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"Anything but fun..."

I do not mean to harm or offend anyone with my opinions about Driver 2, but I really think that this game is nothing but a piece of crap.

At first you may think Driver 2 is a fantastic driving game, you can get out of your car, you can drive anywhere, hijack other cars. At the first few hours, the game is fun and exciting, but then you start to realise how boring and rubbish the game really is. The main disadvantage is that the GamePlay sucks.

Driver 2 in my opinion has one of the worst game plays ever. In driver 2, if you put the break on suddenly, the police come after you. If you slightly go faster than the rest of the cars do, the police chase after you. If you crash into another car by accident, the police chase after you. If you put the siren on, sometimes the police chase after you. If you pass a red light, the police chase after you. There are so many flaws and disadvantages in this game, If I had to write all of them, it'll take me ten hours.

But also this game has many play missions, like free ride and things like that. The most disappointing thing is that there are no Immunity cheats, which is a great pain.

When the police do chase after you, you have 50% possibility that you're going to get away, but by then, the car that you were driving would be smashed up to a pile of rubbish.

The missions in this game are just pure boring; it's just mainly driving to different places in a certain amount of limited time. It is also just ramming into other cars and trying to make them get out. There are also some missions that are impossible to complete in a week. I went on trying to accomplish a mission for a whole month before I even succeeded. And I believe it's not me but the game.
Although this game may contain some good and reasonable missions, I still loathe it.

The graphics of the game are less then bad. People look like flat cartoon characters. You can't even see their faces properly. The building look like flat image, no proper detail, everything blurred. The cars aren't much detailed either. But when it comes to cut scenes and mission scenes, the graphics look reasonable. But why not reasonable graphics for the whole game? I have nothing more to say about the graphics other than ‘They really suck'. Also, the baseball stadium that is included in the game, has flat audience, the whole stage just looks pure flat as if the audience have been crushed and flattened by a huge machine. The graphics are horrible.

The sound of the game is fine. There's nothing wrong with it although some people did experience some problems with it. The cars nay sometimes sound a little weird and unrealistic. Anyway, sound is nothing to be worried about. It's mainly the GamePlay and graphics that you have to be aware of.

In my opinion, this game is anything but fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/31/05

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