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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Yergin

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    =======================================CLASSICS RANGE FAQ=======================================
                                              DRIVER 2 FAQ
    =======================================CLASSICS RANGE FAQ=======================================
    Author: Yergin
    Final Edit Ever: 10th September, 2003 at 11:25.36AM
    Game Platform: Playstation
    Game Version: PAL
    FAQ Version: Final
    Disclaimer: This guide is for the use of people who play Driver 2 by Reflections and 
    Infogrames, the author of this guide (and all contributors) can in no way be responsible 
    for anything you do after reading this guide, This guide guarantees *Nothing* at all,
    All of the information in this guide could be a load of complete bull, You decide.
     This document Copyright ©2000-2003 Nathan Donnelly All rights reserved.
     All trademarks (shown and not shown) are acknowledged.
     You are granted the following rights:
     I. To make copies of this FAQ in original form, as long as
     (a) The copies are complete and are unaltered by anyone other than Nathan Donnelly
     (b) The copies are in electronic form
     (c) They give credit to the author, Nathan Donnelly.
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     NOTE: These rights are temporary, and may be revoked upon written, oral,
     or any other notice by Nathan Donnelly. If you wish to distribute this guide within
     a magazine, or a piece of software, get in touch with me the author.
     Read: Use this info for your own gain and if you Screw up, it is your fault.  
           found an Error in the FAQ? Mail me.
            All The FAQ's That I Have Written
    [0] Finalisation Information
    [1] Introduction
    [2] City Guide
    [3] Character Guide
    [4] Car Guide
    [5] Secret Cars Guide
    [6] Tips and Hints
    [7] Step-by-Step Walkthrough
    [8] Hidden Areas
    [9] Secrets
    [10] Interesting Stuff
    [11] Rumours
    [12] Bugs
    [13] The Glitch Report
    [14] High Scores & Unreal Stuff
    [15] Gameshark Codes
    [16] Question's and Answers
    [17] Acknowledgments
    /File 0:Finalisation Information\
       After over three years of working on this FAQ I have decided to close it and continue with
    new FAQs and update other FAQs that I have written,
       As far as this FAQ goes I will no longer accept e-mails asking for help, to gain help on
    this game please go to www.neoseeker.com and visit the driver 2 forum where me and many others
    will be able to lend you a helping hand,
       If you still crave more out of take a ride, then go to the www.neoseeker.com site and check
    out the take a ride FAQ made by my mate swiftshark, it has contributions collected from this
    FAQ as well as stuff that I don't have, so if your stuck or looking for a bit of fun then go
    and check out swiftsharks FAQ,
       I cannot recommend it further!.
    Thank you for all of your support and assistance in making this FAQ a success over the past
    two years,
     Thanks Again, Your mate is oz,
    __   __  ____   ____    ______   _    __    _
    \ \_/ / | ___| |  _ \  /  ____| | |  |  \  | |™
     \   /  | |_   | |_||  | | ___  | |  |   \ | |
      | |   |  _|  |    /  | ||_  | | |  | |\ \| |
      | |   | |__  | |\ \  | |__| | | |  | | \   |  _
      |_|   |____| |_| \_\ \______/ |_|  |_|  \__| |_|
        I wrote the walkthrough for 'Chase the Gunman' before I even finished it,
        I knew what to do, I just had to do it!!, so if you are still stuck don't
        despair, you will get it one day!!
        The final contributor's to this FAQ are Kirkmeister and David Rice
        thanks heaps guys and good luck in the future,
        And of course i pass on the same message to ALL the people who have
        added anything big or small to this FAQ,
        As for my mates who helped well i spose i should thank youse, even
        if i did do all the bleeden work, ;)
        Thanks All.
        Who else could this award go to than Gabriel Pinzón, not only did
        he contribute 18 things to this FAQ but he also found the time to
        write a FAQ on this game in his native language Spanish,
        I wish Gabriel all the best in his future and i hope that he
        continues to write FAQ's,
        The Runner-up is my mate Swiftshark with 6 contributions and like
        Gabriel Swiftshark also found the time to write an excellent FAQ
        for Stuntman, another Infogrames product,
        Not only did he write that but he also wrote a Take-A-Ride FAQ for
        Driver 2,
        These guys have been a real help to me, and i hope that my readers
        use and can find assistance from both of these tallented FAQ
        writers FAQs,
        Take it easy my friends
    / 1:Introduction\
       I made this guide to help the people who are stuck on anything within driver 2, I made 
    this using the ways in which I completed the missions, all the secrets are correct and it
    is more than likely incomplete, so find a hidden area or secret that is not here go to the
    Driver 2 forum at www.neoseeker.com and tell us.
       Driver 2 is a great continuation of Driver and my full credits go to Reflections and 
    Infogrames for their great game, I am in no way affiliated with these two companies so I
    cannot give technical advice, also I do not give a run down of the game controls as they
    can be figured out by you.
       In the walkthrough I ask for your own brains to decide on the best roads to the end 
    target so please do not ask me for the best routes as it is a case of trial and error if 
    you can't get there one way then try another way.
       Read on and good luck with the game
    /File 2:City Guide\
       Here is a list of the cities with a description as to their purpose in the games
    storyline, this section also includes a guide as to where all of the places are around the
       This list includes ALL of the cities in the game, There are no other cities than the
    four listed below!.
            *Intro To Chicago*- One of the places in which crime lord Solomon Caine operates,
                                Tanner's job is to find the eyewitness who knows Pink Lenny's
                                whereabouts, and what he knows
                                Drive under the overhead train lines or over one of Chicago's
                                many raising bridges in order to catch the eyewitness get some
                                info and get the hell out of there before your cover is blown.
            *You Are Here*- Here is a complete list of all the places in Chicago from the top of
                            the map to the bottom:
                             Lincoln Park
                             Wicker Park
                             Ukraine Village
                             Goose Island
                             Gold Coast
                             Navy Pier
                             Grant Park
                             Prairie Ave/Historic Dist
                             Meig's Field
           *Intro To Havana*- This is one of Vasquez's supply bases, Disrupt the Brazilians
                              plans by stopping their shipments meeting their destinations,
                              Race through narrow streets and along curved highways in order to
                              lose tails, catch crims and collect clues,
                              Both the cops and crims are after you, it's your job to stay cool
                              and keep your cover intact.
           *You Are Here*- Here is a complete list of all the places in Havana from the left
                           hand side of the map to the right hand side:
                            Necropolis De Colon
                            Plaza De La Revolucion
                            Castillo El Morro
                            East Havana (La Habana Del Este)
                            Old Havana (Vieja)
                            Fortaleza De San Carlos
          *Intro To Vegas*- This is Caine's main money source and he isn't going to let Vasquez
                            walk all over him in order to get it!,
                            You must now start to work for the infamous Solomon Caine, lie,
                            cheat and steal your way around inside Caine's good books, While
                            still looking for Pink Lenny, and stopping the Brazilian onslaught.
          *You Are Here*- Here is a complete list of all the places in Vegas from the top of the
                          map to the bottom:
                           Ghost Town
                           Paradise Rd
                           Upper Strip
                           Mid Strip
                           Lower Strip
        *Intro To Rio*- Vasquez's homeland, You are now deep undercover as one of Caine's
                        Your job now is to double-cross Caine, Stop the Brazilian Gangsters and
                        to catch Pink Lenny and restore balance to the criminal underworld,
                        If only it were that simple!!.
        *You Are Here*- Here is a complete list of all the places in Rio from the top of the map
                        to the bottom:
                         Praca Da Bandeira
                         Santa Tereza
                         Cosme Velho
                         Lagoa Rodrigo De Frietas
    /File 3:Character Guide\
       To get your way around the criminal underworld you need to understand who everyone is and
    who you can trust, and who you can't!!.
    -Good Guys-
              *Tanner*- Ex race car driver Tanner makes the perfect wheelman, He's America's
                        best undercover cop and the underworld's best getaway driver, Tanners
                        back on the streets in order to stop an international war between
                        Solomon Caine and Alvaro Vasquez.
                        Tanner has enlisted the help of Tobias Jones and is set to track down
                        Pink Lenny before Vasquez has too much of the upper-hand.
              *Tobias Jones*- Tanner's partner in crime and in law, He's a smooth talking, slick
                              styled man who has got the underworld confused.
                              Caine thinks that Jones is working for him, The street thinks that
                              he's working for Vasquez, But we know the truth.
    -Bad Guys-
             *Alvaro Vasquez*- This almost mythical man runs a multi-million dollar racket out
                               of brazil,
                               But when Lenny comes up with the goods Vasquez knows how to hurt
                               Caine and expand his empire.
             *Solomon Caine*- Caine has operations going in both Chicago and Vegas, He's a
                              ruthless crimelord that is not afraid to take on Vasquez in order
                              to kill Lenny and keep his operations going,
                              But when he needs the help Tanner and Jones are there to lend a
                              helping hand.
             *Jericho*- Caine's right-hand man and hitman, He's well known for his two sawn-off
                        shot guns and his cold bloodedness, Almost everybody who run into him
                        never run into anybody ever again, on account of a slight case of
                        When Tanner meets him, Jericho finally starts to trust somebody, But
                        when Tanner betrays him Jericho wants some serious revenge.
             *Pink Lenny*- The money man, when he leaves Caine and cuts a deal with Vasquez he
                           gives the upper hand to the Brazilians, and the balance of criminal
                           power has changed,
                           Find Lenny in time and you may stop the imminent bloodshed that will
                           hit the streets of America.
    /File 4:Car Guide\
       This is a complete car guide with all the cars from each city each one is given five
    scores to add up to a final score.
                      **IMPORTANT NOTE**
                       This is a list of ALL of the non-secret cars in the game.
    -Scoring System-
           Strength (s) - How well the vehicle is hitting cars and police (not including 
                          hitting into the walls)
         Durability (d) - How well the vehicle is receiving hits from the police for the times
                          you just stay there and take 'em on (not including getting slammed 
                          into walls)
       Acceleration (a) - How long it takes to get from stop to fast (can't say speeds because the
                          PSX version doesn't have it)
         Top Speed (ts) - How fast the vehicle is (this will be useful to tell what cars will 
                          get away from the cops)
            Turning (t) - How well the vehicle turns at top speed
       Each one is given a score out of 5 of course 1 is crap and 5 is excellent then at the end
    of that the vehicle is given a score out of 25 (adding all the scores up) less than 10 is a
    crap car 11-15 is an OK car and 15-20 is a good car and 21-25 is an excellent car of course
    most will get between the middle scores so I have compared the cars against each other so
    that there are better cars to choose.
       Also a car with a siren will get 1 bonus point because the siren is a pretty cool thing
    to have access to.
            *Car 1*- This car is good, quick take off, good for attacking the cops and good
                     for getting away from them, overall the best stock standard car, and
                     the easiest to drive 
                      (S -3) (D -4) (A -4) (TS -4) (T -3)
                       Overall - 18
            *Car 2*- This car is boxy and therefore suffers in turning ability, nothing
                     special about this one, pretty even score.
                      (S -3) (D -4) (A -3) (TS -3) (T -2)
                       Overall - 15
            *Car 3*- This car was OK to drive very median based car nothing standout but
                     also no major flaws, OK for car chases.
                      (S -3) (D -3) (A -3) (TS -3) (T -3)
                       Overall - 15
            *Van*- In one word *crap* it is slow but tough, but that is the only good point
                   about this vehicle, look for a better vehicle, originally I was going to give
                   it 3 points for strength, but when I destroyed the car it hit in one go I
                   gave it a 4 because that was pretty cool.
                    (S -4) (D -3) (A -2) (TS -2) (T -1)
                     Overall - 12
            *Cop Car*- The police cruisers are by far in my opinion the best cars you can get 
                       your paws on, But they come at a price Full felony, which means cops that
                       want you dead not stopped and roadblocks galore if you decide to take 
                       them on.
                       When you beat the whole game you can select the cop car and you start 
                       with no felony, But (always a but!!)if you get out and get back in you 
                       will have full felony.
                        (S -4) (D -3) (A -5) (TS -5) (T -4) + 1 Bonus Point
                         Overall - 22
            *Fire Engine*- The fire engine is slow, big and hard to maneuver but it has a siren
                           but that's about all really.
                           also if you speed and turn the siren on the police will still chase 
                           you (goddamn a cat could be stuck up a tree or on a lesser point 
                           there could be a fire!!).
                            (S -3) (D -3) (A -1) (TS -1) (T -2) + 1 Bonus Point
                             Overall - 11
            *Armoured Van*- This is quite good for the type of vehicle it is, good at turning
                            and has good strength it is let down though with poor speed but the
                            speed that it has is better than the others in its genre.
                             (S -4) (D -4) (A -1) (TS -2) (T -3)
                              Overall - 14
            *School Bus*- The school bus is fairly similar to the fire engine except you seem to
                          have better steering but this is pretty much just the same shit 
                          different smell.
                           (S -3) (D -3) (A -1) (TS -2) (T -3)
                            Overall - 12
           *Car 1*- This is the best car in Havana (other than the cop cars), fast and easy to
                    maneuver, best to start with this car and then steal others as you go along
                    this also resembles a Chevy, which is kinda cool.
                     (S -3) (D -4) (A -4) (TS -4) (T -3)
                      Overall - 18
           *Car 2*- This one surprised me, I thought that it was going to be slow and crap but
                    it turned out to be quite speedy and easy to handle, a good car for a car
                    chase so use this car when you cannot get the one above.
                     (S -3) (D -2) (A -3) (TS -4) (T -3)
                      Overall - 15
    *Car 3*- This car lived up to my expectations, I thought it wouldn't be the best and
                    I was right, it still scored OK but not fast enough to escape anything
                    quickly, it will still escape the police but you will need to be a good 
                    driver, use this car if you cannot get one of the above two.
                     (S -3) (D -3) (A -2) (TS -3) (T -3)
                      Overall - 14
           *Pick-Up Truck*- The pick-up surprised me too, I expected it to be slow and tough,
                            well it was tough but it was also quick, not racecar quick but it
                            sure did have a kick to it, have a shot of this.
                             (S -4) (D -2) (A -4) (TS -3) (T -2)
                              Overall - 15
           *Cop Car*- This cop car is just the same as the Chicago one except the siren is 
                      different and it sounds crap (even my cat hates it!!) so you won't want
                      to use it all that often.
                       (S -4) (D -3) (A -5) (TS -5) (T -4) + 1 Bonus Point
                        Overall - 22
           *Truck With Roof*- This truck you get to drive in the second and third missions and
                              is pretty crap but is nether the less fun to drive.
                              it handles OK but as with all cars like this they are slow so they
                              are not particularly useful in a chase.
                               (S -3) (D -4) (A -1) (TS -2) (T -2)
                                Overall - 12
           *Truck With Tray*- I can't find this anywhere within the level so you must just have
                              this truck show up at the end.
                              This truck is no different to the above one except my friend says
                              it handles better so I will give it extra because if he noticed it
                              maybe it does?
                               (S -3) (D -4) (A -1) (TS -2) (T -3)
                                Overall - 13
                                  -Extra Help-
                                I was cruising around the docks at the southeast corner of the map
                                and I saw the Truck w/ Tray parked on the side of the road and I
                                drove it.
                                It handles just like the truck with the roof, the one that looks
                                like a moving truck. It looks just like it, but with no roof over
                                the tray, rides higher off the ground, and has larger tires. It
                                is also slow and sorta hard to handle.
                                 (S -4) (D -4) (A -2) (TS -3) (T -2)
                                  Overall - 15
                                  **Submitted By: Unknown_A**
                                  **To read his E-Mail See File:16 Questions & Answers**
           *Bus*- This is just the same as the School bus, but out of the bus' in this game 
                  (Rio & Havana) this one looks better but handles no differently.
                  bit sad that the buses don't handle different.
                   (S -3) (D -3) (A -1) (TS -2) (T -3)
                    Overall - 12
           *Kombi Van*- OK now if you are wondering what the hell this car is, it is the VW van
                        (I'm an Aussie) Australia is the only country that calls them Kombi's
                        not sure why though??
                        This car though (back on the subject) is quite good it just has bad 
                        turning but what it lacks in that department it makes up for in it's top
                        speed very nice, but I don't mind having a car in the game that I see
                         (S -3) (D -3) (A -2) (TS -3) (T -1)
                          Overall - 12
          *Car 1*- This car is a nice car to drive nice speed and acceleration, excellent 
                   handling and good strength & durability, and this car also looks like a
                   mustang all in all a very nice car.
                    (S -4) (D -3) (A -3) (TS -3) (T -5)
                     Overall - 18
          *Car 2*- This car was a disappointment slow, OK steering and OK strength, I'd be
                   looking at a better car for police pursuits.
                    (S -3) (D -3) (A -1) (TS -2) (T -3)
                     Overall - 12
          *Car 3*- This car was better than the one above but still as disappointing, mildly
                   faster but not as tough, I'd look again for a better vehicle.
                    (S -2) (D -3) (A -2) (TS -3) (T -3)
                     Overall - 13
          *4X4*- The 4X4 is cool, great for off road especially the hidden construction area,
                 but the handling and speed that the 4X4 has, it may not take off quickly but
                 it's strength makes up for that.
                 This car is excellent for the secret area near the airport, and it is also cool
                 to use near the trains at the ghost town.
                  **How to get to secret area See File:8 Hidden Areas**
                  (S -4) (D -3) (A -2) (TS -3) (T -4)
                   Overall - 16
          *Cop Car*- This cop car is again the same as the Chicago and Havana ones except the 
                     siren is better and it looks better but I ain't judging on looks or how 
                     good the siren is so again the same attributes.
                      (S -4) (D -3) (A -5) (TS -5) (T -4) + 1 Bonus Point
                       Overall - 22
          *Limo*- The limo is a Big car and has it's share of problems bad turning and slow in
                  getting started it's top speed is not too bad but it looks very boxy all that
                  I can say for this is use if you want to, I do sometimes but it is useless for
                   **Tip for car See File:6 Tips and Hints**
                   (S -3) (D -3) (A -2) (TS -3) (T -1)
                    Overall - 12
          *Ambulance*- This car is like the truck below and in Havana except it has a siren and
                       it seems faster.
                       these are hard to find in the city but when you beat the game you can 
                       select it at the start.
                       as with the fire trucks you will be chased if you have your siren going
                       and you speed (sheesh the cat the firemen didn't get to could have fallen
                       out of the tree and hurt itself!!).
