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"Should the Wheelman have returned?"

Driver 2 is a very hard game to review.On one hand,it has a great storyline and pretty solid gameplay.On the other hand,the graphics are actually a stepdown from the first Driver and it seems rushed.

Gameplay 8/10:Driver 1 was an original idea and garnished very good reviews.It had fun gameplay that hadn't been done before in 3D.Now,Driver 2 has come out with only a few ideas added to the exact same idea.You now have the ability to get out of your car,which I think is a terrible idea as it slows down the game so much and it has such poor controls,that you'd rather get caught then get out.Another new feature is curved roads and turn offs.These were implented expertly and added more variety the game.The driving aspect of the game is doing perfectly once again with excellent controls that never get overwhelming.Now we get to the missions in the game which range from too easy to not physically possible.And that's just the first few.The missions are usually unbalanced and are mixed up to make a very difficult game.

I also have to mention the 2-player,which is AWFUL.I had no fun playing the 2-player,because well,there's nothing to do.You can't get out of the car,there's no computer cars and the levels are tiny.Not much fun to be had there unless you're allergic to any sense of fun at all.

My favorie part of the game has to be the storyline and cutscenes.Driver 2 tells a tale that acts like a 70's cop movie.It even takes ideas from The French Connection,the movie that MUST have heavily influenced the game.It has twists and turns and some pretty good voice acting.

Graphics 6/10:Well,Driver 2 has made a pretty difficult task.It my oppinion,it looks worse than the first one.It's been a year since the last one,and Reflections has made no effort to change them all.THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME!!!Sometimes,the game even seems to run worse than the first one with more slowdown and glitches.But,the cutscenes in the game are magnificent,and although the characters are bit strange looking,they are done perfectly.

Sound 7/10:Music in the game is done very well.They take some great 70's songs for the cutscenes and throw in some decent background music as well.Music is a tough thing to do and I give a little leeway in this category.

Overall 8/10:Although I never gave anything that would average 8,I still think that this is a good effort.Reflections were obiviously rushed to make the game and it shows.A poor 2 player,weak graphics,and some glitches.But,this is still a fun game with a great storyline and some very good music.Buy it for the fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/17/01, Updated 09/17/01

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