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Reviewed: 11/03/02 | Updated: 11/03/02

Fun for some, repetitive for others

This is a preety good game in the overall. Good game system, and the idea of a 3d tamagotchi was preety cool, even more with your favourite TV characters. The problem his, after a lot playing, some people can find this game boring and repetitive. It had a good story, but the game system just wasn't good enough.
The graphics were good, not great, but good.Another thing that should be mencioned were the fmv's. Good? Unfortunely, no. They had quite glitches, and by the time the game was made, the graphics sould be alot better, considering the year when the game was made. To tell the truth, I expected alot better from Bandai. Well, anyway, they made a good adiction to the game.
The learning curve was very easy, any begginer could learn to play this in a matter of minutes. The battle system was also vere intuitive. The creature sounds were much speacial, but the game had some preety neat musics, very adequate for each scenario. Now about the scenarios, they were good, well drawn, but they lack interactivity. They had a wide range of digimon to choose of; even thought it could had been alot bigger. The evolution system was actually very fun and gratifying, and it was also very fun to do.The higher the evolution requesits were, the more challenging it became. It was also fun to collect the cards and compare one to the other and sell them. The recruit system was probably the very best of the game. And it was really neat the watch your city flourishing. The evolution chart was good, but it might had been confusing fot those who didn't understand the pictures. The mini-games were a good adiction being the most fun of them the fishing one. They were: fishing, curling and battle arena.
I think this game was more directed to the younger public, as the older, more experienced players could find this game a bit easy.Now, if we evaluate each parameter of the game the score would be;
Graphics-7; Gameplay-7; Sound-6;
The non-fan of the series players could find this game boring, but the some of the fans could give this game a much higher rate.
Well, at overall, it's an average game, not a state of art game, but also not a common or bad game that you easely find on the market.
And, if you're a good fan of the series, you can also give one more point to the final score.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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