                        (S -3) (D -4) (A -2) (TS -3) (T -3) + 1 Bonus Point
                         Overall - 16
          *Truck*- This is exactly the same as the truck from Havana (the one with the roof) so
                   this gets the same attributes
                    (S -3) (D -4) (A -1) (TS -2) (T -2)
                     Overall - 12
          *Campervan*- What a load of crap! this car is slow, boxy and hard to steer, this will
                       probably be the only car under 10 but that is where it deserves to be.
                       Don't waste your time on driving this car.
                        (S -3) (D -2) (A -1) (TS -1) (T -1)
                         Overall - 8
        *Car 1*- I found this car fast pretty good strength wise, OK turning and it sorta looks
                 OK, anyway an easy car to handle and good for police pursuits.
                  (S -3) (D -4) (A -4) (TS -4) (T -3)
                   Overall - 18
        *Car 2*- Well yet another all-rounder fairly even stats for a fairly even car, OK for
                 police pursuits and good for having a quick bash around in, but not my first
                 choice in automobiles.
                  (S -3) (D -3) (A -3) (TS -3) (T -3)
                   Overall - 15
        *Car 3*- This is boxy and fairly even stats wise, not so good for police pursuits, take
                 it only if you have to, otherwise leave it be.
                  (S -3) (D -2) (A -2) (TS -3) (T -3)
                   Overall - 13
        *Utility*- A nice ute to bash round in, alright for a chase because it has good turning
                   and a medium top speed, strength is fairly neutral but you get that, an OK
                   car overall, but I don't mind utes (I wouldn't mind a Holden Maloo ute 5.7
                   litre V8, very nice) but at the moment that is sorta outta my price range!!.
                    (S -3) (D -3) (A -2) (TS -3) (T -4)
                     Overall - 15
        *Cop Car*- I seem to find that this cop car is boxy and hard to steer compared to the 
                   others but that may just be me.
                   nether the less it still loses points
                    (S -4) (D -3) (A -5) (TS -5) (T -3) + 1 Bonus Point
                     Overall - 21
        *Bus*- Just the same as the bus from Havana except it looks different and they get no 
               extra points for that.
                (S -3) (D -3) (A -1) (TS -2) (T -3)
                 Overall - 12
        *Pick-up Truck*- This is the only new vehicle in Rio (other than the first 4 and the 
                         secret car) this car is not too bad concerning strength but it's 
                         handling and speed let it down.
                          (S -4) (D -4) (A -2) (TS -2) (T -2)
                           Overall - 14
        *Fire Engine*- Just the same as the fire engine from Chicago except again it looks 
                       different but as I said no points there, pity really the fire engines
                       could have had different physics, oh well.
                        (S -3) (D -3) (A -1) (TS -1) (T -2) + 1 Bonus Point
                         Overall - 11
        *Limo*- Same as the Limo from Vegas except it's black, also this limo is in a mission 
                whereas Vegas' limo is not (you can use it in the mission 'Car bomb getaway'
                but you have the cops around so you don't get all that far with it in any rush.
                 **Tip for car See File:6 Tips and Hints**
                 (S -3) (D -3) (A -2) (TS -3) (T -1)
                  Overall - 12
    /File 5:Secret Cars Guide\
       There are 4 secret cars one in each city, which is hidden (See File:9 Secrets) and the
    full selection of cars you get when you complete the game.
       This is just a guide to the best and the worst secret cars and it uses the same guide
       When the game was released in Australia there was a competition on at my local 
    Blockbuster video store of the game and some extras, one of those extras was a matchbox car
    of a Trans Am that had a Driver 2 symbol on the back of the box and yet I have completed the
    game and I have not found it, but I am pursuing the fact of whether or not it is in the game
    I will keep you informed on my progress.
          **I have got new news on the Trans Am See File:11 Rumours for the details**
                **IMPORTANT NOTE**
                 This is a list of ALL of the secret cars in the game, there
                 are NO other secret cars at all!.
            *Black & Yellow Buick*- This car has some Grunt it is fast and has great get-up-and-
                                    go the only thing that lets this car down is poor 
                                    steering at top speed
                                     (S -4) (D -3) (A -5) (TS -5) (T -4)
                                      Overall - 21
           *Pink & White Mini*- This car is fast and is very slow at turning, with the mini it
                                is a good getaway car as long as you are not in a sharp turns
                                 (S -2) (D -3) (A -3) (TS -3) (T -2)
                                  Overall - 13
          *Blue 4x4*- This car is slow and has bad turning the only thing that this has going
                      for it is that it is strong and a good thrash around car not overly
                      useful for police chases.
                       **Have fun with this car See File:10 Interesting Stuff**
                       (S -4) (D -4) (A -2) (TS -3) (T -2)
                        Overall - 15
        *Semi-Truck*- This car is slow and has bad turning, But as long as you don't hit a 
                      wall it is good to attack the cops with, the only thing I hate about
                      this is it gets muscled out by a police car that is small and crap, but a
                      600HP truck can't beat it - Stupid and unrealistic
                       (S -5) (D -5) (A -1) (TS -2) (T -1)
                        Overall - 14
    /File 6:Tips And Hints\
       Driver is a technical game with skill and luck needed to pass the mission's so here is a
    list of things to do so that you can pass the missions easier and build up those much
    needed skills.
             *The Scrap*- This is the method of driving beside or in front of a vehicle and
                          tapping them to take damage off without spinning out.
                          to do this get to the side of the vehicle and move your car into the
                          side of it and just rub and tap it until it gets away from you or if
                          you wreck it.
                          At the front of the opponent vehicle just slow down and let it tap 
                          you in the bum end try not to get hit too hard or you will spin out
                          and lose them.
             *The Push*- This is the method of giving the car a nudge in the bum end to set 
                         them off-course this is not recommended as this does little damage to
                         the opponent vehicle.
             *The T-Bone*- This is used as a last minute scrap if the opponent is damaged 
                           badly just take the inside of a corner and hit the centre of the
                           vehicle this does a lot of damage but sends you flying backwards
                           most of the time.
    -Being Chased-
                 *Weaving*- This is the best defense mechanism as you can weave in and out of
                            on-coming traffic, poles and traffic in the same direction as you
                            do all that what you need to watch out for is not hitting anything 
                 *Close Tail #1*- When the police or enemy vehicle is giving you 'the push'
                                  just travel very close to a civilian car and turn harshly
                                  in front of it and the vehicle will most of the time hit it
                                  and then you can do normal weaving.
                 *Close Tail #2*- If the above did not work you can just place on the anchors
                                  and let him ram you if you lose control just do 'the attack'
                                  listed below or attempt to drive off but this is hard to do
                                  as the cops are quick off their feet.
                 *Cheat Method #1*- If you are getting chased by the cops drive in front of the 
                                    limo and let it hit you and the cop will hit the back of it 
                                    (hopefully) and you will be able to stay in line (limo takes 
                                    most of the impact)and the cop will hammer itself and the
                                    limo but you will be able to drive off with little damage
                                    (if you had lots of damage before it will not be as little
                                    but it will still not do much.
                                    Sometimes you will need to hit the cop after but you won't 
                                    need to do much coz he would have done most of it.
                                     **Only available in Vegas & Rio**
                 *Cheat Method #2*- When in Vegas drive up and air off of one of the walkways
                                    along the main strips, when you do this, most of the time
                                    the cop tries to follow you but they end up smashing into
                                    the sides of the ramp.
                                    Sometimes the cops manage to get across the ramp but they
                                    don't do this very often.
                                     **Only available in Vegas**
                                     **See File:10 Interesting Stuff**
                 *T-Bone Avoid*- Sometimes when you are speeding away a civilian vehicle will 
                                 pull out in front of you and be in position to be T-boned.
                                 In this situation I slide the car so that the front is facing 
                                 the same direction the other car is and hitting the car so that
                                 the middle section of my car is at the front or middle section
                                 of the other car.
                                 If hit at the front you will slide a bit more and be able to go
                                 on straight but if you hit it on the middle you will more than
                                 likely have to turn.
                                 Sometimes to help you continue straight on a left-hand turning
                                 vehicle there will be a car going in the opposite direction 
                                 stopped at the intersection you will need to just side swipe 
                                 him to continue, if you hit him head-on you are in line for the
                                 cop to hit you.
                 *Keeping the Tail*- I know that it sounds weird but if you are getting chased
                                     by the cops and you have a long drive ahead of you just
                                     drive slow enough to keep the cops there but fast enough
                                     to complete the mission, the reason for this is because you
                                     only have two cops chasing you at one time, so you don't
                                     need to worry about getting a head-on with another cop, all
                                     that you need to worry about is dodging the road-blocks.
                                     I decided to add this because people have posted this on
                                     lots of help threads, and it occurred to me that I did it
                                     constantly, and I wondered why I never added it before now.
                 *The Parked Car*- When you are Speeding away from the police and you have to
                                   stay on the road but you have a parked car in front of you
                                   and a car to your left, try to go for the gap, if you can't
                                   get the gap you will need to do the following.
                                   Swerve into the front right hand side of the moving vehicle,
                                   you should now swing into the rear left hand side of the
                                   parked vehicle, after you hit the parked car you will be able
                                   to drive off straight with little damage, sometimes you will
                                   hit hard and get a lot of damage, but in almost all cases you
                                   will not be that badly damaged.
                                   Also sometimes you will spin out of control either by
                                   hitting the parked car and spinning further along the road,
                                   if this happens you should be able to drive off safely
                                   because usually the cop will hit the cars harder than what
                                   you did.
                                   The other way of spinning out is by hitting the moving car
                                   too soon and then slamming into the rear end of the parked
                                   car, if this happens you will fly backwards and probably get
                                   slammed into by the cop(s) if you do get stuck in this, just
                                   use the attack method explained below, or try to drive off,
                                   but after this sort of incident you will be badly damaged.
    -Battle Royal-
                 *The Attack*- If you want to lose a tail easily just stop and hit them as
                               hard as possible, to do the most damage get into a head-on
                               collision with them.
                 *The Defend*- If you are in a slow moving push and shove battle then drive
                               away from the opponent and find a tree or wall that they can
                               hit you into this does damage to both you and your opponent but
                               if you had little damage to start with you will win the battle
                               and then you can jump out for another car.
               *The Pass*- Most roadblocks will have a part on both the left and right hand side
                           that you can just drive around the roadblock with, this is the
                           easiest way to avoid a roadblock.
               *The Barge*- This method is difficult to pull off without getting damage but it 
                            is the most fun to do at a roadblock, for this just aim for a gap 
                            between the front row of cars and barge your way through.
               *The Slow Avoid*- If you lose a police tail and you find a roadblock in front of
                                 you then you can slow right up and carefully drive through the
                                 middle of the cops, if there is room on the sides go that way,
                                 But be warned that if you hit a cop they will pursue you but if
                                 you miss them then you can drive off without any cops (no cops
                                 that will pursue you will be nearby, Depending on how long you
                                 take to pass the cops).
    /File 7:Step-By-Step Walkthrough\
       This is the Walkthrough, I have tried to make it as easy to understand as possible,
    if you still have problems go to the Driver 2 forum at www.neoseeker.com to get help from me
    and many other Driver 2 enthusiasts.
                **IMPORTANT NOTE**
                 This Walkthrough is 100% complete, and i will not be adding
                 any more extra helps to these missions at all,
                 Thanks to all that added help, but this FAQ is finished.
            *Surveillance Tip Off*- At the start you need to get into your car so just go over
                                    to the car with the red arrow above it and press triangle
                                    at the door.
                                    Once inside the car you will need to drive to where Jones
                                    car is, to find out where it is just pause and go to show
                                    map this will give you a dot on the map with a grey arrow
                                    as to where Jones is, use the map now to set out your 
                                    route to Jones.
                                    Once at Jones car come to a complete stop and jump out by
                                    pressing triangle and up, now run over to Jones car which
                                    has an arrow above it and press triangle to jump into 
                                    Jones car.
            *Chase The Witness*- All that you need to do for this mission is stay with the 
                                 suspect's car in front of you, you can go as close as you 
                                 like but don't get too far away or then you lose, but be 
                                 warned he is fast so a little mistake could cost the mission
                                 for you.
            *Train Pursuit*- For this mission you just need to follow the train like you did 
                             the monorail in Driver 1 just stay with it until it stops when it
                             does stop jump out by pressing triangle and up and run up the
                             platform on your left (if you stop in the direction of the train
                             line) now when you get to the platform you will just need to run
                             to the red arrow
            *Tailing The Drop*- For this one you need to follow the Brazilian who is making 
                                the drop you will need to be alert for this mission as you
                                cannot go too far away or too close or else you lose.
                                this is essentially an easy mission but you need to watch both
                                the proximity counter and also the direction the guy goes.
            *Escape To Safe House*- This is a medium difficulty mission you need to lose the 
                                    cops and get to your apartment with this one you can lose 
                                    the cops and steal another car with no damage and no 
                                    felony but trying to get there in the same car is a lot
                                    more fun and challenging
            *Chase The Intruder*- For this mission you will need to chase Jericho who busts
                                  into your apartment so when you start run over to the silver
                                  car and floor it after him (do not take the van as it is too
                                  slow) try not to crash as Jericho is a fast driver when you
                                  get to where he wants you the game will take over.
                                    -Extra Help-
                                There's a secret in the mission "Chase the Intruder" that my
                                father and I discovered.  You see, when you come out of the
                                parking lot of the safe house, instead of following the road,
                                cut through the little grassy area.
                                It'll take you right dab smack to Jericho, the man who punched
                                you in the face and stomped you one right in the mouth.
                                 **Submitted By: The Knight and The Dragoon**
            *Caine's Compound*- This mission is confusing at the start it seems as if there 
                                is no escape but it is easy, take either car and drive to the 
                                right and you will go past the end of the previous mission
                                turn left and then right inside the warehouse and turn right
                                follow along here dodging the few vans that show and when you 
                                get to the road keep going into the other warehouse area now 
                                turn left around the fence and take the first right between 
                                the two buildings and you will have to turn left into the
                                building as a van shows up once past him continue in the same
                                direction and you will come up to a warehouse that leads out
                                onto the main road take this and turn left follow this to the 
                                end and don't worry about the van you can slow him up by
                                weaving the poles at the end turn right into the building that
                                is parallel to the start and follow this through to the road 
                                and on through the other warehouse continue along here to the 
                                end and turn right into the last warehouse and turn left on
                                the road and jump the bridge, the game will now take over, and
                                you have done the maze.
                                  -Yergin's Notes-
                              You start in the top left section on the island, when you go
                              to escape you need to go south to the bottom left section of
                              the island when you make it at the south of the island you
                              can get onto the main road head north away from the van that
                              will give chase,
                              Drive north to the very top of the island, turning right at
                              the T when you turn right turn right again into the open
                              warehouse which will be the top right section of the island,
                              Now head south to the bottom right section of the island
                              when you go as far south as possible you can then drive
                              through the open warehouse onto the main road and turn left
                              onto the rising bridge,
                              The only bridge that rises is the south bridge all the others
                              stay up!!
                                  -Yergin's Extra Note-
                              Section 1
                              once in a car exit the warehouse turning right, turn right down the
                              gap between the fence and the warehouse, at the end of this turn
                              right, when you reach the end of the warehouse on the left do a 180
                              left into the warehouse, turn right and exit here turning right
                              again, go straight and weave between the buildings until you see a
                              warehouse, go through both doors so you exit now swing left around
                              the outside of this warehouse turn immediately right, drive straight
                              towards the gap ahead turn right into this warehouse before the van
                              pops out, go through here and turn left to exit, turn left and head
                              towards the grass, when you reach the grass angle right and go
                              through the gap at the end, on the other side turn right and turn
                              left through the warehouse onto the street,
                              Section 2
                              Go straight onto the other side and turn left around the fence and
                              turn right into the gap in the buildings, go along here and go left
                              into the warehouse before reaching the end of here, exit the
                              warehouse at the end by turning right, go straight ahead slowly
                              turning right, you should now see the gap ahead, go through this
                              and turn right followed by an immediate left into the warehouse,
                              turn left inside the warehouse and go towards the road, when coming
                              to the end of the warehouse be prepared for the left turn onto the
                              road and the pursuit by the yellow van,
                              Section 3
                              when you are being chased just weave between the poles, when you
                              start to get close to the end of this road try to have the van hit
                              a pole, if he doesn't don't worry just turn right anyway, turn
                              right into the warehouse and go along here straight, weave between
                              the first buildings and stay next to the fence, when you pass a
                              building go left slowly and you will see a warehouse in front of
                              you, go through it onto the road and across through the next
                              warehouse into the final quadrant, again as soon as you can go and
                              stay with the fence, when you see the blue dumpster turn left and
                              turn immediately right go around the next dumpster and into the
                              warehouse, exit the warehouse turning left and just jump the now
                              rising bridge, on the other side the game will take over.
                               **Originally Written For Someone Over E-Mail**
                                  -Extra Help-
                              Beat Caine's compound using that shortcut:
                              In mission 7 "Caine's compound", go to the avenue where the van
                              will start to pursue you, and make it push you through the wall
                              and the front/east side of the trucks that block the way.
                              When the van pushes you through, go to the place marked by a
                              flashing point in the map and the game will show the letter "Well
                              done. You made it".
                              But the mission is still not complete and the time is running! So
                              go back to the compound and enter the last hangar, then the game
                              will show the ending movie, put you at the south of the bridge
                              and show the letter "Well done, you escaped", and now the mission
                              is complete.
                              Another way: you can also first enter COMPLETELY that hangar, and
                              then the bridge will start to rise! So you must rush to the
                              flashing point / goal of the mission to complete the mission.
                               **Submitted By: Gabriel Pinzón**
                                  -Extra Help-
                              Beat Caine's compound without being pursued:
                              Cross Caine's compound until you are near to the yellow van
                              stopped at the south of the avenue, near the trucks.
                              To avoid alerting that yellow van, slow down when you are into the
                              hangar before the half-open avenue, avoid hitting any box or wall
                              when exiting the hangar and drive north slowly on the avenue until
                              you get some far away from the van.
