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    Take A Ride FAQ by Swiftshark

    Version: Final | Updated: 02/10/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     DD   DD    RR   RRR    III   VVV   VVV    EEE    E    RR   RRR      222    222  
     DD   DDD   RR   RRR    III   VVV   VVV    EEE         RR   RRR     222     222
     DD   DDD   RR   RRR    III   VVV   VVV    EEEEE       RR   RRR     222    222
     DD   DDD   RRRRRRR     III   VVV   VVV    EEEEEE      RRRRRRR           222
     DD   DDD   RRRRR       III    VV   VV     EEEEE       RRRRR           222
     DD   DDD   RR RRR      III     VV VV      EEE         RR RRR        222
     DD   DD    RR  RRR     III      VVV       EEE    E    RR  RRR      222222222222
    DDDDDDD    RRRR   RRR  IIIII      V       EEEEEEEEE   RRR   RRRR    222222222222
          <<< Chicago <<<<------------------------------->>>>>>> Havana >>
          **************** T A K E - A - R I D E   F A Q *****************
          <<<<<<< Vegas <<------------------------------->>>> Rio >>>>>>>>
    Written By: Swiftshark (Oliver Ferrier)       
    Email: Jahinspire@hotmail.com                                              
    Last Updated: February 10th 2003 (Final Version)  
    Game Title: Driver 2 
    Platform  : Playstation (NTSC Version)
    Creators  : Reflections Interactive
    Publisher : Infogames 
       4.1 Invincibility Cheat
       4.2 The Trick
       4.3 Jumping Fences And Dividers
       5.1 Drawbridge Carnage
       5.2 On The Subway Tracks
       5.3 Endurance Race
       6.1 Secret Forest Path
       6.2 Drive On Water
       6.3 Monkey Beach
       6.4 Into The Moat Around The Fort
       6.5 Walk On The Beach
       6.6 Walk Behind The Barrier Along The Street
       6.7 Ring The Doorbell
       6.8 Pedestrian Meeting
       6.9 Behind The Red Barricade
       6.10 Explore Canyon Mountain
       6.11 Secret Construction Area
    7. GLITCHES 
       7.1 Top Of The World
       7.2 Running On Water
       7.3 Rio Buildings Vanish
       7.4 Disappearing Car #1
       7.5 Disappearing Car #2
       7.6 Disappearing VW Bus
       7.7 Disappearing Secret Cars
       7.8 Cops Don't Enter The Carpark
       7.9 Cops Don't Enter The Fort
       7.10 Cops Stop The Chase
       7.11 Walk Through Caine's Wall
       7.12 Drowning In A Sea Of People
       7.13 Drown In The Train
       7.14 Floating Barrels 
       7.15 High Flying
       7.16 Strange Message
       7.17 Chicago Meltdown
       7.18 Cops Chase Abandoned Car
       7.19 Cops Kill Themselves  
    This FAQ is the property of Oliver Ferrier (A.K.A Swiftshark) and 
    is subject to all applicable copyright laws. Anyone wanting to 
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    request permission in writing by emailing me at the address found 
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    give me the proper credit for the FAQ.  
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    thievery. Thanks. 
    2. | UPDATES  |
    February 9th 2003: Added the last of the contributions that will
                       be accepted for this FAQ and submitted the
                       "FINAL VERSION" to the approved hosting
                       websites. Since this FAQ is now complete no
                       more contributions will be accepted. In other
                       words, no matter how great your discovery is,
                       I cannot and will not modify a "Finalized" FAQ
                       under any circumstances. Subsequently all of
                       the previous "Update Information" has been
                       removed for easier viewing.
    3. | INTRODUCTION  |
    Welcome to my "DRIVER 2 TAKE-A-RIDE FAQ". This FAQ contains 
    challenges, glitches, secrets and other hidden things that can be 
    only be done during "Take-A-Ride" mode. I will break down 
    everything in a very easy to follow step-by-step process that 
    should help you become a truly accomplished Driver 2 explorer. 
    This FAQ will not however discuss or provide information for any 
    of the "Undercover" missions in the game. There are numerous FAQS 
    available that can help you with any mission you may be having 
    difficulties with. (I recommend Yergin's FAQ as it is the largest 
    and most comprehensive one available, bar none) The same applies 
    to the side games since these are merely practice games and are 
    relatively easy to navigate through. 
    If you absolutely need to contact me then you can either look for 
    me on the message boards at both Gamefaqs and Neoseeker or if you 
    prefer simply send your email to Jahinspire@Hotmail.com. Please 
    note when emailing me that garbage and Spam will be purged so 
    make sure you type "DRIVER 2" in the subject line of your email 
    or it will most likely become a snack for my always hungry 
    Recycle Bin. Also please keep in mind that I am not accepting 
    anymore contributions for addition to this FAQ.
    With that said, enjoy the FAQ! 
    In order to get the most out of this FAQ you will need three 
    2. You need to learn how to perform "THE TRICK".
    3. You need to learn how to jump over fences and barriers. 
    Q: Where can I find this "INVINCIBILITY CHEAT"? 
