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"A true PS classic! No doubt!"

Story: 9/10
The Story in Digimon World is very well done. There is one main plot, find out why all the Digimon have left File city, but it is not the only plot! There are many sub plots that are involved in recruiting the many Digimon in the game.
The majority of Recruitable Digimon in the game each have thee own little story line, and some of them are connected to the main plot.

Gameplay: 9/10
The game play in the game was very nice. There are plenty of things to do in it so you won't get bored. Many of the recrutable Digimon in the game make the game very long and deep. Also there are many regions to explore in the game, and the fact that you can help build a city also aids the game in this category.

Graphics: 7/10
Well this is probably the lowest score in this review. The graphics could have been better. They were ok, but needed some work. Some of the background animations, such as water movement was only 3 animations long, and then just repeated over and over. Also the characters and Digimon were all very pixilated. They could have done some more work on that one. However the Battle Animations were pretty cool, but sadely they to could have been done better.

Replay: 10/10
No doubt about it on this one! This game has more replay then most RPG's I've seen. The game does not end after you beat the last boss, it keeps on going, allowing you to collect all the medals and Cards, raise all the possible Digimon, and recruit all the recruitable digimon! This game never really ends, so you can keep on playing it

Fun 9/10
This game is FUN! The battles in the game are not that tough, so it's a good game for beginnergamers, however there is one VERY frustrating part of this game, and this is the death of your Digimon. When this happens you are forced to start from scratch, however as you progress into the game you digimon can become stronger when it is reborn. This feature gets really annoying when your in the middle on your quest and you digimon dies, but this is not that bad for you gamers that want a challenge.

Total 9/10
This game is a must buy for anyone! Even if you don't like Digimon you will love this game. It requires no information from the TV series and is a great RPG. This game was close to getting a ten, but missed it by and inch. This game is great and is worth your money to buy it! And don't bother renting it, you'll never be able to beat it in a mere five days! So in summary, Great fun game, and is a must buy! So buy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/04/02, Updated 03/04/02

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