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"Digimon, one of the best Games!"

- Gameplay [10] -
This game is one of the best games I have ever played. It takes a lot of patience and work to play this game. Though it is also very fun. Basically you have a Digimon and you recruit other Digimon into your city. But the best part is probably raising your Digimon. You can feed it and it grows from day to day. Its really great, when it digivolves its the best! So you take your Digimon into the world of the wild and begin your journey.

- Story [8] -
Hey to me its pretty good because you are in a hard long fun journey with your own nice Digimon trying to recruit many new Digimon. There are many Digimon in the game and its exciting finding many new ones. You meet new friend as your Digimon and yourself grow fond of each other and he becomes stronger.

- Graphics [8] -
I would have to say the graphics are pretty well done. Hey its Playstation what do you expect? I'm pretty sure to most people its really good graphics. I mean its pretty good animation. The Digimon though are not as big as they should be like on the TV Show but it makes sense cause the toilet ain't to big lol.

- Sound [6] -
The sound isn't that well done but to me its got nice music in the background. The only thing bad is the sound effects the digimons make. The only thing that is bad is that Digimon only Growl. If you have a small Digimon he growls quietly but if you have a big Digimon then the growl is quite loud. And also you never hear your character talk, all he does is yell out something after your monster wins cheering him on I suppose. Its either that or when your monster wants to sleep then he saids something to him. Probably telling him goodnight. Other than that its all cool and funny sometimes.

- Replay [8] -
In my opinion I think its still fun replaying it because you know where most of the Digimon are and have lots of experience by then with Digimon making it easier to Digivolve your own Digimon to many different ones you have no seen yet. Plus its always fun to raise another NEW FRESH Digimon.

- Buy/Rent -
Plain and Simple Buy. Its a good game and a long one too, if you rent you won't be able to finish the game right? Exactly Buy the game it'll be worth it.

Final Score: 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/14/03, Updated 02/14/03

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