    A: The "INVINCIBILITY CHEAT" is unlocked by finding and pressing
       a secret switch located in the city of Vegas. In order to get
       to Vegas you need to play the "Undercover/Story" mode portion
       of the game. (There is no button cheat to unlock the different
       cities and I cannot vouch for the Gameshark possibilities but
       I would assume that their codes work)
    Q: Can you give me precise directions?
    A: (Vegas) Pull up your in game map and look for the Main Road
               that goes from "Downtown" all the way to "Lower
               Strip". (It's the main road) Now look for the
               intersection where "Tropicana" crosses it. You should
               see 4 black squares on your map at this intersection.
               Close to the NE Square (Top Right Square) you will
               find a drug store with 99 cent signs and a bingo sign
               nearby. Press TRIANGLE at the storefront and you will
               unlock the cheat. 
    Q: How do I turn the "INVINCIBILITY CHEAT" on once I find it? 
    A: At the "Main" menu go to the "Options" menu and then proceed
       into the "Cheats" menu. 
    Q: How do I save the "INVINCIBILITY CHEAT"? (Because every time I
       load up the game I have to go looking for the switch in Vegas
    A: In order to save Cheats for future use you will need to
       create a separate save file on your memory card and then "Save
       Settings". (This is also how you save Secret Cars that you can
       unlock in each city) When you power up your PSX the next time
       and load the game up you then simply "Load Settings" again and
       then go activate the cheats you wish to use from the "Cheats
    Q: What about the "IMMUNITY CHEAT"? Don't I need that one too?
    A: Not for anything contained within this FAQ. The "IMMUNITY
       CHEAT" is simply to keep cops from chasing you. However, if
       you wish to find the location for this cheat simply look for
       Yergin's FAQ (A link to his FAQ can be found in the "CREDITS"
       section)and his FAQ will provide you with a detailed
       description on how to get it. 
    |4.2  THE TRICK    |
    The other thing you must learn is known on most Driver 2 Forums 
    as "THE TRICK" and will be needed to access certain hard-to-reach 
    Andrew Shin discovered "THE TRICK" and he deserves full credit 
    for this in my mind although it is certainly possible that others 
    may have found this out on their own as well.  
    Q: What the Hell is "THE TRICK"?
    A: "THE TRICK" is a glitch that uses the "Invincibility" cheat in
       conjunction with a car thereby allowing you to pass through walls,
       fences, barriers etc. Once mastered it will allow you a backstage
       pass to almost any area that appears to be off limits. 
    Q: How can I perform "THE TRICK"?
    A: First, toggle on the "INVINCIBILITY CHEAT". Now drive your car at a
       decent speed towards any wall, barrier or fence and use your
       handbrake to spin the car. While spinning the car into the barrier
       or fence press UP + TRIANGLE to exit the car. If you did it right
       the car will have partially spun through the fence. (Make sure one
       of the doors is on your side of the fence) Now simply re-enter the
       car and you should pop out on the other side. Now go explore. This
       trick takes a little practice since you need to get the feel for it
       but once you figure it out you'll be able to go almost everywhere 
       with your car. (Remember to jump out right before the car spins into
       the barrier)
    Another method accessing Hard-To-Reach areas is by taking advantage of 
    a glitch that occurs while using the "INVINCIBILITY CHEAT". 
    Since you cannot receive any damage while using the "INVINCIBILITY 
    CHEAT" you have a tendency to get more of a bounce effect from crashing 
    and especially so during impacts from cop cars. If you let two angry 
    cops ram into you while you are flush against a fence or a barricade 
    then you can get pretty high up in the air and often over the obstacle. 
    The best way to maximize your success ratio of this glitch is by 
    practicing this technique in the side game called "SURVIVAL". Set it on 
    "Difficult" and toggle your "Invincibility Cheat" on. The cops are 
    really aggressive and will continue to arrive regardless of what alley 
    or dead-end road you might be waiting in. It will give you a good feel 
    for what it's like to get airborne since you will be flying all the 
    place. Once you get the idea of jumping over stuff simply get two cops 
    on your tail in Take A Ride mode and try finding new places to jump.
    Location: Chicago (Any Drawbridge) 
    Requirements: Invincibility On 
    Cool Factor: *****  (Note: Cool Factor scale = 1-5 Stars)
    Take a ride and go straight until you reach the drawbridge. Now block 
    the intersection with your car or Bus and proceed to jack every car 
    that comes. Let the bridge go up and down a few times while you gather 
    cars and take this time to really line up the stolen cars at the foot 
    of the open drawbridge. (I had 16 cars ready to go including a school 
    Once you have done that wait for the bridge to close and now hurry up 
    like a mad man to drive every car to almost the center point of the 
    bridge. (You only have so long before the bridge will open again) Make 
    sure you spread them out in a way that will create a nice impact when 
    all the cars come crashing down. When bridge opens you want to see 
    every car come crashing down on your side of the bridge. It is very 
    important that you leave up one car at the foot of the bridge so that 
    some of the falling vehicles can crash onto it. (Try getting the Bus or 
    a Fire Truck to crash on top of the car) Now run back a safe distance 
    and watch the carnage. I run right up the street and turn around and 
    watch the fireworks in First Person View. If done correctly the car at 
    the foot of the bridge should go flying over your head when all of the 
    vehicles come crashing down)  
    Credit: Self
    Tip: You might want to start this stunt out in a school bus since
         it is easier to block the intersection with a bigger
         vehicle and they are sometimes hard to by when your waiting
         at a blocked intersection.
