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Reviewed: 12/02/00 | Updated: 12/02/00

A good game with some flaws

This is my first review I've written. Sorry if there are any typos. Hope you enjoy this.

When I heard about this game, I thought this game would be great. I loved the first the first driver that came out. I thought the second one would be great. The game is good but has some disadvantages.

Gameplay 8/10
I'm giving the gameplay of this game eight out of ten. There are some slowdowns in the game. They mostly happen when you are going onto the curved roads. Also, sometimes the game freezes up for a few seconds, and then get back to driving. A new feature of the game is that you can get out of your car and steal other cars. Tanner runs very slow though when out of the car.

Story 8/10
I'm giving the story of this game a eight out of ten. The story is almost similar to Driver's story. You are an undercover agent trying stop some gangsters. But, in Driver 2, you get to go international to Havana, Cube and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Graphics 9/10
I'm giving the graphics to this game a nine out ten. The graphics are almost similar Driver's graphics. You still still see the white pixilated lines while driving. One good improvement in the graphics are the CGs. Driver 2 has wonderful CGs. Tanner looks almost realistic in CGs. If you notice, Tanners adams apple even moves in his throat. The CGs in Driver were kind of cheap.

Audio 8/10
I'm giving the audio to this game a eight out of ten. The sound to the game is pretty good. The sirens on the police cars sound good. I like hearing the hearing the cops speak in Spanish. The car horns sound pretty good too.

Replayabilty 9/10
I'm giving the replayabilty to this game a nine out of ten. After you beat the game, you take a ride in the cities and try to find the secrets that lie in there. There are also some driving games you can play. As a new feature, a multiplayer where you can play with a friend. You can play cops n' robbers, capture the flag, take a ride, and more.

Rent or Buy
If you really enjoyed the first Driver, you would probably enjoy Driver 2. So i suggest you should buy this for a fun time.

Overall 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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