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    Secrets and Puzzles FAQ by AnantP

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    Digimon World Secrets and Puzzles FAQ
    This FAQ is Copyright AnantP and is intended solely for use by GameFaqs, and any 
    page created by me.It is not permitted to take any part of this work or the 
    whole for use by any other site unless permission is asked. Send requests to:
    the_dre_man@hotmail.com   Digimon World is copyright by Bandai, and this FAQ is 
    not not intended to infringe Bandai's copyright. 
    FAQ Version 1.3 Updated August 13 2000
    |Updates:                                | 
    |More detail in the Myotismon Quest      |
    |More detail on reaching Thrash Mountain |
    |More Battle Arena Detail                |  
    |Circles in Gear Savanna                 |
    |More "how to get them to join"          |
    |More How do I get to the Place?         |
    1.) How do I get to the place _______?
    2.) Is there an easy way to get Ultimates?
    3.) How do I beat the game?
    4.) How do I get all the people in my city?
    5.) How do I get medals?
    6.) How do i get fast money?
    7.) Can I get back my old digimon after it digivolves to Sukamon?
    8.) Why is the battle arena important? I can't win the digivolution items you 
    spoke of?!
    9.) I asked Metal Mamemon to join my city, but he never appears! Where is he?
    10.) How do I get new techniques for my Digimon?
    11.) What are those circles in the Gear Savanna?(Right next to Mt.Panorama spore 
    12.) How do I get Ogremon and Monochromon in my city?
    1.):How do I get to the place _______?
    How do I get into Myotismons mansion, and once I've rescued Myotismon how do I 
    get inside the door locked with a weird force?
    To get into Myotismons mansion, enter with a virus type digimon. Then revive 
    Myotismon. Now you can set about unlocking the secret door. To get into the 
    secret door, first get shellmon in your city. To get Shellmon, defeat Ogremon's 
    fortress in the great canyon. After Ogremons defeated follow him and rescue 
    Shellmon. Once Shellmon is in your city, read his paper regularly until you come 
    across the article stating Myotismon has retired. Then head to Myotismons 
    mansion, and check the dining room. After that check the room where you first 
    found Myotismon. Then try and leave the mansion, and your question is 
    How do I unblock Mt. Panorama?
    First head to the drill tunnel and beat it. After defeating Meramon, the path 
    will be open.
    How do I get into the big iron door at Factorial Town?
    (Note: This can be done only after defeating Ogremon's first fortress)
    First head to freezeland, and go to the place with Mojyamons. Hunt around the 
    floating ice blocks, and you will come across Whamon. Help him out with 
    Ogremon.(Warning, you have to fight a mega, stronger than an ultimate, 
    WaruSeadramon here.)Once you defeat him, Whamon will join your town and happily 
    ferry you to the other side of the door.
    How do I get into the tree house at the Native Forest?
    To get into the treehouse, first beat the game, and then come back to the 
    treehouse. Etemon will appear and challenge you. Defeat him and he will join 
    your city before being kicked out. He will then start selling Golden Banana's at 
    the Digimon Bridge.
    How do I get into the Ice Sanctuary?
    To get into the Ice Sanctuary, use a vaccine type Digimon. To see if it is a 
    vaccine, check under the "type" of Digimon in the Digimon menu. It should be a 
    small Pill.
    2.): Is there an easy way to get ultimates?
    To get ultimates, you have to super train your digimon. This can be tiring and 
    often boring. The conditions for digivolving are sometimes extremely strange. 
    For example, to get one of the 3 secret digmon(megaseadramon) I had to make my 
    Coelamon a Sukamon, then turn it back!!!!!!(Refer to Section 7 of this guide) 
    There is an alternative to this. You can sometimes come across items that 
    digivolve your digimon. For example, once you get Whamon, goto the back of the 
    beach cave to find the mysty egg, which gets you the powerful digitamon. Usually 
    items can be won at special tournaments held in Greymons arena.
