approval

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    By: Antichrists Approval
    This document Copyright 2003 Antichrists Approval
    If you would like to copy and past my walkthrough for any use e-mail me 
    at CryptKickerUSA@hotmail.com or instant message my screen name 
    CryptKickerUSA. If you fail to do these actions before using my 
    walkthrough in any way I will use the full power of the law against you.
    After you answer some basic questions for Jijimon and watch the 
    cutscenes you will find yourself in file city surrounded by digimon 
    after you get your digimon go to the nearest native forest there should 
    be an Agumon there battle him and if you win he will join the city and 
    become an item keeper(you can leave items with him).
    Then go to Kunemons bed and talk to the Kunemon he will ask for food 
    give him some then you will fight him if you beat him he will eat the 
    grass between file city and the bridge wich makes it easier to travel.
    And if you go one screen down and one left from Kunemons bed you will 
    find a palamon beat him and he will go to the city and start a meat 
    DRILL TUNNEL----------------------------------------------------------
    Go to the residential area of the drill tunnel you will find a 
    Drimogemon and you will get into a fight if you win he will explain that 
    its hot and it made him act a little crazy.
    Then go to the underground pond and talk to the Drimogemon he will ask 
    if you want to carry out dirt when you go to the entrance your digimon 
    will dump it out then go back to the pond and talk to him he will take 
    back the crate talk to him again and carry dirt out again(you will have 
    to do this several times before you can go any further).
    After you do that there will be a passage but there will be one huge 
    rock you need your digimon at champion level or higher to move it.
    Then if you walk up the passage way going up the right of the screen you 
    will find a Meramon (after he shakes the place the roadside next to the 
    drill tunnel entrance will be open).
    After you beat him he will join the city and open a resteraunt.
    GREAT CANYON----------------------------------------------------------
    Before you can go there you must talk to Yuramon and after he tells you 
    the rumor you can go there.
    But of coarse you cant use the bridge its not fixed but if you go to 
    coela point and walk around the shore and a Coelamon will help you get 
    to the opposite shore(after this the bridge will be fixed).
    Then go to the invisible bridge and when you walk up to it you will 
    automaticly walk you across.
    When you get across the bridge there will be a cave with a flashing sign 
    over it go into it and talk to Monochromon and you will sell things for 
    him if he likes the money you make he will go to the city.
    There is a elevator in great canyon when you get to it press up and then 
    you will find yourself at a nest while your there Birdramon comes back 
    and you will fight him if you win he will open a transportation agency.
    THE BANDITS-----------------------------------------------------------
    After you beat Birdramon you will be in file city talk to Yuramon he 
    sais there are bandits in great canyon.
    So go to great canyon walk up the cliff and the bandits will try and 
    attack you beat them then they will go back to their fort.
    Go to the elevator and press down and from there find your way to the 
    fort entrance.
    you will see an Agumon gaurding the fort if you go and talk to him he 
    will get scared and run inside.
    when your in simply beat all the Gabumon and move on when you find 
    yourself at the entery-way of the room where Ogremon is three agumon are 
    blocking the way simply beat them to move on.
    Then move into the room you will find Ogremon beat him then he will 
    throw some-sort of smoke bomb when the smoke clears he is in an elevator 
    getting away.
    follow him by getting in the elevator you need to go to freeze land on 
    your way there at the great canyon bridge you hear a voice that asks for 
    help go to the elevator at the hideout and go down then go back up and 
    go back and check on him and keep doing this until he is down and when 
    he is he will go to the city.
    Then go to freezeland while your there you can face Penguinmon in a game 
    of curling if you beat him he will join the city and open a curling 
    arena and there is also a Garurumon you can fight if you beat him he 
    will request a rematch for the next day at four O 'clock.
    Then ariound where penguinmon was there is ice with water around it keep 
    walking around it you will eventualy find a Whamon and he will take you 
    to this secret cave where orgemon and his new partner Waruseadramon. 
    After you beat him he sais he will go to the city but jumps in his 
    submirine and gets away but after that Whamon joins the city. If you go 
    to the drill tunnel entrance someone will complain about having to pay 
    to get through and he asks you to help so go in the drill tunnel and of 
    coarse its Orgemon and his gang causing trouble and you will fight him 
    and when you win he will finaly join the city.
