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"I finally beat this game... after I punched the wall in"

My friend brought this game over expecting me the ''video game genius'' as he said to beat the game. So I played the game. I never want to play it again. Those 3 days playing that game was hell, pure hell. Well, why did I keep playing then? More on that later.

This game made me a angry, crazy psycho for those 3 days as I tried to beat it. I was yelling at my sister who came into my room during one of the harder missions, and then screamed and blamed for making me lose that mission. I nearly punched my best friend in the face, because I was running out of things to punch every time I lost a mission. This game ruined my life for 3 days.

STORY 3/10
Believe it or not, this was the reason I kept playing the game. I was hoping the story would get better as it progressed. I was wrong.
You play as Tanner, going deep undercover to stop 2 giant gangs from destroying each other and everything around them. And it all revolves around a fat, ugly computer geek named Pink Lenny. At the rate the game was going, I figured would could actually kill that tub of lard at the end. Alas, that was not to be.
The story, that I originally thought was pretty good, turned into a B-movie chase the guy all over the western hemisphere flick. And to think I thought the story was good at first.

MUSIC 6/10 SOUND 4/10
The in-game music sucks. The cut-scene music is great. Infogames picked some great music for the cutscenes to set the mood. The rest of the music in the game is bland, annoying and is forgettable.

After 20 minutes of playing one mission over and over to run away from the cops. I turned my TV's sound off to not hear those #%$*%$ sirens. The only time I ever turned my TV's sound on again was for the cutscenes. The voice acting is top-notch and makes the cut-scenes really great. But the rest of the game's sounds just plain and simple suck.

How could the graphics get worse after the original Driver? Well they did. The pop-up is horrible and caused me to lose the vehicles on a lot of missions. The cars look like crap, and the surrounding areas look like crap as well. The only good-looking part is(once again) the cutscenes.

Multiplayer blows. You are stuck in first person mode and unable to get out of it. The games are boring, bland, and have been done better by many other games. The races get boring after just the first race. Multiplayer is just for one more hour of replay value.

Welcome to one of the most frustrating parts of any game I have ever played. The missions are insane and require you to run a close to perfect run to get to the warehouse/stop a car/get to the boat/detonate a bomb and run....

The cops are also way too hard. You can't stop them from ramming into you if they are in the opposite lane. They will hit you and take a whole lot of damage off your meter. Oh, Brazilians do that too.

As I alluded to above, there isn't that much variety in the missions either. It's pretty much what I said above. And the worst part is to get all the places and secrets, you have to beat the Undercover part that put my hand through my bedroom wall.

The driving games add nothing to the gameplay as they seem like the insanely hard missions from Undercover. Overall the gameplay surrounds the most frustrating part of the entire game.

Driver was the most frustrating game I have ever played. The game is way too hard, way too annoying, and drove me crazy beyond belief. Don't buy this game. Don't rent this game, unless you want to go insane and punch a hole in your wall. Driver 2 is one of the worst games I have ever played.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 06/11/02, Updated 06/11/02

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