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"Should you buy Driver 2?"


This is one of the best driving simulators that I have seen since Gran Turismo. Many people say its slow and too focused on driving. Duh!!! Of course its too focused on driving. The game is called Driver 2! Driver 1 was a little faster, but Driver 1 didn't have alot of features that 2 has... In 2 you can exit off of your car and steal someones alot like Grand Theft Auto. You can choose day or night, and there are many quick racing games you can play like Survival and Trailblazer. I have not played the multiplayer yet. I think the multiplayer will be rather slow though. Driver 2 is just a big game and the Playstation can't handle it. Heck, all the Playstation is, is a 75mhz processor... The car control is really nice, and the game running slow helps to make turns easier. A few of the single player missions can be hard, just try not to run into stuff. Overall for game play I give it a 10.


Hmmmm. I would say the graphics are horrible because I play mostly PC games, on the other hand (in comparison to PSX games) I'd have to say the graphics are moderate. The world is quite pixellated and the color is rather dull. The map is nicely modeled though, placing many street lights, trains, buildings, and light poles all over the map. The Cinematics are excellent! Very detailed models and good lighting. Overall for graphics I give it a 7.


Honestly, I have not heard any Playstation games have bad sound. Some games have had more complex sound though. Driver 2 has your basic all around sound you would expect from a PSX driving game. Music, basic SFX, and motor sounds. I did like the sounds of your windows breaking when you slide into a wall. I'd say the Voice acting is nice, and it kind of makes you feel like your a really badass character. This feeling keeps you glued to the TV. The sound is basic so I'd give it a 6.

Note: I have been playing this game for 5 straight days and I still have not gotten bored of it. I like it almost as much as I like Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/25/00, Updated 10/25/00

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