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"A very unique RPG that deserves more credit"

I used to love digimon, the show, the cards, almost everything. The Digimon TV show used to rival pokemon and was quite popular in '99 to 2000, but when Pokemon's popularity started to fall, so did Digimon's. Back in 2000, Bandai released the first Digimon game for the PS one. Some people thought it was a ho-hum RPG, but some thought that it was a unique RPG that deserved more recognition.

Although not based on the TV show, it was based more on the Digimon keychains that came years before the cartoon and Pokemon. The game focuses on raising a Digimon to its max level, the Ultimate level, while at the same time raising them like a digital pet. You have to feed them, take them to the bathroom, take care of them when there sick, etc. Its definatly not a normal RPG.

The game's battle system is set up where when you find a enemy Digimon, you automaticly go into battle. Unlike other RPG's where you select a option and the character automatcly does it, your digimon's intelegence shows how you can command your digimon in battle.

The game itself is quite hard and long. Not only do you have about 15 digimon days to defeat the game before your digimon gets reincarnated, if it gets seriously ill or dies 3 times in battle, you will have to start from scratch. There is 100 digimon you need to recruit to File City in order to fully defeat the game, and you need 50 of them to beat the first of 2 final bosses.

Unlike other RPG's where you need to go in a certain order to accomplish things, the Digital world of File Island is completely open for the most part. Depending on your digimons type, you can go to certain areas and recruit certain digimon. There are over 10 different area's that you can visit and recruit digimon for, and believe me, it takes awhile to recruit all the digimon.

Here is my review on the different area's of digimon world:

Graphics 8/10: The graphics are set in a interesting psudo 3D world with a similar layout to the Legend of Zelda series. The digimon and the area's are very well animated and created, although there sometimes is some frame rate issues. Although there is very few cutscenes outside the beginning and ending, the game is beautiful none the less. The biggest problem, though, is with some of the hard to see items and exits, since the backround perfectly blends in with the exits and enterances.

Sound and Music: 7/10: Average at best, the music and sound is quite average for a RPG like this. There realy is no music that realy is catchy or done well, for that matter. The sound is OK, the digimon's cry's rival pokemon's sounds at best. You may want to turn down the volume a bit so you can enjoy the game further.

Story 6/10: Average story line. A kid gets sucked into the digital world where he has to overcome challenges to get home and find out about the islands dark secrets. Nothing realy special or brethtakeing. You pretty much know whats going to happen right when you begin the game.

Controls 8/10: Well done and quite responsive. The character movement is well done and speedy, although it does get glitchy sometimes. The real pain in the control is the battles. It is realy hard to control your own digimon sometimes and the bad part is, when you try to pause to heal your digimon, the enemies will not stop, meaning you can be killed when you realy are trying to recover your digimon's HP.

Final: 8.30 out of 10. The game is executes quite well, although falls in some areas such as the music and story. I would rent it before you buy it to see what its like, but you might as well buy it since its about 15 dollars now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/13/03, Updated 06/26/03

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