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"Once a revolutionary title, now a piece of junk."

Out of my head.
I know I'm a bit slow to review this game but I only started playing it (and stopped) recently. This game was beyond belief. My first impression from a while back was ''Boring'' and now that I tried to play it I found it even worse.

I liked Driver 1, I bought it on Computer and Playstation (it was ''that'' good). Now it was revolutionary then, imagine a real life city with cars everywhere and people too. As well as cops! Times have changed.. This is what i've come to think of this new rendition.

First Impressions Last
The first notable thing is the slow loading times, remember first impressions last. This was then led to a boring menu which whilst mildly colorful, was no better than the original Driver. The next option I chose was to drive around the city, Cruise or something. Car-choice came up, no cars unlocked yet so only a few, very boring still. It may sound exciting but the bad music and the crabby sound effects make you want to get over with it. The fun part begins and.. Let's just say two tries and back it goes into the pile of games such as Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and 007 Racing. Games which were promising but you'll probably never play again.

What went wrong? Well now there are games such as Midtown Madness (and 2), Grand Theft Auto (1,2 and most notably 3) and a few others which all try to simulate a real city. Some do a good job at it (GTA3, MM2), whilst others do a shockingly poor job (Driver2). It makes you wonder.. did the developers think they could get away with just rereleasing the old game with a few new roads and a new name?

The manual poorly explains the game's single player 'mission' mode. I assume you are meant to play it to unlock stuff but the way its designed is very crap. Imagine GTA3 without the radar working, poor controls, crap graphics and a very boring story. Thats what we have here. I know its ''just a Playstation'' but I've come to expect more and I really really liked GTA3. I'd review it but I believe its full of reviews already so I'll just have to talk about how good it is now.

Simple comparison
GTA3 compared to Driver 2. GTA3 has lots of cars, Driver 2 has only a couple. GTA3's cars all react differently, in Driver 2 you'd be lucky to find cars of different colors to drive in. GTA3's cops are intelligent and try to catch you, Driver 2's cops just chase after you without any thought no matter what, in a similar style to Midtown Madness 2 but more wreckless (what kind of cop is willing to smash their car into a wall?).

Now, comparing Driver 2 to Midtown Madness 2 is more ''comparable'' but even then its shockingly off. Driver 2's got unknown cars, or cars which you just don't want to drive, I can't remember, whereas MM2 has licensed automobiles. Real cars. Its just like a real city where you drive cars and buses. Driver 2's very boring, the cars don't react to you and nothing happens.

What to expect
A combination of Midtown Madness, GTA (not 3) and a bit of Need For Speed (Hot Pursuit). Big city to drive in, lots of cars (but you can't drive them all), crabby cops who simply chase (MM style) and some high speed pursuits (NFS) but not nearly as fast as those in GTA3.. Also note, the police don't do anything extra like in GTA with FBI cars, tanks and so on; all you get are one, two, maybe three or four cop cars who are incredibly stupid and are willing to smash you into the wall even if they blow up (which they do)..

Boring. Its fun the first time (assuming you've never played GTA3.. or even GTA 1 or 2) but it gets boring quickly. The formula is old and used, if you want a decent game like this for PSX, try getting Driver (not Driver 2). Its alot more satisfying to play.

The controls generally suck but I have to admit the replay function is cool. But if your not driving anywhere, what good is a replay function?

Also you can get out of your car but its boring without a car. I won't even go into that.

Graphics and Sound
Both are poor. Graphics are the same as Driver 1, if not more grainy and worsened. The sound effects are horrible, look what GT2 has done on the PSX, compare them and you'll hear what I mean.

Beyond the black disc
The manual is interesting.. More interesting than the game I'd say. But for an interesting manual read GTA3 or MGS2 (European one that is). Even GT3's manual was more interesting.

Don't buy this game. Don't waste your time looking at it in the rental store. This game is a bargain bin title. Where it comes out at $100 (aud) and in a few months is in the basket marked $10.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 04/27/02, Updated 04/27/02

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