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    Glitch FAQ by MetalIceWolf

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/10/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Digimon World glitch FAQ
    v. 1.2 Last Updated August 10th, 2008
    Created by MetalIceWolf
     __| o  __  o  __ __   __   __               __   __  |    __| 
    (__| | (__| | |  )  ) (__) |  )     (__(__( (__) |  ' |_, (__| 
     __  |   o _|_   __  |__      _|_  __   __  
    (__| |_, |  |_, (___ |  )      |  (__( (__| 
     __/                                      | 
    1. Introduction / Verison History
    2. General Glitches
    	- A. Name Glitch
    	- B. MetalMamemon's Confusion
    	- C. Agumon's Item Bank Disappearance
    	- D. Giromon's Jukebox Glitch
    	- E. Factorial Town's Guardromon Blockage
    	- F. The Medal Glitch
       	- G. The Card Glitch
    	- H. Myotismon's Mansion Freeze
    	- I. Myotismon's Text is missing 
    	- J. Enemy Freeze #1: BlueMeramon
    	- K. Enemy Freeze #2: ClearAgumon
    	- L. Enemy Freeze #3: Agumon
    	- M. Drimogemon's Treasure Glitch
    	- N. Greymon's Arena Glitch
    	- O. Digimon Curling
    	- P. Permanent poop
    	- Q. MP comsumption bonus
    	- R. Jijimon's Refusal of the Medal
    	- S. Getting the Amazing Rod before the Old Rod
    	- T. The Black Bar
    	- U. Agumon at Orgemon's Fortress Glitch
    	- V. The H-Kabuterimon Glitch
    3. Battle Glitches
    	- A2. Easy Finish
    	- B2. DG Dimension Glitch
    	- C2. Getting stuck during battle
    4. Digivoultion Glitches
    	- A3. Old Tanemon
    5. Misc. Glitches and Exploits
    	- A4. Happy Mushrooms
    	- B4. Infinite Steaks
    	- C4. Mojyamon Money Glitch
    	- D4. Digitamamon Glitch
    	- E4. 99 Stat Chips
    6. Credits, Legal Information, Contact Info, etc.
    Digimon World is one of the PS1's most unique and awesome games. One of the
    things that makes it so awesome is all of the glitches! Since it's
    release in 2000, many gamers have discovered plenty of them that either 
    help or harm the game, while others are just plain odd. Regardless of their
    effects, the majority of them are really fun to exploit! And this FAQ will
    give you all of the info on all of the game's glitches (and there are plenty
    of them too!)
    What is a glitch?
    Glitches in video games are defined as occurences that aren't exactly 
    supposed to happen, an error in the game's programming that may be temporary
    or even permanent. Digimon World is LOADED with glitches....so read on to 
    discover them all!
    Verison History:
    1.0: First release of the guide. (June 13th, 2008)
    1.1: Some errors fixed. (June 18th, 2008)
          -"The Black Bar" glitch added.
          -"99 Stat Chips" updated.
          -"Giromon Jukebox Glitch" updated.
    1.2: Two glitches removed, two added, some fixed. (August 10th, 2008)
          -"Agumon at Orgemon's Fortress Glitch" added.
          -"The H-Kabuterimon Glitch" added.
          - Some glitches have been fixed to be "NTSC only."
          - "The Easy Bakemon glitch" was removed.
          - "The Phoenixmon Glitch" was removed.
    A. Name Glitch
    Harmful?: No.
    Temporary?: Yes, it lasts until you load your game.
    *This glitch occurs only in the NTSC version.*
    When you continue your saved game, sometimes your Digimon's name is screwed
    up and contains extra letters such as "monn." An example: Greymon being 
    refered to as "Greymonmon."
    B. MetalMamemon's confusion
    Harmful?: No.
    Temporary?: Not really. The MetalMamemon will always refer to
    himself as MetalGreymon on every game, at least until you recruit him.
    *This glitch occurs only in the NTSC version.*
    The MetalMamemon you can recruit in Factorial Town thinks he's a
    MetalGreymon.The text pop-up that appears will refer to him as one every
    time you encounter him.
    C. Agumon's Item Bank Disappearance
    Harmful? No.
    Temporary?: Yes, when you exit and check the item bank again, things will
    be normal unless it happens again. Or you can scroll down and up again
    while highlighting the items in the bank.
    *This glitch occurs only in the NTSC version.*
    When you go to Agumon's Item Bank, switching from stored
    items to in-hand items makes it so that some items get "rubbed out" on
    the screen.  You may only be able to see half of the name of an item,
    or nothing at all.
    D. Giromon's Jukebox Glitch
    Harmful?: Yes. Causes your game to freeze, and the only escape is to
    reset your console.
