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"It's Great the First 5 minutes, then it sucks"

Driver 2 is a great game for the first five minutes you play it, but after that you just wanna scream....

Driver 2's gameplay is ok. Sure you can steal cars now. Yes the cops are harder. It's the little things that add up though. The other drivers in this game (pedestrians) won't move for no one. You could be coming at them at 150 mph and they won't move. The first driver is better. The cops are hard and smart but too hard. They took me out just way to easy, and once you get in front of them they just go straight so if you weave in and out of traffic a few times you usually lose them.

I found this game nice at the beggining but after 4 missions way to hard. The timer is ridiculously tight. In fact, alot of the missions I would be just about done with but the timer would buzz me out. Just stupid. Also the chase levels are just too hard. The person you chase would do suicidal things and I always lost them if they got barely a quater of a block in front of me. At times it was too easy. Wow tail a guy that's boring unless they turn around on you.

The best thing Driver 2 had was graphics. Almost perfect, you can see the cars turn on the directional and stuff. Nothing changed from the first driver graphic wise except the Cut Scenes, the voices are now in sync with the movement of the mouths.

Crappy music, and I though the sound was bad also. About the only good thing I could say is the crashes sound real.

Wow, find Pink Lenny. That's about it Lenny and drug dealers and an assasin who beats you up. Big deal.

You can play this game over and over in Take a Ride and the games except survival it's like the cops are from hell or possessed or something...

Buy or Rent
I was dumb enough to shell $40 bucks out on it. Driver 3 better be good or else. I'd say rent it, I just hated this game even a little biased but rent it first. I personally think that the disc is worth more than the game is so it depends who you are.

Final Story
Driver 1 was just so much better and you couldn't get out and steal cars in it. That's a shame. Driver 1 is more fun if you want it seeing it's a greatest hit now better $20 on a fun game than $40 on this poor excuse for a game.


Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/30/00, Updated 12/30/00

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