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"Not #1 to have on your things to buy today list but still somewhat notworthy."

Digimon World, somewhat based on the TV series, Digimon, is a OK game ... there's nothing really wrong with it ... but if your looking for a great game, it's not this one. If you already have mastered all the great games and maybe just want something extra, this game is worth considering.

Gameplay: 5/10
The things missing in the gameplay is a storyline and guidance. You really have to figure everything out on your own and it can take anywhere from a half an hour to an hour before you start to get a feel for this game. But once you do, it's just boring and some-what repetive. You often need to spend a while just training the digimon which is not chalanging but very time consuming.

Graphics: 7/10
Digimon World have somewhat 3D graphics. I say somewhat because at times it's hard to determain on your own. But the graphics airn't by any means bad. In certain events during the game the graphics are actualy prity good, definitly better then just mediocre graphics and borderline great. Still the graphics are missing that specail something that makes then more then just noteworthy and gives the game an identity that people will remeber.

Re-playability: 3/10
This game has some replay value ... you can replay. You can maybe have a little bit of fun replaying it ... but by no means is the game worth playing a second time. There is not much more you can do the second time around that will be unique or better or even as good as when you played the game the first time around. The one thing, however, that you may want to do if your replaying the game anyways is have your digimon evolve in to different digimon this time. Although ... really there is only one or maybe two digimon that you would want your digimon to digivolve into during the corse of the game.

Control: 7/10
The control of the game is wonderful once you figure acouple things out about the game. During Digimon Battle's and during training it is really easy to figure out what to do ... maybe even a little too easy as it takes some of the chalange out of the game.

Sound: 5/10
The opening cinema of the game has good sound but after that all you can really hear is background music, you walking, and other sound effects. But nothing that comes close to talking. The music is also somewhat repetive in the songs that are played during the corse of the game and they are not the best of songs, in my opinion. The digimon also do not make any kindof sound except for there roar. In the tv show the digimon could speak english so I was hoping that they could say something more then just a simple roar. Never-the-less, the sounds weren't bad ... that is to say they weren't below par ... I guess.

Specail Features: 6/10
This game is prity unique to the world of playstation so almost anything in the game is a specail feature. Certain things that you get during the game can be very helpful and overall I think the game, in terms of features, was OK. It wasn't exceptional but there has been worse :)

Overall: 6/10
Overall there are worse games games in the world ... but there are defently better games in the world as well. I wouldn't reccomend this game to buy enless it's under, say 25 dollars american and you don't have any other games that you would really want to buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/20/00, Updated 07/20/00

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