    Temporary?: No. It's Permanent.
    Probably the most famous glitch, Giromon is a digimon that you can 
    recruit from Factorial Town. Upon recruiting him, he sets up a Jukebox 
    in the resturant. He claims you can listen to some tunes, but as soon 
    as you try to do that, the game locks up and forces you to reset. There 
    have been some reports of people managing to scroll through the song list 
    for a few seconds before the game locks up, but I wouldn't recommend
    fooling with it.
    *Apparently, only NTSC verisons of the game suffer this glitch. PAL
    gamers have reported that the Jukebox works fine in their games.*
    E. Factorial Town's Guardromon Blockage
    Harmful?: Yes, it will either cause your game to freeze, or
    will block you so that you can't move or escape unless you have an
    auto pilot.
    Temporary?: No, it's permanent.
    Inside one of the factory's area (the place where two Guardromon are
    blocking your path to a door, and where a black platform is on the
    left that leads to two item PC's), interacting with the left 
    Guardrmon triggers a glitch. You will either be frozen on his
    words, or you'll engage in a battle with him, but your character
    ends up running to a section of the background while preparing to
    shout the orders, and you can't move at all so you'll be stuck there 
    forever unless you have an auto pilot.
    F. The Medal Glitch
    Harmful? No, in fact it's more helpful since it allows you to see which
    medals you still need!
    Temporary?: Yes.
    In order for this glitch to work, you'll need the top left medal (which is
    earned by winning the D, C, B, S, and S tournaments at the Arena.) 
    If you have it, bring up the medal chart and place your cursor on a medal
    that you don't have.  Now, press triangle twice to return to the main menu.
    Highlight "Digimon" and press X to see your Digimon's stats.  As soon as 
    you see your Digimon's picture, press triangle to exit back to the main 
    menu. Highlight"Player" and press X.  Press right twice to highlight 
    "medals" and press X. Now you will be able to see both the name and 
    the requirements for the absent medalthat you highlighted in the first step.
    G. The Card Glitch
    Harmful?: Yes, there's a possiblitiy of it freezing your game.
    Temporary?: No, you can't get rid of it unless you reset the
    game or it freezes.
    In order for this glitch to work, you need to have at least one
    card. Go to the card collection screen and select a card to bring
    up it's enlarged picture. Quickly hit triangle, X, and triangle,
    and the card should be there.  Keep hitting the triangle button, and 
    the card will be frozen on the screen!  You can still walk around with 
    the card's picture on the screen, and bringing up the menu's digivolution
    chart shows you some screwed up imagery. 
    H. Myotismon's Mansion Freeze
    Harmful? Yes, it freezes your game.
    Temporary?: No.
    *This glitch occurs only in the NTSC version.*
    When you defeat Skull Greymon and Myotismon returns to his place in the
    dining hall, you will be able to access this glitch.  If you return to 
    the caged area where Myotismon and Bakemon were being held, then enter
    the area, your game will freeze.
    I. Myotismon's Text is missing 
    Harmful?: No.
    Temporary?: No, it always happens.
    *This glitch occurs only in the NTSC version.*
    Once you save Myotismon from Skull Greymon, you will find him
    sitting in the dining hall of Grey Lord's Mansion.  Myotismon proceeds 
    to tell you about his research. A chunk of Myotismon's words are lost,
    though. He says  "My research shows that sometimes, when Metal Greymon
    fades away, he _____________________.  It's the same thing for Bakemon,
    Devimon, and Phoenixmon,although we don't know who they were at birth. 
    The digivolution charts don't say."Apparently, the missing text is
    believed to be "Digivoles to SkullGreymon", because it makes sense.  
    J. Enemy Freeze #1: BlueMeramon
    Harmful?: Yes, it freezes your game.
    Temporary?: No, it always happens.
    One of the BlueMeramons in the Back dimension will freeze your game
    if you encounterhim. There is no way out of this from what I know.
    K. Enemy Freeze #2: ClearAgumon
    Harmful?: Yes, it freezes your game.
    Temporary?: No, it always happens.
    In Toy Mansion, there is an area with a row of three ClearAgumons. 
    The third one on theleft, when encountered, has it's text pop-up keep 
    re-appearing over and over, thus the only way to escape this glitch 
    is a reset.
    L. Enemy Freeze #3: Agumon
    Harmful?: Yes, it freezes your game.
    Temporary?: Sometimes, it may not always happen.
    *This glitch occurs only in the NTSC version.*
    There is an agumon by the enterance to Orgemon's hideout, and upon 
    engaging battle with him, as soon as his text pops up, the game may
    M. Drimogemon's Treasure Glitch
    Harmful?: Technically, yes, since it costs you to lose an item!
