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"Don't buy this game."

GAMEPLAY - This game is only fun before you beat it. After you beat the game there's not much to do. The first missions are easy, followed by the harder ones. Some are complicated, some are less complicated. Overall this is an easy game. The control is not that good. The cars don't turn enough and I don't like how the controls are set up. Also it may take up to a full two seconds for it to respond to you. In the GAMEPLAY section I give it a 4/10

STORY - Driver 2 has a good story line that's interesting. You start off by chasing a guy who infiltrates your hideout and the story goes on from there. You eventually meet crime bosses who want you killed. You have a partner who helps you along the way. You also travel to four different cities: Chicago, Havana, Las Vegas, and Rio. Overall I give the STORY section a 8/10.

AUDIO/VIDEO - First I'll start with AUDIO. There's not much to say because you don't really need to hear anything except the STORY parts. When you look at characters speaking, their lips almost always line up with their voices. The sound isn't all fuzzy and un hearable. The only bad part is when you burnout with cars it sounds like you have 9 gears. On to VIDEO. For a Playstation(c) game the graphics are horrible. For one thing, there are pop-ups. For those of you who don't know what pop-ups are they are when you're driving down a road and all of a sudden you crash into a wall. Also it looks like Tanner (The main character) holds a gun, which started many rumors. Also Tanner or any other people don't really look like people at all. The cars don't have good detail at all. The only real thing is the smoke from cars. The FIRE doesn't even look real. I think the designers of this game could've put a little bit more effort into this game. Overall I give the AUDIO/VIDEO section a 4/10.

REPLAYABILITY - The game is fun once you buy it from the store because you didn't even finish it yet. After you beat the game you may find it fun to look around for secret places or have fun using the cheats. Believe me once I had beaten the game I was bored. Then I figured out how to use the cheats which gave me about a month a fun in this game. After the month I found it boring having the Police chasing me with the 'Invincibility' cheat on or ramming Police Cars with the 'Immunity' cheat on. If you don't use guides you will have fun with this game for about 4 months. Using a guide you will probably have fun with this game for 1.5 months. Overall I give the REPLAYABILITY section a 4/10

BUY OR RENT? - If you are willing not to use a guide then go ahead and buy it. But if you're going to use a guide rent it because you will finish the game in like two days. After your rent time is up you will feel like you want to buy it but don't because once you do you will be bored and already waste about $30 (depending where you live) with no fun.

OVERALL - I give this game a 4/10. If you want a game EXACTLY like this (having better of graphics and everything) BUY GTA3. Trust me, you won't be bored with GTA3 anytime soon. I had it since November and it's still great! Any way my first review is over.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/27/02, Updated 07/25/03

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