    Location: Chicago (Grant Park) 
    Requirements: Invincibility On 
    Cool Factor: ****
    As soon as you start in Take-A-Ride mode make a U-turn and then 
    immediately turn left into the park. There is a bridge with banisters 
    on each side and some train tracks underneath. Now that you know where 
    it is go and get two cops on your tail. Once you have two cops after 
    you go back to the banisters and line up flush with either side. Now 
    simply let the cops ram you up and over the railing and hope that you 
    land on your wheels. Congrats, you just made it onto the tracks. (To 
    exit back to the road simply go through one of the side openings and 
    you'll either pop back onto the street or wreck your vehicle. (You'll  
    get a cool point of view from down here)
    Credit: Gabriel Pinzon / Yergin
    Location: Chicago
    Requirements: Yellow and Black Secret Car
    Cool Factor: ****
    The endurance race is a timed race that goes around all of 
    Chicago by staying on the outermost freeway. You are allowed to 
    use the "INVINCIBILITY CHEAT" but you may not use the "IMMUNITY 
    CHEAT" to compete in the event. The concept is simple, get to the 
    outer road in Chicago and find a spot that you can use as a 
    Start/Finish line. Now start your timer and see how quickly you 
    can pull off a lap. Accidents and cops make for an unpredictable 
    trip so you will surely get a kick out of trying to survive the 
    race...and the cops! 
    (I would recommend not using the "INVINCIBILITY CHEAT" for 
    realism's sake)
    Credit: Unknown
    Location: Havana 
    Requirements: None 
    Cool Factor: ****
    Go over to the island where the fort is. As you exit the tunnel and are 
    on that circular main road keep an eye out for a "Puerto Rican" flag 
    looking sign on the side of the road. (It is very close to the Ferry 
    Dock). Right across from the sign is a passageway that cuts through the 
    forest. It is very well blended in so you wouldn't know it unless you 
    explored the area. (There is a second, larger passageway close by but 
    that is not it)
    Credit: Self 
    Location: Rio (Any beach)
    Requirements: Invincibility On
    Cool Factor: ****
    With the "Invincibility Cheat" activated you can drive anywhere in the 
    ocean. You will not be able to drive extremely fast but it is a fun 
    thing to do and there is plenty to explore. (Cops will follow you here 
    too, you can send them to their doom by pushing them over the edge)
    Credit: Self
    Location: Rio
    Requirements: Invincibility On
    Cool Factor: ****
    Take a ride in Rio and make the first left and follow the coast heading 
    north. Pass "Copacabana" and keep going along the outermost road. You 
    will pass the residential island called "Irca" or "Inca" - Keep going. 
    Now, make the first right after the long stretch of buildings and 
    you'll find yourself on the road that has bushes on both sides. Look 
    for the one building with the fence around it (The building is 
    yellowish and about 3 or 4 stories high) Right after that you will 
    finally see the beach again. As soon as you see it hit a hard right and 
    you should see the hidden beach. You have to cross some ocean water to 
    get there. (It is located in the lower corner of Flamengo Bay where the 
    two curved roads meet on you in game map) You will see monkeys in the 
    palm trees on this beach only. 
    Credit: Self 
    Location: Havana (Fort)
    Requirements: On foot (don't use car)
    Cool Factor: ***
    Drive to the Fort on the northeast island of Havana. When you first 
    enter the Fort you will see a cannon on your right. Right behind that 
    cannon you'll notice a small gap in the fence. Walk through that gap 
    and you'll drop down to the lower level. There isn't too much to see 
    but you can run around and explore the grassy moat a bit. There are 
    also several invisible walls down here.
    Credit: Unknown
    Location: Chicago (Gold Coast)
    Requirements: On Foot / In Car
    Cool Factor: *****
    Pull up your in game map and look for the words "GOLD COAST" in the NE 
    area of the map. Right above the "O" and the "L" you will see a 90-
    degree corner. This is where you need to be. (In the corner, not up by 
    the loops) Once you are there you will see a walled park. Right next to 
    it there is an invisible gap that will allow you entry into the field. 
    You can now explore this entire region of the map that otherwise would 
    not be accessible. If you head north you can walk along the beach of 
    Lake Michigan. If you head south you can investigate the Navy Pier area 
    as well. If you feel like you can't walk forwards into an area then 
    simply try walking backwards. This'll grant you even more access. 
    Credit: Unknown
    *Note: If you go south and you go past the "Causeway", the game will
    Variation: Use "The Trick" to gain access in the same area so you can
               drive around instead of walk.
               Credit: Andrew Shin
    Location: Chicago (China Town)
    Requirements: None
    Cool Factor: ***
    Pull up your in game map and look at the southernmost area of the map. 