    Temporary?: Not really, it always happens unless you are prepared.
    If you are going to get an Item back from Drimogeomon, make sure your
    inventory is not full! If it is, it will say: "Clear your inventory!"
    And you will lose the Item.
    (Thanks HWS_Dark!)
    N. Greymon's Arena Glitch
    Harmful?: No, it's quite useful.
    Temporary?: No, it usually always happens.
    *This glitch occurs only in the NTSC version.*
    When you are signing up for a Tournament, you might see this glitch.
    It's kind of hard to explain so here is an Example:
    | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 |
    | S  | B  | D  | A  | D  |
    | G  | A  | C  | S  |    |
    | F  | W* |    | ** |    |
    |    | N* |    | ** |    |
    |    |    |    |    |    |
    When you press START, you should be able to see a Description of the Cup. The
    glitch works like this: If you press START on the letters with the * it will
    make an error noise. Then again, if you press START where you see the ** the
    description of a Cup will be there!
    (Thanks HWS_Dark!)
    O. Digimon Curling
    Harmful?: Depends, it could be useful or annoying.
    Temporary?: Yes.
    *This glitch occurs only in the NTSC version.*
    When you are playing curling with Penguinmon or MetalMamemon, when you
    throw your "disk" it might freeze the game for about 2 or 3 seconds. After
    that instead of the "disk" going to the right place, it will go to a totally
    different location! This glitch might help or destroy your perfect score!!!
    (Thanks HWS_Dark!)
    P. Permanent poop
    Harmful?: No.
    Temporary?: No, permanent.
    Sometimes, when your digimon poops, it may get stuck in a location where
    a numemon or sukamon cannot reach it, so that means it's there forever!
    Q. MP comsumption bonus
    Harmful?: Yes, it usually freezes your game.
    Temporary?: Yes.
    *This glitch occurs only in the NTSC version.*
    After a battle, there is a very small chance it may say, in the spot where
    it informs you if you get item drop or tech learned, "MP Consumption bonus."
    It will then cause the game to freeze, or it may not. It has happened to me
    twice, the first time it froze and the second time it didn't.
    R. Jijimon's Refusal of the Medal
    Harmful?: No.
    Temporary?: Yes.
    If your prosperity rate is 100, Jijimon is supposed to reward you with a 
    medal.Unfortunately, if your tamer level is 10, he won't give it to you
    until you lower it at least to 9....odd.
    S. Getting the Amazing Rod before the Old Rod
    Harmful?: Techincally, yes, since it forces you to buy the Amazing
    Rod again.
    Temporary?: Not really, it always happens unless you prevent it.
    This is quite annoying and unfortunately happened to me on my very first 
    playthrough.I encountered ShogunGekomon before I went through the Trash
    Mountain. I decidedto buy the Amazing Rod from him, since I didn't know 
    about the other fishing rodin Trash Mountain. Eventually I go to Trash
    Mountain, see the rod, and I pick it up. The Old Rod now replaced my 
    amazing rod, so I had to buy it again!
    T. The Black Bar
    Harmful?: No.
    Temporary?: Yes.
    *This glitch occurs only in the NTSC version.*
    Some people have reported an odd black bar-like structure appearing
    in File City (the main area, where the shops and arena are located)
    The black bar does not do anything, it just looks odd. You can walk
    over/through it. It may eventually disapear or it might always be
    U. Agumon at Orgemon's Fortress Glitch
    Harmful?: No.
    Temporary?: Not really, remember to save before encountering him.
    The problem only seems to occur on some European games. Apparently, the 
    Agumon outside Ogremon's fortress initiates a battle even after Ogremon's 
    first defeat. This seems to be random and the main countermeasure is to 
    save first.
    (Thanks HalfMillennium!)
    V. The H-Kabuterimon Glitch
    Harmful?: No.
    Temporary?: Yes.
    Viewing HerculesKabuterimon on the Digivolution chart then viewing any other
    Digimon can place "mon" several spaces after its name. It's harmless and can
    be turned off by leaving the chart.
    (Thanks HalfMillennium!)
    A2: Easy Finish
    Harmful?: No.
    Temporary?: Yes.
    1.You must have the "change" command.
    2. Go into the battle and when you have low MP [like 10] you must 
    hit your enemy with your finish attack.
    3. Then rapidly press X on "change" command.
    If you did it correctly your digimon may use the Finish attack again.
    B2: DG Dimension Glitch
    Harmful?: No.
    Temporary?: Yes.
    Take a Digimon who can use DG Dimension to Toy Town, and enter the Toy Mansion.
