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Reviewed: 11/03/00 | Updated: 11/03/00

Better than any game there is....except for Digimon World 2!

Well, this is my second review, so I expect it to be good (my other one is on Monster Rancher 2, but who cares right now). I'll get right to the data, and I hope u r not dissapointed. Here goes:

Storyline: You are a boy in the real world, and you are really good at raising digimon. Remember, in our world digimon are only popular keychains. Anyhow, File Island (in Digiworld) has befallen on troubled times. File island's main city File City has barely any digimon left in it- the inhabitants wandered off. Jijimon the city's master acknowledges your digital talent and brings u 2 Digiworld through your keychain. You must bring the Digimon back to the city and destroy all evil!

Sound(BGM and SFX): The sound effects are pretty well done, but hey, why dont the digimon speak English? Or say anything besides an animalistic noise? However the attack sound effects sound real well. The pooping sound effects are really funny, especially heavy digimon. Shellmon's crap sounds flat out nasty. The Background music is okay, somewhat memorable in a sense. Still needs small amount of work, but not the battle music. The regular enemy music sounds great, getting you hyper and pumped up as excpected. The boss music sounds great too.

Graphics: Half of the games graphics are awesome (i.e. Factorial Town, Infinity Mountain, Leomon's Ancestor's Room, all of Freezeland). A fourth of the ggames graphics are mediocre (i.e. Toy Town, Misty Trees, File City when fully inhabited). The rest of the games graphics are not so good, such as all the pipes, junk, and old crap throughout the game's bodies of water. Also some graphics just aren't that great either, but you can figure out where when u play it.

Fun Factor: This game is definetly a blast. If you like taking care of stuff and/or like adventures, have we got a game for you!

I suggest that you strongly BUY IT! If you have no way of buying the game because you cant find it anywhere then keep looking, it'll be somewhere. If you have no money, work for it you lazy ass!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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