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Digimon used to be one of my favorite shows as a kid. I remember seeing the add for this in Game Informer when I was 10 and my head just about exploded. A Digimon Game! I finally got some money and bought this game just to realize about 9 years later that the game has a simple concept but it's really hard to get anywhere in this game.

But before I get into any detail, this game is more about the Digimon devices that were released in the 90s and not based on the show, which was kind of a bummer but it still essentially was Digimon. The game does have redeeming such as smooth controls, somewhat memorable music, and great graphics for it's time...and that's about it. Digimon World has pretty much a cliche plot, Kid gets sucked into digital world, lands in a city that has nothing to it and it's your goal to get everyone back to the city. You have to make your monster into a fighting machine because almost every monster in this game needs to be fought in order to rejoin the city. The way you turn it into a fighter is by training at various locations in the world and if it meets certain parameters, like in Pokemon, it evolves into either a Rookie, Champion, or the Impossible, Ultimate depending on what level the monster is. Fighting other monsters can be hard because the battle system is all messed up and your monster does random attacks. Also your monster has a finishing attack that comes as the battle progresses. They can either help or hurt you because other monsters can evade it

Like in Monster Rancher, your monster can die either by Natural causes or battle, and that's a real teeth kicker because now you have to raise it again and really that's frustrating. Also if death isn't enough, you have to feed it, let it poop, and it even gets hurt, tired, and sleepy. I kind of get where they were going with this but to me it's kind of unnecessary, The game does offer a variety of extra areas like a ton of mini-games as well as a battle arena where you can win prizes.

This game is really a mixed bag and here's my rundown on the game.

Concept- 2/5- Raise a Digital monster to get others back to the city. the monster dies rather quickly which results in starting over and frustration

Sound- 4/5- The little bit of music this game offers is somewhat catchy

Graphics- 5/5- Actually really good, even after 9 years!

Controls- 3/5- It's not hard but in the heat of battle you may push a wrong button that can be highly fatal

Overall- 6/10- This game is a really hit and miss. Some like it Others don't. To me it was a miss.

Tilt- Low

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/19/09, Updated 09/16/09

Game Release: Digimon World (US, 05/23/00)

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