"A champion of a game not a Ultimate"

Opening statement
Now this game is actually pretty cool. Its storyline is not all there but it still seems cool. The only real problem with this game is glitches.

Story N/A
If you are looking for a fantastic storyline go play Final Fantasy. The story is hard because your goal is to recruit 100 digimon (or something like that). You go around fighting and doing minor odd jobs to get new digimon.

Game play 10
The game is like the first digivice. You work up your digimon to a old age and it dies. So you are always working up a digimon. This is fun for the first 20 times then it gets sad. You train a killer digimon and it dies. Start at a baby state then grow it up. You have to feed and take it to the toilet. While at first the poop noises are pretty funny. Now if you don't make it to the toilet it poops on the ground and you get a virus. Plus the poop stays there forever. Hopefully you don't get bothered by the fact the digimon poops from the front sometimes. It is very difficult and will keep you busy for a while. Then there are the mighty glitches. They get annoying. All and all this game is great for its difficulty.

Sound & Graphics 8
The music and graphics aren't interfering with the game in one bit. The sound is kind of cool but nothing that you will remember. Graphics such as the opening and ending make you thrilled. Then it ends. Graphics that are low playstation quality. They are above average but not ultimate.

Battle system 10
Battle is simple. You tell your digimon attack and it picks what it does. Your digimon needs to be intelligent and disciplined. So battles start to become more like luck. Until you get a lot of wisdom on your digimon battles are a pain.

Digimon in the game
Most people who bought the game because it is Digimon. There are tons of partners you can get and digivolve to. However unlike the television show digimon can digivolve into other than one form. For example, Agumon can digivolve into Tyrannomon or Greymon or a few others! Also there are no mega type digimon in this game. They do take some Megas and make them ultimates!

Final 8
This game is an okay game for those who like a challenge. I really wouldn't recommend it for those who have little patience for trying a lot of times. Buy or rent? Buy if you are old enough to handle the difficulty. I really can't recommend this for little kids though.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/10/02, Updated 12/10/02

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