Review by AzN SqUaLL

"Good game, but could have been better."

Well, Im not a big Digimon fan but I like this game. This game is good but it could have been better. Alright on to the review.

Graphics. 8/10

Digimon World is a good looking game. The FMV is good but there arent alot of them. The game does have some graphics glitches in it, for example like: You can walk right through Digimon's, when you train there are some blocky pixels and the others are common for a PlayStation game. But the graphics are good looking.

Story. 5/10

There really is a story to it. You play as a boy that likes Digimon and was sucked into the game. Your goal is to unite all the Digimon together so the island can be back to normal. There really isnt anything else to it.

Gameplay. 6/10

I like Digimon cuz you can take care of them, kinda like Tamagotchi or a giga pet. But this game is just train, fight and explore. Its kinda like playing babysitter, you have to feed it, take it to the bathroom and train it to make it strong. There is also card collecting in the game, kinda like FF8 but different. You collect cards to trade it with other Digimons to get prizes or just to make them join you. The game also have a nice fishing game kinda like Breath of Fire's but with weird baits and other stuff.

Sound. 4/10

Well, there really isnt that much music in the game, Just fighting music,training and boss music. Some towns have music in it but it sounds kinda elevator like and boring.

Replay. 6/10

After beating the game I didnt want to play it again. Even though I didnt collect all the cards and stuff, I was tired of it.

Overall. 7/10

Good game. Get it if you want something different. And it is not like Pokemon.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/21/00, Updated 07/21/00

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