Review by harorider8813

"A Great Game...But Way Too Hard And Aggrivating"

When my brother said he wanted this game for his birthday I thought he was crazy! I thought the game would suck so badly! Well, he got it for his birthday but I never played it. Then one night I had a friend over and we decided to play it. We both thought that together we could beat the game in one night. Yeah right! That game is so hard it's not even funny!

Gameplay~6/10~The gameplay is pretty decent. Especially if you like to hijack cars. Then it's great! But it's not quite as good as the Grand Theft Auto games.

Graphics~5/10~The graphics are a little bit better than the first driver, but they still suck! The cars are kinda blocky, the people are kinda blocky, the people run through walls for some odd reason, and the map is kinda hard to read! The only reason the graphics are getting this score is because the cutscenes are awesome! They have great graphics for a playstation game!

Story~4/10~The story is dumb. I've hardly ever heard a worse story in my life! And, that was on pokemon! It's plain to see that if you buy games for their stories then this is definately not the game to get!

Characters~7/10~The characters are great and fit in decently well with the story. The only reason I took a couple points off was because I didn't think that there were enough characters. There's basically only like 5 characters and then other small people that you only see once.

Sound~5/10~The music is allright and fits in great with the mood of the game! One problem is that there is barely a variety of sound effects. Like when you crash, there is like only 3 different crash sounds. Another thing is that the sirens of the police cars get so annoying that I want put my fist through the T.V.

Difficulty~7/10~This game is one of the hardest games that I've ever played in my life! It is so hard you will want to burn the game in a 100 foot fire! If you like to try to beat difficult games then yes, this is the game for you! But, if you like easy games, I definately would not try this game out!


Buy or rent~I would definately rent the game first to see if you like it 'cuz there are some great parts but there is also some horrible parts. But, if you like it then I would buy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/20/02, Updated 07/20/02

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