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"Afterall, is this game good or bad?"

Obviously, this game is based on a really famous japanese anime/manga called Digimon (or Digital Monsters) which up to this moment already has 4 series: Digimon, Digimon 02, Digimon Tamers and Digimon Frontier. So, this game is mainly based on the first series.

This is a quite unusual game... You must start by training your digimon in a gym (which has certain machines that boost their different powers, like strenght, speed, defense and so on) until he is strong enough to face the other digimons, so then you can you can start exploring the RPG part of this game... The main target is to ask all the digimon you can find to join your city (and by doing so, they will upgrade your city, making more buildings or items appear there), but this is a lot harder than it looks since, like someone once said, ''digievolution works on strange ways'' in this game. So, your cute Gabumon may digielvove into Garurumon (like it should be, as occured in the series) or he may do it for another digimon completly different, like... Tyrannomon or Centauromon! This finishes by getting somehow boring, since you try to get a Greymon from Agumon, you fill all the requirements (yeah, digievolution has certain requirements you must fill in order for your digimon to digievolve into some specific digimon) but you never get him... So, the game becomes somehow boring to play... Also, your digimon can ''die'' after playing for much time (up to 20 ''game'' days, NOT real days), which is not very good... Ho, and you mustn't forget something, this game has A LOT of bugs...

The kid you get to control has been transported to the digital world by Jijimon since he was the only one that could save that world from the bad guys, so you are told that you need to talk to digimons so that they join your city, since they are forgetting their origins and they place they lived in...

Most of the times the graphics in this game look quite good, the images that appear when your digimon is digievolving are amazing, but you must be careful since this game has many bugs and sometimes they mess everything up, for example, when you speak with a certain digimon the text will be all messed up and you won't be able to read anything... As for the sound, sometimes it is good but other times they aren't good at all, since there are a lot of sounds for the places you pass by, I mean, the different scenarios, but there are only 1 or 2 battle themes, so they become boring after playing much time...

Play Time/Replayability
This game will be playable FOREVER, since it really doesn't have an ending, but will you be able to play it up to the end? It's hard, because of those bugs that completly ruin the gameplay and everything else...

Final Recommendation
I think this game is only good for true fans of Digimon.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/10/03, Updated 04/10/03

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