Review by Trainz_07

Reviewed: 11/19/07

A solid and near perfect game

Digimon World, it's the game that, although is not flawless, proves to be a fun and exciting game for all Digimon fans, and a whole new experience for any gamer.


You are a young and zealous owner of a 8-bit creature known as Digimon, an one day, you are sucked into your Digital Device and thrust into a strange, alien world, that you will soon find out to be the Digimon World. Immediately upon arrival, the mayor of a File City, who is a Jijimon, quickly tells you of a series of disasters that resulted from the sudden memory loss of the Digimon of the city. He humbly requests for your assistance in recruiting the Digimon scattered across File Island, and save them from the impending danger. With hesitation you agree to do so, and with your fellow Digimon and companion, go forth in your quest.

Not the most interesting plot, and there's actually barely any spoilers, or any story twists and surprises. But even though it pales into insignificance with Final Fantasy story lines, it sure beats games that don't even have a plot (No offense meant). It's straight to the point, and knowing that you comprehend your mission, you can concentrate on the more important game play.


Definitely not top ten material, but it isn't all bad. The music very well suits the mood and surroundings, and not only that, there's double soundtrack for day and night. The battle theme ain't half bad either, but when I say that, I'm referring to the battle music of when you fight Digimon that you can recruit, or during special battles. Personal I enjoy listening to that track, because if you listened to the battle theme of Rookie Digimon,'ll know what I mean. There are plenty of other sounds that fit perfectly with what's happening.


Can't say anything too good about this though. The graphics overall are fine, there's no trouble trying to figure out what is what, sure it can't match with graphics of more advanced games, but at least nothing seems to be out of place. Plus your own Digimon looks great, the backgrounds aren't too shabby either.

Game Play:

Okay, when it comes down to it the Game Play is awesome. The battle system is simple but unique, you yell out commands to your Digimon(don't worry, in real life you just press buttons) and he or she will attack the enemy based on your commands. You can order it to act aggressively, or to attack with moderate techniques, you can even command it to act on its own free will. There are 6 stats in the game: HP, which is obviously you life points. MP, the more your Digimon has it, the more techniques it can use before needing to restore it. Strength, with this you can enhance the power of your Digimon's attack. Defense, well you can't have your Digimon dying because it has no resistance right? Speed, this determines how fast your Digimon attacks. Finally, Brains, the higher your Brains, the more commands you get, and you can get techniques from learning this. You battle enemies to raise stats, but the alternative way is to train at the gym.

The fun of raising Digimon is it's so....well, unique. Not only do you have to train your Digimon, but you also have to make sure that it's happy. Feed it when it's hungry, take it to the toilet, cure it if its sick, etc. And these factors will also affect your Digievolution, and you'll have loads of Digimon to try and digivolve into.

But where do you get your supplies from? While the city of course! Recruiting Digimons around File Island will net you Item shops, clinics, mear farm, etc. It's fun to build your own city, and you get all the perks. And there's always a slight challenge in recruiting Digimon, some appear only at a certain time, some appear randomly, while others are extremely strong.


I suggest that you just play it once, the reason you wanna keep playing is to get different Digimons and fill out the Digi Chart. You might also want to get all the medals that you can obtain. Since there's no real end to this game, you can't keep playing your original game and finish everything, so you wouldn't have to do it all again. And besides, there's hardly any difference if you do decide to play it again.

Final Recommendation:

This game is fun and exciting, it's unique and has its pros, while it isn't in all fields, it makes it up in its awesome game play.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Digimon World (US, 05/23/00)

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