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"A must have for all digimon fans."

Simply put, if you like Digimon, you, like this game, if you don't like Digimon, then you don't like this game. With that part out of the way, I will say that this is a great game. The graphics are pretty good considering that there are not that many problems. The sound in this game isn't that great, it goes pretty well with this game. The story is very good too. The game play is by far the best part of the game. With tons of Digimon and techs, this game will be fun for a long time. This games replay value is great, you will probably be playing this game for over one hundred hours, yeah thats right one hundred hours. That is how great this game is. Therefore, this is a great game.

The storyline in this game is surprisingly good. You are a boy from the real world who just appeared in the Digimon world, sounds familiar. Jijimon says that you were sent there to save File City. You have to recruit Digimon to go and help out File City. The storyline gets pretty good as you go on, but don't expect a Final Fantasy type of storyline, it isn't that good. Overall, this game has a pretty good storyline.

The graphics pretty good. For example, your Digimon will sometimes run through signs and stuff, but you'll get used to it. That would probably be one of the only bad thing about the graphics. The Digimon themselves look pretty good themselves. Digimon like Greymon looks very much like his cartoon counterpart. The attacks that the digimon perform like Winter Blast look very cool. The levels look good too. Therefore, this games graphics are near great.

The sound in this game isn't that good. When the Digimons make sounds they are very, very annoying. The background music is decent. It fits the level good, but there just isn't much to it. The battle music is good though. When you attack it sounds pretty cool too. Overall, this game has some high, and low points to its sound.

The controls in this game are pretty good. You could easily get used to the battles controls and the menus. It is very easy to get used to the controls, and they are set up very well.

Game Play
The game play is by far the best part of this game. It is very fun to train and raise your digimon. When you get your brand new baby digimon, you have to begin to train them at the arena for the battles ahead. At the gym you can raise six different stats, HP, MP, Attack, Defense, Speed, and Brains. HP is how much damage your digimon can take before it dies. MP is how many techs you can use before you need to restore it. Att is how much damage you will do with each attack. Defense is how much resistance you have to enemy attacks. Speed is how fast you can attack. Lastly, brains is how intelligent your digimon is. Raising these stats is very important to determining which digimon you digivolve into, and you will need very high stats to beat some of the harder bosses. That is why you need to train early. This may seem like a lot of work but it is very fun to train your digimon.

There are more then fifty digimon to get. All of them has their own specials and other techs that they can learn. The you raise your digimon is a very simple concept, you pick one of the four eggs. Each one can turn into two different rookie digimon. Each rookie can turn into a bunch of different champions. It can become very hard to raise your digimon to an ultimate though. You have to train your digimon in a very precise way to get them to an ultimate. The digimon you get is determined by how you raise your stats. Raising your digimon can be very fun.

One of the best things about this game is the wide variety of techniques that you can use. There are a bunch of different types of techs. Each one has its own power and MP. Some techs attack everyone you're fighting, some attack just one enemy with a short or long range attack, and some power you up. You can equip up to three techs at a time on your digimon, but first you have to learn them. You can learn techs by raising brains or learning them from an enemy. The techs in this game are cool and fun to learn.

In this game you will be exploring a lot. You progress through the game by finding, and fighting some of the Digimon that have lost their mind. After you beat them and come to the city, some things will change. Well after you get a certain number of Digimon, you can explore new areas, which is how you progress through the game. After you recruit almost all of the Digimon, you can go to the last level and fight the final boss. That is basically how you beat in this game.

The main problem with this game is its excess amount of glitches. I can not begin to list the great amount of glitches in this game. I will just let you know that there is a lot.

Replay Value
With all of the Digimon to raise, and techniques to collect, this game will last a long time.

Final Recommendation
I will say this again, if you like Digimon, then buy this game. If you don't like it then don't buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/11/05

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