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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AgRaMaToS

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 11/17/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This document ęCopyright 2000 
    Andreas Constantinou
      Driver 2
    Console: Playstation
    Arthor: AgRaMaToS
    E-mail: Antreasms@hotmail.com
    Version: 0.7
      Started: Friday November 10 2000
      Finished: Saturday November 11 2000
      Last update: 
    One question.
    Put 2 questions
    Remove the maps and put 3 more Vegas
    V0.6 (11/15/2000)
    Put one more question.
      Table of contents:
    1) Information
    2) Review
    3) Prologue
    4) Features
    5) Walkthrough
    6) Questions and answers
    7) Epilogue
    1) Information
    ęCopyright 2000 Andreas Constantinou
    All rights reserved. This document can 
    only appear in that page:
    unless you e-mail me and ask
    me friendly to post it to your
    page. If you see it in another
    page or magazine please e-mail
    2) Review
    Well finally this game came to the stores.
    I was waiting days and nights to buy it.
    And... it is better from the old Driver.
    There are very much things to do on this
    game. The undercover mode is great!
    Great missions.
    These are the new feature in Driver 2:
    - New cars
    - New towns (Chicago, Havana, Vegas, Rio)
    - The roads are great. Circle.
    - Better gameplay
    - You can steal the other peoples car.
    Any car you want (school bus, jail car, fire car e.t.c)
    When you buy it you will think it is the best game of
    the world. No. It is not. There are bad things too
    - The same traffic (The cars are not so much like in
    the reality)
    - The timer
    - Sometimes you can't control the car
    - You can't kill people
    - It is not Midtown Madness
    - It is not Grant theft auto GTA
    Gameplay: Good controls of the car.
    It is steering good.
    Sound: Great sound of the car and the
    Graphics: Very good. Almost great!
    Time to play it: Oh. You may play it
    for years.
    The final verdic:
    3) Prologue
       I bought the game.And... i decided to write
    a FAQ for it. This FAQ has a full walkthrough,
    information about the game and questions and
    Have fun!!!
    4) Features
    4.1 Undercover
    New game: The missions.
    Load game: Load a saved game.
    Replay mission: Replay the missions you have
    View cutscenes: Watch the movies you saw.
    4.2 Take a ride
    You just take a ride in the town. No time limit.
    You can select day/night and a car.
    4.3 Driving games
    There are some subgames in Driver 2:
    Quick chase: You must chase a car.
    Quick Gateaway: Only one police is chasing you.
    Gate racing: There is a cone left and a cone
    right. That concludes one gate. You must
    drive between them without hitting any cones.
    Trailblazer: Hit 100 cones.
    Check point: You are running from one 
    ckeckpoint to other.
    Survivial: All the police cars of the town
    are chasing you.Cool!!!
    4.4 Multiplayer
    Take a ride:
    Two player trip in the town
    One player is the cop and the other player
    is the robber. The big chase begins...
    Run from one checkpoint to other.
    Capture the flag:
    You are playing in a road arena. There is a
    flag in the middle. Every player has to capture 
    this flag and take it to his starting point.
    4.5 Options
    Set the cop difficulty, sound, keys e.t.c
    4.6 Replays
    Watch the replays.
    5) Walktrough
    Surveillance Tip off
    Get into the car    00.30m
    Just step into the front car. Press triangle
    to get in. To get out fullstop and triangle.
    Get to Jones   03:00m
    Now! Back to the roads. Drive your car to the
    Jones car before the time ends. You aren't going
    to find any cops in your way. You can steal cars
    but don't be late.
    Chase the witness
    Stay with the sedan 01:00m
    Stay with the car. You mustn't crash because you will
    lose. The car always, at any restart follows the same roads.
    Train Pursuit
    Don't lose the witness
    Stay with the train 02:00m
    To the beggining try to not overturn your car at the
    yellow hills. Drive between them. Next follow the train.
    The train will turn left at the first turn. Chase it. Try to
    not crash because you will lost it. At the rubbish place
    don't drive on the blue bins. They can't destroyed. From
    now on it is easy. The train line is straight. At the end there is
    a crossroad. The train is going to turn left. Then it is going to
    stop. Get out of the car and run up the platform.