    When you fight Tankmon or ToyAgumon on one of the upper floors, make sure that
    your Digimon uses DG Dimension.  When he does, the question-mark doors should 
    disappear, revealing three sets of stairs.  This doesn't really have any point
    to it, it's just kind of funny that the doors keep disappearing.
    (Thanks VMoran!)
    C3: Getting stuck during battle
    Harmful?: Yes.
    Temporary: No.
    It can happen anytime, aganist any digimon. Your digimon will end up getting
    stuck in a piece of the background or whatever, and  he won't be able to move
    around or attack besides the finish move. There is no way out of this from 
    what I know.
    A3: Old Tanemon
    Harmful?: Not really.
    Temporary?: Yes, if you turn him into Kunemon.
    There is a small chance of your Tanemon living up to age 11! It won't digivole
    at all (unless you sleep in Kunemon's bed.) The chances of Tanemon living
    this long is very low, but it has been reported many times.
    A4: Happy Mushrooms
    Harmful: No.
    Temporary?: Yes.
    To activiate this glitch, find a Happy Mushroom, collect it, and then 'Drop'
    it. Go back on that screen it should be there again. Then if you get it
    again and keep entering and exiting the screen you can get up to 99 
    Happy Mushrooms!!!
    B4: Infinite Steaks
    Harmful: No.
    Temporary?: Yes.
    After you've read the memo in the fridge in Grey Lord's Mansion, get
    outside and there'll be a steak lying down. Grab it and go inside the 
    mansion and then get outside again, there'll be another steak! Repeat
    this until you have 99 steaks!
    C4: Mojyamon Money Glitch
    Harmful: Yes, though it's helpful too.
    Temporary?: Yes, it lasts up until you recruit the Mojyamon.
    The southwestern Mojyamon will trade you 2,000 bit Disks
    in return for 500 bit med. recoveries, but at a price.  When you trade
    with this Mojyamon, he likes to move around a little.  Eventually, you
    get stuck, and there's no getting away from the Mojyamon.  Or is there?
    ALWAYS CARRY AN AUTO PILOT WITH YOU!  I can't stress that point enough.
    Even if you do get stuck with the Mojyamon, an Auto Pilot can save the
    day.  It's a whole lot better than restarting your game, isn't it?
    Trust me, once the Mojyamon locks you in, there's only one way of
    getting out. That's the Auto Pilot.  This glitch is HARMFUL only if you
    don't heed my warnings and carry an Auto Pilot with you at all times.
    Oh, and there is a funny thing about this glitch.  Trade with the
    Mojyamon enough, and eventually you should see the Mojyamon that
    usually sits in the middle come dancing towards you.  The glitch with
    the southwestern Mojyamon does something to the middle one which makes
    him dance on the water, apparently going no where. 
    (Thanks VMoran!)
    D4: Digitamamon Glitch
    Harmful?: No, very helpful.
    Temporary?: No.
    If you want your Digimon's stats to increase to 999 and 9999,
     you must follow these steps:
    -Have Digitamamon Recruited
    -Have atleast 300,000 bits
    -Have a hungry Digimon
    Now, talk to Digitamamon when he appears in the resturaunt and order 
    the cheapest food item there once your digimon is hungry. Even if he 
    isn't hungry, repeat the process untill you run out of bits. Now, your
    Digimon's stats will have greatly increased. Do this as many times as 
    you want, even with a fresh or in-training Digimon! It makes getting
    ultimates alot easier. Stats such as brains, hp, etc. increase about +3
    each time you feed them digitamamon's food. Although it make take a half 
    hour to get all stats to 999 and 9999, it is much easier than training
    and using stat chips.
    E4: 99 Stat Chips
    Harmful?: No, very helpful.
    Temporary?: No.
    Requirements: Card shop open, a stat chip or two, restore item.
    1) Keep stat chip(s) in your inventory, and keep a large amount of money
    on hand.
    2) Get a weak digimon, such as a baby or in-training. 
    3) Go into battle and get him killed, twice. Second time around have
    the item "Restore" with you.
    4) Do this until the chips get stolen, then go to the card shop's recyled
    items section and buy them all (up to 99.) According to a Youtube video,
    the person who does this glitch bought just one stat chip, then quickly
    went back to the 'recycled items' menu and moved the cursor over the
    blank area under the Restore item, pressed X and it allowed him to
    continue buying stat chips, though it glitched up his bits.
    Copyright © 2008
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Additional thanks:
    HWs_Dark: For his awesome FAQ/Walkthrough and some glitch info.
    VMoran: For her Walkthrough which greatly helped me out way back in
    the day, and for some of her glitches.
    ShadeNEO, ChaosBeelzemon, Fallen_Seraphic and Med Jai: For being such
    helpful people on the Digimon World 1 board!
    Bandai, for creating such an awesome video game.

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