                              When you get to the east side of the compound you can drive slowly
                              again when you are near the van at the other/west side of the
                              fence, until you are near the draw bridge, then you MUST run to
                              the bridge before it rises to complete the mission.
                               **Submitted By: Gabriel Pinzón**
            *Leaving Chicago*- Just go to the map and follow the best route to it as you see
                               fit the enemies are not too hard to lose and you can also take
                               new cars to complete this.
                                **Bug in mission See File:12 Bugs**
           *Follow The Lead*- This is another proximity bar mission just follow him and watch
                              the proximity bar and also his direction of driving, this
                              mission is very easy but very boring although do it when your
                              sleepy and you may have more fun.
           *Hijack The Truck*- This mission is hard and could have you throwing the controller
                               to do this mission just speed up to the truck using the burnout
                               button and damage him to about 75% when you have done it the
                               truck stops and you can take on the escort once he is out take
                               the truck and drive to the lock up.
                               Once at the lock up jump out of the truck and go to the left of 
                               the roller door and press triangle on the switch and then drive
                               the truck in, once inside jump out and close the door by 
                               pressing triangle on the inside button.
                                **5 Bugs in mission See File:12 Bugs**
           *Stop The Truck*- This is easier than the previous truck mission just get on the
                             side of him and tap his side until he is 75% damaged now jump in 
                             and drive it to the lock up,
                             The only difficulty with this mission is the bombs that the truck
                             drops behind it, just dodge these and you will be fine, however if
                             you hit them you will spin out and more than likely lose the
                              **Bug in mission See File:12 Bugs**
           *Find The Clue*- For this hard mission you will need to take out four cars in seven
                            minutes don't waste time and if you can take a head-on hit first
                            this will stuff up the enemy car and always steal a new car after
                            you jump out of the suspect vehicle.
                              -Extra Help-
                          Here's how you beat this mission: (Steps 1,2,3 are key)
                          1: Take off in the same direction that your car is facing.(Enter on
                             the passenger side in order to save a few seconds)
                          2: Make a Right at the third intersection. (It's a T-crossing) and
                             continue till you are forced to turn left. At the next opportunity,
                             turn right again and gun it.
                          3: You'll see now where he's heading and will be able to cut him off.
                             (Pause if you need to check your map and plan your turns)
                          4: Slam into him head on and if possible ram him into other cars,
                             walls etc. till he's dead
                          5: Hop in and out as quickly as possible and get a new car. (If you
                             can't find a new ride within 15 seconds I'd recommend you restart
                             rather than waste time and come up short at the end)
                          6: Repeat with cars 2,3,4 as you are now closer to the area where the
                             next ones are. The most important thing is to cut off their routes
                             and slam head on into them.
                          NOTE: The 1st car is the most important one to get in great time IMO.
                                When I beat this mission I had 1:17 left. The clue is in the
                                last car so get in and out as quickly as possible in order to
                                preserve precious seconds.
                                Finally, after a few tries you will know the patterns and routes
                                pretty well and should have no problems completing this stage.
                                 **Submitted By:Swiftshark, Regular on the Neo Forums**
                              -Yergin's Notes-
                          Damn mate you did a better job than me on this mission!!!, lucky
                          I ain't paying you coz you'd be fired for showing me up!! *LoL* just
                          kidding mate, thanks heaps for the submission!!.
           *Escape To Ferry*- This is an easy mission just take the car you are in and drive 
                              to the ferry and floor it to make the jump release the 
                              accelerator before the jump cause if you fall off you lose.
                               **2 Bugs in mission See File:12 Bugs**
           *To The Docks*- Go around to the tunnel and once you get to the other end pause it 
                           and chose your route it is easy as there is enough time to slow up
                           and you can also take other cars.
                            **2 Bugs in mission See File:12 Bugs**
           *Back To Jones*- Take the blue car behind you and floor it to where Jones is, there
                            are police in this mission so watch out for them when you reach 
                            Jones jump out and into his car.
           *Tail Jericho*- This is once again a proximity counter at the start do not move 
                           anywhere or else you get too close then follow him as you did the 
                           other ones but watch out as he turns down some busy back streets so
                           don't get stuck behind a civilian car, this one is harder than the
                           others and a good challenge compared to the other proximity 
           *Pursue Jericho*- Take the red car as it is fast and chase Jericho and crash him 
                             out when you do this just try to tap him on the straights and if 
                             you can get him stuck in a building for a sec to get a better hit
                             on him, once again Jericho is fast and this is a good mission as
                             you can take on somebody good.
           *Escape The Brazilians*- This is easy just drive to the freeway that is at the top 
                                    of the map and follow it to the lock up from before and
                                    jump out open the door drive in and then shut the door,
                                    the easiest way to lose the Brazilian drivers is to weave
                                    the poles and cars.
                          **Second CD Is Required At This Point**
          *Casino Getaway*- Get into the orange Mustang to your right and drive to the casino and 
                            pick up Caine's men and drive them to the safe house that is down 
                            the bottom of the map, when you arrive at the safe house just 
                            drive in there is no need to get out.
                             **Bug in mission See File:12 Bugs**
          *Beat The Train*- For this difficult mission drive the 4x4 truck along the left of 
                            the tracks you will need to go up the hill on the left as there is 
                            a wooden gate you need to crash through and head to the right and
                            get onto the tracks in front of the train,
                            once you reach the bridge you will need to jump out of the car and
                            get into the other car and drive off the bridge quickly and head to 
                            the left of the end of the bridge.
          *Car Bomb*- This mission is easy but the police make it difficult just go to the map 
                      and decide your route and follow it drop the car off and jump out and 
                      run through the pedestrian pathway in the middle of the two building's
                      once on the other side run to the arrow.
          *Car Bomb Getaway*- Very easy mission this one just run out and to the right and you 
                              will see a red mustang and a limo take the mustang and drive 
                              along the strips until you come to a left turn just past the 
                              lower strips and all you need to do is drive to the red arrow, 
                              see simple.
                              You have police in this mission but just use the normal evading
                               **See File:6 Tips and Hints**
          *Bank Job*- To complete this mission you need to firstly open the door of the garage
                      and take the mustang that is parked in the garage and drive to Jericho
                      who is in trouble at the bank, use the map and decide on a route and 
                      drive to him when you get close enough the game will take over and he
                      will jump into your car (from this point you cannot jump out and take
                      new cars).
                      now that Jericho is inside the car take a ride along the freeway and 
                      follow it until you come to the off-ramp that is on the bridge now just
                      look at your map and you will see where to go and go to it the police
                      will back off and you will need to drive down the alley way and into the
                      lock-up on your left.
                      when inside you need to jump out and press triangle on the switch on the
                      right of the door and shut it.
                       **Bug in mission See File:12 Bugs**
          *Steal The Ambulance*- This mission is like the hijack the truck mission for an easy
                                 pass at this just drive right across the dirt and in front of
                                 the ambulance and scrap it do not smash into it.
                                 Drive up along side it and tap the side and front of it, if 
                                 you do not take it out now you have a chance at the right 
                                 hand turn at the end of this road, by now you should have got
                                 him but if not it will be hard to catch him.
                                 the police car that follows him is the only escort in the 
                                 area so you have a clear ride to the lock up.
                                  **Bug in mission See File:12 Bugs**
          *Stake Out*- This is hard the police of Vegas have staked you out and you need to 
                       get Jones to the airport, just drive forward and onto the strips when
                       you gain control of the vehicle and follow that if you look at the map
                       you will see what route to go down after getting on the strips.
                       in this mission you cannot get out of your vehicle and when you get to
                       the airport you do not need to lose the tail.
                         -Extra Help-
                     I have been told that you do in fact need to lose the tail, my apologies
                     to anybody who was misled.
                      **Thanks to Kev for informing me**
          *Steal The Keys*- For this relatively easy mission just crash out the marked car and
                            once you've done that just jump out and climb into his car to 
                            collect the keys.
          *C4 Deal*- Take the car that is parked in the service station and drive the best 
                     route to the end (I went along the strips and turned down the road at the
                     start of take a ride) this mission is simple but the police may be a
                     problem if you get stuck.
          *Destroy The Yard*- After doing the deal take the red car and head out right the 
                              police will chase you so turn right at the end of the street
                              you now should be facing north now follow this until you get to 
                              the freeway, take a left onto the freeway and follow this and 
                              take a right off the freeway using the ramp on the bridge.
                              you should now be facing the ghost town drive up here using
                              the far right fence and taking shortcuts between buildings once
                              you reach your destination slow up ASAP and jump out run to the
                              arrow and press triangle run inside and press triangle on the 
                              three arrows as they show up.
                              Now Run out the door.
                                -Yergin's Notes-
                            When you are driving under the bridge that is part of the freeway
                            that you want to get onto just turn right onto the dirt area on
                            either side of the bridge to gain a great shortcut and save a heap
                            of time towards the end of the mission.
        *Bus Crush*- For this easy mission just take one of the cars that you can choose from
                     I take the yellow car because it is fast now just use the map and drive
                     to where the bus is.
                     when you get to the bus stop the car and jump out now run over and steal
                     the bus.
                     now drive the bus on the route of your choice and you will find that you
                     will need to fight on-coming traffic with the big-arsed bus now when you
                     reach the destination just reverse up and ram the 5 cars, each car takes
                     one good hit.
                     after that you will need to drive to the lock-up to do this just head
                     back down the road and follow the main road left and you will come to the
                     first right hand turn now take this road and you will find the lock-up
                     already open and on your left. 
        *Steal The Cop Car*- This mission is hard so be careful not to break the PSX for this
                             mission just look at the map and drive the best course possible
                             to it, when you reach it you will be at the impound yard and open
                             the door and turn left the cop car is there take it and drive up
                             the freeway and take the turn off closest to the end but instead
                             of driving down it swing 180° and drive off the on ramp and follow
                             this road as it is one row over from the end.
                             Also you cannot have a tail at the end of this mission which if
                             you get there and have a tail will annoy the crap out of you so
                             make sure you watch the cops.
                              **See File:8 Hidden areas**
        *Caine's Cash*- For this mission just drive the police car you got in the last mission
                        and turn left stop the limo that is coming up on the right hand side
                        road and jump out of the police car and take the limo.
                        Now drive the limo up to Vasquez's mansion by the main road that is 
                        straight ahead and left of where you take the limo when you reach the
                        end of this take a right and follow this and take the first left when
                        you arrive at the mansion you need to turn right and then left into
                        the front gates once you get to this part the game will take over the
                        driving for you.
                        After a short video sequence the limo will scream off and you will
                        gain control with one of Vasquez's guys tailing you so just use the
                        evade techniques and you just need to drive the limo forward one block
                        before turning left down the main road and return to the lock-up
                        eventually if you do lose the tail with the evade techniques the guy
                        will just back off and as long as time permits you can just slowly
                        drive into the lock-up.
                          -Yergin's Notes-
                      With this mission the rain and crap handling of the limo make it hard so
                      be careful when turning.
                       **See File:6 Tips and Hints**
        *Save Jones*- For this mission you need to wreck the green sedan so just run over the
                      road and steal the yellow car and watch the map in the corner to find
                      where he goes when you find the car just trash it the best way to trash
                      this guy is to slam his car into a building tree pole etc. because he
                      has a good damage tolerance and can take the light bumps and taps, the
                      good thing is though he follows the same line at the start but later you
                      can knock him off course.
                      when you trash his car the mission will be over and you would have saved
                      Jones from the hitman. 
        *Boat Jump*- To do this mission look at your map and you will see that you must get 
                     off the island that you are on so drive off it and turn right after the
                     jump in the road and follow this DO NOT TURN OFF IT as this leads right
                     to it.
                     when you get close the police will back off and you are free to turn 
                     right into the dock area and once here drive onto the boat via the pier
                     on the boats left park your car at the back and jump out.
                     Now place the three bombs and jump into your car and floor it off the end 
                     if you didn't waste too much time you can make the jump and have enough
                     time to watch it.
                      **Bug in mission See File:12 Bugs**
        *Jones In Trouble*- For this mission you will need to reverse the car and angle the
                            front to face out left and drive forward turn right at the very
                            next street and drive all the way down it until you come up to the
                            police impound yard turn left here and floor it up the freeway and
                            when you look at the map there is a long twisting road that leads
                            to it DO NOT TAKE THIS EXIT continue onto the next exit and take 
                            that one you will now come up to a left turn into an 'S' bend road
                            go along here and jump out of your car and run up to the red arrow
                            and the mission is complete.
        *Chase The Gunman*- This mission will have you screaming for blood of the creators of
                            this game, you need to jump into one of the cars and scrap the
                            man who attacked Jones, if you take the red car turn left onto the 
                            grass and then cut the corner right and get in front of him, once
                            in front slow up and let him tap you and when he is approx 80%
                            damaged just swing it sideways in front of him so he can't go 
                            anywhere but you.
                            The yellow car can keep up with him where as if you stuff up the
                            above with the red car you lose, the yellow car however faces the 
                            wrong way to where he goes.
                            Also I broke the D pad on my controller attempting this mission so
                            try to control anger because I didn't and now I'm $65 short of 
                            being able to play two player modes.
                              -Yergin's Notes-
                          Another Way of completing this mission is to let him damage himself!,
                          if he crashes into too much stuff by himself he will stop and be
                          smoldering on the side of the road, although his visible damage is
                          nil, his actual damage is wasted!!,
                          now just hit the stationary target until his visible damage is full,
                          mission complete without even breaking a sweat (or a controller!!).
                              -Extra Help-
                          I found an easy way to beat the Save Jones mission in Rio. When the
                          sedan finally comes to the end of the long curvy road along the water
                          and has to turn, just ram him really hard up against the side of the
                          building on the corner, and he will crash into the building and
                          His damage bar will shoot up and you will have beaten the mission.
                           **Submitted By: awright52**
                              -Extra Help-
                          In mission 35 "Chase the gun man", start pressing X+right to reach the
                          yellow car, and then press Triangle to get into that car. Reverse a
                          bit and then go for the gunman.
                          The yellow car is better than the red one and sometimes is easier to
                          stop the gunman by lateral scrapes on its car.
                           **Submitted By: Gabriel Pinzón**
                              -Extra Help-
                          I don't know if this will help or not, but for the walkthrough, the
                          mission Chase the Gunman, put to take the gold car. This is a must. You
                          can outrun the bad guy, and the gold car handles much better. When the
                          mission starts, hold the directional button right. Jump into the gold
                          car, slam it into reverse, then jam it into drive.
                          Keep the circle button held down until your wheels stop spinning. Also,
                          don't hit the gunman until you're out of the driveway-you'll bounce and
                          hit a tree, and once that happens, restart!.
                           **Submitted By: Kurt, Regular on the Neo Forums**
        *Lenny Escaping*- The first half of this mission is easy to drive to but the police make
                          the drive a real hassle so just use your normal driving techniques to
                          get to Jericho and make sure you have got enough time to turn down the
                          alleyway and jump out of your vehicle and into Jericho's.
                          Once you are with Jericho turn left out of the alley and left into the 
                          next street now look at the map and decide on your route and STICK TO
                          IT because the cops are out in force today and all they want is your
                          arse off the street.
                          When you reach the area with the cannon's just drive up the ramp and
                          you will see the chopper before the machine takes over.
        *Lenny Gets Caught*- This mission will test both your patience and your driving ability
                             you will need to stay in front of the chopper the whole time and 
                             after you do this mission a few times you will see that the chopper 
                             follows the exact same path and you can use this to find the one 
                             point near the start where the chopper turns and you can go 
                             straight and turn at the next street.
                             if you look at the map you will see a winding piece of road that
                             leads to nowhere this is where you will end up and you need to be
                             in front of the chopper at the start of these turns or you will
                             lose him, now as you drive past the grass and tree area on your 
                             right you will get a message saying 'the chopper is going down' 
                             this is the signal that you have won, now you just drive around the 
                             corner to the crashed chopper.
                             Also to add even more tension to this mission Vasquez' men are 
                             around to stop you getting Lenny, these guys will have you ripping
                             out your hair if they hit you on every attempt.
                               -Yergin's Notes-
                           I have since found out that you only have I think two of Vasquez's men
                           after you and as soon as you lose them both you won't have any more of
                           his men in the area to bother you.
       Now that you have ended the game you will be able to select all the cars in the game 
    including police, fire engines etc.
       With the selection of the police car you can now drive around with NO start up felony 
    also you will now be able to select director's cut in the view cutscenes menu which means 
    that you can view the FMV that you get when you load your game up complete from start to the
    /File 8:Hidden Areas\
       There are hidden areas in each city and below is a list of them from each city
            *Baseball Stadium*- At the top of the map is a place called wriglyville go up to
                                this area in take a ride and you will find a stadium, to open 
                                it go to the top left side of it and find the door that says
                                tickets and press triangle on it.
           *Fenced Off Area*- When you look at the map to the far left is a tunnel that has 
                              a road to the left of it that ends go to the tunnel and follow 
                              the road and you will come to a gate that is completely 
                              surrounded by a fence, to open it go right of the gate and go to
                              a bunch of trees where a box on a pole is now get out and press
                              triangle on it.
          *Construction Site*- At the bottom of the map is an airport go to the airport and 
                               head as far south as you can now take the far right road and 
                               head out north when you reach the end turn right and using R2
                               look right as you drive along here and you will see a gap 
                               between a building and a wall that has wood and witches hats
                               blocking it drive through the barricades and drive up the ramp
                               and jump into it.
          *Mansion*- When you look at the map you will see an area called poolside go to this
                     area and head to the far right road once you are on the far right road
                     head along it and take the third left and you should be on an 'S' bend
                     road follow this and you will see a mansion on your left hand side that
                     has white picket fences, it is also featured in the car bomb mission 
                     as Caine's mansion.
                     When you get to the mansion you can go to the right of the garage door
                     and press triangle on the switch to open it (there is also a set of 
                     chairs and a table in here), outside of the garage you can go up to the 
                     front door and press triangle in the middle of it and you will ring the
          *Hidden Garage #1*- At the end of the first mission you come up to a garage that you do 
                              not need to jump out and open manually, well in take a ride you
                              can open it using the switch on the left hand side of the roller
                              door (unfortunately the police will see you if you are hiding
                              inside garages so keep the door open).
