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Reviewed: 08/28/01 | Updated: 08/28/01

Not as action packed as the TV series

When Digimon World first came out for Playstation back in July of 2000, I thought it would be just like the Digimon TV show: action packed every minute, same digidestines, same digimon, same enimes, same storyline, etc. But, this game isn't action packed, and everything about the Digimon TV show has absolutely nothing to do with this game. Infact, there are no digidestines, no Gennai, no crests. Read my review.

-Graphics 9/10-
I was very, very, very surprised at how good the graphics were in this game! I always imagined how the Digimon would would look in 3D. The graphics are one of the best things about Digimon World. And, the computer graphic cinemas are so sharp and marvelous!

-Sound 4/10-
There is nothing special about the sound. Its not terrible, but it sounds really fuzzy and scratchy. Its not like the cool music from the show - ''Digimon, Digital Monsters. Digimon are the Champions'' Speaking of sound I think the Digimon in this game should talk like in the TV show. But, they dont.

-Story 2/10-
Digimon World is an RPG game. You are some boy (who is supposed to be you, by the way) who gets sucked into the Digital World. You have only one objective: return all the Digimon back to File City. Way too original! They should've had the story from the TV show.

-Gameplay 7/10-
The gameplay is somewhat frustrating. Every time you go from one screen to another, the game has to load. Also when your Digimon is in a battle you cant control him at all. No matter how many times you press Attack you cant control him. The Digimon are ignorant. Also there is some card collecting in the game, nothing big.

-Controls 8/10-
The controls are fairly easy. Just in battle they can be very difficult. Like if you want to use items and open the item screen, the battle dosent pause, it still goes on.

Pros: Graphics, controls, gameplay.
Cons: Many Digimon from the show (including Digidestined Digimon) dont even exist in the game; sound; story; too many glitches; Digimon dont talk; this game is NOTHING LIKE THE SHOW. There is no Tai, Sora, Matt, T.K., Joe, Mimi, or Izzy; DAMN! NO GOMAMON!!!

-Overall 6/10-
This game isn't worth buying if its over $30. Its in no way like the TV show, so maybe your better off renting the game. I'm a really big Digimon fan and I was disappointed in this game.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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