    MISTY TREES-----------------------------------------------------------
    Make your way through mount panorma try and get to trash mountain.
    Along the way you will find a Patamon being attacked you will try to 
    help, but Leomon gets there first and saves Patamon.
    If you go talk to Leomon he will say if you can find something of his he 
    will join the city.
    Continue going to trash mountain but before you go into it go through 
    the passage to the left of it there you will find Patamon he will want 
    to fight(you must beat him three times before he goes to the city and 
    opens an item shop).
    Then go through the passage at the bottom of the screen and you will 
    find a Biyomon he will run away go talk to her again and she will run 
    away again choose to wait and your digimon will go get her and bring her 
    to you and after that Biyomon will join the city.
    Then go into trash mountain get the old fishing rod and leave nobody 
    tells you anything usefull.
    When youre out of trash mountain go through the passage at the top of 
    the screen.
    Then go find Gabumon in misty trees fight him then if you win he will go 
    to the city.
    Then go back to gecko swamp you will find an Otamamon if you talk to him 
    he insults you then you fight him and when you win a bunch of Gekomon 
    surround you and take you to Shogungekomon in volume villa and he tells 
    you to go see Cherrymon.
    So go to misty trees and find him when you do he explains the digimon 
    emergency he sais about eight years ago digimon started to move away and 
    speak their own language and that file cities population was realy low 
    and that digimon started to lose their memory and sais the only way to 
    fix the problem is to unify digimon after he sais that the fog clears. 
    If you go to Jijimon's house now and talk to him and walk out of his 
    house a Greymon will ask to fight you if you win he will join the city 
    and open a stadium.
    TOY TOWN--------------------------------------------------------------
    If you go to Jijimon's house now and talk to him and walk out of his 
    house a Greymon will ask to fight you if you win he will join the city 
    and open a stadium.
    Go through the path behind Cherrymon to get to toy town.
    Then go into the costume house there you will find a Monzaemon costume 
    the only way to get into it is to have Numemon(or you could use a X 
    When you have Monzaemon go to the robot house and talk to Tinmon then go 
    to the toy mansion.
    Then go to the door with the question mark on it and it will 
    automaticaly open.
    After that basically you just have to beat the digimon until you get to 
    the top but there are trap doors so in the first room go through the 
    door on the right then right then left.
    Then you will be in a room with to boxes you have to choose one(pick the 
    little one if you pick the big one a bomb will be thrown at you)and 
    Warumonzaemon comes out of it and you fight when you win he gives you a 
    Then go to the robot house walk towards and the gear will pop out and 
    its a digimon named Hagurumon then it jumps in a machine and then all 
    the Tinmon gather around you and start to tell a story and when there 
    done telling the tale the monzaemon stuffed animal joins the city and 
    Jijimon's house gets upgraded(and now you can go back to Shogungekomon 
    and buy things with merit points you get by giving him rare cards).
    If you go to the gear savana outside of factorial town you will find an 
    Electmon let him shock you three times and he will join the city and set 
    up lights.
    ANCIENT DINO REGION---------------------------------------------------
    Go to the mangrove region there you will find a Betamon talk to him and 
    he will join the city and build a fountain in the middle of the city.
    Then enter the amida forest be sure to hide from Centarumons shooting 
    you need to get to the door with the red circle on it.
    Then Centarumon will come out and apologize for shooting at you and says 
    you can go on and he joins the city and opens a health center.
    When you enter a Tyrannomon stops you then you get into a battle beat 
    him then he apologizes then your free to walk around.
    ANCIENT GLACIAL REGION------------------------------------------------
    Most of what the digimon here have to say isnt useful so just keep 
    When you get to the speedy time zone Tyrannomon warns you not to get to 
    Then he mentions seeing a big rock fall from the sky not to long ago he 
    sais it landed in speedy time zone.
    So then you ask if you can check it out and he decides that you can.
    SPEEDY TIME ZONE------------------------------------------------------
    When you get in there turn left and then go straight up.
    Then you will meet Meteormon you both will have an argument and fight 
    after you win he just leaves.
    Then go to the entrance then you tell Tyrannomon its nothing to worry 
    Then Master Tyrannomon comes over then Master Tyrannomon tells 
    Tyrannomon to go help out in the city so Tyrannomon joins the city and 
    Master Tyrannomon gaurds the passage.