    Practice at the gate racing subgame to pass easy this level.
    Tailing the drop
    The witness said that this brazilian is
    making something hot. Tail him.     01.50m
    The level is easy. Just follow him and watch the
    proximity bar. Always the pointer to green.
    Try to not get very close to him and not to
    get away from him. You must be firm.
    Escape to safe house
    Get to your appartment. No tail.  03.50m
    This is a hard mission. You must get away
    the cops and this is bad. They are always
    chasing you. But... if they let you alone
    just for a moment (The map will be flash
    and one cop will said "I lost him") get out
    of the car and steal another's car. This action
    has 2 big advandages. Damage 0% Felony 0%.
    Chase the intruder
    Chase the intruder  02:00
    There is a good tip at the begging. When you 
    start chasing him try  to drive to the inside section
    of the white building on the grass. You are going to
    hit him! Then chase,chase,chase. He is very fast.
    Don't crash.
    Don't take the van at the beginning. It is slow.
    Take the silver car.
    Cain's compound
    Escape from the compound     02:50m
    It's easy to escape from the compound if you 
    know the routes you must go. Don't crash the
    vans. Find a way around them. When you get
    to the place which a yellow van is chasing you
    drive to the end of the road and get in the ware-
    house.Then  drive all the way back. 
    Make the jump over the bridge and you
    Leaving Chicago
    Get to the train     03:30m
    Not a hard mission. Try to not waste time.
    You can get easy rid of the enemies because
    it's night.
    Follow the lead
    Follow the tattooed Brazilian   02:00m
    Like chigago's "Tailing the drop" mission.
    Follow the car and watch the Proximity bar.
    It's very easy but VERY boring.
    Hijack the truck
    Steal Vasquels amunation truck 
    Watch out for the escord.   Unknown time
    Crash the truck. Make its damage over 50%.
    Then crash and destroy the escord and take
    the truck (after its driver run out)
    Drive the car back to the lockup  Unknown time
    This is easy. Drive the truck back to the marked
    spot. The truck runs really fast so you can avoid 
    the enemy's cars. Watch your damage. You are
    starting over 50%. When you made it to the safehouse
    open the door with trangle. Then get in the truck,
    drive it in and close the door.
    Stop the truck
    Stop the explosives truck
    One advice. Don't stay behind the truck. To destroy
    him take close the turns. The trick is to
    scrap him. Not to hit him because you will lose the
    control of the car.
    Take it to the safehouse  Unknown time
    This is easy. Just follow the beach road
    for a long time and don't crash. 
    Find the clue
    Check the cars for the files   07:00m
    This is a VERY hard mission. You must to
    crash and destroy 4 cars and all this in 7
    minutes. Well only 4 things i will tell you:
    1) Don't waste time.
    2) Play the mission many times to learn the roads 
    that the cars will go.
    3) Play the checkpoint subgame to do training.
    4) Good luck! ( You will surely need it)
    Escape to ferry
    Escape the cops. Try using 
    the ferry    Unlimited time
    Maybe this mission has unlimited time
    but in fact it has, because the ferry is
    leaving soon. When you approach the
    ferry make the jump and with luck you
    will reach it.
    To the docks
    Get to the docks and follow the Rossana
    soto clue    03:40m
    At the beggining don't go around to get to the
    tunel. Go from the grass after you pass the bridge.
    Then you mustn't change car unless you need to.
    Take shortcuts.
    Back to Jones
    Get back to Jones before Jericho splits  02:30m
    Take the blue car behind you and run to Jones.
    Take shortcuts.
    Tail Jericho  01:00m     
    Oh! You must tail him like the other missions.
    Watch the proximity bar. Easy but boring.
    Pursue Jericho   
    Stop Jericho  Unknown time  
    To do that you must take the red car at the beggining
    because it is fast. Jericho sometimes stop. If he stops
    at a turn and in front of him is a building you are lucky.
    Crash him on the building. He can't go anyware. You have
    beaten him.