    There you will see Chinatown. (It looks like a square block area with 
    the yellow train tracks going south right next to it)  Now drive around 
    the middle of China Town and look on the side of the buildings for a 
    black "Parking" sign. (Hint: It says something like "Early Bird 
    Special" and you should be very near the southern freeway onramp) The 
    hidden area is right next to the sign by going behind the barrier and 
    then walking around the lower right portion of the map. You can walk a 
    long ways north along the freeway. Also across the street from the 
    black "Parking" sign is another barrier that you can slip through to 
    explore the lower left portion of your in game map.
    Note: If you walk under an onramp you can pop back up through the
          descending street. Also if you walk too far away your car will be
          gone by the time you return.  
    Credit: Unknown
    Location: Vegas (Lakeside - East side of Pond)
    Requirements: none
    Cool Factor: **
    There is a big mansion in the Lakeside area of Vegas. It is the same 
    mansion where you begin the "Car Bomb" mission I believe. Walk up to 
    the front door and press triangle in the center and you will hear the 
    bell ring. (A weird little add in that the Reflection's team threw in 
    for no apparent reason)
    Credit: Unknown
    Location: Vegas (Lakeside Mansion)
    Requirements: None
    Cool Factor: ****
    The same mansion that has the "Ring the doorbell" secret also has a 
    garage to your left. (When facing doorbell) Next to the garage is a 
    switch that will open the door. Once you enter in you will see four 
    pedestrians sitting around a table. If you get to close to them they 
    will scatter and disappear so you need to be very careful here. Sneak 
    up behind one and move slowly until just that one ped runs away. Now 
    simply press triangle behind the empty chair and you'll be sitting down 
    with the remaining three peds. (If you go into First Person View you 
    can look at all of their faces up close). 
    Credit: Self
    Location: Rio (Dead end road - Final Mission)
    Requirements: Invincibility On
    Cool Factor: ****
    There is a winding dead end road on the north side of the big lake in 
    Rio. At the very end is a Red and White striped barricade. (It is the 
    same spot where the last "Undercover" mission ends, just past the 
    gazebo) There are two ways to get on the other side.
    Method #1: Using "THE TRICK". 
               Credit: Andrew Shin
    Method #2: This is by far much more challenging and difficult to do
               because you need a high Felony meter and 2 or more cops on
               your tail. Play "Survival" in Rio. Choose the one that
               starts up north close to the "Centro" area and I would
               recommend daylight. Now you have to make it to the barricade
               without being flipped upside down by the onslaught of cops.
               Once there you need to line up flush with it and let the
               cops ram you so that it causes you to fly over the
               barricade. (This took me a lot of tries to do and will test
               your skills)  
               Credit: Self
    Location: Rio (By the Canyon where you chased the gunman)
    Requirements: On foot
    Cool Factor: ****
    By the entrance to the Canyon you will notice white wooden fences on 
    both sides of the road. There is a spot where the gap is big enough for 
    you to fit through on foot. (If you are facing into the Canyon the gap 
    will be on your right side) Walk along the left side of the mountain 
    and you will see some rocks blocking your path. Look for the small gap 
    and force your way through. You can now walk to a completely secluded 
    area in the back. It seems very secluded and private back here. (They 
    should have put another secret switch here for the true explorers)
    There is also a gap on the left side of the road but it doesn't allow 
    you to go anywhere secluded.
    Credit: Self
    Location: Vegas
    Requirements: None
    Cool Factor: ****
    This is an "Official Secret Area" meaning when you find it the game 
    will acknowledge the find. 
    Pull up your in game map and look for the airport. Drive down towards 
    the airport and make the last right. (It's that road that wraps back 
    around to "Tropicana") Now that you are on this road keep looking to 
    your right until you see a gap between the buildings. You should see 
    some cones blocking the alley. Drive through there and hit the ramp and 
    you will go sailing into the secret construction area. 
    Variation: Get cops to follow into the area and have a little
               Destruction Derby fun.
    Note: You cannot get up to the Trailer Trucks on the platform nor can
          you drive up that wooden ramp either. :(
    7. | GLITCHES  |    
    Location: Chicago
    Requirements: Must be on foot
    Cool Factor: ***
    Take a ride to where the rail tracks cross the West River. (If you look 
    at your in game map it'll be right in the middle where the yellow 
    railway crosses that river to the left) Now walk backwards into the 
    little niche on the NE corner of the bridge and you will suddenly find 
    yourself very high up in the sky. From this vantagepoint you can even 
    look down onto the passing trains beneath you. 
    Credit: Unknown
    Location: Rio (starting point)
    Requirements: Must be on foot
    Cool Factor: *
    Exit your car immediately upon Taking A Ride in Rio. Now turn around so 
    that you are facing the rear of your car. Look over to your left and 
    you will see some chairs there a little ways behind your car. Walk over 
    there and look for the chair that is facing the wall. Go behind it and 
    press UP + Triangle. You will be sent through the wall and find 
    yourself stuck on the water. You can run around a bit but there is 
    nothing else to really do here.
    Credit: Self
    Note: You will need to reset after this glitch because you will be
          stuck out there.
