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"Anyone with interest in Digimon has to buy this"

Anybody who has any interest in Digimon must buy this
Rating: 10

Gameplay 10: This game plays however you want it to. You can raise Digimons all your life and never fight, you can play mini-games and you can go on a quest whenever you feel like it, and all of these elements affect the others so it’s not just some 3-in-1 game. No matter what you’re doing you always have to remember to bring toilets. Some areas require you to solve puzzles to get in. The farther you get, the more you’ll be able to do both in the field and in battle and the strategy gets more complex. Vs. battles are especially fun.

Story 8: The story doesn’t proceed much in the middle of the game, kind of like Final Fantasy. Most of it is at the beginning and end. The rest is a bunch of small quests to return 50 Digimons’ memory, and there are tons of ways to get through the game. You don’t have to find all 50, only 50 points’ worth of them with each being worth 1 to 3 points. It’s also very confusing if you don’t watch the TV show. This game is the beginning of the whole story, so all Digimon fans have got to buy this.

Audio/Video 5: Both of these are great in some areas and terrible in others. There are a few nice FMV’s. Some places are 3-D (and good looking) while others are pre-rendered. In 3-D areas, the view moves automatically but never messes up. Each Digimon looks like no other with plenty of unique animations. There are lots of little details you can find. Some areas don’t even have any music, and battle music is good but very short.

Replay 2: You probably won’t start a new game. You just don’t want to lose everything you’ve got. You probably won’t even get all of the medals. You probably won’t even finish it because it’s really long, and you might get bored before you reach the end. It took me 68 hours. The ending is worth it.

Buy/Rent: Buy it or don’t. You’ll want to get to the end of this game, and if you don’t feel like doing it all, just use GameShark because you’ve got to see the ending. If you don’t care about Digimon, then you can rent it but then you shouldn’t be interested in this game.

Final score 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/26/01, Updated 01/26/01

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