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"Why do major websites give this game a bad Score?"

It's True. I go to and they gave it a 5.9; I go to, and they give it a 5.1! What's Wrong with them? This is an awesome game!

Pretty darn good. The FMV sequences are beautifully made, and look like something out of Playstation 2! The actual game Graphics are Pretty good, The digimon look like who they're supposed to be, although they're slightly blurry at times. A minor glitch in the graphics I noticed was that sometimes, your digimon partner, (the digimon following you)
will walk through or into another digimon on the screen, messing the graphics up a little.

SOUND 9/10
Very nice music in this game. The regular enemy battle music is the kind of pent-up hyperactive music that you'd expect when fighting an enemy, the boss music is absolultly beautiful, with the bass and drums playing at the same time, the other music in the game is not that memorable, but they all fit the theme of where they are playing perfectly.

This is one of the most addicting games i've played! There is roughly 2 games in 1. The first game is taking care of your digimon; Feeding it, taking it to the bathroom, putting it to sleep (not the death kind of sleep),and training it. The other game is where the digimon your raising and you go on an adventure to get all the digimon to come back to the village, and reunite the digiworld by defeating the evil digimon on infinity mountain, the final area. This game is a combination of the old tamagotchi pets,pokemon,and digimon (duh!).

Considiring what i just said in the last 3 paragraphs, this game is definitly worth your time. There are over 100 digimon your buddy can become, and there are even 3 secret ones! You can even save your digimon to a memory card and battle your friends, and you can collect digimon cards, Too!
This game will keep you playing for a LONG time.

An extremely succsessful combo of Pokemon,tamagotchi, and digimon, this game is worth the $45 I payed for it, and I would Have gladly paid more! If you like pokemon, digimon, or even tamagotchi, BUY THIS GAME!! Trust me, you will not be dissapointed!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/18/00, Updated 07/18/00

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