          *Hidden Garage #2*- Turn right at the start and head along the strips, continue
                              through the lights and turn left onto the side street, follow this
                              through the two right-hand turns, turn left at the second block of
                              buildings, on your right is the lock-up, open the door using the
                              switch on the left side of the door.
        *Race Track*- When you start in take a ride go to the map and look to the left of the 
                      map and you will see a race track go over to this and you will see the 
                      gates with three trees on either sides to open the race track go across
                      the road and turn right and follow the footpath when you come to the end
                      of the building turn left and there will be a switch like the one for
                      the fenced off area in Havana.
        *Police Impound Yard*- From the start turn around and get onto the freeway that is 
                               four blocks away and take a right follow the freeway until you 
                               get to the next populated area after a very curvy part of road 
                               when you reach this turn left and you will see a building with
                               barbed wire around the top go to this and you will see a door
                               press triangle to open it and you can go inside then turn right
                               and you will see a garage door with a red button on the left
                               hand side, use the red button to get vehicle access.
                               if you put cars in the garage and shut the doors and you move
                               too far away from it the cars will disappear.
    /File 9:Secrets\
       There are many secrets that are in driver 2 but there are only a few that you can get
    without completing the whole game
                **IMPORTANT NOTE**
                 This is a list of ALL of the secrets that are in the game.
            *Black & Yellow Buick*- Go to the baseball stadium and enter it as explained above
                                    now once inside go left and jump out of your vehicle and 
                                    go up the ramp at the top of the ramp turn right and 
                                    follow it down underneath the stands when you reach the 
                                    end just turn right and your prize will be there, now just
                                    jump in and drive.
           *Pink & White Mini*- Go to the fenced off area as explained above but when you get
                                access drive down the road and follow it underground, once
                                underground go to the end and turn right then a quick left,
                                follow this until you come to a big room.
                                Once at the big room go left and then go right following the
                                path and you will see a gap in the wall on the left hand side
                                go down this and you will come to a room with the mini on a 
                                raised platform now go to the back of the room and press 
                                triangle on the switch now the mini will lower now jump into 
                                the mini and you will be raised to the ground.
                                  -Extra Help-
                              Go to the secret area in Havana and kept driving around. Suddenly
                              I found something useful to get the secret car, Instead of going
                              inside the tunnel, go around it and keep driving forward, going
                              away from the tunnel, You will see a hole on the grass,
                              This is the place where the platform will rise, Get out of your
                              car, go to it and walk backwards to it, You will fall inside the
                              tunnel on to the platform where the secret car is, Press Triangle
                              on the switch, The platform will now go down, Get into the car and
                              wait, The platform will automatically rise,
                              Do this instead of going through the confusing tunnel, This is a
                              cool and useful thing to do.
                               **Submitted By: Driver2GP, Regular on the Neo Forums**
          *Blue 4x4*- Head down towards the airport and you will see two roads that lead to it
                      go in between these two roads and you will see a wooden fence and another 
                      area that open to the right of the fence head into the open area and 
                      turn left as soon as you get inside the fence and you will see a switch
                      just press triangle on it and the other gate will open go in that area
                      and the truck is behind the building.
          *Invincibility*- Head along to the mid-strip area where it meets with tropicana road
                           once you reach this point head north and look to the right when you 
                           reach a sign saying 'bingo' go tot left of this sign and you will
                           be at the store front where a switch is press triangle for the 
        *Semi-Truck*- Go to the very top of the map where there is a bump in the road when you 
                      reach this you will see a building next to a fancy looking gate head to 
                      the right of this gate and you will find a switch press triangle and it
                      will open the gate.
                      Go inside this area and head as far right as you can and follow along 
                      here you will find the truck behind a building.
        *Immunity*- Go to the police impound and when you reach it you will see the impound
                    with barbed wire around the top go to the right of this and you will come
                    to a building opposite the impounds car door now you will see three doors
                    on this building go to the far left one that is on the corner and press
                    triangle on it.
                     **How to get to the impound See File:8 Hidden Areas**
        *Race Track*- Go to the above race track and when you drive in you will get a message
                      saying 'you have unlocked a secret game' go to the secrets menu to 
                      access this game.
                      You cannot do this game within the take a ride for some unknown reason
                      and when inside the track you cannot access the rest of Rio so you will
                      have to keep these separate.
        *Mountain Pass*- Look at your map and you will see a place called Santa Teresa and you
                         will see a curved road to the left of it on the other side of the 
                         highway now go to this curved road and you will need to go along the
                         left hand side road and it will lead you to a mountain road before 
                         the mountain area however is a white fence on either side go to the
                         start of this and look right next to the fence is the switch jump out
                         and press triangle on it.
                         If done properly your car will face west and when you face the switch
                         you will be facing north.
    /File 10:Interesting Stuff\
       This is a list of things you can look at that aren't secret areas or things that unlock
    something, these are all very useless but it gives you something to do if you're bored.
       If you find something along the lines of what is below go to the Driver 2 forum at 
    www.neoseeker.com and tell us all about it.
    -All Levels-
               *Take A Seat*- Go up to a seat and press triangle and nothing else and you will
                              sit down this is best used on the picnic sort of tables and you
                              can give Tanner friends if you sit down at a table with people
                              at it.
                              Tanner will head forward a long way and sit down if you press up
                              and if you sit on the long benches he will sit down sideways on
                              the seat.
               *Long Burnout*- Hold down both the burnout and Brake/Reverse buttons to burnout 
                               and drag along the ground, you can do this for as long as you 
                               like and you can spin the car from side to side (little of 
                               course) and then just release the Brake/Reverse button to burnout
                               Perfect for a Drag race in two player mode, maybe in Driver 3 
                               you can have a drag race in multiplayer or possibly even a 
                               mission, hmm.
               *Quick Stop*- While driving along sometimes you will need to brake hard and stop
                             fast, but using the handbrake takes too long and the Brake/Reverse
                             sometimes makes you go in reverse!!,
                             In order to stop quick press both the handbrake and the 
                             Brake/Reverse button together to stop quickly, you will also stop
                             just as fast by using the burnout and  button.
               *Cars With Music*- Choose Take a ride in any city, pause the game, put the "music
                                  volume" to zero and later when driving you will hear a sort of
                                  dance music in some cars. No matter how much you crash them,
                                  the music will keep sounding, but when you take them, that
                                  music will turn off. The volume of the music is the lowest in
                                  Havana (it's hard to listen) and the loudest in Rio (that Rio
                                  drums are the same that sound in the "Director's cut"
                                  cutscene, at the beginning of the game).
                                   **Submitted & Named By: Gabriel Pinzón**
               *Take A Ride Only Cars*- The fourth cars of Chicago (van), Havana (pick-up truck)
                                        and Rio (recent pick-up truck) and the second car of
                                        Vegas (blue half-spoilt car) from the Take a ride menu
                                        "Choose a car" only can be driven and found in their
                                        respective cities if you choose them from that menu,
                                        and they will not appear in the cities if you choose
                                        any other car to drive.
                                         **Submitted By: Gabriel Pinzón**
                                         **Named By: Yergin**
            *Jump*- When one of the many drawbridges around the city are raising or lowering 
                    just drive the car at top speed to get a huge burst of air if you get it at
                    the exact right second you can lose a tail by the bridge rising too high
                    but in a lot of cases the cop re-appears on your side of the bridge but he
                    is badly damaged.
            *Caine's Compound*- Return to Caine's Compound in 'take a ride' to have a complete
                                area with NO cops and NO other vehicles which means you can just 
                                use it as a drag strip or a burnout centre but whatever you do
                                no felony will show up, just damage if you hit something along 
                                the way.
            *Thirsty?*- Drive to Wicker Park, once there drive south towards the Ukraine Village
                        underneath the train tracks, when you are driving along the long block
                        keep your eyes to the right (not the camera view), when you see a big
                        grassy area look to the right at the building that is the first building
                        next to the train line, you should see a Mountain Dew sign on the side
                        of it.
            *Navy Pier Part1*- Drive to the Navy Pier marked on the map, once there you will see
                               a few cool things to muck about on, the main thing to play with
                               is the ramp on the North side, heading east along the north road
                               you can drive up the ramp and air off the other side, fun to use
                               not much use in police pursuits because even if you lose the cops
                               you can't drive out of there.
                                **To view the second part of this See File:12 Bugs**
            *Freeway Jump*- Go to the only straight exit marked on the map (South-East of the
                            Ukraine Village), when you are driving along the freeway, head up
                            the off-ramp and jump to the on-ramp opposite it.
            *Drive On The Subway Train Way*- The plain bridges at the west of the Grant Park 
                                             (in Chicago) pass over a kind of subway train way 
                                             going north and south. With a lot of felony you
                                             can go down to drive on it by making the police 
                                             chase you, so you must go to one of that bridges 
                                             and park parallel to a border to make the cops 
                                             crash you until you fall on the train way. Then you
                                             can drive on that way until you come to any of its 
                                             ends where you will fall off to the "abyss" and the
                                             game will be over.
                                              **Submitted & Named By: Gabriel Pinzón**
                                               -Yergin's Notes-
                                           Very hard to pull off the first time I got down was
                                           on my roof but I managed to get there on my second
                                           shot, BUT, your best place to go to is one block
                                           ahead from the start and on the right hand side of
                                           the road.
                                               -Extra Help-
                                           "Drive on the Subway Train Way" was a cool thing to
                                           try. I got it on the second try. 
                                           The key is to get two coppers to chase you.
                                            **Submitted By: Swiftshark, Regular on the Neo Forums**
            *Red River Bar*- I found this one day when I first got the game but I never saw it
                             again, until I looked at the Neoseeker Forum, these are the
                             instructions on how to get there,
                              ##I found the Red River Bar in Chicago. Its one block south
                                west of Wrigley field on the Southern side of the buildings.##
                                 **Submitted By: Tim Enchanter, Unwashed Heathen (Guest) on the
                                   Neo forums**
                                 **Named By: Infogrames**
                                  * Best Viewed At Night *
            *Jones' Black Car*- To get his car you must go to Chicago and set the time to day, 
                                not night. When it asks to choose your car, press next 
                                twenty-one (21) times then press select. By the time you start,
                                you should have Jones' black car.
                                 **Submitted By: My Friend**
                                 **Named By: Web Site**
            *D is for Diesel*- The FMV sequence at the end of "tailing the drop" has a little
                               bit of advertising to see (much like the mountain dew or
                               yahoo.com ones).
                               On the side of the boxes that can be seen, there is the logo for
                               Diesel, ie. the "D".
                                **Submitted By: Nathan**
                                **Named By: Yergin**
            *Crossable Trainway*- Turn on the cheat Invincibility and play Survival in Chicago.
                                  Go to a trainway and try to make the police hit you so strong
                                  that the front or the rear of your car crosses the trainway.
                                    ##THIS IS PART 1 OF A TWO PARTER##
                                   **Submitted & Named By: Gabriel Pinzón**
            *Flying Train*- That crossing will prove that the train really flies in the air. Go
                            to the south end of the trainway in Ukranian Village and make the
                            police pushes you through the wall below the trainway, there you can
                            see the train flying at the south of the trainway.
                              ##THIS IS PART 2 OF A TWO PARTER##
                             **Submitted & Named By: Gabriel Pinzón**
            *Flipping Odd!!*- In Chicago, I got into a chase on the highway and I slammed the
                              police car that was following me against the wall, causing him to
                              flip on his hood. From there, I pushed him down the off-ramp and
                              under the highway when I was directly under the highway I pushed
                              the police car into the wall and it somehow ended back up on the
                               **Submitted By: Bejiittenkusu**
                               **Named By: Yergin**
            *Chicago Flubs!*- In chicago if you have a look at the south-east corner of the
                              stadium you will see on the billboard above the entrance that it
                              says "Chicago Clubs" when it should read "Chicago Cubs"
                               **Submitted By: Viper_4411, Regular on the Neo Forums**
                               **Named By: Yergin**
                                -Yergin's Notes-
                            I think that the reason behind why this was named the Chicago Clubs
                            instead of Cubs is because they didn't have the rights to have the
                            Cubs written on there?!,
                            I'm not sure probably wrong but it is just a theory!!
            *XXX*- I was driving around and in Greektown on the bottom right box if you
                   look to your right driving down the road you will see a "Male and female
                   XXX dancers". I was thinking how funny it was because you had a fake
                   nudie bar in Vegas, LMAO.
                    **Submitted & Named By: Viper_4411, Regular on the Neo Forums**
                     -Yergin's Notes-
                 There is actually about 7 XXX dance places around this immediate area
                 and there may be more around the rest of chicago!!!.
           *Bastille*- If you look at the map you will see an island that is only accessible via
                       an underground tunnel, at the north of this island is a road that leads
                       to an old fort with cannons and all.
                       when you reach the fort you can do a lot of fun stuff like drive off the 
                       wall and land on 1 of two rooftops I have made it to the second one with
                       a bus (by fluke) and a normal car (again by fluke) by like I said at the 
                       start with driver you need skill and luck.
           *Mansion*- Get onto the main highway at the north of the map, heading east (away from
                      tunnel) just past the VEDADO part marked on the map you will pass a grassy
                      area once you have passed two blocks of grass you will see a building with
                      a ramp on it's right hand side, turn right and head up the ramp, you are
                      now at the hilltop mansion, now for fun head to the back of the mansion
                      (towards the main road) and jump off the top down to the road below, try
                      placing some cars down there for an 'Evil Kninevil'.
           *Floating Cars*- Drive to the Ferry in west Havana, once there back up then floor the
                            car towards the ferry, when the car fly up in the air and you are
                            still over the ferry, press triangle and up to jump out of the car,
                            if done properly you will land on the ferry and the car will fly off
                            into the water.
                            Now walk up to the end of the ferry and look into the water, you 
                            will now see the car floating/swimming at the bottom of the ocean!!
           *Tunnel Jump*- Go to the tunnel entrance that goes to the island off the north of the
                          map, now head around to rear of the tunnel entrance, you should now
                          see a grassy area with a statue in the middle.
                          Now just take a flying leap off the end and you will fly down to the
                          road that leads to the tunnel, for extra fun try to spin the car 
                          around to land 180º and be facing the tunnel itself, if you manage to
                          be going fast enough you can land facing the tunnel and the pursuing
                          cop will fly off facing the other direction.
           *Mini Mono*- When you have unlocked the Mini Cooper, drive it up to the corner of a
                        building now using the burnout button drive up the wall, now using the 
                        left and right keys try to drive off down the road, you can now drive
                        off on your rear wheels.
                        this cannot be done with any other car in the game.
                         **How to get the Mini Cooper See File:9 Secrets**
           *Tanner@yahoo.com?*- From the start turn around, now drive along and take the first
                                right, now continue past the first street and look along the
                                right-hand side wall, when you see a gap in the wall stop and
                                have a look at the right-hand side of the gap in the wall, you
                                will now see a Yahoo Games sign.
                                 **Submitted By: Gabriel Pinzón**
                                 **Named By Yergin**
           *Cut Through The Forest*- Drive to the island with the Fort. As soon as you exit the
                                     tunnel drive around the island until you find a Puerto Rican
                                     flag-sign on the side of the road.
                                     Opposite in the trees is a small path through the trees
                                     that brings you to the other side.
                                     It's pretty cool.
                                      **Submitted & Named By Swiftshark, Regular on the Neo Forums**
                                       -Yergin's Notes-
                                   There is actually two cut throughs the one that I believe
                                   you are referring to is very narrow while in approximately
                                   the middle of this area is a wider area to cut through in!,
                                   which makes it easier in some ways for escaping the police.
           *Big Pick-Up Truck*- To make the Big pick-up truck appears in Take a ride mode, go to
                                the Docks and drive from east to west, if it still not appear in
                                the second crossroad, turn right there (north) and then turn
                                left (west), so that truck surely will appear and you can steal
                                 **Submitted & Named By: Gabriel Pinzón**
          *Thirsty?*- Go to the bottom of the map and where the garage is (explained above)
                      and cross the grass over the road from the garage and you will see a
                      building that has a Mountain Dew sign on it
          *High Roller*- When you are driving down the main strips have a look at the sides of
                         the road, you should see walkways that go over the road, now take any
                         vehicle (except the limo, explained below), and drive as fast as 
                         possible over the ramp leading up the walkway, you will now jump off
                         the end of the ramp and go flying through the air, you will now come
                         crashing down to earth with a huge smash and sparks flying, you get no
                         damage from doing this.
                         Sometimes you will land on top of another car and damage yourself, but
                         you will do more damage to them, plus it's fun seeing them get hammered
                         sometimes they disappear underground for a while but they always seem
                         to come back to earth.
                           -Yergin's Notes-
                       This Hint is very useful to lose a tail.
                        **Limo Bug See File:12 Bugs**
                        **Losing Tail Help See File:6 Tips and Hints**
          *Statue of Liberty*- Maybe they felt guilty about leaving it out of New York in 
                               Driver 1 but here you can see a glowing green statue (smaller
                               than real life though.
                               it is on the NW corner of the strips and Tropicana roads easy
                               to find and not all that exciting to look at.
                                * Best Viewed At Night *
          *The Sphinx*- If you go to the map you will see 'Lower Strips' head to this word on 
                        the map and facing north look to your left and you will see it next to
                        a pack of tables and chairs.
                         * Best Viewed At Night *
          *Tanner@yahoo.com?*- Going north of the mid strip to the upper strip you will come 
                               to a bend in the road that has two main roads to the right off
                               it, now take the first right and look to your left you will now
                               see a Yahoo.com sign.
                                **Submitted By: Sandman687**
                                **Named By: Yergin**
                                 -Extra Help-
                             The Yahoo.com sign in Las Vegas is actually a "Yahoo! Games" advice
                             and it's in the southern side of a mall between the Upper and Mid
                             Strips. But there are two more Yahoo! Games ads in the west face
                             of that mall.
