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"Tanner does it again!"

Driver 2, a sequel to Driver is a whole lot better than the original. It has new modes, curved roads, new enemies and allies, and just all around better. Let the ratings tell you why.

Graphics 10/10: The graphics in this thing are awesome. The buildings, cars, everything just looks so real.The people themselves are a little chippy ( like when you get out of a car ) but that's ok. I mean nothing's perfect ya know.

Sound 10/10: Also the sounds in this are pretty realistic. Everything from cruising the streets, to smashing your car in to an enemy or in to a building, to making a wicked sharp turn and having your brakes screeching. It's all just great.

Gameplay 10/10: Now this is the SWEET part of this great game. You can just go cruising along the streets and check out a city in Take A Ride or in the Undercover Mode you could JAM THE STREETS, GETTING CHASED BY THE POLICE, GOIN' 100 MPH CRASHING IN TO CARS, SETTING THEM ON FIRE AND Oh..... sorry. I just had to do that. Also in Undercover there is new cities and epic story-telling. And there are new cities to start havoc in. Also like I said in graphics there are new foot missions where you get to get out of cars and do stuff. Or you could get out of your car and steal someone else's ( like in the Grand Theft Auto series ). There is also another new feature, multi-player mode which is always fun.

Control 10/10: The control is really simple. X is to accelerate, square is to brake ( also used as reverse ), triangle is the handbrake, O is to burnout ( to get away from people ), R1 is the horn, R2 is to see the right side of your car, L2 is to see the left side of your car and L1 is used to turn easier.That's about it.

Challenge 10/10: I gave the challenge a ten because this game is really a challenge. If I got Driver 1 yesterday morning, by the end of the day I would be half way through it. If I got Driver 2 yesterday morning I would just be finished with the 3rd level. This game is way harder.

Buy Or Rent: I would buy it but if you didn't like the first one I would rent it first

Overall 10/10: Driver 2 is an overall great game and way better that the first one.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/26/01, Updated 07/26/01

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