Review by Son_Gokou

"Why did they translate this game?!?"

I think Ban Dai should spare all of us and leave this game in Japan!

Graphics 7/10

I gotta give them credit their FMV's looked great,but the in game graphics were not so great. The graphics are almost 3D. And the camera angles just made me want to gag! All the menu's in the game were horrible! They looked like they were something out of Atari! Still there have been worse graphics, and this is Digimon Worlds strong point.

Controls 6/10

They didn't use half of the controller! No Analog Capability! Although they aren't hard to use, some of you might get angry with Ban Dai for not putting in any way to change them.

Story 5/10

There really isn't much to it. You are from somewhere (they not clear on that) and you're really into Digimon. So you are somehow transported to Digimon World. And now its up to you to find Digimon. I not being very clear on the story because I didn't play this game for very long before I thought I'd better save whoever reads this from the same pain I have suffered.

Orginality 2/10

This is where this game is really lacking. I dont know if any of you had the first Digimon, but they were a little rectangle witha and led screen and thats all. This Digimon did nothing! They were like a Tamogotchi that fought. And Thats all Digimon world is. With some things Added in. They really could have came up with something better than wandering around training, feeding, petting, and taking you Digimon to the bathroom in somewhat 3D.

Overall 4/10
This game really needs work. The graphics are good but the camera angles and a pain. The Story just flat out sucks. Orginality just isn't there. So overall I give this game a four. Just dont waste your money on this game, you could save that money for something usefull like a good game!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/21/00, Updated 07/21/00

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