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"A great improvement from the first Driver game, and one you should definitely add to your collection."

After many PSX gamers were hooked on the first Driver game, Driver 2 received quite a bit of hype. The first game did actually receive some criticism due to the mass amount of glitches featured in the game. But how does Driver 2 do? Is it an improvement from the first game, or a failure? Find out in my review of Driver 2.

I for one like the graphical features in Driver 2. You will visit places such as Chicago, Las Vegas, Havana and Rio. I have to say, all of the places look stunning. If you're in Rio for example, it will look exactly like a Brazilian street would look like. If you was in Las Vegas for example, there will be Casinos, nice lights and all of the typical Vegas material. It's pretty cool. Of course, Driver 2 also allows you to control Tanner (the main character), and allow him to walk around and steal cars. He doesn't look realistic at all, but it does the job, and there is no major complaints about how he looks. The cars aren't really improved from the first Driver game, as you may not notice, but they still okay. Yes, there is new vehicles in the game such as Fire Trucks, Busses and Pick-Up Trucks, and they all look cool. But overall, you can't really notice any ''stunning'' changes from the cars in the first game. Still good, though. I for one am also hooked on the FMV movies. They look extremely realistic and they're awesome, and it will actually look like you're watching a cool, action-type movie. Overall the graphics definitely add that extra something to the game, and is a huge positive for Driver 2.

Once again, pretty cool. All of the characters' voice-overs definitely add something, and it does feel like watching a movie when they speak. Unfortunately there is no music to listen to while in the cars, which would be a tad bit nice, but doesn't really affect the game's quality. Obviously we still have the occasional noises of car engines starting up and the sound of the car speeding down the highway. When the police get on you, they will say a message down their radio, which is cool. Especially if you're in Rio for example, they will talk in Brazilian, which brings up the realism. I wouldn't say there is anything new from the first game, though. There isn't no major complaints with the audio in Driver 2, although it would be a tad bit nice to have music while driving, instead of being pretty bored while driving on an endless highway.

I feel like this is much improved from the first game, and i'm probably 100% correct. The new Multiplayer mode has been added to the game, but despite its lack of options, it still is pretty cool. You can play modes such as Cops 'n' Robbers and Capture the Flag with your mates, which is extremely good. If Multiplayer wasn't in then i'm afraid that your friend won't get a turn at all! The controls are exactly the same as the first game, and basically all the 'basic' controls from a racing game. You have X for Accelerate and Square to Brake, etc etc. The controls are very easy to get the handle of, so it won't take a long time at all to get used to. You'll be playing through a LOT of missions, in four different locations. Them being Chicago, Havana, Las Vegas and Rio, with all many different types of fun and entertaining missions throughout. Much improved from the first game, seeing as most of Driver included missions such as 'Follow this guy..' or 'Ram this guy', etc. Driver 2 now has many more missions to excite and entertain you, whether it be Bank Robberies, High-speed chases or trying to hi-jack a Truck full of explosives! This game has it all. Extremely fun.

Unfortunately, in a Driver game there is lots of glitches. For example, if you play on the Survival mode you could find yourself being rammed, causing you to fly in mid-air. Between this, you could find that the buildings all ''merge'' and the game will screw up a little bit. It will make you laugh a lot, but can also annoy you if you get stuck in mid-air and have to restart the console. That's basically the only negative about the Gameplay though, and it won't affect your enjoyment too much.

Obviously the missions get harder and harder as you progress, and you start working for much more ''harsher'' Mob bosses. Once you complete all of the game, you can choose to replay any mission that you wish to, so if you wish to have a crack at your most fun mission again, feel free. There will be a lot of FMV's to unlock while playing, and once you re-load the game it will show you highlights of them, just to recap you on what's happened. Hell, you could maybe make your own movie with the game if you take all of the cutscenes and play them! There isn't really anymore to say about the Gameplay really, except the fact that it is much improved from the first game, and that it rules.

When a United States Crime lord's money man cuts a deal with his greatest rival, a Brazilian gangster, violence threatens to ignite both American continents. Of course, that isn't much but it could spoil it if i list all of the names, etc. You still play as Tanner obviously, and also get a new, slicker partner. The story unfolds into a cool and attractive story as you progress, and will keep you thinking about what will happen next, etc. A great and very effective story.

Excellent. Once you complete the game, you can choose any mission to have another crack at, so if you wish to replay your most entertaining level, feel free to do so. Also with the other modes such as 'Take a Ride', 'Survival' and many, many more, you will be playing the game for a damn long time. If you definitely want the odd occasional hour-of-fun, just go and play Driver 2 and enjoy some hot, high-speed racing action.

Buy or Rent?
A definite buy. If you didn't really like the first game, you will love Driver 2, as it's a big improvement. If you're not too sure though, because of your experiences with Driver, you could rent it. But you won't really have the chance to get on to the more entertaining and tougher levels, so definitely buy Driver 2. If you don't, you'll regret it!


Driver 2 is a massive improvement from the first Driver game. With tons of new features, updated graphics and a better choice of Gameplay, you will definitely love this title. If you don't pick one up, you will be disappointed for the rest of your life ;). Driver 2 will keep you on the edge of your seat for a long time, and is a definite rival for GTA2 on the PSX.
Overall: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/10/03

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