Review by Ramagamma

"Such a pity the prequel was better!"

Ok so maybe this review is biased for a big reason. Firstly i am not a huge fan of driving games but at i still have the ability to do a review for them. I still have to voice my opinion about it though because it was so so bad. In case you didnt know Driver 2 is the sequel to Driver which was all in all a fairly good game. Not great, although it was called Driver it had way too much driving in it/ Lets be honest it could have had some variety instead of the same monotonous thing despite the title. Many idiots who werent too clued up on gaming knowledge reffered to it as the 3D Grand Theft Auto...This it was not. But enough about the prequel lets hear about the sequel.

Everyone knows that the playstation is on its last legs what with the PS2 coming out in Europe and America in a few months and with the Dreamcast and Nintendo Gamecube just about to be realeased next year as well as the X-box. Why is it then after roughly 5 years of deveopment we get graphics that could be passed for as when the Playstation first graced this land. The edges of every surface in the game are horribly pixellated and it just looks messy. Heck they were better in the first game and the first game was a lot faster. Speaking of speed let me gripe about this...The slowdown you get is absoultley terrible. Its probably due to the fact the game tries to be realistic by having smoke and fog coming out of your cars exhaust but that just makes it terrible. Once i hit an computer controlled car i was chasing after and it shot up a ramp and into the air where it took a painfully large amount of time for it to hit the ground.

Maybe its just me but the sound is completley awful in Driver 2. Its just a constant hum of an engine that sounds like a bees nest when someones just spilt honey all over the place. Sure you can lighten it up with the occasional horn toot but its does nothing for the hum of the engine. You cant make out much of the soundtrack because of the Engine.

Technically speaking this is the most important part of any game. As you might expect Driver 2 fails in this respect. Firstly the vast vast loading times make you want to kill yourself. Sure there improved from the first game (the only improvment) but that doesnt stop them sucking. Like i said it also suffers from Slowdown but ive already mentioned that. One other horrible thing is the stupid physics of the game. Once i hit a car full on from a 90° angle and what happened. The other car just kept speeding on as though nothign happened and my car reversed hit a tree and did a 180° turn in mid air and i landed on my bonnet. Thus i lost the level due to the lack of realism in the game. Oh and as exciting as it may look never ever go over a ramp. Youll think that snail speed is mandatory in every game after playing Driver 2.

If you want to risk your hard earned cash go ahead and do it because i aint stopping you but if you want to play a really good driving game just go and get the origianl...Its a lot cheaper and beleive me when i say its a lot better.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/22/00, Updated 10/22/00

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