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"If you are interested in Digimon, then this game is a must!"

STORY: In Digimon World, you play as a young digimon-obsessed boy. He is very good at raising his ''key chain'' digimon, and loves to battle them. One day after battling with his friends, he comes home and pick up his beeping digimon key chain. He immediately notices something is weird, and before he has time to notice, he is sucked right into the digital world. Upon arriving in the digimon world, he meets Jijimon, the ''leader'' of what use to be File City. He explains to your young hero that File City has lost it's inhabitants. It turns out that for some odd reason, the digimon began wandering from the city and loosing their memory. They formed tribes and started speaking their own tongue. Still thinking that he is dreaming, our hero is given the responsibility of reuniting File City. He is then equipped with his first digimon, and the journey begins!

GRAPHICS: 9/10 The graphics in Digimon are excellent! They are, for the most part anyways, clear and sharp. They aren't very polygonal either for Playstation. The details on the digimon are great. You can perfectly make out their teeth, claws, tails, or any other countless features the digimon may posses. However, the items are very pixilated and somewhat hard to make out. Also, when a digimon eats, it isn't very reallistic. The piece of food will just disappear with a ''munching'' noise that is supposed to symbolize eating. And another thing, they eat completely unnecessary things. For example, they eat a portable potty, and it relives them of pooping. Very unrealistic. Things like that are very annoying when you play the game. Other than that though, they are really good.

SOUND: 5/10 Well, the sound can't really be described as average since not many games feature this kind of sound. The music is really good, so are the sound effects. It was the selection that hurt this score. Almost every digimon make the same sound. For example, all dinosaur digimon make the exact same roar. If you raise a Greymon, it makes the same sounds as a Tyrannomon. They are both dinosaur type digimon. Also, they all make the same sounds when they are eating. But other than that, the sound isn't too bad.

GAMEPLAY:10/10 Now this is more like it! This is where the game really shines! Throughout your adventure you will raise numerous digimon, recruit digimon to your city, fight countless battles, collect trading cards, buy, sell, and trade items, and a lot more! This game is packed with the kind of gameplay that makes you want to keep playing, and playing, and playing. The first thing you will notice when you first play Digimon World is that you have to raise digimon. You will start out with a certain digimon depending on how you answer a few questions at the beginning of the game. As any digimon fan will know, you will have to feed it, train it, battle it, and even take it to the toilet in hopes of raising an extremely powerful digimon. Digimon will ''digivolve'' depending on these factors. There are five levels of digimon: fresh, in-training, rookie, champion, and ultimate. Fresh and in-training digimon can't fight, so you will spend your time either training them, or having them sleep. After about 1 day he will digivolve into a rookie. Here is the first level of digimon that can battle. They aren't very powerful, but can fight. The next level is champion. You will get a champion after about 4 or 5 days. These are the most common digimon, and can be pretty powerful. The next level is ultimate. This is the ultimate goal for a digimon tamer. A digimon doesn't always go into ultimate form. They are extremely difficult to raise, but a strong ultimate digimon is almost unbeatable. Digimon World's gameplay is very addictive and fun.

DIFFICULTY: 7/10 This game isn't exactly easy. It's hard to raise a powerful digimon, and you will be at a constant hunt for money and items. Especially food. It's a pretty tough game, but it's a really fun challenge.

REPLAY VALUE: 8/10 There aren't any new features after completing the game once, but you'll just want to play again! It's really fun and you'll want to try to raise all the digimon. I can't stress enough how addictive this game is!

BUY OR RENT: If you're at all interested in digimon, then buy! If not, then you probably wouldn't be reading this anyway. So what are you waiting for? Go buy Digimon World!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/26/02, Updated 08/26/02

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