    Location: Rio (Starting Point)
    Requirements: Invincibility On
    Cool Factor: *****
    Take a Ride in Rio and immediately turn right at the first 
    intersection. Now drive straight into the ocean. Keep heading out to 
    sea until you get to the edge of the light blue water and then turn 
    right. (You should be south of where you started) Head west along this 
    edge while continuously looking to the right. Eventually, you will see 
    a brick building above a wall. Now work your way towards the beach but 
    don't get on it just yet. Keep going west until you see a portion of 
    the beach that appears to be detached from the main beach by a channel 
    of water. Drive onto that detached beach and drive on it until it joins 
    the main beach. (Do not cross that little channel; everything will 
    disappear. If you do, turn around and go back until the light blue 
    water reappears.) As soon as beaches join, turn right and head for the 
    mainland. The game should skip a little and then the buildings should 
    Credit: Howard Ford
    Location: Chicago
    Requirements: Invincibility On
    Cool Factor: ****
    This glitch occurs when bailing from your car while jumping one of the 
    many drawbridges around the city. Try to hit the bridge at a 45 degree 
    angle or slightly steeper and while airborne bail out of your car. You 
    should see the car land and sink right through the ground leaving only 
    a black shadow behind. This shadow will remain for a long time and will 
    slowly drift away. Depending on your timing and point of view you will 
    sometimes see the car falling from the sky back into the shadow on the 
    ground. I have even left the area and while going around the block seen 
    the car fly past me at great speeds only to disappear again. Weird.
    (I have also had similar results on occasion while jumping the 
    pedestrian walkways in Vegas but not at will)
    Credit: Unknown
    Location: Havana (Fort)
    Requirements: Invincibility Cheat On
    Cool Factor: **
    In order to get this glitch to work you need to drive into the Fort on 
    the small island and go all the way in until you find the courtyard 
    with the ramps that go up to the second floor. Drive full speed up one 
    of the ramps and immediately press triangle to bail once airborne. The 
    car should get stuck either in the floor or the wall and slowly start 
    to levitate and eventually drift away. The biggest drawback is that you 
    will need to walk all the way back to civilization in order to find 
    another ride.
    Credit: Self 
    Location: Havana (Secret Car Switch)
    Requirements: Orange VW Bus (a.k.a. Kombi Van)
    Cool Factor: *
    Take a Ride in Havana in the Orange VW Minivan (Not the School Bus) and 
    head to the Base where the secret car is located. Drive to where the 
    switch is that opens the gates to allow access to the Base and exit the 
    vehicle. (For precise directions see the "Secret Cars" section) Now 
    press Triangle to activate the switch and after the little FMV that 
    shows the gate opening you will notice that your VW is gone. 
    Unfortunately you will have to hike it from here to get either the 
    secret car or head back to the main road for another vehicle.
    Credit: Kurt 
    Location: Any City (Secret Car Switches)
    Requirements: Must be driving the Secret Car
    Cool Factor: * (Who wants to lose their secret Car?)  :)
    Take a Ride in the city of your choice and go get the secret car. Now 
    that you have the car go back to where the switch was that unlocked the 
    secret area. (Ticket Both in Chicago, Fence in Rio etc.) Now get out of 
    your car and press the switch again. After viewing the small cutscene 
    you will notice that your car is gone. You will need to go get it again 
    as it is back in the secret location.
    Credit: Howard Ford
    Location: Chicago (Carpark)
    Requirements: None
    Cool Factor: **
    When you have the heat on your tail you can duck into the Carpark and 
    they will very rarely follow you in. Usually they will stay right at 
    the entrance and just go forwards and backwards. I guess they are 
    afraid of the indoors. It's cool if you want to taunt them for a while 
    before taking off again and having them in hot pursuit.
    Credit: Self
    Location: Havana (Fort)
    Cool Factor: **
    Similar to the previous glitch at the Chicago Carpark, this one takes 
    place in Havana. Simply get the heat on your tail and make it to the 
    Fort on the little island. Once you enter the main entrance you will 
    notice that the cops won't follow you in. (I guess it would have taken 
    up too much memory) Once in a while a cop might make it through the 
    entrance so take care of him and continue the taunting.
    Credit: Yergin
    Location: Vegas (Train Yard)
    Requirements: None but "Invincibility" may be used
    Cool Factor: **
    Get some heat on your tail and make it to the Train Yard. There is a 
    short little tunnel that you can drive through which leads you to the 
    back end of the yard. For some reason cops have a tendency to not make 
    it through that tunnel. It could be a glitch or simply a lack of A.I. 
    but you should easily lose them at this point. Sometimes a second cop 
    will push the lead car through in which case you will still have one 
    cop car left to deal with.
    Credit: Static X and SOD
    Location: Chicago (Caine's Compound) 
    Requirements: On foot
    Cool Factor: **
    Take a ride to Caine's Compound and go to the garage where you started 
    the mission called "Caine's Compound". (You will see boxes blocking the 
    entrance to it) Once inside get out of your car and now walk out of the 
    garage, and turn 180 degrees so you are facing a cement wall on the 
    left rear side of the garage. (It is the perimeter wall of the 
    courtyard behind the garage) You can walk in and out of that wall but 
    try it in your car and Bam!
