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"I grew up playing this game... and I still love it!"

I'm not too sure about the story in Driver 2... but judging from the story of Driv3r/Driver 3, this guy is in some kind of mafia. All I care about is driving around and doing stupid stuff that I can't do in real life. Which would be getting into police chases, driving into Wrigley Field and Navy Pier, and driving like a maniac on small, crowded streets in foreign countries, to name a few things.

Music 9/10: As a bored child, I played this game a lot, and I still whistle along to the music even now. The ending song in the game was awesome, too!

Graphics 7/10: Pretty good for Playstation... not bad, but not great either. People's faces look kind of weird... buildings look like pictures... but this isn't PS3, so what can you expect? Not much, that's what.

Gameplay 10/10: I like all of the trouble you can make... driving into Wrigley Field and Navy Pier, getting into awesome police chases... it doesn't get better than that!!! And there are Challenges you can do- on the main screen, there's a screen for challenges that you select, then you go do stuff like drive in between cones while being chased by cops, or driving on a tightly curved mountain, to name a few things. Pretty fun. I never get bored!

Replay Value 10/10: It's 2010. 10 years since I first played this game, with my dad, on a huge gray Playstation. When that Playstation broke, I cried and made my parents buy me the new, smaller, lighter, more slim PS1 so that I could play this game. Replay value is most definately 10/10. Nothing more about that needs to be said.

Things I need to mention: This game uses two discs. So, if you want to do the second half of missions, or go to a unlocked country to just drive around, or get challenges in those countries, you have to get to the screen that says to Insert Disc Two. Not too hard. It doesn't interrupt the game. It's kind of like flipping the sides of a Famicom Disc System game... Next, in the free drive mode, the cops will chase you even if you did nothing wrong. You have to go at green lights and stop at red, or else they'll chase you! Even if you follow the law, your character IS a convicted felon (Is that the phrase to use?), so they're going to find you. But that's what's so fun!!! Police chases are half the fun!!!

Overall, this game is pretty dang good. I'll admit that as a kid it was fun just to drive around, but now I like to try and play the missions (Although I don't understand the storyline!). It keeps you busy!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/09/10

Game Release: Driver 2 (Greatest Hits) (US, 12/31/01)

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