    FACTORIAL TOWN--------------------------------------------------------
    Go to the dock in file city and have Whamon take you to Factorial Town. 
    Try and make your way through the Gaurdromon and get to the door.
    Walk up the road and look up you will see a manhole get into it.
    When you walk down into the sewer you'll see a Numemon talk to him he'll 
    say he's very sick over and over again.
    Leave the manhole and go a little ways down you'll see an open door go 
    into it it's Andromons control room.
    If you talk to him he will just tell you to leave, so leave and go to 
    the right.
    If you talk the Gaurdromons, they'll tell you that you must have a 
    permit, so leave there.
    Go talk to Andromon, he'll tell you to leave, so leave.
    Go back to where the Gaurdromon are blocking the entrance and talk to 
    the one most north on the screen.
    Choose the option "time for shift change."
    Then choose "when is shift change?"
    He'll tell you they're at midnight and noon.
    Leave there and when it turns midnight or noon(whichever comes first)go 
    back there and they will be gone.
    A few minutes after twelve they should be gone so enter the factory.
    Go up the path to where the next to Gaurdromon are blocking the door run 
    into the right one and defeat them and if you want there are items to 
    your left Then leave through the door.
    There is a door to your left it's hard to see but go through there and 
    you'll see Giromon the one behind all this mayhem.
    Beat him in a battle then go to Andromon.
    Andromon will apologize for not listening earlier and says he'll try and 
    fix the computer.
    The go speak with the Numemon who lives in the sewers after you have 
    defeated Giromon. He'll have no memory of who you are, and decides he 
    wants to battle you. Defeat him, and he'll join the city. Numemon works 
    in the Secret Item shop, selling enemy repelling and enticing items. 
    Andromon won't be done recovering the information for a few days, so 
    leave and come back later. When Andromon is done with the recovery, he 
    tells you about the island and about people who fought the Digimon. 
    After Andromon is done, speak with him again and he will join File City. 
    Andromon stands outside Birdra Transport from time to time, apparently 
    serving no purpose. 
    Metal Mamemon randomly appears in Factorial Town, on the screen east of 
    the Factorial Town docks. On the screen with a road shaped like a 
    backwards L, you will notice that the usual enemies are missing. 
    Instead, you will find MetalMamemon standing on the right side of the 
    road. Apparently another glitch, MetalMamemon thinks he's MetalGreymon, 
    and wants to fight you. Defeat Metalamemon, and he will join the city as 
    MetalMamemon, not MetalGreymon. MetalMamemon appears in Penguinmon's 
    curling rink after you beat Penguinmon with a perfect score of 10. 
    MOUNT INFINITY--------------------------------------------------------
    Once File City has aprosparity rating of 50 or more Mount Infinity will 
    be open.
    So talk to Jijimon and he'll tell youn about the entrance after you 
    leave his house you'll be attacked by Airdromon beat him.
    Then you'll need to talk to Jijimon he'll tell you all the islands 
    problems need to be delt with as soon as possible.
    So when you leave Jijimon's house go to the most North Easternm part of 
    the screen and enter Mount Infinity.
    When you're inside the green panekls will take you to the next floor 
    when you step on them and when you step on the red ones the previous 
    There are four levels where no digimon are roaming these a boss floors 
    if you beat the boss they'll join the city.
    The first boss you will encounter is Devimon. Once you defeat Devimon, 
    he will join the city and work in the Secret Item Shop, selling Devil 
    The next boss you will find is Megadramon. Megadramon doesn't attack 
    you, and won't unless you choose to fight him. Battle and defeat him, 
    and Megadramon will join the city. Megadramon stands outside of 
    Greymon's Battle Arena, and may fight in some arena tournaments. 
    Metal Greymon waits for you in the first corridor. Defeat him, and he 
    will join the city, opening a rather useless booth in Greymon's battle 
    When you get past Metal Greymon's room you'll be in the main boss room.
    You'll see in here Analogman he's with his partner digimon 
    When you defeat Machinedramon him and Analogman will try and escape.
    But your digimon friends will stop him and Airdramon will fly you back 
    to File City and it will say you have won the game.
    But you can reload the game and still recrute more digimon.
    There is one more bout with Machinedramon though. You can try going to 
    the Mansion to see if you can find him there. 
    But if this game has any real ending no one has found out about it yet.

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