    Credit: Self
    Location: Chicago (Wrigley Field)
    Requirements: None
    Cool Factor: **
    Take a ride to Wrigley Field. Press TRIANGLE under the "Tickets" window 
    on the NW corner and enter the stadium. Now walk up the brown ramp to 
    the upper level. As soon as you get up there stop and turn around so 
    that you are facing the ramp, looking down. On the left side of the 
    ramp is a small invisible gap that will allow you to walk into the 
    stands. Go too far and you'll see a message stating that you have 
    Credit: Unknown
    Location: Vegas
    Requirements: On Foot
    Cool Factor: *
    Take a drive to where the Train is parked at the North most point of 
    your in game map. Once you see the Train exit your car and walk to the 
    left side of the tunnel where the train is sticking out. Press UP + 
    TRIANGLE and you will be brought around back of the Train along with a 
    message stating that you have drowned.
    Credit: Unknown
    Location: Vegas (Train Yard)
    Requirements: None
    Cool Factor: ***
    Take a ride over to the Train Yard where you played the "Beat the 
    Train" mission. You will notice that there are numerous stacks of 
    barrels on the hills. If you get a decent amount of speed and hit only 
    the barrels that are on the side you will notice that the ones on top 
    will remain there floating alone in the air. Depending on how you hit 
    the stacks of barrels you might get variable results.
    Credit: Static X and SOD
    7.15 HIGH FLYING
    Location: Vegas 
    Requirements: Invincibility On / Ambulance
    Cool Factor: ****
    Take a ride in Vegas and find an ambulance. (Check the downtown area to 
    increase your chances) Now steal the ambulance and make it flip so that 
    it ends up lying on its side. Now exit the ambulance and then jack any 
    other car. Now in order for this to work you need to ram your car into 
    the roof of the ambulance. If done correctly you and the ambulance 
    should be sent flying high into the air while spinning extremely fast.
    Credit: Unknown
    Location: Any City (Vegas and Rio increase odds)
    Requirements: Immunity on (Unlocked in Rio)
    Cool Factor: ****
    Occasionally while Taking a Ride with the "IMMUNITY CHEAT" on you can 
    trigger a glitch that will briefly display an onscreen message. This 
    glitch is triggered by attempting to jack a parked police car. The 
    onscreen message says: "Quick, switch cars and get out of here." (This 
    glitch occurs randomly)
    Credit: Shockwave420 (A.k.a. Miracleman)  
    Location: Chicago (Drawbridge)
    Requirements: Invincibility on
    Cool Factor: *****
    Take a Ride in Chicago and head north to the Drawbridge. There is a 
    small "Bridge Operators Booth" on the far side of the bridge (North 
    Side). Drive up right next to it and pull close to the barrier between 
    the road and water. Now reverse toward the booth until you hit a small 
    and invisible dip in the ground. Now position your car so that your 
    right rear tire rests in this dip. Your car should start to slowly sink 
    into the ground. As soon as this event begins you must exit your 
    vehicle and run around to the rear right corner of your car. (Also try 
    exiting immediately upon parking in the dip) If done correctly and if 
    you are lucky, you will also sink underground with your car and see the 
    meltdown take place. Cars will be sinking through the ground above you 
    and it will appear as though there are cars raining down. 
    Credit: Gel45er
    Alternatively as soon as your car starts to sink exit and run to the 
    nearest intersection and now you can watch from ground level as  
    numerous cars start sinking into the road. 
    Credit: Kurt 
    (Note: This glitch is probably the most difficult to trigger and these
     directions are not necessarily going to trigger it at will. It might
     take many attempts to get this one to work) 
    Location: Any City (Tested in Chicago)
    Requirements: None but Invincibility on should work too
    Cool Factor: ****
    Take a Ride and commit a felony to get the cops on your tail. Now lose 
    the cops while heading towards an area where there are some other cop 
    cars searching for you. Here is the hard part. Perform the "Spin while 
    exiting the vehicle move", timing it so that this action occurs 
    simultaneously with the trigging of the searching cops switching into 
    pursuit mode. In other words you need to exit the vehicle at the 
    precise moment when a new set of coppers catch you on their radar. The 
    result of this glitch is that the cops will still attack your car 
    except for the fact that you are now on the sidelines watching the 
    action without being bothered.
    Credit: Andrew Shin
    Alternately you could also get out of your car in midair as long as 
    your timing is right. (Obviously this is much more difficult) 
    Location: Vegas (Pedestrian Walkways)
    Requirements: None
    Cool Factor: ***
    Take a Ride in Vegas and get some heat on your tail. Now go to those 
    pedestrian walkways that span across the intersections in the middle of 
    the map. If you drive up onto these walkways and position yourself in 
    the middle you will be able to relax unharmed while the cops keep 
    destroying themselves by ramming into the walls below. Very rarely will 
    a cop make it up onto the walkway. If he does then chances are he'll be 
    so banged up from getting up there that one tap should do him in.