                              **Submitted By: Gabriel Pinzón**
          *"Hungry? Why wait?"*- Go to Las Vegas in Take a Ride mode and you will constantly see
                                 misspelt "Denny's" signs wherever you go
                                  **Submitted & Named By: Kirkmeister**
          *Blazer SUV*- In Take a ride mode go to the Lower Strip through "The Strip" avenue
                        (the one that crosses Upper, Mid and Lower Strips) until it ends, then
                        go around Lower Strip until you can see a Blazer truck.
                         **Submitted & Named By: Gabriel Pinzón**
          *Cargo Truck*- Go to North Vegas (the old houses area) and then take the highway to
                         the south heading the Downtown, a cargo truck will soon appear in the
                         highway and then more of them will appear in North Vegas if you get
                         back to there.
                          **Submitted & Named By: Gabriel Pinzón**
          *Brooklyn Bridge*- In Vegas, there is a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge next to the Statue
                             of Liberty.
                              **Submitted & Named By: David Rice**
          *Welcome to Paris!*- I found the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc De Triumphe in Vegas (they're
                                **Submitted & Named By: David Rice**
          *Disney Land*- In vegas, I found a castle across from the Statue of Liberty that looked
                         like the Disney castle from Disneyland
                          **Submitted & Named By: David Rice**
          *SUBstitute*- Go to take a ride and go to the Downtown area. Look around and you'll find
                        Bimpie signs(the subs & and salads place). Only this time it says "Gimpie".
                         **Submitted By: Kirkmeister**
                         **Named By: Yergin**
        *Monkey Beach* Take a ride in Rio and make the first left and follow the coast heading 
                       north. Pass "Copacabana" and keep going along the outermost road. You 
                       will pass the residential island called "Irca" or "Inca" - Keep going. 
                       Now, make the first right after the long stretch of buildings and you'll 
                       find yourself on the road that has bushes on both sides. Look for the one
                       building with the fence around it (The building is yellowish and about 3 
                       or 4 stories high) Right after that you will finally see the beach again. 
                       As soon as you see it hit a hard right and you should see the hidden 
                       I would recommend the invincibility cheat as you have to cross some water
                       to get there. 
                       (It is at the lower corner of Flamengo Bay where 
                        the two curved roads meet)
                         **Submitted & Named By: Swiftshark, Regular on the Neo Forums**
        *A Mirage In The Cop Car*- when you get into a police car, or are behind one, look in 
                                   closely through the rear windshield and you will the
                                   silhouettes of three policemen in the car.
                                    **Submitted & Named By: Johan**
    /File 11:Rumours\
       This section is here to stop any of the Spam that has been started by people that have
    waaaay too much time on their hands, these are a quick list of them so far, if you get more
    send them in.
       If you are new to this game please read this section very carefully so that you don't
    fall into the trap that a lot of people have fallen in before you!.
                **IMPORTANT NOTE**
                 IN AND IT WILL BE ADDED,
       For the following this is the set-up:
                X  = X
                O  = Circle
                /\ = Triangle
                [] = Square
                >  = Start
                S  = Select
                U  = Up
                D  = Down
                L  = Left
                R  = Right
                L1 = L1
                L2 = L2
                R1 = R1
                R2 = R2
                AS = Analog Stick(s)
       I may not use all of the above but I believe that I should list all possibilities, Well
    read on and have a good laugh!!.
    -All Cities-
               *Trans Am*- This was never actually a rumour but more misleading advertisement,
                           the Trans Am was advertised as being in the game but due to extensive
                           research by myself and others at the neo forum we found that the
                           Trans Am was in fact not in the game at all.
                           I added this to the -All Cities- tab because we never got told the
                           city that it might have been in.
                            **Reason**- This was just a case of being shown something we
                                        couldn't get, we had it in Driver 1 with the yellow &
                                        black Buick from the stadium being shown on the back
                                        cover of the Driver 1 game, but it wasn't in the game,
                                        maybe they replaced the Trans Am with the buick to make
                                        up for not giving us the buick in Driver 1, either way
                                        I would have preferred the Trans Am, to read more about
                                        this topic and even see a photo of the Trans Am, copy
                                        the link at the bottom of this FAQ, Thanx must go to 
                                        all that helped out with the finding of the Trans Am.
                                         **See File 17:Acknowledgments**
            *Guns*- This is the oldest one, the instructions are to go across from the stadium
                    that you find the secret car in, and then press /\ on an emergency fire
                    escape ladder, I can't remember the rest but it goes along those lines.
                     **Reason**- The reason that this lie came out was because people saw
                                 Tanners shadow that looks like he's carrying some guns, this
                                 is also why people believed the lie!.
            *Trains*- The trains was a good little joke, I even had a look myself before I 
                      started writing this FAQ, the spam was walk up onto any platform then
                      press /\ when the train comes in.
                       **Reason**- This one I think came about because of the Grand Theft Auto
                                   series, because you can jump on and off the trains in that.
            *Planes*- The planes confused a lot of people, I never had an interest to fly one,
                      the lie was press a lever or panel at the control tower then, jump into
                      one of the planes, some amateur liars posted just pressing /\ at the side
                      of one of the planes.
                       **Reason**- Fairly obvious, They were there, it's easy to fool someone
                                   when they can see half of the lie. 
            *Jones Black Car*- This one was fairly boring, press next 21 times *YAWN* no wonder
                               it took me so long to actually try it out.
                                **Reason**- someone with too much time on their hands, but I
                                            don't ever remember seeing Jones in a black car??.
            *Odd-World*- This Bug I can't get to work, I have tried to get it to work but so far
                          **Reason**- I think that this was a one time event that may or may
                                      not ever happen again, if you get it to work, drop me a
                                      line or come and visit me at the neo forum using the
                                      link at the bottom of this FAQ.
                                       **See File 17:Acknowledgments**
                                     -Odd-World Confirmed!!-
                                    Hey, good job on your faq, I just needed to tell you that the
                                    Odd-World bug is true, but it is entirely random. I got it to
                                    happen in Chicago, I was just driving when all of a sudden, I
                                    saw cars sinking into the ground. I decided to see what was
                                    going on,
                                    So I drove into it and my car ended up in the air, started
                                    flipping around wildly, and the damage bar filled up all the
                                    way. That's about it.
                                     **Confirmed by: WazzupGenius90**
            *7 Secret Cars*- This was just aimed at those new to the game and only had Chicago
                             unlocked, to get these you needed to go to the Ukraine Village and
                             look for a building with 3 doors!!, after you find it open one of
                             the doors and you will have them.
                              **Reason**- Just gives the new people hope of new cars to hoon
                                          about in, but if you read it, all that you get is a
                                          building with 3 doors!! all the buildings have 3
                                          doors, and also how are you meant to get out with
                                          these new cars!!
            *Schoolbus Speeding*- This was just a bad case of wishful thinking and because
                                  people know how slow the buses are they can easily believe
                                  this, the cheat was that you could go as fast as wanted in
                                  the bus without being chased.
                                   **Reason**- Wishful Thinking, but maybe this person was
                                               speeding past a cop but wasn't going fast
                                               enough to be chased!!.
            *CARvertible*- go to where the Navy Pier is. When you get to the long, straight-away
                           road, get out of your car, and run to where the road turns into an oval.
                           When you get there, run around that oval road 4 times. Then run back to
                           your car, and it will have turned into a Convertible, way better than
                           the one in Wrigley Stadium.
                            **Reason**- Just another lonely repressed person trying to confuse some
                                        poor bugger into thinking that there is yet another secret
                                        car in the game!, sorry to say but there ain't!!!
                                         **Submitted By: David Rice**
                                         **Renamed By: Yergin**
           *Tank*- The tank I'm not sure how you were meant to get this, but I heard that once
                   you got it you could drive round in it, move the turret with the AS and even
                   fire by pressing in the AS.
                    **Reason**- The person saw the tank up on the pedestal then thought I want
                                that, I find this one the funniest because I remember trying
                                to get the tank, I didn't get it and knew that it wasn't
          *Strip Joint*- This person needs to get their hand off it long enough to play the
                         game, the person who thought of this is obviously a regular sperm
                         donor down at the local nudie bar!!, anyway the way you were meant to
                         get this was by going up to the airport and finding a man in black,
                         after you find him he gives you two tickets to the strip joint around
                         the corner, also to cover themselves, they write, the man in black is
                         not always there!!, of course he isn't!!!
                          **Reason**- Sexually deprived young Teenager (need I say more?)
          *18 Wheeler*- In the Secret Construction Site there are two 18 wheelers that are sitting
                        on top of the two towers on either side of the entrance, i don't ever
                        remember hearing of a way to get these but alot asked!!.
                         **Reason**- Truckers kid wanting to haul ass like dad does (or mum, we live
                                     in an equal opportunity country both here in Oztraylya and over
                                     there in America), however it looks like we have to wait for
                                     Driver 3 before we drive this beast on the road.
          *Casino time!*- Go to the area with all the yellow mailboxes, get out of your car, and
                          look for a bloke in a dark suit. press triangle on him and the display
                          will say "you unlocked a secret game".
                          After that, get back in your car, drive to the hotel, a secret door
                          should now be open and now get out of your car and go in. you will be
                          able to play the slot machines, video poker, roulette tables.
                           **Reason**- Gambling addict who is probably used to dealing with strange
                                       blokes in black suits, wishful thinking that he could have a
                                       way to gamble without losing!.
                                        **Submitted & Named By: David Rice**
        *Helicopter*- This one was fairly in-depth, the way you obtained this helicopter was by
                      pressing /\ on the button to get the Mountain Pass track, after you
                      pressed that you then had to race quickly down to the fort where you see
                      the helicopter in the final missions, if you got there in time you got
                      the helicopter to fly around in, but if you were too slow you missed out
                      on getting a fly, of course this was intended to make you go nuts trying
                      to get there in time.
                       **Reason**- Saw the Planes joke then decided to take it even further,
                                   well thought up, easily confused many people.
        *London*- This one got many people, I had to check out the validity of it to get a good
                  idea of what to tell people, the way I checked it was by putting the first CD
                  into my PC then looking at the files on it, and guess what NO LONDON, the
                  scam itself was pretty poor, walk up to a man dressed in black (he's Baaaack)
                  then press a button next to him, after that run back to your car and drive
                  off, once you outrun the man you will get two tickets to London and you will
                  have it unlocked in the cheats menu.
                   **Reason**- Wanted to give people the hope of playing another level, maybe
                               even play on the fact of 37 missions instead of 40, either way,
                               you can't walk anywhere near someone without them running
        *Dune Buggy*- This was a stupid little bit of spam, to get the dune buggy you needed to
                      go to Rio and get into the first red car you saw (without a black roof)
                      and then Hop in, hop out, then hop in again, pause hold l1, then press x,
                      x, x, square, triangle, up, down, left, up, square, triangle, x, triangle,
                      circle, x, triangle, circle.
                       **Reason**- Give the idea of another car being in the game!!, as I said
                                   though very stupid!!!.
        *Rio Train*- This person got confused when they thought of this!!, this is what they
                     If you drive north in Rio, you can drive a train. if you go far enough
                     north, find the train. get out of your car and go back to the streets. if
                     you molest the first person you see he will say "Rape, Rape" or "Ahh you
                     !@%$# pervert!" if he does so run back to the train get in and you'll get
                     to drive it!.
                      **Reason**- Some dopey idiot got confused while pulling too hard and came
                                  up with the idea of this, Now the only way to get to a train
                                  is to watch them in Chicago, drown in one in Vegas, or by
                                  using 'The Trick' to get into the area in Rio!!.
                                   **How to do 'The Trick' See File:13 The Glitch Report**
        *Boosters*- This was a bit stupid, why would there be boosters for the cars in this
                    game, to get the boosters you needed to Pause in Rio and press R1(x2),
                    R2(x4), O, /\(x2), X. Now exit and go to options, then gameplay and finally
                    go to secret, click on boosters and turn them on.
                    Go back to Rio, pick a car and now have boosters, which are activated with
                    the select button.
                     **Reason**- Probably got sick of going so slow and wanted to speed the
                                 cars up!.
    -False Cheats-
                 *Unflipping The Car*- This cheat was meant to get your car back on it's wheels
                                       after you have flipped it onto it's roof,
                                        The code- Press O and L + R alternately.
                 *Undercover Level Skip*- This cheat is meant to get peoples hopes up, sorry to
                                          say, ain't gonna happen!!
                                           The code- Press: L2, R1, X, O, R2, L1.
                 *Get Guns*- The old one again only this time you need a code for it, it plays
                             on the fact of pause menu cheats, also on Tanners shadow.
                              The code- When you are in Havana pause the game and press the
                                        following codes: L2x2, R1, R2, L1x2, X, O. Then go out
                                        of the menu screen, press L2 and that will draw the
                                        guns. Then press O to shoot. You have to be out of the
                 *Unlock Everything*- This one was just a lie to get people confused, the code
                                      made you press a few buttons when you finished the whole
                                      game, of course even if you didn't press these you would
                                      get everything
                                       The code- When you beat the game, wait for the system
                                                 to load back to the main menu.
                                                 While it is loading, hold L1+L2+O+[].
                 *Full Cheats Menu*- This was just a lame attempt to confuse new people to the
                                      The code- From the Main Menu press the following
                                                sequence 10 times: 0+L1+R2+/\+L1+[]. Now press
                                                L1, go to Chicago and press R1+R2 together.
                 *Get All Weapons*- Again the guns only another way to get them!!, and if
                                    anybody was dumb enough to do this they deserve to get
                                    nothing for their trouble!!.
                                     The code- Complete the game 10 times on hard and then
                                               press and hold 0+L2+L1+R2+x.
                **IMPORTANT NOTE**
                 IN AND IT WILL BE ADDED,
    /File 12:Bugs\
       There is bound to be a lot of bugs in the game so if you find one go to the Driver 2 forum
    and tell us all about it,
       All of the below bugs were tested by me and have been proven/disproven, the ones that have
    been disproven have gone through to the Rumours file so if you want to know more about one of
    the disproven bugs go there,
       The disproven bugs have a listing for the rumours section under it, so if it says nothing
    underneath it then it has been proven and works.
    -Main Menu-
              *Free Cutscenes*- When you unlock a new city you can view all of the cutscenes by
                                clicking on previous when you do so the picture will be fuzzy 
                                but just click select to view it.
                                If you go past a cutscene you would like to view you need to 
                                click previous the whole way back to get the cutscene again
                                because clicking next on an unavailable cutscene will return you
                                to the first cutscene.
                                When you complete the city this option will obviously be removed
                                but you will no longer need it.
                                I found this out purely by coincidence and haven't seen it 
                                anywhere else which surprises me.
    -All Levels-
               *Now You See It*- When you steal a car and you turn too sharply one of the 
                                 hubcaps will fly off, but when you get out of the car the hubs
                                 are back on.
                                 if you decide to get back in you will not get the hubs back
                                 which sucks coz I like seeing them fly off.
               *Tanners Shadow*- When you look at Tanners shadow he appears to be carrying two
                                 guns but when you look left or right (L2/R2) he is not holding
                                 anything at all.
               *Unavailable Now Available*- If get to a part where Tanner cannot run into
                                            (invisible walls) then try pressing backwards
                                            Tanner can now get to previously unavailable 
                                            This can also be done on some things with the car
                                            but there is nothing much that I have found.
               *Taxi!!*- Ever hailed a cab and it didn't stop??, I bet we all have, well for a 
                         laugh run onto the road and press triangle on a passing car WITHOUT it
                         stopping and you will climb into thin air and after it has gone through
                         the normal processes you will be inside the car that just passed you,
                         now, if only we could do that to a taxi!!
               *Panel Beating*- With the invincibility cheat turned on smash into another car
                                after you have caused damage of any degree, jump out and steal 
                                that car when you next hit a wall or another vehicle your cars
                                damage will be gone.
               *Invincible Peds*- While driving around in take a ride or any mission you may,
                                  either accidentally or on purpose you may 'hit' a pedestrian,
                                  however no matter where you how you hit them your car will
                                  just pass through them and they will run off like normal.
               *Sidewalking*- When you are walking along in the normal overhead view press and
                              hold either L2 or R2 to look to one side,
                              With this pressed in change the camera view to out of Tanners eyes
                              when you do this release the button to find that you are looking
                              to the side while Tanner runs forward!!.
               *On Foot Pursuit*- When you do the below trick to have the cop chase an empty car,
                                  wait and do not take a new car, eventually the police car will
                                  return and drive through you until it crashes and sets on fire,
                                  The police car cannot kill you while on foot!.
               *Empty Car Chase*- This is a weird trick but it works. First get in a car and get
                                  into a cop chase. Drive around until they make a roadblock. Wreck
                                  the cop and back up until they've lost you (meaning your minimap
                                  in the corner and the music goes back to normal). Get out and wait
                                  for a civilian car to drive up to the roadblock. Get in it and
                                  slowly drive into a cop car in the roadblock.
                                  When the siren starts, immediately get out. If all went well the
                                  cop will keep driving into that car until it wrecks.
                                   **Submitted By: LuigiPMario**
                                   **Renamed By: Yergin**
               *Angle Driving*- I was in Take a ride mode the other day and i was changing views
                                (SELECT button). Anyway I was in cockpit view and then pressed it a
                                2nd time (when the car goes away from camera to the distance), but
                                this time I held it and the car never went away! (except when I
                                released it).
                                I thought it was pretty cool, especially with the police cars coz
                                it has the police logo on the back (You have to go a certain speed
                                to do this) The bad thing is though, is when you're in that view
                                you can't see what's in front of you.
                                 **Submitted By: Kirkmeister**
                                 **Named By: Yergin**
            *Jump Out Of A Flying Car*- When driving in take a ride you will find many bridges
                                        that raise and lower, for this cool bug you need to 
                                        speed up to the rising bridge and just as you hit the 
                                        top press triangle and up.
                                        If done correctly Tanner will hop out and slide down
                                        the other side of the bridge and the car will fly off
                                        and stop when it runs out of momentum.
                                          -Yergin's Notes-
                                     I was informed that this bug can be performed on other
                                     levels but I put it on this level only because this one is
                                     the best level to get air off, thanks to Gabriel Pinzón
                                     for the E-mail that informed me of this.
            *Missing Link #1*- Have a look at the map and you will see that the train tracks go
                               into a square shape, head towards this part, now drive along the
                               road that leads directly onto the freeway (this roads goes east
                               and turns in an L shape north) while driving along this look
                               north and you will see that part of the building is missing.
