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"This game is my hero!"

Gameplay - 10

This game isn't very complexed but thats a good thing. It is very addictive and fun. You need to try to fight wild digimon and convince them to join the city and make it better. But while u have to go to different worlds to get different and better digimon to help ur town the enemies at the worlds get harder so you need to train your digimon harder and harder at the gym and when you get them strong enough they digivolve which is the most addictive part of the game. Because you try to train ur digimon as strong as can be and to digivole to someone great. If you do accomplish to get him to digivolve to someone go then you have to hurry and go everywhere you can and get every digimon u can before you digimon dies. And when he does die u play more and more to get another good digimon to explore the world more.

Story - 9

This game would get a ten but the recruting of the digimon can be repetative but overall it has a great story. Recruting digimon isn't the only story, raising a digimon is part of the story. I would even rent a game of just raising a digimon but this has that and a whole other story plot.

Sound- 4

This sound isn't good at all. The musics not that bad its got a cool little tune and changes in different regions but its boring. The charecture voices suck all little digimon have the same voice and big ones growl. And your main charecture says nothing but yasan(after battle), wanna go to sleep ( i think) its very hard to understand, and a yell (disaplining). Even though the sound sucks i dont think it should affet the game. (just mute the tv and listen to a cd while playin)

Graphics- 7

The graphics dont need to be good everthings understandible. You can also see how it's the digital world from the strange huge outlets everwhere and people's houses made of boxes and cans and other strange things. i dont think theres anything negative of the simple graphics.

Replayability - You might want to replay this but its a drag to get all the digimon again but you dont need to replay it because you play it so much the first time since its addictive.

To buy or to rent? - Definantly buy it it's a great game and will turn you on and you need to beat it which you can't do from renting it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/07/02, Updated 07/07/02

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