    Credit: Static X and SOD
    Undoubtedly almost everyone already knows where these cars are located 
    but if for some reason you are that one remaining person who doesn't 
    know, then this section is for you.
    Note: Each city contains only one Secret Car, which must be unlocked by
          triggering a switch that shows a cutscene of a secret area being
    CHICAGO CAR: In order to get this Black and Yellow Sports car you need
    |\/|\/|\/|\| to Take A Ride over to Wrigley field. (It is located in
                 the upper left area of your in game map) In the NW corner
                 of Wrigley field you will see a big sign that says:
                 "Tickets" (There's a pop corn cart right next to it) Walk
                 to the middle of the sign and press Triangle. You will
                 then see a cutscene of a fence opening. Now hop back into
                 your car and drive around Wrigley Field to the open fence
                 that will allow you access onto the baseball field. Once
                 you are on the field exit your car and walk up the wooden
                 ramp to the upper level. Now simply follow the path until
                 you get down into the basement where the Car is waiting.
                 (The next cutscene will show you the way back out)
                 Congrats, you just got the first secret car. (Don't forget
                 to "Save Settings")
    HAVANA CAR: When you pull up your in game map and you look at the Left
    |\/|\|/|\/| most portion of you map you will see a tunnel and a curvy
                road that appears to be a dead end. (It is as far West as
                you can go) Drive through the orange cones and follow this
                road to a secret base that is completely fenced off. The
                switch that you need to trigger by pressing Triangle is
                located to the right of the main gate and is almost hidden
                by a group of trees. (It is a black switch box on a thin
                black pole) Once you hit the switch you will be treated to
                a cutscene showing the gate opening. Now drive in through
                the main gate and follow the road which will now lead you
                down into the underground base. Once you get down into the
                main room head left, then right and you will come upon a
                doorway on your left that leads you even lower. Follow this
                all the way down and you will eventually enter a big room
                with the secret car sitting there on a raised platform. At
                the far end of the room is a switch where you must press
                TRIANGLE. The platform will then lower and you can enter
                the car. Once inside the platform will bring you back up to
                the main courtyard of the base. Congrats, you got the
                second car. (Don't forget to "Save Settings")
                Alternate Method: Instead of driving down into the base
                simple drive to the rear of the courtyard and you will see
                a hole in the ground. Walk backwards into the hole and you
                will fall into the room with the car. Hit the switch and
                off you go. 
                Credit: DRIVER2GP / Yergin
    VEGAS CAR: Take a ride towards the airport and you will notice on your
    |\/|\/|\/| in game map that there are two roads that lead in to it. In
               between these roads you will find a locked wooden fence on
               your left and right next door another wooden fence which is
               open. (They look kind of like barnyard fences) Enter the
               opened fence and press Triangle on the switch to your left.
               The cutscene will show you the locked fence opening. Go into
               that newly opened area and you will find the secret Lowrider
               Pickup in the back of a building there. (Save settings)
    RIO CAR: Pull up your in game map and look at the road on the Northern
    |\/||\/| most side. You will see a hump in the road that looks a little
             like this: ___/  \____ When you arrive at this hump you will
             see a building next to a fancy looking gate. To the right of
             this gate you will find a black switch (On the roadside) that
             will trigger the cutscene once you press TRIANGLE. Go inside
             the area that was shown during the cutscene and head as far
             right as you can and you will find the secret Semi Truck
             hidden behind a building. (Save settings)
    This section was made to indicate the best places in each city where 
    you can get air by hitting jumps, bumps and ramps. Mind you this is by 
    no means a listing of every possible spot but it does cover the major 
    ones in each city.
    -Any Drawbridge is a good jumping platform while it is opening. (It is
     also a great way to lose the cops)
    -The NW portion of the outermost highway has a nice little hump in the
     road for a jump.
    -Some of the highway on ramps will give you a little air.
    -Pull up your in game map. At the top of the map look between the words
     "Verdado" and "Malecin". You will see a tiny little red square
     surrounded by a green border. This is the Mondo Jump. The building is
     a hotel with a black rock-thing attached to the front of it. There is
     a ramp with a road that leads up the side and onto the roof, around
     the roof and back down.  (Thanks to Shockwave420 and Andrew Shin)
    -Alternatively if you go up this ramp as fast as possible and then turn
     right at the top towards the road below you can go over the edge and
     land on the cars below. (Credit: Static X and SOD)
    -The innermost courtyard of the Fort on the NE island has two big
     ramps that you can jump. You can also jump onto the little house from
     above by cutting through the gap in the fence.
    -The little park from where you started the "Hijack The Truck" mission
     has several grassy mounds for you to jump.
    -The Ferry has a little ramp right in front of it that can give you
     nice air. (Press Up + Triangle in midair to land on the ferry while
     your car goes into the sea. 
    -The entrance of the tunnel that leads to the island with the Fort on
     it has a great jump. Simply go around the entrance towards the water
     and then turn around and hit the back of the tunnel opening for a nice
     jump. (There is a statue on top)
    -The first jump that comes to mind is the one over any of the
     pedestrian walkways that are found along the main Strip. With the
     "INVINCIBILITY CHEAT" you can have some good fun here. 