                               the part missing is in between two buildings and has two plants
                               in front of it.
                               if you drive off this you will fall off into the void and the
                               game will be over.
            *Missing Link #2*- Go to the part of the map where the first mission (Surveillance 
                               Tip off) ends and the second mission (chase the witness) starts.
                               go along the road heading north that is on the left hand side,
                               as you go along here look at the rails preventing entry to the
                               water, between two buildings you will see that part of this
                               barrier is missing, walk backwards through this and you will now 
                               be on the other side of the wall, unfortunately you cannot walk
                               forward you can only walk backwards, there is nothing of real
                               interest in there, but if you want to end the take a ride mode
                               jump step backwards into the water.
                               And one final note this water actually looks like you have 
                               drowned instead of you floating on top of the water.
            *Backdoor Entry*- (Mission 8 "Leaving Chicago"): At the end of this mission drive 
                              behind the train station instead of out the front, but when the 
                              game takes over you will be out the front of the building!!.
                              This building is along the "Subway Train Way" explained below.
            *Ramped Out*- Drive to where the second mission ends and the third mission starts in
                          take a ride, once there try to walk up the ramp at the back, when you
                          start to walk up it you think that all is normal, but when you reach
                          the top you will fall through the ramp and land on the ground, you
                          can't make it onto the platform, which is a bit of a pity because
                          there seems to always be a train there!!
            *Crowd Surfing*- Once you've opened the stadium as you normally would to get the
                             secret car, walk up the ramp, once at the top turn around and face
                             the baseball pitch.
                             Now walk into one of the two tops of the ramp itself, you will now
                             be able to walk into and on top of the crowd, on the right hand
                             side of the barrier you can't drown at all, but if you walk on the
                             main crowd area if you walk backwards into the crowd you will
                              **how to get in the stadium See File:8 Hidden Areas**
            *Navy Pier Part 2*- Sometimes when you lose the tail at the navy pier after you dump
                                the car you can have the police cruiser still chasing you??, he 
                                will drive through you and won't be able to damage you.
                                I can't remember what happened when I got a new car but I think
                                he smashed me and the car went through a wall (it was a while ago 
                                that I had this happen to me!)
                                 **To view the first part of this See File:10 Interesting Stuff**
            *Ha Ha!!!*- When driving around in Chicago and you get chased by the police head to
                        the carpark in downtown (marked with a J shape and four triangles), once
                        there you can drive into the carpark and the police will just be
                        reversing and driving forward towards you but they will not pass through
                        into the carpark.
                        All that you need to do now is drive around to another one of the 
                        entrances to the carpark to escape the police.
            *Sidewinder*- When driving over one of the rising bridges I decided to wreck my car
                          by driving it into the gap between the two bridges, as I did this the
                          car ended up rolling onto it's side and nothing!!!
                          When you land your car on it's side on top of the lowering bridge you
                          seem to have a longer time to get back onto your wheels than if you
                          were to land on your side elsewhere in the city!.
                            -Yergin's Notes-
                        I think that if you don't have your wheels spinning the game does not
                        recognize that you aren't on your wheels?!,
                        By that I mean, when you stop for a red light it doesn't tell you that your
                        vehicle is wrecked, but when you land on your side the wheels are always
                        spinning so the game registers that the car has no traction?,
                        Probably far fetched but just an idea behind why this would happen!!.
            *Odd-World*-  I imagine it works with other cars but for me I parked a skool bus on
                          the raising bridge in Chicago and waited for it to raise..  when it 
                          did the bus slid down and went a few meters on its back end.. then 
                          sunk below the floor.. that was odd but then as I started running 
                          around to find myself a new car suddenly cars started falling from  
                          the sky.. car shadows were driving around and from time to time a 
                          sidestreet would take me below the map.. all in all.. a very chaotic 
                          world was born.
                           **Submitted By: Bastard11**
                           **Named By: Yergin**
                             **To read about this Bug See File:11 Rumours**
                            -Yergin's Notes-
                        I added this to the Rumours section of this FAQ because i could not
                        confirm it's truth, i asked for any e-mails on the subject to which
                        i got a reply from WazzupGenius90 who said that it is random, so still
                        the way that Bastard11 did it may work or not it was most likely a
                        fluke and this bug can happen in various ways to which we will never
                          **To read WazzupGenius90's E-mail See File:11 Rumours**
            *Chicago Pileup*- Take a ride in Chicago and go to any of the raising bridges. Park 
                              as many cars, busses, firetrucks etc on the bridge and then watch
                              the carnage as the bridge goes up. This can cause very weird
                              glitches. If you park one car at the foot of the bridge in line
                              with a truck, bus etc., the car will go flying for a helluva long
                              ways once the truck comes crashing down on it. 
                               **Submitted & Named By: Swiftshark, Regular on the Neo Forums**
            *Ghost Cop*- When a cop follows you over the drawbridges in Chicago. Sometimes if 
                         he falls in, you can see the shadow of his car on the ground, and
                         sometimes even hear the engine of the policecar, but it's nowhere to
                         be seen!!
                          **Submitted & Named By: DrFred, Forum Moderator on the Neo Forums**
            *Short Cut*- (Mission 7 "Caine's Compound"): When you come to the road for the
                         second time and encounter the van, I actually went right into the
                         trucks attempting to cheat my way and squeeze through. I succeeded
                         once, but only once.
                         It was the far right, up against the wall. I drove into the corner
                         jammed up against the wall and the truck. When the van came and rammed
                         me, my car managed to be pushed through. It was a massive fluke however
                         b/c I have since tried a few times and haven't been able to get it
                          **Submitted By: Nathan**
                          **Named By: Yergin**
                           -Yergin's Notes-
                       This is possible but extremely hard to do, I wouldn't bother trying to do
                       this scortcut and just stick with the longcut.
           *Dead End*- (Mission 10 "Hijack the truck"): with the escort taken out you cannot 
                       drive too far away from the truck or else you fall off the end of the 
                       road so you can't leave the truck to attack the other escorts in the 
                       This bug is unfair to the player who is having problems with this 
                       You can tell where the road ends because it will look like the water 
                       does and you will need to use the normal brake if you are driving fast
                       along the road.
                        **This bug is also in the next mission after hijack the truck, 
                          (Mission 11 "Stop The Truck")**
           *Which Way Did He Go George?!*- (Mission 10 "Hijack the truck"): right at the start
                                           before giving the escort a chance to chase you, jump
                                           out of your car and when you look back, your car will
                                           no longer be there!!
           *Whoops!!*- (Mission 10 "Hijack the truck"): When you make it to the end of this 
                       level after you have driven the truck into the lock up drive it outside
                       again and shut the door, although the truck is outside you will still
                       complete the mission.
           *Whoops!! #2*- (Mission 10 "Hijack the truck"): Steal another car then drive off 
                          from the lock-up, when you drive back to the lock-up, there will be NO
                          cars at all, none, zip, nil, but you can still shut the lock-up and
                          complete the mission?!.
           *Rain Ride*- (Mission 13 "Escape to ferry"): Start this mission with immunity on, now
                        drive around but don't go to the ferry, you can now drive around like in
                        take a drive mode, only you will be in the wet, you can dump your car 
                        and steal a new one if you wanted to.
                        But if you drive to the ferry it will drive off into the sunset and 
                        disappear, but you can still drive around??, YOU CANNOT FAIL THIS 
                        MISSION!!, I tried waiting for the ferry on the other side but it 
                        doesn't come over!.
           *Abra Cadabra*- (Mission 13 "Escape to ferry" & mission 14 "To the docks"): When you
                           complete the first mission in the original car you have a Red car,
                           But when you start the next mission, you have a Green car of the same
                           type, %*POOF*% I should be a magician!!
           *Immunity Chase*- (Mission 14 "To the docks"): Start this mission with immunity on,
                             and after you drive through the tunnel, continue straight, you
                             should see a roadblock of two police cars with lights flashing,
                             now hit one or both of them, their lights will turn off and they 
                             will give a very lame chase.
           *Lake Drive*- If you head west away from the base along the south road you will come
                         upon some raised bits in the road at each raised piece it looks as
                         though it is water!!
                         But you can drive over & along it.
                         Also you can drive to the edge and drive along the outside of the grass
                         area to the next raised piece of land!!
           *Bargain Basement*- Go to the place where you get the secret car, and open the gates
                               after you have opened the gates go back to the road and get a cop
                               to chase you back down the road into the base and down the
                               corridor at the end,
                               While going down this the corridor the cop will smash into every
                               single wall on the way down until he completely kills himself,
                               After you lose the cop go to the room where you found the Mini,
                               and smoldering in the middle of the room will be the cop that
                               you just lost.
           *Smash Job*- Go to get the secret car, once you have gained access to the base and
                        worked your way down to the mini, press the button to lower the platform,
                        once the platform has lowered, smash into the mini with your car, when
                        the mini is completely wrecked the game will say "You wrecked your vehicle"
                        and the game will be over.
           *Inverted Letter In Cop Cars*- Havana cop cars have a letter and a phone number in 
                                          both sides of the cars, but that signs are inverted 
                                          in their right sides.
                                           **Submitted & Named By: Gabriel Pinzón**
           *Language Error*- The buses in Havana has letters that say "Havana", as that city is 
                             called in English. That letters should say "La Habana" cause this
                             is its name in Spanish (remember that the island "East Havana" of 
                             the map is translated as "La Habana del Este").
                              **Submitted & Named By: Gabriel Pinzón**
           *Cellular Division*- (Mission 10 "Hijack the truck"): When you have driven the 
                                ammunition truck inside your garage and the "close the door" 
                                letter appears, if you have enough time you can get inside of a
                                blue sedan located inside the garage and facing north (that's 
                                the only other car in the garage). If you get inside this car 
                                you can see that when you try to move it forward (with gas or 
                                burnout) or reverse the car will transform in two like a 
                                cellular division but featuring a strong wreck side by side and 
                                you'll stay in the new left car
                                Note: If you crash the blue car before getting inside it, the 
                                division will not happen!
                                 **Submitted & Named By: Gabriel Pinzón**
                                  -Yergin's Notes-
                              This is weird when I did it the car just flew off into the wall,
                              mad find Gabriel, keep it coming mate.
           *Water Wings*- Go to the area where the ferry is in western Havana(the main part) and
                          get out of your car. walk up the ferry just enough to get in the 
                          Without getting on the ferry, run left or right. you can walk really
                          far away from the boat on the water without you drowning.
                           **Submitted & Named By: Solomon Caine, Regular on the Neo Forums**
           *Vanishing Act*- In Havana, when you find the truck with the flat bed (it's down by the
                            docks), if you get far enough away from it, it will disappear but the
                            shadow will be on the ground, moving with where the truck should be.
                            I tried this with all the other cars but they stayed visible until the
                            pop-up graphics took them into oblivion.
                            You have to be about 50 feet away. Not so far away that it disappears,
                            but just far enough away so that the truck disappears and the shadow of
                            it is still on the ground. Try trailing it and slowly dropping farther
                            and farther back.
                             **Submitted By: Kurt, Regular on the Neo Forums**
                             **Named By: Yergin**
          *Floating Train*- Drive to the train that you raced in the mission 'beat the train'
                            (found at the north and right of the ghost town) and exit your 
                            vehicle, now run over to the train and press triangle as if you 
                            are entering a car, you will now be stuck inside the train with a
                            message stating that you have drowned.
          *Magician's Act*- Drive to the garage explained above from the first mission in 
                            Vegas and open the garage now place a car in the way of the door
                            and shut it now as the door hit's the car it seems to fall off the
                            edge of the map.
                            Occasionally the vehicle will re-appear with about 40%-50% damage,
                            not a useful bug but funny to watch.
                             **See File:7 Step-by-Step Walkthrough**
          *Mission Instructions*- Drive around the city until you find a stationery police car
                                  (most found in poolside) that is showing on the map (so if a
                                  cop is at a set of lights stopped try it) when you have 
                                  found one jump out and press triangle on it now a message 
                                  will be shown saying 'change vehicles and get out of there'
                                  this may be a secret mission or part of a mission I don't 
                                    -Yergin's Notes-
                                I got an E-mail about the secret mission bit, it turns out
                                these are the instructions at the end of the beat the train
                                mission, Sorry about the confusion people:).
          *What Happened!!*- Go to Flamingo drive and head north along the only curved road that
                             goes off it, after you have gone around the first curve you will 
                             see a building on your left, drive around this building on it's
                             left side, when you are on it's left side have a look at it, you 
                             will notice that there is nothing there, you can drive into this
                             and the game will be over but if you head over to the left hand
                             side of the building you will sometimes be flipped onto your side
                             and you will slide along the void until you die from being on your
                             side for too long.
                             Further more sometimes this part can stuff up the whole level and
                             buildings will be missing, walls and barriers will be missing, if 
                             this happens just drive to Lakeside and by the time that you get 
                             back everything should be fixed.
          *Silencer*- (Mission 23 "Bank Job"): Nick a police car before getting to the bank then
                      after you have picked up Jericho turn on your siren to hear...............
                      You get a silent siren no matter how many times you turn on & off your 
                      But when you go to replay your siren works?!?
          *The Trains*- If you head to the ghost town find your way to the Train, if you head
                        east you will find one end of the train, if you hit this end, no matter
                        how softly you hit it, you will go flying into the air and backwards 
                        along the track, but if you travel west you can drive into this end 
                        of the train and drive as though you are driving along the road, you can
                        spin it up but then it will stop and you can listen to the engine as the
                        car would normally 'pick up speed'?!
                         **added because I got so many E-mails about this**
          *Get Up There!!*- When driving a limo around you can't drive up and get air off the
                            the walkways along the strips because the car is too long, but if
                            you drive towards the airport along the main freeway that leads away
                            from Lakeside, you will see a raised piece of the freeway that is on
                            the right of the road but leads left, now drive up this off-ramp,
                            you will now hit an invisible wall!!, you will eventually be able to
                            get through the wall but by this time you would have already done
                            a lot of damage to your limo.
          *Going Up!!*- When driving down the strips you will sometimes be involved in a pursuit
                        if you are pinned down near one of the overhead walkways just drive the
                        car underneath it and when the cops hit you, you will fly up through the
                        bottom of the walkway and on top of the walkway itself,
                        When you are on top of the walkway have a look down at the cops below
                        using the camcorder view, after a while the cops will kill themselves
                        and you can drive off safely.
          *LimoSEEN!!*- Steal a limo and go to the place you get the secret car. once there jump
                        out of the limo and hit the switch. After you hit the switch turn around
                        and the limo's gone!
          *Smash Job*- Go to where the secret car is, once you have opened the gate to get to the
                       4X4, drive in and smash into the 4X4 with your car, when the 4X4 is
                       completely wrecked the game will say "You wrecked your vehicle" and the game
                       will be over.
          *Missing Instruction*- (Mission 24 "Steal the ambulance"): If you replay this mission 
                                 with the inmunity turned on, the mission will start with no 
                                 escort (cop car), but when you have wrecked the ambulance and
                                 you get in it the "Take him over to the safe house" instruction
                                 will not appear and you will stay with no destination to go to 
                                 in order to finish the mission within the remaining time (and 
                                 that time will not be enough to arrive to the safe house).
                                  **Submitted & Named By: Gabriel Pinzón**
                                   -Yergin's Notes-
                               Well I managed to make it to the safe house with about 15 secs
                               remaining and the door would not open at all!!,
                               as the saying goes, cheaters never prosper and this proves it!!.
          *Highway Reserve*- From the start point on Take a Ride, go straight. At that
                             intersection, make a right. At the next intersection, make another
                             right and go straight. Eventually along the right side during a
                             left hand curve, there will be breaks in the concrete barriers
                             guarded by small posts. You can't drive through them, but you can
                             walk through them.
                             Anyway, walk through the first opening and walk back through the
                             way you came. You might run into "invisible walls" that you can
                             walk around by going left or right. Eventually, you'll be walking
                             through a long narrow area that ends near a curve. Around in this
                             area, you'll drop through the ground, but you'll be able to look
                             up at the bottoms of the nearby roads while you get to read the
                             message saying "You've drowned."
                              **Submitted By: Scott Hatfield**
                              **Named By: Yergin**
                               -Yergin's Notes-
                           You can actually get a car in this area and it is really fun to do!!
                            **How to get a car in this area See File:13 The Glitch Report**
          *Walk In & Drive Away!*- (Mission 19 "Casino Getaway") Before you pick up Caine's gang,
                                   get out of your car and run to the arrow instead. The game will
                                   take over and automatically give you a brand spankin' new,
                                   crisp, orange Mustang.
                                    **Submitted By: Kirkmeister**
                                    **Named By: Yergin**
        *Invisible Wall #1*- (Mission 33 "Boat Jump") Sometimes when you drive off the end of
                             the boat you hit an invisible wall and fall into the water, this
                             can be a sad ending to a mission you may have problems with.
        *Invisible Wall #2*- When driving through one of 4 or 5 tunnels around the city you will
                             sometimes hit a wall when you travel too close to the actual tunnel
        *Invisible Wall #3*- When you have unlocked the secret game of the Race Track, drive
                             into the grounds and try to drive around the track, when you go to 
                             drive over some of the jumps you hit an invisible wall, you won't
                             be able to drive around the track in take a ride, you can only
                             drive around it in the secret game mode.
        *Jump*- Turn the invincibility cheat on and go to 'take a ride' mode once in Rio turn 
                right and then right again,
                You will now be going along the road that has the beach to the left, you will
                have to drive along this road for a while, but you will eventually find a small
                bridge with water going under it.
                Drive into the water on the left and try to drive under the middle of the bridge
                as you do so you will fly up into the air, this will happen every time you hit
        *Ha Ha!!!*- When you are being chased by the police head to the fort that you go to get
                    Lenny in the mission-Lenny Escaping, once there you will notice an arch,
                    drive through the arch and have a look at the cop(s) they will now reverse
                    back then drive forward but will not pass through the arch.
                    occasionally when there is two cops one will eventually pass through and
                    chase you, when this happens just hammer him and then go back to taunt the
                    other cop.
