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"The Wheelman is back and better than before!"

Gameplay 10/10
What more could you ask for. There's missions, mini-games, multi-player, and you can even take a ride in a city and do what ever you want. You even get race tracks after you beat the game. The best thing is getting out of your car and stealing another car. It's just like Grand Theft Auto except in 3D and better. You can even go inside of buildings like a baseball stadium in Chicago. There's four cities in the game. Two of them are in different countries. Chicago, Havana (Cuba), Vegas, and Rio (Brazil). They all have places in them that are really in the cities in real life! They even have real working traffic systems.

Graphics 10/10
Can't look more realer. With real places, real cities, and real working traffic systems, it'll look like your driving a car (especially if you have the in car camera view on). There's highways that seem real because they have entrances exits and signs saying where the exits lead you. There's curved streets (Driver 1 didn't have curved streets), buildings, parks, lakes and a whole lot of other stuff you'll see in a city.

Story 10/10
You play the role of Tanner, sent deep undercover to defuse the violence before it erupts. Teamed up with Tobias Jones, you'll become embroiled in the unfolding story as you tail criminals, chase witnesses, steal cars, search for clues, and out-think Brazilian and US gangsters.

Sound 10/10
Can't sound more realer. The sounds seem so real that it sounds like your driving a real car in a real city(especially with the dualshock controller). The crash sounds sound real. The horns sounds sound real. You can even here the cops say stuff like ''We've lost him!'' or ''I need backup please respond'' in three different languages! Some people even have their radios on in their car! People even cheer in the baseball stadium!

Control 10/10
The controls are easy to learn and easy to remember. You'll even know what's accelerration and brakes without anyone telling you what the controls are. X is acceleration, Square is brakes (and reverse), Triangle is the handbrake,
O is a burnout (for like when the cops got you trapped and you can burn the tires two get an easy getaway), L2 is look left, R2 is look right, L1 + R2 is look behind, R1 is to honk the horn (so you can get cars out of your way, it's pretty cool), L1 is hard steer (hold it to turn easily), Select is to switch the camera view (the views are behind the car, inside the car, and drop camera, which got the car in an anchored view), and of course Start is pause. Simple enough? It is for me and I'm sure it is for a lot of people.

Challenge 10/10
Can't get even more challenging. The missions are so hard that it took me like two weeks two get out of one city. Oh I forgot to mention that you go to different cities when you complete about like 10 missions. There's also secrets to find (you get all of the secrets after you beat the game so I wouldn't look for the secrets if I were you unless you want the secrets before you beat the game). The mini-games and the multi-player games are also challenging so they can be fun. The cops are also challenging so it can seem like your actually being chased by cops (sometimes they are stupid though).

Replay Value 10/10
Even when you beat the game you'll still be playing it. There's so much things to do. The mini-games (their actually called driving games but I like to call them mini-games) are fun. The mini-games are quick chase (chase a car and try to ram it), quick getaway (try to lose the cops), checkpoint, (go to checkpoints in any city you choose), gate race (race in any city you chose), trail blazer (you have hit cones and race in this one) survival (almost like quick getaway except there's a whole lot of cops after you and it's really challenging). The multi-player games are cops and robbers (first player is the cop and the other player is the robber I guess and you know the rest), checkpoint racing (get to checkpoints), capture the flag (get more flags than your budy by getting the flag and then bringing it to your base, of course your budy can steal the flag off you), and take a ride (take a ride in a city together). There's also race tracks you get by finding secrets in the game or by beating the game. They can be for one player or two players. You race time in one player and you race your budy in two players.

Overall: 10/10
Buy or rent? Both. It's definetly worth it. You should rent it first if your not sure because I love the game but some people don't. So you might have a different opinion than mine. I do definely recommend this game though. It's only about $30 to $40 now.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/05/01, Updated 08/21/01

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