    -Using the pedestrian walkways as mentioned above get some cops to
     chase you and then drive up the walkway just far enough so that your
     car stays up there without having to press the gas or brake. Now
     simply keep looking in reverse so that you can see when a cop will
     smash into you from behind. At the last second release the reverse
     look and enjoy the flight. (If you have the cops on "Hard" and
     Invincibility on then you will catch some serious hang time.
    -The area by the Train Yard has several little hills and dirt mounds
     for jumping around.
    -Also in the Train Yard go to either end of the train tracks and turn
     around. Now drive full speed on the tracks and slam into the parked
     train. You will do a 180 in mid air from the collision. Note: If a cop
     is following you while this happens you will inflict major damage on
     him.  >> Credit: Static X and SOD
    -The highway onramp near the ghost town has a great hump in the road
     which can give you some hang time.
    -The entrance to the "Secret Construction Area" is a good jump and
     inside the area are a few more dirt mounds and ramps to play around
    -There is a cool little hump in the southern most road along the beach
     that will give you a decent little jump. (There is water going
     underneath it but unfortunately you cannot pass through)
    -That same little hump in the road as mentioned above has a channel of
     water going underneath it. If you have your "INVINCIBILITY CHEAT"
     activated and drive from the ocean to the bridge and try going
     underneath, you will hit an invisible barrier that will send you into
     the air about 5 feet.
    -The incline that begins the highway on the SW corner of your in game
     map is a good place to get a little elevated.
    -In the NE area of your in game map you can find a grassy area with
     several mounds there for very nice grass covered jumps (It is close to
     "Centro" and has those white coliseum like pillars)
    If you still have a craving for some serious flying around then you 
    should play the side game called "Survival". Turn your "INVINCIBILITY 
    CHEAT" on and set the cops difficulty on "Hard". The cops will be 
    relentless in attacking you and rather than taking damage you will 
    bounce all over the place from the impact received. This is extremely 
    challenging and you can get incredible amounts of air. Try getting to a 
    predetermined location from your starting point and see if you make it.
    10. | CREDITS  |
    Thank you CJAYC for Gamefaqs.com
    Thank you Neoseeker.com for a great place to host my work.
    Thank you Sony for the Playstation and PS2 console.
    Thank you Reflections and Infogames for one hell of a terrific game.
    Yergin           - A true Driver 2 master, FAQ writer and all around 
    ^^^^^^             good guy. :)
                       You can check out his Driver 2 FAQ/Walkthrough by
                       copying and pasting the following link into your
      >>>>   Http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/file/driver_2_e.txt   <<<< 
    Andrew Shin      - For discovering "The Trick" which is probably the
    ^^^^^^^^^^^        single biggest discovery in this game. Great job!
                       Also thanks for your input on several other
                       Glitches and Jumps contained throughout this 
    Gabriel Pinzon   - For discovering many interesting and fascinating
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     things in this game and also writing a complete
                       FAQ/Walkthrough in Spanish. 
    Driver2GP        - For the alternate method in getting to the Secret
    ^^^^^^^^^          Car in Havana.
                       Also Driver2GP has put together a very nice website
                       for Driver 2. Here is a link that you can copy and
                       paste into your browser.
           >>>>>>>>    http://www.driver2gp.cjb.net/    <<<<<<<<
    Howard Ford      - For the "Rio Buildings Vanish" Glitch as well as the
    ^^^^^^^^^^^        "Disappearing Secret Vehicles" Glitch in Section 8.
    Static X and SOD - For the "Floating Barrels" Glitch as well as the
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   "Cops Stop Chase" and "Cops Kill Themselves"
                       Glitches. Also thanks for the 180 Degree Jump and
                       Mondo Variation Jump found in section 9.
    Shockwave420     - For the "Strange Message" Glitch and the Mondo jump
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^       in Havana found in Section 9.
    GEL45er          - For the "Chicago Meltdown" Glitch directions.
    Kurt             - For an Alternative "Chicago Meltdown" Point of View
    ^^^^               as well as the "Disappearing VW Bus" Glitch. 
    Unknown          - Ah yes. Can't forget about them! (If you are one of
    ^^^^^^^            these people and you have definitive proof then I
                       will gladly credit you)  
    And last but not least, Thanks to (Your Name Here) for reading this 
    FAQ.                              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
    Well I hope you had some fun trying out some of the different Secrets, 
    Tricks, Jumps, Glitches etc. found within this FAQ. Driver 2 is 
    definitely a game with much to do and explore. For more discussion on 
    this game you can always try visiting the message boards over at 
    Gamefaqs.com or Neoseeker.com where the Driver 2 community still 
    thrives and posts regularly. Also make sure you keep your eyes open for 
    Driver 3 which will hit store shelves in the Fall of 2003. It will be 
    available on all major platforms and looks to be quite promising. Until 
    then take care. 
    For other works by me simply click on my user name on the page where 
    this FAQ is listed.   
         ******Burns rubber and drives off into the night******
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    (c)2003 by Oliver "Swiftshark" Ferrier. All rights reserved and all lefts 
    are on layaway. This Document is in no way affiliated with Sony, 
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