                    In order to lose the cops just drive up the ramp at the back and to the
                    furthest point you can get to, once you have lost the cops drive halfway
                    back jump out of the car and then walk back to the road.
                     **See File:7 Step-by-Step Walkthrough**
        *Boat*- Go to the boat from the mission 'boat jump' and go onto the pier and slow right
                up and land the car in the gap between the pier and the boat so that the car 
                starts to fall now jump out of the car and watch it for a while, after a few 
                moments the car will be nearly completely sideways, now jump in and the car will
                bounce up a fair bit to allow you to drive out.
        *Quick Asphalt?!*- While I was driving around I decided to grab a Bus and take it for a
                           spin, I took it west along the winding road the connects Cosme Velho
                           and Flamengo, (Above Botalfogo and below Santa Tereza),
                           when I crashed the bus at the most prominent S curve (Last one
                           heading west) I got out and saw a car drive along the road then
                           disappear into the road, his shadow drove along the road and
                           continued until it disappeared through the nearby buildings, after a
                           while of pissing myself laughing I decided to see what the other
                           drivers had done,
                           When I drove off into the road I disappeared under the ground and my
                           screen started spinning and my damage bar went up slowly (Like it
                           does in the water in Rio), after my car was wrecked I ended up being
                           in the brown section on the map just below the curve.
        *Invisible Hubcaps*- While driving around in take a ride mode take a corner too harsh
                             and one of your hubcaps will fall off,
                             But you won't be able to see the hubcap, all that you see is a
                             shadow of the hubcap floating along the ground.
        *Water No-Fall?!*- Turn Invincibility on and drive into any of the water near the edge
                           of the map (Copacabana),
                           Drive to the end of the water until you can see that there is no
                           where else to go,
                           Slowly drive over the edge and you will start jumping about on one
                           corner of the car only, sometimes you will get stuck suspended in
                           Something similar can also be done at the mountains of the secret
                           game 'Mountain Pass'.
                            **How to get the Mountain Pass See file:9 Secrets**
        *LimoSEEN!!*- Turn immunity and invincibility on. (I'm not sure if they're required). Get a
                      limo and go to the place you get the secret semi. Get out of your limo and
                      hit the switch. Now turn back around and your car's gone! Disappeared into
                      thin air!
                        ##THIS IS PART 1 OF A TWO PARTER##
                       **Submitted By: Bejiittenkusu**
                       **Named By: Yergin**
        *Smash Job*- I then stole another car and went towards the semi. When you have
                     invincibility on, you can completely demolish a car and get back in, so I
                     demolished the semi.
                     Then, my screen read: "You wrecked your vehicle." But the vehicle I was in
                     was completely fine.
                       ##THIS IS PART 2 OF A TWO PARTER##
                      **Submitted By: Bejiittenkusu**
                      **Named By: Yergin**
                       -Yergin's Notes-
                   The above two were separated because of the fact that they can be done
                   separately for example, you can smash the semi without even touching a limo!!,
                   Also for both of these you don't have to have any cheats enabled you can smash
                   the semi and have 30% damage and still die!.
    /File 13:The Glitch Report\
       The other day I found out a cool glitch in the game and the reason why I didn't add it
    to the Bugs section was because there is sooo many places that you can do this and I have
    only hit the tip of the iceberg,
       I am no longer taking submissions to this section, thanks to all that were asking about this
    on the net and the people who actually told some places to check out.
                **CONSUMER WARNING**
                 OFF OF MY CONTROLLER!!)-(SO FAR!!)
    -All Levels-
               *You Can Do It*- I did this purely by accident, Turn Invincibility ON, Immunity
                                doesn't matter if it's ON or OFF, now drive towards any wall
                                around the levels and handbrake spin the car,
                                Now as the car spins press Triangle and Up to jump out of the
                                car, if done correctly the car will spin a little further and
                                will pass through the wall but only half-way, you need the car
                                to have at least one of the doors on your side of the wall,
                                Walk up to the cars door and get in, the car will now pop
                                through the wall and onto the other side,
                                If it pops back onto the side you were on the car was not far
                                enough through the wall, also if the car hits the wall after you
                                jump out Invincibility was Not turned on.
                                When driving around outside the fences you will need to watch
                                the ground, if you start to drive over a no texture bit you are
                                in danger of falling through the ground and the game will be
                                Sometimes you can drive on these no texture bits but watch out
                                because you don't want to fall in before you have a chance to
                                explore this new area fully.
                                I have noticed that you can't do 'The Trick' at a place where
                                there is two fences close together as the car won't pass through
                                the second fence.
                                 * Will be referred to below as 'The Trick' *
            *The Beach*- If you drive to the GOLD COAST you will see just above the GOLD is a 
                         90° turn, drive around to the turn then head north towards the entrance
                         to the freeway,
                         Before the on-ramp you will see that the concreted wall will end and
                         you will see a grass patch,
                         In between the concrete wall and the grass patch is a small area
                         where the wall will curve in and then meet the concrete wall, this is
                         where you want to be,
                         walk into this gap and walk into the end of the wooden wall, now you
                         should pass through the wall and into the grass patch, in order to get
                         a car into this area you will need to do 'The Trick', once you have a
                         half-way or even the full way through the wall just jump in and drive
                         around this cool area.
                         This area spans from as far south as the Navy Pier and as far north as
                         just above the last on/off ramp to the north east of the map,
                         In order to get out of here just drive underneath one of the on/off
                         ramps and you will be put onto the road above.
                         Another cool thing to do in this area is to not put immunity on and
                         get police on your tail, when the police are chasing just drive along
                         and they will be going nuts ramming the walls to try and get to you,
                         if you are underneath the overhead parts of the freeway and you have
                         the police chasing you they will sometimes place a roadblock underneath
                         the freeway, if you hit one of the cops he will give chase, but if you
                         want to lose him push him under an on/off ramp and he will be on the
                         road and of no threat to you whatsoever.
                         While in this area you can walk onto and off of the beach which you
                         will find along the way, you can drive down onto the sand but there is
                         not many places that you can get back up on.
           **Move Along, Nothing To See Here!**
          *Lakeside*- Have a look at your map and you will see Lakeside written on the map, go
                      to this area and using 'The Trick' get into the lake itself, once inside
                      the lake you will find a mad grass banked rally track surrounding the lake
                      this area is also lined with trees.
                      To get out of here you must use 'The Trick' again, But you will only have
                      one chance of getting it right otherwise you are stuck to ride the track
                      until you crash into the water and the game will be over.
                      At some points you will be able to travel a fair way out onto the water,
                      but if you travel too far out you will fall in.
          *The Airport*- Have you ever looked at the planes on the other side of the fence in
                         Vegas and wanted to have a look at them?,
                         Well I've wondered and now I have had a look for myself, do 'The Trick'
                         at any fence along near the planes once on the other side you will be
                         able to drive under the planes, you cannot get into these planes,
                         however it is funny to walk underneath one to see the planes wings
                         hanging in mid air,
                         The planes themselves don't even have wheels they just sort of float
                         there, in order to get out of this area you will need to do the trick
                         again, you will only have one shot at this!.
                         You will also notice in this area there is an oblivion just to the
                         front of the planes, if you drive off this the game will be over.
          *Highway Reserve*- Go to the area explained in the Highway Reserve above, once there
                             do 'The Trick' to get a car into this area, walk in and jump into
                             your car, drive towards the highway and watch the ground very
                             Keep to the right wall and follow it towards the highway, you will
                             soon find yourself at the off ramp of the highway, drive carefully
                             around the corner and into the small area next to the off ramp,
                             this area has no texture on the ground,
                             At the end of this part you will find yourself driving up the
                             outside of the off ramp on an invisible wall, you can drive along
                             the outside of the highway for a while,
                             If you fall off this you will fall through the ground and the game
                             will be over.
                             You can't get a car in the area under the highway, this is because
                             it will fall through the ground and disappear, however if you get
                             the car under the highway itself the car will sometimes end up on
                             top of the highway,
                             If the car ends up like this just hit it with your car and you will
                             fly off into the air, quite funny to watch.
                              **How to get here See File:12 Bugs**
        *Take Me To The River*- Have a look at the map and you will see that there is a place
                                called Lebion marked in the bottom left corner, just above the
                                E there is two blocks and then one long block,
                                Head to the bottom of the long block and use 'The Trick' to get
                                into this area, once inside you can travel up the length of the
                                whole long block,
                                If you try to get to the two bottom blocks you can't because as
                                soon as you hit the bridge you do the 'Jump' and you can't pass
                                through, in order to get out you need to do 'The Trick' again.
                                Another way to get in is to drive to the north end of the long
                                block and heading east over the bridge jump out and let the car
                                fall off the bridge onto the ground on the east side,
                                once the car has landed walk around to the east side of the
                                bridge and walk in between the bridge and the fence to get to
                                your car.
                                 **The Jump explained See File 12:Bugs**
        *The Blue Building*- Have a look at your map and you will see a place called Praca Da
                             Bandeira, go to the grey square in the bottom left corner,
                             Once there use 'The Trick' to get into the fenced off area with a
                             blue building in the middle,
                             Inside this area you can drive through the walls of the middle
                             pieces of this building (Close to the wall only), you can't drive
                             through the long rectangle shaped pieces at either end,
                             To get out of this place you will need to do 'The Trick' again,
                             also if you go too close to the middle of the blue building you
                             will fall in and the game will be over.
        *Under The Highway*- Go to the on/off ramp near where you had to chase the gunman in
                             the undercover mode, heading west towards the south side of this
                             ramp do 'The Trick' and get into the area under the highway,
                             This place is pretty cool, you can drive under the highway which
                             has pillars lined along it holding it up, it is also lined with
                             To get out of here drive underneath the off ramp or drive
                             underneath the lower section of the highway, you could also do 'The
                             Trick' again but that would just waste too much effort,
                             The best thing about this area is being able to look up and see
                             through some parts of the highway and see the cars driving along,
                             Occasionally you will see a car fall off the highway and slide
                             along the ground and disappear through one of the surrounding
                             Another cool thing to try here is to jump out of your car going
                             down one of the off ramps as you jump out you will see your car fly
                             off crashing into the on ramp across the way and then disappearing
                             into the background,
                             If you leave immunity off you will be chased by the police while
                             you are here, if the police set up a road block you can drive up to
                             it as it sits there under the highway, if you hit a cop car it will
                             chase you.
        *Under The Highway #2*- Have a look at your map and you will see a place at the top left
                                called Praca Da Bandeira, heading towards this along the main
                                road west from Centro you will come across an overhead highway,
                                Do 'The Trick' to get into this area, once inside this area you
                                can travel as far south as the north side where you chase the
                                At Santa Tereza force your way through south along the outside
                                of the on/off ramp, you can't force your way back north as this
                                will send you flying off into the oblivion through the wall
                                giving you game over,
                                To get out of this area use the freeway on/off ramps, you can
                                also walk into this area on the south east side of the underpass
                                that is just north of the Santa Tereza area.
        *Knee Deep*- Head to the big lake marked on the map at the left hand side, (Lagoa
                     Rodrigo De Frietas), once there do 'The Trick' to send the car flying
                     through the wall and into the lake, if the car ends up half-way through the
                     wall, steal another car and lightly tap it, both you and the other car will
                     come flying off, but if you ram the car it will fly off and you will be
                     I haven't managed to get into a car on the other side but my guess is that
                     it just drives around the exterior of the lake until you fall in!.
        *Volcano*- Go to Irca Island and on the south side of this island you will see a volcano
                   do 'The Trick' to get through any of the walls near the volcano,
                   Once inside you can drive around and through the volcano but if you drive or
                   walk too close to the east edge you will drown,
                   In order to get out this area you will need to do 'The Trick' again with this
                   area you will only have one shot at getting out with 'The Trick'.
        *Trains*- Head to where you get in at The Highway #2, on the North East side of the road
                  you will see behind a fenced off area is two trains and two train lines, to
                  get in here you will need to do 'The Trick',
                  Once inside you can hoon about from one end to the other and even drive
                  through the trains themselves, you can't get onto the platforms on foot or in
                  the car,
                  To get out of here you will need to do 'The Trick' again.
    /File 14:High Scores & Unreal Stuff\
       This section is highscores and unreal stuff that has happened while playing this game,
    whether it be in take a ride or undercover mode,
       Submissions for this section have closed thanks to the people who entered and to those who
    didn't, too bad it's too late now!!!
                **IMPORTANT NOTE**
                 Please do not cheat in this section as cheating sucks, Play fair
    -High Scores-
                *Quick Getaway*-
                                By: Yergin
                                      **SCORE BEATEN**
                                       By: Yergin
                                      **SCORE BEATEN**
                                       By: Yergin
                                      **SCORE BEATEN**
                                       By: Marcus Sanjaya
                             By: Yergin
                                   **SCORE BEATEN**
                                    By: Yergin
                            *Chicago-Meigs Field*-
                             By: Yergin
                                   **SCORE BEATEN**
                                    By: Yergin
                            *Havana-The Docks*-
                             By: Yergin
                            *Havana-Old Havana*-
                             By: Yergin
                            *Las Vegas-North Vegas*-
                             By: Yergin
                            *Las Vegas-Lakeside*-
                             By: Yergin
                            *Rio-Lagoa Rodrigo De Freitas*-
                             By: Yergin
                                   **SCORE BEATEN**
                                    By: Yergin
                            *Rio-Praca Da Bandeira*-
                             By: Yergin
                 *Racetrack*- (Secret Game 1)
                  Fastest Lap: 43.10
                  Fastest Race: 2:18.35
                 By: Yergin
                            **See File:9 Secrets**
                 *Mountain Pass*- (Secret Game 2)
                  Fastest Lap: 1:32.50
                  Fastest Race: 4:49.13
                 By: Yergin
                            **See File:9 Secrets**
    -Unreal Stuff-
                 *Destruction Derby*- My friend did this and I couldn't believe it even though I 
                                      saw it, in Rio there is a carpark looking thing next to
                                      the beach at about the middle of the east side of the map,
                                      this structure has a ramp that you can jump off at the
                                      side facing the road, from this side he placed various
                                      vehicles one at a time next to each other to do an 'Evil
                                      Kninevil' from and when it got too long he hit the last
                                      car and did the following damage:
                            Cars Completely Destroyed:
                              1x Car 1
                              3x Car 2
                              5x Car 3
                              1x Bus
                            Cars That Survived:
                              1x Car 1
                              The car that he was in
                              10 Cars Destroyed
                              2 Cars Survived
                               **By: Slavco, E-mail not available**
                 *Death From Above*- One time when I was driving along in Chicago I had a full
                                     felony bar, I had just lost the cops and was heading
                                     towards one of the drawbridges, at the time I got there it
                                     was starting to rise so I raced up to it as fast as I could
                                     I managed to get up it but as I was in the air I saw a cop
                                     just strolling the streets, so I tried something I never
                                     tried before, Get Out of My Car While I'm In The Air 
                                     (Before I saw your FAQ) and I got out and what do you
                                     know...It hit the cop car SMACK ON! I was laughing so hard
                                     seeing a completely innocent cop car being destroyed from
                                     a car that appeared out of nowhere!!
                                      **By: Chris Wasnetsky, E-mail: Hikerreka10@aol.com**
       Think you can beat any of that???, or do you have something unreal to tell, drop me a
    line and you could be here along side the best in the world!!!
       Let the games begin!!!!
                **IMPORTANT NOTE**
                 Please do not cheat in this section as cheating sucks, play fair
    /File 15:Gameshark Codes\
       The people who have gamesharks are luckier than those who don't because with the 
    gameshark you access cheats that the people without a gameshark wish that they could use
       Below is the gameshark codes that I found at www.cmgsccc.com and I thought that I 
    should use them on here, so here are all the gameshark codes.....
          **IMPORTANT NOTE**
           **CONSUMER WARNING**
       Cheat                           |                   Code
    1. Infinite Time                                      800D77B4 A8C8
                                                          800D77B6 0112
                                                          800DA490 A8C8
                                                          800DA492 0112
    2. Skip All Intro FMV's                               D005B170 1289
                                                          8005B160 0006
                                                          D005B170 1289
                                                          8005B162 1000
    3. Infinite Health                                    D001CDA8 0009
                                                          8001CDAA 1043
    4. Infinite Health And Other Cars                     D001CDA8 0009
       Die In One Hit                                     8001CDAA 1043
                                                          D001CDBC 0003
                                                          8001CDBE 1000
    5. Always No Felony [Note 1]                          D004C270 92B0
                                                          8004C27A A4A0
                                                          D004C888 92B0
                                                          8004C892 A4A0
    6. Press L1+L2+R1+R2 To Finish                        D00AA674 000F
       Mission                                            800AA194 0001
                                                          D00AA674 000F
                                                          800AAA6C 0004
    7. Unlock All Cities                                  D01C1308 F809
                                                          801C130C 0000
    8. Can't Die In A Flipped Or A                        D0063878 0058
       Fully Damaged Car                                  8006387A 1000
    9. Stop Traffic                                       D0053D88 5A1F
                                                          80053D8A 2400
    10. Able To Leave Car While Being                     D005589C 000A
        Chased                                            8005589E 1000
    11. Able To Get Into Cop Cars                         D0071E54 2021
                                                          80071E5A 2400
    12. Walk through Walls [Note 2]                       D00639FC 0028
                                                          800639FE 1000
                                                          D006F244 0003
                                                          8006F246 1000
                                                          D001D868 0249
                                                          8001D86A 1000
    -Take A Ride-
    13. Vegas Select                                      D01C6E9C 0300
                                                          801C6E9C 0103
    14. Rio Select                                        D01C6ED8 0300
                                                          801C6ED8 0103
    -Driving Games-
                  *Quick Chase & Survival*
    15. Vegas Select                                      D01C8184 0300
                                                          801C8184 0103
    16. Rio Select                                        D01C81C0 0300
                                                          801C81C0 0103
                  *Gate Racing, Trailblazer & Checkpoint*
    17. Vegas Select                                      D01C7DBC 0300
                                                          801C7DBC 0103
    18. Rio Select                                        D01C7DF8 0300
                                                          801C7DF8 0103
    -Multi Player-
                 *Take A Ride*
    19. Vegas Select                                      D01CAD00 0300
                                                          801CAD00 0103
    20. Rio Select                                        D01CAD3C 0300
                                                          801CAD3C 0103
                 *Cops 'N' Robbers, Checkpoint & Capture The Flag*
    21. Vegas Select                                      D01C8EC0 0300
                                                          801C8EC0 0103
    22. Rio Select                                        D01C8EFC 0300
                                                          801C8EFC 0103
    23. Ultimate Levitation Code [Note 3]                 D0056894 1903
                                                          8005689C 1D80
                                                          D0056894 1903
                                                          8005689E 0C00
                                                          80007600 FFFF
                                                          80007602 2403
                                                          80007604 000B
                                                          80007606 3C01
                                                          80007608 A674
                                                          8000760A 8C21
                                                          8000760C 0004
                                                          8000760E 8CC2
                                                          80007610 000C
                                                          80007612 3021
                                                          80007614 000C
                                                          80007616 2404
                                                          80007618 000D
                                                          8000761A 1020
                                                          8000761E 2400
                                                          80007620 0007
                                                          80007622 1024
                                                          80007624 0008
                                                          80007626 3024
                                                          80007628 0003
                                                          8000762A 1480
                                                          8000762C 5026
                                                          8000762E 0069
                                                          80007630 0007
                                                          80007632 1540
                                                          80007634 0001
                                                          80007636 340A
                                                          80007638 0005
                                                          8000763A 1140
                                                          8000763E 2400
                                                          80007640 0002
                                                          80007642 1069
                                                          80007644 0300
                                                          80007646 2442
                                                          80007648 0300
                                                          8000764A 2442
                                                          8000764C 0004
                                                          8000764E ACC2
                                                          80007650 0008
                                                          80007652 03E0
                                                          80007656 2400
          *Note 1*- With this code, if you steal a car with a felony, to make your felony
                    bar go back to zero, all you have to do is get another felony :).
