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"Digimon World: Underrated or overhyped?"

Digimon. You all know it. Its that show with the cute cuddly monsters who always beat each other up for things like "hope" or "courage." But what people do not seem to understand is that this game was not based off of the show. People get excruciatingly angry at the fact that you cannot evolve to mega, or cannot revert back to your original form. However, when this game was made, it was based off of the Digimon Tamagotchi game. So stop basing this game off of the series.

Okay kiddies, time for my actual rant...err review. First of we have story. The story itself is mediocre. You are a boy who has been sucked into the Digimon world from a Digimon PENDULUM of his. He meets up with several different Digimon, ultimately meeting his partner. His job in this world is to being Digimon into the city, to rebuild it to what it was before "File Island" became corrupt. Well that doesn't sound that bad, does it? I guess that leads me to game play.

After talking with the head honcho of the "city", he sends you off into unknown territories to brave ferocious enemies and vicious recolors. Most enemies are too strong for your pathetic little Digimon at this point. Luckily there is a conveniently placed training gym! Train your partner into a lean mean fighting machine, so that it will evolve into a greater Digimon! There are tons of evolutions you can have, unlike in the show where it is one straight evolution line. This is what adds so much replay value. Your Digimon evolves on how well you treat it, if you discipline it well, or if you spoil it. The game does not stop at training. You also have to feed your Digimon, which, needless to say, results in them having to go the the restroom. Rest is also important for your partner, because it can cause them to dislike you, turning them into a different creature. All of this plays into the most important part of the game.


As you leave the safety of file island, you will come across multiple recolors of Digimon who will agitate you. What do you do? Beat them up of course! When you come in contact with them, they will say some snappy remark and instigate a fight with you. The first time you fight, you only have two options, which are displayed at the top left corner of the scree. Your call makes your partner fight they way it wants. Run away makes you...Run away...But your partner will respect you less because of it. As you raise your partner's brains though, it will learn more types of attacks. You will also be able to command it more. For instance, it will learn moderate, which when you use this, it will attack, back away, then attack again. You can also tell it to use different techniques later on. This may be frustrating though, as it may take an hour to level it up to the required amount. Most of the game is fighting, as you wander around File Island in search for non-recolors to join your city.

Graphics time!

The graphics for this game nowadays would be considered mediocre. But back in 1999, when a game like this showed up, it was amazing graphics. Most backgrounds are beautiful and colorful...but also static. The character models are great...with the exception of your own. All in all, every thing looks decent.


The sound in this game..horrible. The music for File City is redundant, and makes you want to kill yourself. The way your character sounds is fuzzy, and when you praise your partner, it sounds like he says "Yuck yuck." When you win a battle...It took me a while to realize what he says. He yells out "Yohsa!" Its a Japanese term, I know it. I just don't quite know what it means or how to spell it. Again, it sounds horribly fuzzy. The battle music at first sound s like an 80's game show. Later on though, the music will change for boss battles and tougher enemies. Some tracks are horrible, while others can bring you to your knees..I.E. Misty Trees soundtrack. Some battle music is catchy, but most of the time, you will want to turn down the volume. The way the techniques sound is okay. They all have strange sounds they use before they attack. That won't bother you much though. All in all though, some sound will make you want to end your life..or the discs life...but some will be beautiful.

Uh-Oh! Glitch alert!

This game has a lot of glitches. Some can ruin your game, some are just minor annoyances. For instance, Giromon, one Digimon you recruit to the city, makes a jukebox. Trying to listen to this jukebox will freeze the game...Sometimes deleting all save data. Others, like the text glitch after battle, will not affect game play. It's a learning experience really. You learn them on your own.


Digmon World is a wonderful game in my opinion. The sound my be frustrating for a while, but you get used to it. The entire plot of raising and training a partner of your own makes the game totally worthwhile, and the entire island to explore is amazing. The graphics aren't bad, but they could use work. Quite honestly, this game is underrated. People let the show judge the game, along with the sound. This will ruin the game for you completely if you do this. In reality, its the raising and training that makes the game fun. Battling is slow at first, but gets better as the game progresses.

Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 6/10
Game play: 9/10
Story: 6/10

All in all: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/05/07

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