    3.): How do I beat the game?
    To beat the game, first get the prosperity rate of your city to 45, or it could 
    be 50 i forget :). Then talk to Jijimon. When you walk out of the house, you 
    will meet and fight Airdramon. defeat him and head upwards, towards the treasure 
    hunting place. Once there you will notice a bridge has been formed over the 
    waterfall to a doorway. Go inside and defeat the bosses there, including 
    Devimon, Metal Greymon, Analogmon and Machinedramon. Once you beat them, you can 
    come back yet again and find machinedramons son. Digitamon. Once you beat him, 
    try and get everyone in your city. Then you will have beaten the game. 
    4.) How do i get all the people in my city?
    Uhh, sorry, i have no idea. Just keep exploring and trying new things.You could 
    also try VPolizzi's City Guide, under in-depth faqs.I can help you in specific 
    people though. Just e-mail me: the_dre_man@hotmail.com
    5.) How do I get medals?
    You get medals for doing extraordinary things, such as collecting all cards, 
    catching a lotta fish, and i think defeating a certain number of enemies, and 
    completey fill up your digivolution chart, just to name a few.
    6.) How do I get fast money?
    One way of getting fast money is to save up all your "disks" you find, such as 
    off. disk, s.off.disk etc. Save them up in Agumons bank. Once you run low on 
    money, just sell the lot. Or you could sell 'em when you get 'em. Another way is 
    to take a strong digimon to Mt. Panorama and continuoslly kill the weak enemies 
    there. Not only do they give you bits, they drop stuff that you can sell.
    7.) Can I get back my old Digimon after it digivolves to Sukamon?
    Your digmon digivolves to Sukamon once It has 16+ poops not in toilets. Can you 
    de-digivole your Sukamon? Yes, you can, YAY. Go to thrash mountain, which is 
    near the top of the Gear Savanna, right next to the entrance to the Misty Trees. 
    With your Sukamon talk to the Sukamon king. You should be pleasantly surprised!
    8.) Why is the battle arena important? I can't win the digivolution items you 
    spoke of?
    To win digivolution items at the battle arena you have to beat the whole 
    tournament. The tournament also has to be a special tournament. Most of the time 
    special tournaments are unlocked by having a partner digimon of the same type. 
    For instance if you have a Kabuterimon, the Wings tournament might be unlocked. 
    9.) I asked Metal Mamemon to join my city, but he never appears! Where is he?
    After asking Metal Mamemon to join your city, get a score of 10 in penguinmon's 
    curling. Metal Mamemon should now appear sometimes to curl against you.
    10.) How do I get new techniques for my digimon?
    There are 4 ways of doing this as far as i know. First is training your brains. 
    While training brains, there is a random chance of learning a new technique. 
    Another way is having a technique you can learn used against you by an enemy 
    digimon. This can be quite useful, and sometimes powerful. In some rare cases it 
    might be extremely difficult to find a digimon that can teach you moves. For 
    example, the only move my Monzaemon learned in its lifetime was from 
    WaruMonzaemon. You can also get water techniques by asking Seadramon and 
    11.) What are those circles in the Gear Savanna?(Right next to Mt.Panorama spore 
    The circles are crop circles left by the alien digimon Vademon. Once the 
    prosperity rate of your city is high, visit them at night, you should randomly 
    see Vademon. If you catch him, he will join your city.
    12.) How do I get Ogremon and Monocromon to join my city?
    To get Ogremon, defeat him in his three fortresses. 
    A.) At the bottom of the Gear Savanna
    B.) In Freezeland near the 3 Mojyamons
    C.) In the Drill Tunnel
    To get Monochromon, get 3000+ bits in his shop at the great canyon top.
    If you think something else should be added to this faq, please e-mail me. 
    Bandai, who made the game.
    Rocket311, for the Ice Sanctuary Info.
    Email: the_dre_man@hotmail.com

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