          *Note 2*- With this code, its best used with the Ultimate Levitation Code and the 
                    Cant Die From Flipping Your Car & You Can Get Out Of A Fully Damaged Car 
                    code as well. This way, if you start to sink into some water, you can 
                    levitate and hopefully get out.
          *Note 3*- With this code, its a very kick ass code, press L1 and your car will 
                    levitate off the ground. Press R1 and all other cars on the road will 
                    levitate, and if you press both L1+R1, all cars will levitate, makes for 
                    some good mid-air collisions.. very nice.
                23 Codes Total:
                All codes from the Game Software Code Creators Club at www.cmgsccc.com
           **CONSUMER WARNING**
          **IMPORTANT NOTE**
    /File 16:Questions And Answers\
       These are questions that came into my E-mail that I wanted to answer here so that 
    everybody will know.
          **IMPORTANT NOTE**
    Q:- What does the Out Of Tape in the bottom left corner mean?
    A:- This just means that the replay tape has run out which means that whatever you do after
        that will NOT be able to be replayed, Out Of Tape comes up at exactly 37 mins and 50 
        secs (I timed it myself using the checkpoint mode because I got bored!!).
         **Unknown** - I lost the E-mail!
    Q:- How do you control the Burnout?
    A:- Well will wonders never cease I got this E-mail the day after I had started writing this
        and mate the best way to control the burnout is to NOT do it while turning as you will
        spin-out, just feather the burnout button with the handbrake to do a mad slide round
        corners, this comes with practice as does all functions with the burnout but you will
        master it one day.
         **Submitted By: Anonymous** - Wanted to remain anonymous (can't blame him!!)
    Q:- In Rio you can't sit down on the chairs but you say above that you can, are you lying to
        us or is there some trick to sitting down in Rio?
    A:- Spiteful!! yes Rio is a pain in the arse to sit down on the chairs in but I find that 
        you just find a chair where people are sitting scare one off and take his seat, but 
        really how often do you sit down?? I only use it as a makeshift pause if I am near a 
        chair and I have no felony, furthermore there is no mission that requires you to sit 
        down so quite frankly mate GET OVER IT.
         **Submitted By: Jericho's_Bro**
    Q:- Hey man, Is there any way to get past that dang invisible wall bug at the end of the
        boat jump level in Rio? I've played that stupid level so many times that I know it 
        inside and out, but I hit that wall every time I jump off the boat.
    A:- There are 2 ways to combat this, park your car at the back of the boat place the bombs
        then floor it over the ramp, or move your arse placing the bombs and drive off the boat 
        onto the pier.
         **Submitted By: Mojo Jojo**
    Q:- I was wondering if you had any button cheats. You know the kind of ones which may press 
        start and then some buttons to get cheats. If you do I would be very grestfull if you 
        sent them to me. Thankyou
    A:- I know what you mean, and No there are no button cheats, too bad so sad!.
         **Submitted By: Tom Bransby**
    Q:- Have you really accessed the secret area in Las Vegas in Driver 2? The one where you 
        have to flip a switch near the airport to open a gate and get the 4x4. I found the 
        building (the one with 4 cones in front of it, right) and the switch but no matter how
        long I pushed on "triangle" or where I stand, it won't work. I can see the switch but 
        Tanner won't flip it. Does this really work?
    A:- Yes it does work, maybe you are in the wrong place because I got it, keep looking & 
        don't worry you'll find it.
        If that doesn't help the place that you need to be at is the start of the steal the
        ambulance mission.
         **Submitted By: Thomas**
    Q:- There is a Statue of Liberty in Driver 1: you have to drive North on the river side and 
        you can see it: it's not very big, faraway and green. I stumbled on it when I was 
        playing the game in chase mode, the one which starts near the twin towers.
    A:- That's nice, I don't care, when I referred to them not putting a statue of liberty in 
        Driver 1 I meant a full statue that we could look at NOT see something and have to put
        on our glasses to see it!!!
        BTW, thanks for telling me the colour of the statue of liberty, I never would have 
        guessed otherwise!!.
         **Submitted By: Thomas**
    Q:- When I jump to ferry, okey, it seems to be going fine. But when I continue, a car is on 
        the sea. :-) what is wrong?
    A:- What is wrong??, I know, I have no idea what the hell you just asked me!!!, maybe I
        should ask my 7 year old cousin to decipher it!!
         **Submitted By: Mika M**
    Q:- I need some help - on the "Chase the Gunman" mission im pretty close to killing my 
        playstation thanks to the stupidity of the programmers on this level. I know you said
        you had alot of trouble with it, but im at a total loss as to what to do. I have 
        literally had about 100 restarts and its not even funny anymore.
    A:- Mate the programmers have accomplished what they set out to achieve, give us a mission 
        that is possible but BLOODY hard, keep at it and kill a boxing bag instead of the 
        Playstation, good luck, you'll do it.
         **Submitted By: Dave G**
    Q:- Just wanted to say thanks for the walkthrough you posted... it really came in handy at 
        the most critical frustration points... I too surrendered a controller to a fit of rage
        lol... Anyways, thanks again.....
    A:- WOW!!! a compliment, glad to be of service mate..
         **Submitted By: DirtyWyyteboy**
    Q:- The Hijack the truck secret works in Take a ride. (if you are meaning the lockup) 
    A:- Well I can't seem to open it maybe it just don't open on the PAL version who knows,
        but it's not that important anyway so I'm sure I can live!!!, Maybe!.
         **Submitted By: Swiftshark, Regular on the Neo Forums**
    Q:- Thank you for writing such a good FAQ about playing Driver 2. I found it very helpful,
        especially on some of the more difficult levels. I am glad to say that all my
        controllers are still intact. The bug and cheat guide were also very helpful and
        detailed, Thank You.
    A:- No problems, bugs and cheats sections are mainly supplied by the readers so in some
        cases I don't even touch what the person has written because they have done such a great
        job of telling where to find everything.
         **Submitted By: Some_guy** - that was what he wanted me to put!!
    Q:- I'm not sure if you ever get emails about it anymore but I was reading your Driver2 FAQ
        page recently and I must say, very thorough, my congratulations.
    A:- I get E-mails all the time still to this day about my FAQ, thanks for the submissions to
        the Interesting Stuff & Bugs Sections of my FAQ
         **Submitted By: Nathan**
         **See File:10 Interesting Stuff**
         **See File:12 Bugs**
    Q:- Congratulations on making a successful guide - it was the best one I could find and was
        of great help, Thankyou.
    A:- No Worries Mate.
         **Submitted By: Phil**
    Q:- Thank you so much for writing an actually good FAQ for this godforsaken game. 
        I am on the level that u broke your controller on. That is the worst level in this
        stupid game. And all other FAQ's say "bump him much". Thats it. At least you give a
        stradegy for it. Thank you again and I look foward to any other FAQ's you write
    A:- OK a couple of thing's, 1: the game ain't stupid!! and 2: I'm not sure if I will write
        any more FAQ's but if I do you will be able to find them.
         **Submitted By: Ds41477**
    Q:- I just wanted to let you know how much your FAQ has helped me. It was particularely
        useful on escaping Caine's Compound.  Thanx
    A:- No worries mate, Caine's Compound is the best mission in Chicago, and is hard until you
        figure it out!!, when I first did it I thought "why didn't I do that the first time?!"
        thanks again for the compliment
         **Submitted By: Pholmes**
    Q:- I was thinking about writing a FAQ for this game and when I saw yours I said NO WAY.
        Your FAQ is great!
    A:- Thanks a lot, but you should never be discouraged from writing your own FAQ, even if you
        think mine is great!!, But I suppose I only wrote this FAQ because I thought the others
        weren't detailed enough!!, Thanks also for your Unreal submission.
         **Submitted By: Chris Wasnetsky**
         **See File:14 High Scores and Unreal Stuff**
    Q:- Are there any cheat codes for Driver 2 that do not require a gameshark?
    A:- The only cheats in Driver 2 are Immunity and Invincibility, there are No button cheats
        for this game, At all!!.
         **Submitted By: Razorrider89**
    Q:- How do I use game shark codes I mean were do I write it in the game
    A:- You type these in when you start the playstation up, it should go to the gameshark codes
        menu before starting the game itself.
         **Submitted By: Elís Már**
    Q:- How do you get the codes in the rumours pert to work i've tried at least 100 times to
        get them to work but they won't, also you can't get that damb tank I tried it's a load
        of crap, and your a ******* ******** artist!
    A:- All of the codes in the Rumours section are fake because if you took the time to read it
        you would see that this is what I wrote:
          **Rumours section**
           This section is here to stop any of the Spam that has been started by people
           that have waaaay too much time on their hands, these are a quick list of them
           so far, if you get more send them in.
        Now that I have gotten your E-mail I have added a note under that for the dumbass's like
        yourself, the codes are all fake codes that people have spread around, so in a quick
        sentence, NONE OF THEM WORK!!!
         **Submitted By: Anonymous** - I think that he doesn't need to be named!!
           **Also don't swear in your E-mails or I will not answer you next time**
    Q:- I have looked all over and can't find the police impound in Rio. Can you tell me where
        to find it? Thanks.
    A:- It's at the North-East corner of the lake at Lagoa Rodrigo De Freitas, have a look there
        and you should find it.
         **Submitted By: Brittany Caldwell**
    Q:- What happens when I change the cop difficulty?
    A:- It means exactly what it says, now the cops will be easier or harder to damage, but this
        does not change how much they will hammer you at full felony it just means they have
        crap or good armour.
         **Submitted By: Demonz_666**
    Q:- Can I get onto one of the trains?
    A:- As far as I know the answer to this is No, but if you find a way to get onto the trains
        tell me. Also I am on the assumption you are talking about the ones in Chicago, because
        you can get in the train in Vegas.
         **Submitted By: Demonz_666**
         **To read about the trains in Chicago See File:11 Rumours**
         **To read about the trains in Vegas See File:12 Bugs**
         **To read about the trains in Rio See File:13 The Glitch Report**
    Q:- Is it possible to get into one of the planes?
    A:- Give me a break mate!, this is a driving game NOT a flying game.
         **Submitted By: Demonz_666**
         **To read about the planes See File:11 Rumours**
    Q:- Is the secret car in Chicago the superfly car from Driver 1?
    A:- No it is not the Superfly car from Driver 1 but I wish it was the Superfly because the
        air that you could have gotten off of the drawbridges would be phenomenal.
         **Submitted By: Demonz_666**
    Q:- Is there a secret city in this game?
    A:- Well mate I didn't get one so I guess that's a No, but it might be like Driver 1 where
        you could only get the secret city in the PC version or by using gameshark codes that 
        only worked on NTSC and PAL(UK) versions only.
         **Submitted By: Demonz_666**
         **To read about a secret city See File:11 Rumours**
    Q:- Play undercover and when it says "please wait" and a black screen, press some buttons (It
        doesnt matter which) and the time will either increase or decrease on your mission.
        it really works. (maybe you don't have to press the buttons but that's how I found out)
    A:- Get away from me you moron as if *ANY* cheat code would be a random button press code!,
        you just got a mission with a random timer,
        Now go crawl back under the rock from which you came you twit!!, oh and by the way I
        wouldn't trust a cheat from a person who doesn't even allow me to write them back!!
         **Submitted By: Pwlego**
    Q:- hey how do u ride the ferry in chicago I cant ever get it to work?
    A:- well there's good reason for why it won't work and that's because the ferry doesn't move,
        you have to jump onto it in a mission but that's about it i'm afraid!.
         **Submitted By: Formul1hereIcome**
    Q:- There is a staue of liberty in driver1 if you want to know were it is I will kindly make a
        map so to speak youknoe like:left3blockright6more. more clearer tho. I read your game faqs
        walk threw.i am very pleased.
    A:- Normally I would attack a letter such as this but you were kind about it so I will be kind
        back, thanks but no thanks, this is a driver 2 FAQ not Driver 1!.
         **Submitted By: David E**
    Q:- Your Playstation cheat site for the game "Driver 2" is cool. I read your part about all
        the cars and how they handle. I noticed that you haven't found the "truck with tray" in
    A:- I have had this car in my FAQ for ages, the car listing was one of the first things for
        me to complete however I have added your rating of the car to my car listing (no matter
        how nice you were for the cars rating!!)
         **Submitted By: Unknown_A**
         **To read his rating See File:4 Car Guide**
    Q:- this is about the jones' black car cheat it does work but they made a mistake u have to
        press the next button 24 times to get it(I think) or as soon as u get to 21 slow down and
        stop at the first car it shows(you know when u choose a car the first car it shows look
        for that one)it works I always use it I don't know if its any faster or what but its a
        pretty cool cheat
    A:- Get away from me you moron!!, I know that it is not able to be done so don't bother OK!!. 
         **Submitted By: Unknown_B**
          **IMPORTANT NOTE**
       Thanks to Demonz_666 for rewriting some E-mails sent in to me, thanks heaps for that
       If anybody is offended by what I wrote to the people above too bad I will reply to my
    E-mails how and when I please.
    /File 17:Acknowledgments\
       The following are the people I wish to thank:
    1.- Reflections and Infogrames for making the game.
    2.- The two other members of the Trio Of Winners:Try to beat us fair and square™, for
        helping me out on the Neoseeker.com website, Thanks Cool3DMan and Tunchi :).
    3.- You for reading it.
    4.- Thanks also to the Game Software Code Creators Club at
        for the Gameshark Codes.
       And last but by no means least to all my mates who helped me write the first incarnation
    of this FAQ.
       I would like to thank Demonz_666 who took the time to read through the entire FAQ and
    tell me where all of my spelling mistakes were, all the pieces of work that people sent in
    was NOT fixed of spelling errors because I cut & paste from E-mails, and if you can't spell
    that's your fault not mine.
       A big thanks goes to Jericho 999999 for helping me out with handling the gameshark
    codes listed above, Thanks a lot mate.
                                 Thanks heaps to:
     Gabriel Pinzón    - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 18
     Swiftshark        - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 6
     Demonz_666        - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 6
     David Rice        - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 5
     Kirkmeister       - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 4
     Nathan            - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 3
     Bejiittenkusu     - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 3
     Chris Wasnetsky   - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 2
     Thomas            - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 2
     Kurt              - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 2
     Slavco            - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Bastard11         - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Johan             - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Awright52         - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Scott Hatfield    - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Knight & Dragoon  - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Kev               - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Mojo Jojo         - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Mika M            - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Dave G            - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     DirtyWyyteboy     - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Some_guy          - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Phil              - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Ds41477           - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Pholmes           - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Razorrider89      - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Elís Már          - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     Brittany Caldwell - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     LuigiPMario       - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
     WazzupGenius90    - (E-mail Not Available)      | Total Submissions = 1
                   And to the great People at the Neoseeker Driver 2 Forum:
     DrFred          - (Moderator of the Driver 2 Forum)
     Swiftshark      - (Regular on the Driver 2 Forum)
     Solomon Caine   - (Old Regular of the Driver 2 Forum)
     Jericho 999999  - (Old Regular on the Driver 2 Forum)
     Driver2GP       - (Regular on the Driver 2 Forum) (Have a look at his website below)
     Viper_4411      - (Old Regular of the Driver 2 Forum)
     Kurt            - (Regular on the Driver 2 Forum)
     Tim Enchanter   - (Unwashed Heathen(Guest) on the Driver 2 Forum)
     **If you want to come and join me and the people above at the Neoseeker Forum just cut &
       paste this into your browser**
     **Hope to see you all there soon**
       And thanks to all of the people that sent in questions
       Great care has been taken to erase any spelling mistakes but if you see one please E-mail
    me the File and Paragraph (if Walkthrough put mission) and I will fix it. 
       I also did not add a Version History because nobody cares when you fixed a mistake and
    When you added a cheat.
       Although I should say I don't so I won't bore you with one.
       This FAQ should only be found at:
        If you find this FAQ at any other sites than the ones listed above E-mail me immediately
    also if you think that a web site isn't allowed to host this FAQ refer to the FAQ at
    www.gamefaqs.com as that is the first place I sent this FAQ to and will always have the
    up to date copy.
        Also as a second reference check www.neoseeker.com as I always check that site and it
    will be impossible to get anything wrong with my FAQ past me, or the others at the Forum.
          **IMPORTANT NOTE**
           THE E-MAIL
          **E-MAIL PREFERENCES**
            All The FAQ's That I Have Written
    Thanks a lot peeps.
    Have fun gaming.
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