    Escape the Brazilians
    Get out of there     Unlimited time
    You don't have a time limit so you don't need to hurry. But
    if a Brazilian is chasing you press full gas until you get away 
    from them. Try to not make damage to your car. Jericho is
    inside. Now follow the beach road. If a Brazilian is in front
    of you and he looks straight, you are lucky. Stay behind him, 
    not to spot you of-cource and drive slow-slow until the end.
    It is boring but you can clear the mission doing this.
    <You must have the 2nd cd to continue to Vegas and
    Casino Gateaway
    You are working with Cain. Get to the casino and take
    his gang.      02:45m
    A very easy mission. When you play it you will understand...
    Get Cain's gang back to the safehouse.   The time is depenting
    on how much time you did at the previous mission.
    Not hard! At the beggining try to not crash and try to make the
    cops to crash. You have time.
    Beat the train
    Get to the bridge. Rescue him fast   00:45m
    There is the mission thet you have to proof you
    are really fast. You can't get in the tunel before
    the train so go up the cliff and brake the wooden door and
    overtake the train. Run over the bridge and quickly get out
    of your car, get the blue car and run out of the lines.
    Car bomb
    Drive this car back to Vasquez   03:00m
    This mission is easy but the ####ing cops
    are making it hard. Just drive the car back to his owner.
    6) Questions & Answers
     Ok. This is the questions and answers section.
    These questions are real questions. You can
    submit one by email me, put subject " Questions
    for the Driver 2 FAQ" and put name, town and
    country. Your question will be 100% posted
    at my next update. If one of my answers is wrong
    or there is another answer email me, put subject
    " Answers for the Driver 2 FAQ" and put name,
    city and town. Your answer will be 100% posted.
        Q: How can i know if there is a police around?
                     Al Swanson   New York USA
        A: Look at the map. There is a white tick. This is
    a police car. There is something like a flashlight in front
    of it. This shows where it is going.
           Q: How can i avoid them?
           A: Do the rules of the traffic. Don't pass the traffic
    lights with red, don't run, don't crash, stay at your line etc
          Q:I'm in the level called 'Escape to the safehouse',
     I've taken someone else's car and I'm nearly at the end.
    Just before reaching the spot where you have to be,
    suddenly a message appears in the left bottom corner
     of the screen saying "OUT OF TAPE".
    Do you have any idea what they mean with that ?
                   Robby Daenen
            A: That's nothing to worry about. That means that
     you can't continue the replay after the out of tape message
     and in the film director you can't make your movie after this
    message. You did a lot of time.
           Q:Just read your walkthrough very good.but
     im still stuck on the stop the truck mission i 
    dont know why just cant do it it anyway um bye.
            A: When the truck is taking a turn, the most times
    it is taking it from the outside section of the turn. You must
    take it from the inside so you can appear by him. Then...
    Scrap him like this:
          X |______|   SCRAP!            X=you
           T |______|   SCRAP!              T=truck
       Q:With two players can both 1st player and 2nd player steal
     the cars if they want them? or do have to stick with the
     same car every time. 
            A:No. When you play multiplayer they are 
    only 2 cars in the town. 1 player's car and 2
     player's car. You can't steal your enemy's
     car and the camera is inside the car.
     Q:Hey i bought driver 2 the first day it came 
    out and i cannot beat caines 
    compound ive tried your guide and
     the other one and still dont understand 
    could you give me some greater detail?????
     i can get to the rode with the van 
    on it and that is as far as i can get.  after that
     i have no clue what 
    direction or way to go. if you helpme i would
     appreciate it greatly.
     A: Let me tell you something. You get to the van right?
    Go straight opposite of the 2 lorries that they are blocking
    your way. Go to the end of the road (This will take a lot of
    time) and exactly there in your right the warehouse it is.(see 
    map) Go in there and drive ALL the way back but from the
     inside side of the road (The fence must be on your right) and
    you will jump from the bridge.
         ______   *__ x  ___
                     | * |+  *
                     | * |+   *         
                     | * |+   *
                     | * |+   *    
    |_= Road
    *= The way you must drive
    += The fence
    x= warehouse
    7) Epilogue
    That's the FAQ. I hope you like it.
    If you thing i have uncompleted sections
    (except the walkthrough) e-mail me.

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